Mercury (quicksilver) Dream Meanings

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Vision: Seeing mercury is a sign of restlessness. Be more focused and steady in all your endeavors, otherwise your life will change constantly, depriving you of rest and quiet.

Depth Psychology: Mercury is a symbol of your fate that is forever in flux. Are you as restless as a drop of mercury? Is your life hectic and people around you irritable? Try to do something about it— mercury is a poison!

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary
Author: Garuda

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To dream of mercury, is significant of unhappy changes through the constant oppression of enemies.

For a woman to be suffering from mercurial poison, foretells she will be deserted by and separated from her family. ... mercury dream meaning


(See Mercury)... quicksilver dream meaning

Mercury (planet)

1. Message, possibly false.

2. Thievery. ... mercury (planet) dream meaning

Mercury (substance)

1. Ambitious.

2. Possibly dangerous.

3. Very fast-moving. ... mercury (substance) dream meaning

Mercury (hermes)

As a metal, mercury is a universal alchemical symbol representing the yin.

It is the symbol of the passive and the undifferentiated state which may be found deep within the psyche. Chinese refer to it as “liquid silver” and it corresponds to the dragon and to bodily fluids of blood, semen, water and, at times, to the kidneys.

The planet Mercury may be seen as following the Sun (universal father; consciousness; life) and the Moon (universal mother; birth; unconscious). In Greek mythology Hermes was the messenger of the gods and the god of speed. This intelligent and quick witted immortal, easily traveled between heaven, earth and the underworld. Seeing the planet Mercury or the metal in your dream may represent your need for communication, adaptation and movement. All of these may be necessary for daily life. However, this powerful dream symbol may be calling your attention to more personal and intrinsic matters. It may suggest a need to look carefully into your internal world. By doing so, you may become aware of a need to the develop a more fluid ability to navigate within your psyche, which includes your thoughts, motives, feelings and intuition; then notice the way all of these components are translated into and effect daily life.... mercury (hermes) dream meaning

Mercury Cougar

As Mercury is the planet of communication and the cougar the shamanic medicine of a spiritual teacher, the arrival of a Mercury Cougar at your front door in a dream may bnng a sage into your life It may signify a call to become a spiritual teacher or mention a communication from a higher power.... mercury cougar dream meaning

Hermes / Mercury

Hermes was the messenger of the gods, and any dream in which someone delivers a message to you is one that you should not ignore. Think about the message but also the nature of the messenger. Hermes was also a trickster, as well as being impulsive and self-centred, so should the messenger in your dream be trusted? There may be an indication that some person bringing news or gossip in waking life is not wholly reliable.... hermes / mercury dream meaning