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According to the position; a warning if it is slanted across something, etc.,... line dream meaning


To witness a massacre in one’s dream suggests that the dreamer is a follower who will follow the ideas of others with­out question or hesitation. ... massacre dream meaning


A mental picture and record of one’s words and actions are being taken to convey to others... video dream meaning

Video Game

1. Manipulation and emotional control.

2. An inability to accept responsibility, avoidance of obligations. ... video game dream meaning

Video Camera

1. Expresses a need or desire to distance oneself from family or close friends.

2. Current situations suffer from a bias, lack of objectivity.

3. A need or desire to be more focused on activities—likely regarding family, possibly where children are concerned. ... video camera dream meaning

Video Tape

Dreams of a video tape signify a desire to record events, hold on to the past, and reclaim your soul. See Photograph, Movie and Blockbuster.... video tape dream meaning

Crooked Line

1- When a line appears in a dream as crooked, there is usually the need to register the oddity, as being out of balance or off-kilter. There may be some insinceritv in our dealings with others.

The line may be any sort of line, such as a queue of people, a line of cars or whatever.

2- We must acknowledge our own ability to be diverted from truth and honesty.

3- Deviance from the norm in a spiritual sense can be a falling away of the standards we have set ourselves.

If we are aware of this on a spiritual level, a crooked line will often appear in a dream.... crooked line dream meaning


See Saw.... chainsaw dream meaning

Finish Line

Dreams of a finish line signifies a mark of completion, achievement and success. Consider whether or not you have won. See End and Death.... finish line dream meaning

Zip Line

Dreams of a zip-line represent that you are moving swiftly and joyously from one place in your life to another. Consider the feeling tone of this dream and whether or not you feel that you have a handle on these rapid moves and changes in your life.... zip line dream meaning

Video Games

Video games are symbolic of total and utter escapism and mindless thought. They are a modern phenomenon that will have very different symbolic meaning based on your personal relationship to them.

The diehard gamer will have a joyous experience of that escapism, while a critic might hold a more judgmental perspective. Where you stand on this continuum will provide the full picture for your interpretation. There is a perspective of video games that connects to a type of skill building; however, those skills have very little practical value outside of the realm of playing the game repeatedly. This is where the element of mindless thought enters into the symbolic meaning of video games.

The presence of a video game in a dream is an ironic appearance of detachment and should be considered as a possible defense against whatever the unconscious mind may be attempting to express.

If someone in your dream is playing a video game, understanding the character aspect in you that the person represents will identify what area of your consciousness is avoiding reality.... video games dream meaning

Plumb Line

That which brings balance and justice... plumb line dream meaning


You are either at the end of your rope, feeling exhausted, as in Blindness, or you have reached your goal.... end-of-the-line dream meaning

Television / Video

If you are watching a video or television movie and are able to follow the story, note that the main character in the movie represents yourself. Whatever sort of program you are watching, if you are able to follow it in your dream, it relates to you and your present problems or situation. Relate it to the universal and personal symbolism given in the earlier part of this book.

If you are unable to choose which video to play, you need to examine your choices in life or work and give good thought to where you want to go.... television / video dream meaning


Dreams of Blockbuster Video represent your desire to choose escapism or knowledge. You are being presented with a myriad of choices. Consider the movie you pick and the feeling tone of the dream. See Video, DVD and Movie.... blockbuster dream meaning

Bottom Line

Dreams of a bottom line symbolize clarity, focus, and finality. This dream can also represent your issues with money.... bottom line dream meaning


Dreams about being on-line represent your inherent connection with the world, the masses and quantum consciousness.

If you dream of on-line dating, then this represents your openness to endless possibilities in love, and that your mental, emotional, spiritual, and geographical boundaries are expanded beyond your familiar sphere of possibilities. See World Wide Web.... on-line dream meaning

Assembly Line

To dream that you are working on an assembly line, represents repetitious thinking and old ways of doing things.

It is symbolic of predictability and unchanging habits. Also see “Factory.”... assembly line dream meaning

Clothes Line

To dream that you are hanging up clothes on a clothesline, suggests that you are clarifying your thoughts and elevating yourself to a new state of awareness.... clothes line dream meaning

Line Up

To dream that you are standing in line, indicates your need for patience. You should be prepared to wait for something and not have it right away.... line up dream meaning

Music Video

If you dream of being in a music video, it means you want to express your emotions more freely. This dream can also signify a desire to heal the soul after a difficult period in your life.

If you dream of watching a music video (on TV or watching one being made), the meaning depends on the music.

If you like the music that was playing, the dream is a positive omen of pleasure and the expression of emotions.

If you didn’t like the song, then it points to unhappiness in a family or friendship situation.... music video dream meaning

Standing In Line

To dream that you are standing in line, indicates your need for patience. You should be prepared to wait for something and not have it right away.... standing in line dream meaning

Video Store

To dream of a video store suggests that you are emotionally stressed, and you are trying to think of new ideas and look for the various choices out there for you, to find the one that will make you happier.... video store dream meaning

Line Dancing

Were you dancing in line with people you know in a country music scene? If so your unconscious may be reflecting on your tendency to conform or else your habit of stepping out of line or of failing to conform to the behavior your loved ones expect. Were you dancing in line or were you out of step?... line dancing dream meaning

Video Recorder

A video recorder (such as a DVR) can represent: Memory.

A need or desire to remember or preserve something for later (perhaps because it’s important, you like it, or you want to revisit it later).

Delayed gratification.

Control of your environment or schedule, or the idea of doing something “on your own terms.” Creating environments you like or participating in activities you enjoy.

See also: Camera; TV; Show or Movie... video recorder dream meaning


Universal Landscape: An enormous transformation in personal ideology.

Dreaming Lens: Who was massacred in your dream? How many people were killed? How were they killed? Did you come upon the end result of a massacre, or were you present for the killing? Were you responsible? If not, do you know who was?

Personal Focus: A massacre is an event of great magnitude by virtue of the number of deaths caused by a singular force. This extends to include the notion that the murders are indiscriminate and unnecessary. Any death is a powerful symbol of transformation and change, as it always portends a rebirth of some kind. A mass death is interpretable as any death would be—change so great that it can only be understood as the passing of something old to make way for the rebirth of something new.

The distinction of massacre adds several elements to this interpretation that should be considered. First, the large number of deaths that quantify a massacre implies an enormity to the transformation that is occurring. Look to your life for evidence of some change or shift that feels inordinately large in scale and you will probably find the stimulus for this dream. Since people in your dreams represent parts of your personality, the loss of large numbers could indicate that many old thoughts or patterns are being left behind.

Secondly, there is the indiscriminate and unnecessary quality of killing that goes along with the horror of a massacre. This implies callousness to the action, but such a perspective may only be from the victim’s side. Since you are both killer and victim in your dream, this element of your investigation may prove more elusive. If you know who was responsible for the massacre, use that information to guide you to what part of your unconscious is acting out by expressing just how greatly things are being stirred up. If you are not aware of who the perpetrator is, you have that much more exploring to do before you find a satisfying interpretation.

Thirdly, there is often a political motivation to such events in the real world. In this way, you may be expressing change and shift of an ideological nature. Look to ways in which your beliefs and values may be undergoing transformation.... massacre(s) dream meaning

Fishing Line

1. Catching fish;

2. The Gospel. Matt. 4:19;

• Fishing Rod

- Tool of evangelism; Jer. 9:8;

• Fish Tank

- Church... fishing line dream meaning

Washing Line

1. Restoration ministry;

2. Place to hang clothes on; psalm 51:7.... washing line dream meaning