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Permanent Wave

See Hair and Curls.... permanent wave dream meaning

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Surfing / Riding The Waves

Being carried away by emotions (Water), being transported by and giving in to the existing Rhythm. See Sailboat. Here the power of the Winds, as well as the intellect, is used for moving forward. This is also often an expression of fear about going under, in the sense that the Head would be submerged under Water (similar to fear of emotional chaos, as in Swamp). This is also a sexual and virility symbol (“Surfers do it standing up”). See Captain, Admiral.... surfing / riding the waves dream meaning

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Tidal Wave

1. Turmoil in waking life.

2. Being overwhelmed with emotions.

3. Feelings of being overwhelmed in a relationship. ... tidal wave dream meaning

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Tsunami / Tidal Wave

Because water often represents the emotions, a tidal wave may indicate a billowing emotional situation that must be faced and handled.... tsunami / tidal wave dream meaning

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See Water.

An image of emotional excitement—tenderness, caressing, and sexuality. See Surfing, Ship.... wave dream meaning

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Double-minded; trying to live two ways and not fully convinced of either... waver dream meaning

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To dream of waves, is a sign that you hold some vital step in contemplation, which will evolve much knowledge if the waves are clear; but you will make a fatal error if you see them muddy or lashed by a storm. See Ocean and Sea.... waves dream meaning

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