What does it mean to see an medicines in a dream?

Medicines Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


Taking or using medicine means cure from sickness, protection against all ailments and the acquiring of good health and blessedness.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

Patent Medicine

To dream that you resort to patent medicine in your search for health, denotes that you will use desperate measures in advancing your fortune, but you will succeed, to the disappointment of the envious.

To see or manufacture patent medicines, you will rise from obscurity to positions above your highest imaginings. ... patent medicine dream meaning

Quack Medicine

To dream of dosing yourself with quack medicines show you are in a position in your life or affairs that trouble you greatly and you are ‘taking the wrong medicine’ to cure the situation.

To read about it warns of false friends and foolish lies.... quack medicine dream meaning

Castor Oil

Medicines in a dream are omens of contrary.

The more unpleasant the dose, the better it will be for the dreamer.... castor oil dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-17-22-28-35-36

burning brightly: are underestimating virtues of people you work with.

fireplace, in a: wil be tenderly loved and enjoy pleasures.

slowly: minor irritations caused by employer.

stove, in a: beware of untrue friends, compromise with true ones.

buying: wil be justly rewarded for being industrious and conscientious.

children, playing with: reflect careful y before making decisions.

completely dead: troubles ahead as shame is exposed.

extinguished: are losing a job because of unfounded jealousy.

fiery: reputation is in doubt, change it.

handling: grief wil occupy the void left by your heartless recklessness.

pit, being in: use your insight to avoid grave danger.

receiving, in Christmas stocking: another’s opinion of you is greatly amiss.

selling: wil have enough money to live comfortably al your life.

sitting in a bin: waiting for a lover who has abandoned you to return.

swallowing in medicines: secret affection.

wet, non-burning: are concerned about a project that is stal ed. ... coal dream meaning


lucky numbers: 08-17-21-22-40-42

brambles: find your way through your maze with logical analysis, not empirical failure.

elder, ground: strong ambition to root out objectionable parts of yourself.

fern: your future is continual y growing in disparate directions.

garden, in a: your friends alternate blooming.

home, in the: unwelcome changes wil be, general y, for the better.

hothouse, growing in a: your opinions wil attract heated and pointless discussions.

many: must weed out misunderstanding to al ow your ideas to bloom.

medicines, used to make: unhappiness wil disappear, interests wil develop.

nettles, walking through: control of your pessimism is in another’s head.

with lover: don’t al ow an Iago to come between you.

pachysandra: your space is continual y invaded by an aggressive authoritarian.

planting: unexpected developments wil alter planning.

thistles: antagonism from varied family il nesses causes grave unrest.

watering: children wil grow up to be very intel igent. ... plants dream meaning