What does it mean to see an midget in a dream?

Midget Dream Meaning: From 4 Different Sources


Limited; see “small”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


Vision: Seeing a midget: develop more confidence—there is no reason to diminish yourself. Have you met a person who— compared to you—seems to be a Giant? See Small.

Depth Psychology: Are you suffering from feelings of inferiority or have others not satisfied your ego?

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda


Dreaming about a midget is usually a very lucky omen.

If the dwarf is pleasant in personality and appearance, it means you will be popular and rise to the top in life.

It is also an omen of excellent physical health and good finances in your future.

If you dream of someone you know becoming a midget, their friendship is positive and will bring you many pleasures.

If you dream of ugly or mean midgets, a real-life situation is currently making you feel confused or distressed.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean


See Dwarf.

Psycho Dream Interpretation | Ella Freeman Sharpe

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One (or more) of these little people in your dream signifies a new acquaintance (probably male) who will develop into a valuable friend.... midgets dream meaning