Machine gun Dream Meanings

Machine Gun Dream Meaning: From 7 Different Sources

A machine gun’s power rests in its ability to repeat its intention over and over again in rapid succession.

The image of a bullet landing on its target is about violent penetration, driving some point home aggressively, or being attacked by the ideas, thoughts, and expressions of someone else.

The machine gun takes this entire sensibility to another level through automated repetition. Any association that you make with shooting a gun, such as anger or retribution, could be escalating if a machine gun is featured in your dream.

Dream Source: Complete Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Dr. Mıchael Lennox

Vision: Seeing or hearing a machine gun: someone around you feels guilty—and rightfully so—for what he/she has done. Firing a machine gun represents repressed aggression or the sign of a bad conscience.

The dream is a way of relieving tension.

Depth Psychology: See Pistol, Rifle, Weapon.

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary
Author: Garuda

During the war or in military service it is natural to dream of guns, but apart from these situations the machine gun can be considered a symbol of the male sexual organ.

See Gun.

Dream Source: Psycho Dream Interpretation
Author: Ella Freeman Sharpe

If you are using a machine gun in dreams, it means you must respond quickly and with certainty to situations as they arise in real life. However, you must ensure that this aggressiveness not come back on you when dealing with others.

If the weapon gets jammed or you lose control over it, your plans will fail despite the effort invested.

Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke


This is a dream of distress. Hearing the sound of a gun, denotes loss of employment, and bad management to proprietors of establishments.

If you shoot a person with a gun, you will fall into dishonor.

If you are shot, you will be annoyed by evil persons, and perhaps suffer an acute illness.

For a woman to dream of shooting, forecasts for her a quarreling and disagreeable reputation connected with sensations.

For a married woman, unhappiness through other women. ... gun dream meaning


The carnal power of man; research the type... machine dream meaning

Washing Machine

1. One has the means to cleanse some part of one’s life, such as guilt.

2. Watching a washing machine in ac­tion means one’s life is humdrum. ... washing machine dream meaning


(rifles, assault weapons, pistols) to dream of having a gun is symbolic of being armed with the word of God.

To have a gun pointed at you is symbolic of being under attack by spiritual enemies or people. Guns are also symbolic of the weapons people use against each other (curses, lies, mischief, slander, and insults) Ps. 10:7 ... guns dream meaning

Slot Machine

1. Willingness to take a chance on something or someone.

2. Engaging in potentially self-destructive behavior. ... slot machine dream meaning


1. One is hostile toward someone.

2. One is outraged. ... gunpowder dream meaning

Answering Machine

Symbolic of collecting messages you need to hear ... answering machine dream meaning

Air Gun

Offensive words that will come to nothing... air gun dream meaning

Adding Machine

An adding machine, whether the old-lashioned kind or an electronic calculator, computes business expenditures and may point to your frustration about finances. It may also indicate that you should look at how and where you are spending your money.

A machine meant to add up numbers properly may also be a sign that something does not “add up,” indicating that your suspicions may be warrantee.... adding machine dream meaning

Vending Machine

To dream of a vending machine, suggests you are trying to figure out how to get what you want from a person or situation in your waking life. This dream tells you, don’t settle for less than you deserve.... vending machine dream meaning

Crane (machine)

Its interpretation is related to BUILDING.

It is indicative of a favorable status; the dreamer has the necessary tools to carry out the projects that she has set for herself.... crane (machine) dream meaning

Flying Machine

To dream of seeing a flying machine, foretells that you will make satisfactory progress in your future speculations.

To see one failing to work, foretells gloomy returns for much disturbing and worrisome planning. ... flying machine dream meaning


Warrior... gunnar dream meaning

Hunting With Guns

Searching for trouble that is usually none of their business; see “gun”... hunting with guns dream meaning

Antiaircraft Guns

One feels under attack, but is ready to fight back. ... antiaircraft guns dream meaning


Situation is going to result in a fight. ... gunfire dream meaning


Serious combatants. ... gunplay dream meaning

Gun Salesman

(Arms) In a dream, a gun salesman is like a police officer and represents an oppressor in general.

(Also see Gunsmith)... gun salesman dream meaning


(Arm) In a dream, a gunsmith represents war, arguments, or victory.

(Also see Gun salesman)... gunsmith dream meaning


Symbolic of being in a battle with spiritual enemies... gunslinger dream meaning

Polygraph Machine

Symbolic of needing to be truthful, Col. 3:9 NLT ... polygraph machine dream meaning

Sowing Machine

Symbolic of good deeds towards others, Acts 9:39 ... sowing machine dream meaning

Xerox Machine

Symbolic of copying someone’s behavior... xerox machine dream meaning

Machine (vending)

Boring daily routine, dependency, and indifference.

A need to act with more passion and conscience. In a stressful situation, it often calls up the irrational dream of a life of leisure. However, this image can also refer to how to make a work routine better, a prerequisite for working more creatively and independently. When you see yourself as a machine, you are made aware of some as yet unconscious habits. Pay particular attention to how details in the dream are presented.... machine (vending) dream meaning

Pistol / Gun

Masculine sexual symbol, and a symbol tor aggression always connected to power and achievement.

The dangers and the potentialities of self-determination are emphasized here. It also means: come to the point; hit your target—or better not hit it—and conclude something or begin something new.... pistol / gun dream meaning

Fax / Fax Machine

1- Messages from a hidden source or part of ourselves are often brought to us in dreams in a totally logical way. Thus, while the message itself may be unintelligible, how it is initially received is not.

2- VVe may be aware that someone is trying to communicate with us but, because we are distanced from them, the transmission has to be mechanical.

3- In a dream, a fax machine can have spiritual undertones in that can be a way of transmitting messages from ‘beyond’. We need to be open to this.... fax / fax machine dream meaning

Fax Machine

In a dream, a fax machine may signify that you are receiving a telepathic message sent from someone through subconscious channels. Thar it is received on paper brings authenticity to the message... fax machine dream meaning

Shot Gun

Dreams of a shot gun represent intimidation, force and that you perhaps feel backed into a corner. This dream could also signify that you feel forced to do the responsible thing, as in a “shot gun wedding”.

See Gun.... shot gun dream meaning

Fax Machine / Fax

See communication... fax machine / fax dream meaning

Atm Card / Atm Machine

To see a bank card or bank machine in your dream relates to your desires for financial security.

If you dreamed of taking out or depositing money, the dream may be letting you know that your money situation is not as bad as you think. But if you saw someone else using the ATM, or if you dreamed of losing your bank card, you are being warned against carelessless with your cash.... atm card / atm machine dream meaning

Gumball Machine

To dream about a gumball machine suggets that attractive temptations will soon be put before you. Just be careful to make wise choices, or you could end up in a sticky situation.... gumball machine dream meaning

Sewing Machine

To see a sewing machine in your dream means that economizing will help you through difficult times.... sewing machine dream meaning

Water Gun

If you dream of aiming or shooting a water gun at someone, you them to notice your feelings.

If you dream that someone confronts you with a water gun, maybe they are trying to tell you something that you’re not hearing, or you might feel that person is pushing their feelings onto you.... water gun dream meaning


Gunshots in dreams indicate that you must remain alert. You have to be cautious because unforeseen circumstances can alter your current life.

If in the dream you enjoy shooting, you will have good luck. If, however, you are frightened, the dream portend difficulties. Shooting up at the stars is, universally, an advantageous and promising dream.... gunshot dream meaning


Guns are associated with violence, death and war, and to hear a gun in your dream may suggest your unconscious wish for someone to be taken out of your way as they are blocking your progress. A single shot, such as the shot fired by a starter pistol at the beginning of a race, may suggest the pressure you feel if you are under a harsh deadline for completing a project.... gunfire dream meaning

Gun / Knife

Guns are associated with power, aggression and, in some cases, masculine energy and sexuality.

If the gun is a weapon you carry in the dream, it may be a symbol of your personal power but if someone is threatening you with a gun, it may suggest their power over you.

If you are having trouble finding or using a gun in your dream, this may represent your indecision and confusion. Knives represent emotional experiences that are hurtful... gun / knife dream meaning

Malfunctioning Machine

Dreams in which your car breaks down, your computer crashes or your phone won’t work occur for two possible reasons. First of all, your dreaming mind may be warning you to take precautionary steps, such as installing anti- virus software on your computer or making sure your car is regularly serviced, so as to avert potential problems in the future.

If this isn’t the case, the malfunction could be a symbol for an aspect of yourself that isn’t working properly. A car, for example, could symbolize your energy or drive, and, if it breaks down, your lack of it. Are you in danger of running out of control? If a fuse blows in your dream, are you about to explode with frustration over someone or something?... malfunctioning machine dream meaning

Machine Malfunction

These dreams are moderately common, being more frequent in women. They occur when you feel anxious about making an emotional connection or when you feel you are losing touch with someone. Elevators often appear in dreams suffering from some kind of bizarre malfunction. You push a button and go sideways or fly hurtling upward through the roof or the elevator crashes and so on. As with all symbols of movement, elevators tend to reflect your progress with a current situation or problem in waking life; if the elevator malfunctions, you are not getting what you bargained for or may be contributing unwittingly to a pattern that is no longer in your best interests. The flip side to such dreams is a dream in which smooth operation is the order of the day. This type of dream usually occurs when you feel there is an improvement in an emotional connection.... machine malfunction dream meaning

Machine Or Robot

Someone or something you perceive as lacking human characteristics such as emotion, compassion, discernment, responsiveness, or warmth.

The idea of doing things automatically or without thinking, or being on “auto-pilot.” A servant, or someone you consider to be in a subservient role.


Repetition or monotony.

For more clues, consider what the machine or robot was doing and how you felt about it.

See also: Electric; Technician or Mechanic; Factory; Engine; Puppet... machine or robot dream meaning


1. The accuser of the brethren; Rev. 12:10; Matt. 12:37.... gunman dream meaning