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A warning not to carry carefulness to the point of stinginess or you may lose more than you save. ... measuring dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book


Dreams of measuring denote comparison and competition. You are checking your progress, weighing and evaluating yourself against a preconceived standard. The best measure of success and progress is to consider if you are doing your best. See Critic and Jealousy. ... measuring dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations


lucky numbers: 02-11-24-32-34-48anything: lack of attention is detrimental to your own affairs. clothing, own: only you can support the being that is you, to ful fruition. fabric: your pretentiousness covers your insensitivity to yourself. Golden, the: become like a God who “numbers” the universe. house, own: you may lose more than you save. ingredients for cooking: be delicate in your balancing of the elements of life. size of own body: tend to superficiality when your defenses expose your fragileness. temperature, the: are oversensitive to your milieu and selfish in keeping it to yourself. ... measuring dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days

Measuring Controller

(See Measurer)... measuring controller dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Measuring Stick

Symbolic of God examining someone or something, Ezek. 40:5 ... measuring stick dream meaning

Christian Dream Symbols

Measuring Tape / Measurements

To dream about using measuring tape, especially to take your own measurements, indicates that you are setting unrealistic standards for yourself or what you think others expect of you. You need to stop comparing yourself to others. ... measuring tape / measurements dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation


If you dream of something being on low volume (such as a cell phone, or speaker), or that you turned down the volume on something, this means you need to pay closer attention to what people tell you. This dream may also suggest that you are feeling left out of things. To dream of loud volume, or that you turn up the volume on something, may predict arguments or disagreements with family members. However, this dream may also represent a breakthrough in your personal struggles. Perhaps you have burst through a barrier of resistance which had been holding you back for a long time. For more clues, consider who was around you, or who you were talking to in the dream, when the volume got loud. ... volume dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation