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Boot / Shoe / Sock

Is there someone in waking life that you wish to give the boot to? Boots and shoes are what we wear to protect our feet and give us good contact with the ground, so if they feature in your dream, do you need to make a special effort to keep in touch with reality?

What kind of shoes appeared in the dream? If they were hiking boots, perhaps you long to travel and explore? If your dream shoes were shoddy, are you feeling down-trodden in waking life? If you were walking over someone in your dream, especially if you were wearing heavy clogs, is this literally true in waking life? Whose feelings are you treading on with your heavy feet? Shoes often represent your chosen way of life in dreams or the character traits developed to deal with life.

If the shoes belong to a particular role or activity, for example ballet shoes for dancers or nurses’ shoes for those in the caring professions, this may indicate a need for the qualities of that role or activity.

More generally, shoes and garters in dreams have also traditionally represented sexuality.

If you are changing boots or shoes, has there been a recent change in circumstances as in ‘the boot is on the other foot’? If you are taking off your shoes in the dream, it might suggest that you are leaving your past behind and feel open to change.

If your shoes are painful because they pinch and rub, is your freedom of movement being restricted in the waking world? Or have you been feeling a financial pinch recently? If you are wearing someone else’s shoes, your unconscious may have been urging you not to judge someone so quickly, because if you walked in their shoes you would understand how hard it is for them to make progress.

If you are walking without shoes, you may be going through a rough patch or you may simply feel like letting go of your everyday responsibilities. And because of the association between shoes, shopping and sex, dreams about shoes may also simply be erotic wish- fulfillment fantasies. In ancient dream lore, lacing up shoes in a dream was a well-known symbol of death, as were shoes on a table.

Socks in dreams often represent the cleanness or untidiness of a person, and therefore depict some kind of judgment about what sort of person they are or, if the socks are yours, how you see yourself. Socks can also be associated with warmth and protection, or with certain roles such as those that football, tennis or hiking socks represent; expressions such as ‘pull your socks up’ or ‘knocked my socks off’ suggest a motivating or powerful experience.

If the socks are full of holes in your dream, this may suggest that you feel demoralized in some way. If, however, you were waving a sock to someone, were you warning them, as might be suggested by the phrase ‘sock it to them’, or were you trying to get them to impress you, as might be suggested by ‘sock it to me’?... boot / shoe / sock dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

Boots / Shoes

New boots or shoes mean you will have good luck in business, possibly connected with a trip out of town. Old, worn boots or shoes indicate worries, and can mean separation from loved ones.... boots / shoes dream meaning

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Heel (shoes)

Being grounded, which makes you appear taller. Losing a heel indicates the loss of being grounded—either the negative “living above your means,” or the positive wish to live more simply and easily.... heel (shoes) dream meaning

Little Giant Encyclopedia


A peculiar dream denoting good fortune in business and home affairs (Gypsy). A world symbol of good fortune.... horse-shoe dream meaning

The Fabric of Dream

Horse Shoes

To see a horseshoe, or the game horse shoes, in your dream signifies luck and success in your current endeavors and relationships.... horse shoes dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation


something A lost opportunity; forgetting something which is important. Depending on dream, might also suggest actual, or feelings about, loss of virginity; loss of health, losing a lover/partner, or whatever the lost thing depicts. ... losing dream meaning

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Losing A Fight

(Defeat; Depression) Losing a fight in a dream means joy. Losing a fight in a dream also could mean vanquishing one’s enemy if they are compatible. Otherwise, the winner of a fight is a dream denotes the loser in wakefulness.

(Also see Defeat)... losing a fight dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Losing An Item

A feeling or fear of losing whatever that item represents in real life, or a feeling that you’ve been neglecting it or taking it for granted.

An issue of responsibility, or a reminder of an important responsibility.

Losing your seat or your place in line to someone else can represent: the idea of someone “taking from you” in some way (such as stealing your limelight, taking advantage of you, or ignoring your rights or needs somehow).

See also the item you lost.

See also: Forgetting; Missing Person; Left, Being; Finding a Lost Item; Setting Down; Seat; Cheating; Waiting; Lost, Being; Failure... losing an item dream meaning

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary

Losing One’s Car

Not being able to find your car may represent losing your connection to your body, reflecting that you frequently may be too spaced out and ungrounded. Not having a car in a dream may prevent you from finding your way home to wholeness.... losing one’s car dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Losing Or Lost

This omen depends largely upon the nature of the article Lost, apart from being an obstacle dream, indicating difficulty ahead, unless you soon find the missing article.

It is a sign of domestic trouble if a woman dreams that she has Lost her weddin*” ring.

To dream that you have Lost your shoes, or some other important article of clothing is very unfortunate, for your troubles will be due to your own attempts at being too clever.... losing or lost dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book

Losing Sight

(Blindness) If one sees in his dream as though the world is totally destroyed and that he remained alone therein, it means that he may lose his sight.... losing sight dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Losing Something

If you lose something in your dream, this suggests that you have become distracted in waking life and have lost sight of what really matters. Ask yourself what it is you have lost and what it may symbolize. It may be an opportunity, a relationship, a way of thinking or even your own identity. Do you no longer feel as if you belong somewhere? Alternatively, the image may be a symbol of something that is missing from your life that you never had in the first place. For example, if you lost your car, you may have lost a sense of direction; if you lost money, you may feel you’ve lost your self-confidence or something you value about yourself; if you lost your key, have you forgotten a solution to a problem or perhaps the key to self-knowledge? If you simply can’t work out what significance your lost object has to you, it might help to do a free association exercise (write down the first 10 or so words that immediately come to mind in relation to that symbol) to decipher the lost object’s symbolism, to decipher what it is that you need to find.

If you dream that you are recovering lost property, the nature of the property recovered, together with the feelings of relief and joy it brings, will indicate the focus of your dream. For example, if you recover your purse, this is linked to identity and a renewed sense of self.

If you recover your wallet, this is linked to finances. Do you now feel in a stronger position? If you recover a camera are you trying to hold on to memories or seeking a false sense of security? If you recover lost clothes are you seeking a new self image? If you recover shoes are you recovering your footing? If you recover your lost phone are you re-establishing communication with some one?... losing something dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

Losing Teeth

Since the second century people have dreamed of losing their teeth, and there are countless written accounts that substantiate this. While the ancients believed this was an omen of death, the reality is much simpler. If your teeth fall out, then you’re most likely to be going through a highly stressful period in your life. Rooted in anxiety, this dream can make you feel vulnerable, but in fact it’s exposing your current vulnerability and reflecting the sense of loss you feel about something in your waking world. It can be a dent to the ego, as teeth are an integral part of our facial structure. In this instance it suggests you may have lost face in some way, either personally or professionally.

This dream could also indicate you’ve lost something which is dear to you, and you’re going through the grieving process. Either way this dream, though deeply upsetting, is a sign that you are working through things; you are undergoing a transitional period and will eventually emerge, stronger and brighter.... losing teeth dream meaning

Dreams Interpretations Hidden Meanings Symbols

Losing Things

When this dream occurs review what are the truly “precious” and “important” things that you want to take with you and decide what you can safely let go of to allow space for new growth.

• Dreaming of losing things tends to reflect a life that is so overwhelming you’ve lost sight of what’s important to you. Your dreaming mind is left to process the personal frustrations that you haven’t dealt with because you’ve been too ‘frantic’ or anxious.

• This dream can be resolved by addressing the balance of your daily activities.... losing things dream meaning

The Premier in Dream Dictionary

Losing Weight

The symbolism is similar to CLARIFICATION, given its allusion to purification, discarding all that is waste or negative. Also, depending on the particular case, it represents the desire to lose weight. A dream in which you dramatically lose weight may signal some physical ailment.

Seeing yourself too thin in dreams is a sad omen of legal scandals.... losing weight dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams

Losing Your Job

Dreaming that you’ve lost your job is a sign that you’re feeling anxious about some area of your life. This doesn’t necessarily have to be work-related, you could be feeling insecure in a relationship, or even be worrying about money. How you lose the job also has some bearing. If you’re fired, this suggests you feel cut off in some way and you could have anger issues which relate to this. Redundancy implies some kind of rejection. You may feel that your ideas and opinions will be discarded, or that you are surplus to requirements.... losing your job dream meaning

Dreams Interpretations Hidden Meanings Symbols

Lost And Losing

For a woman to dream she has lost her wedding-ring, signifies she has but small love for her husband; but if she dreams she has found it again, it is a sign her love is not wholly lost And if a man dream of losing his shoes, and then his feet are bare, if he be of a sanguine complexion, it signifies be shall meet with reproaches, especially if be dreams it in the first day of the new moon.... lost and losing dream meaning

The Complete Dream Book

Pair Of Shoes

If both shoes are seen as torn so badly that they are completely ruined it means his wife will die.... pair of shoes dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Queen, Losing Composure

Release of control from one internal program to another.... queen, losing composure dream meaning

Expansions Dream Dictionary

Running Shoes

To see or wear running shoes in your dream suggests that you are approaching life with a good attitude, and few obstacles are in your way. It also suggests that you are comfortable with who you are. Sometimes, this dream can also mean the dreamer is a very busy person with lots on the go.... running shoes dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation


Sometimes one shoe symbolises his partner or brother.

If this is seen as torn or cracked while he walks in the other it means he will separate from his partner, brother or sister.... shoe dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Shoe Box

To dream of an empty shoe box, symbolizes that you are ready for true love and want it to come into your life.

If you dream of shoe boxes filled with new shoes, you may be overconfident in your success. Or, you may be on a life path that is unfamiliar to you.... shoe box dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Shoe Boxes

Feeling all ideas about future support are closed off.... shoe boxes dream meaning

Expansions Dream Dictionary


Steps in a tight situation... shoe-horn dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Shoe Laces

To dream about shoe laces symbolizes self-control.

If the laces are broken or lost in your dream, you are feeling overwhelmed.... shoe laces dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Shoe Polish

lucky numbers: 01-04-19-28-46-54

being a shoeblack: pride has gone beyond reason; its value is yours alone.

polishing shoes: perfection is a doable activity.

having shoes polished by professional: wil have legal dealings with an attorney.

shoeshine boy shining others’ shoes: joy and contentment.

of dreamer’s husband: wil receive invitation to a dance. ... shoe polish dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


1. Essential part of some shoes.

2. Loose shoelaces—deep desire not to be able to go somewhere (shoes not available). ... shoelace dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary


To see a shoemaker in your dream, warns you that indications are unfavorable to your advancement.

For a woman to dream that her husband or lover is a shoemaker, foretells competency will be hers; her wishes will be gratified. ... shoemaker dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


To dream of seeing your shoes ragged and soiled, denotes that you will make enemies by your unfeeling criticisms.

To have them blacked in your dreams, foretells improvement in your affairs, and some important event will cause you satisfaction. New shoes, augur changes which will prove beneficial.

If they pinch your feet, you will be uncomfortably exposed to the practical joking of the fun-loving companions of your sex.

To find them untied, denotes losses, quarrels and ill-health.

To lose them, is a sign of desertion and divorces.

To dream that your shoes have been stolen during the night, but you have two pairs of hose, denotes you will have a loss, but will gain in some other pursuit.

For a young woman to dream that her shoes are admired while on her feet, warns her to be cautious in allowing newly introduced people, and men of any kind, to approach her in a familiar way. ... shoes dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Shoestrings may comment on living on a shoestring or living nn a limited budget Untied shoes may remark on the lack of preparedness to move forward, or even laziness.... shoestrings dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Weight - Losing Or Gaining

If you dream of losing weight, it symbolizes that you are no longer being weighed down.

A burden has been lifted off your shoulders.

If you get too skinny in your dream though, it can mean you feel out of your league in a real life situation.

To dream that you are overweight, suggests that you are feeling stressed and pressured in your real life, by a social situation or within your family.... weight - losing or gaining dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Wooden Shoe

To dream of a wooden shoe, is significant of lonely wanderings and penniless circumstances. Those in love will suffer from unfaithfulness. ... wooden shoe dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation