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What does it mean to see an land in a dream?

Land Dream Meaning: From 13 Different Sources


We are divided into the two realms of the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.

The earth is equally bisected into land and ocean, with the land connecting to the conscious mind. Everything we can see and are easily aware of is like the land of our minds. In this way, any land formation in a dreamscape is asking you to consider some area of your self-concept that is part of your conscious domain or that you have the natural human capacity to be aware of. Land represents parts of yourself that are not hidden, but are exposed and available for exploration. Use the terrain of the land in your dream to understand more deeply what the dream is asking you to look at. High terrain and mountains are the areas of consciousness that can only be explored by looking upward, into higher ground of thought and consideration.

A deep jungle is still consciousness, but more of your hidden nature. Chasms or land masses separated by water indicate that there are thought processes or patterns that are separate, distinct, or in need of integration.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox


1. Habitation of man;

2. Our inheritance;

3. The promises of God. Gen. 1:9, 10; 2:11-13.

• New cleared land

- New place of ministry.

• Bare earth/dust Curse

- Stated of being humbled.

• Neglected, unwanted land

- Unresponsiveness to the calling and conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand


Vision: Reaching land from the ocean or a lake: your plans and projects are now on a solid footing and will be completed sue- cessfullv. Walking on land: the state of the land is an indication of how your life will unfold. Walking across a healthy Meadow means you are getting ahead in life. Walking over a field: hard work is the only way to have a good “harvest.” An empty- field: disappointment and failure—because others have already harvested the crop. See Earth, Field.

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda


(See Earth)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


A good dream if you possess Land and retain it; but if in your dream you move away, then expect a change of occupation, not necessarily for your good.

If the owner of the Land orders you away, then expect bitter disappointment.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous


1. Fertility and nourishment.

2. Wealth, possible marriage, depending on the condition of the land.

3. Expresses a need for grounding (as in “down to earth”).

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


Dreams of land are symbolic of you becoming grounded, pragmatic, a grown-up and/or territorial.

If you own land, then you are taking a stance and holding your ground. Undeveloped land represents potential for growth.

If the land is developed, then this is about taking pride in your accomplishments and seeing how much you’ve grown. This dream could also be a message that it is time to come down to earth. See Ground.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous


To dream of land, when it appears fertile, omens good; but if sterile and rocky, failure and dispondency is prognosticated.

To see land from the ocean, denotes that vast avenues of prosperity and happiness will disclose themselves to you.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller


Dreams associated with land, like those in which you find yourself lying on the ground, show that you should be more realistic. In this sense, it is preferable that you adhere to the issues that directly concern you and that you leave whims aside. On the other hand, land is a tangible manifestation of your will. So, dreaming that you are covered in dirt signifies that you have a mission to accomplish. On the contrary, cultivating the land indicates that you should work hard so as to finish a project. In the case that the land on which you are working is dry, it means that you lack strength and enthusiasm.

If you dream of planet Earth, it could mean that your true self is not yet fully realized.

Mother Earth represents the subconscious mind. She is the uterus that contains the potential for the development of the future. The myths about the descent into the inside of the earth are allegories that describe the exploration of you hidden and unknown side.

If the appearance of mother earth is fearful, it is possible that you are afraid that the forces of the subconscious will put your life in disorder. Mother Earth, herself, was the antique symbol of fertility.

Dreaming of a sterile land generally announces that you should plan some seeds if you want to preserve your future.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke


To dream of owning land is a sign of coming prosperity.

If you see land from the deck of a steamer, it foretells a successful business deal.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway


If you dreamed of owning land, you can expect an important improvement in your circumstances, unless you actually own some, in which case the dream predicts temporary reverses.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


Grounding, nurturing, safety from emotional turmoil. Foundation, solid orientation, depending upon appearance.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards


lucky numbers: 05-22-35-47-52-58

barren: a stranger wil become your staunchest al y at your most despondent time.

landscape, fine open: dignity, distinction and tranquility in love.

obscured by hills: wil spend numerous hours second-guessing troubles and obstacles.

ugly: wil suffer bitter aftertaste of dashed hopes.

with a clump of trees: wil act promptly on your wel -considered decisions.

landslide, of a: are overloaded, emotional y overwrought and carry the trust of others.

causing a: triumph over enemies by being sensible and intel igent.

repairing a: discovery of lost valuables in the rubble.

looming above the surface of the: money wil come easily during life; watch over it.

moving away from a: expect changes in occupation.

ordered off of, by owner, being: expect bitter disappointment with a desired friendship.

possessing: loneliness and trouble through a cheating incident conceived of by you.

reaching, from water: your projects have found sufficient foundation.

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days |

25 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


The lord; one’s body is a house where their spirit indwells until the lord evicts at their demise; see “home”... landlord dream meaning


Warning that one’s livelihood is threatened; see “foundation”... landslide dream meaning


Freud saw this image as a symbol for the human body.... landscape dream meaning


To dream of Landing from a boat portends ill-luck from one associated with the sea.... landing dream meaning


Our moods and attitudes, but particularly the set of habitual feelings we meet life with. As we create our surroundings in dreams, landscapes depict what feelings we ourself generate and live in. Gloomy: pessimism; self doubt; depression; a gloomy view of life. Sunny: hopeful; optimistic;

something to look forward to. Recurring scenes: habitual atti­tudes with which you approach situations. Recurring scenes of past residence: a stance you developed from that penod of your life. See countryside. ... landscapes dream meaning


Descriptive of one’s internal, as well as external, character; see “cornerstone” and “foundation”... landmark dream meaning


To dream that you ride in a landau, with your friend or sweetheart, denotes that incidents of a light, but pleasant character will pass in rapid succession through your life.

If the vehicle is overturned, then pleasure will abruptly turn into woe. See Fields ant Earth. ... landau dream meaning

Dump (landfill, Garbage Dump)

1. A need or desire to let go of un­helpful emotions, burdens.

2. Sadness, perhaps depression (as in “down in the dumps”). ... dump (landfill, garbage dump) dream meaning

Dry Land

(Terra firma) Seeing a dry land in a dream means reaching safety.... dry land dream meaning

Irrigation One’s Land

If a person sees himself irrigating his land or sprinkling water on his crops it suggest that he will spend his wealth in Allah’s way.... irrigation one’s land dream meaning


(See Earth)... landscaping dream meaning

Narrow Piece Of Land

If the land is restricted it means the end of his life.

The same dream could perhaps mean wilaayah if the beholder of such a dream is worthy of it. Wilaayah could be interpreted as the office of sainthood, dominion, soeverignity, jurisdiction and the like.... narrow piece of land dream meaning

Ruins And Desolate Land

Ruins and land that is laid waste means going astray and misleading others.... ruins and desolate land dream meaning

Seeing Rasoolullah (sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) On Dry Land

If the Holy Prophet (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) is seen standing on dry, arid land, such land will soon become green and verdant (fertile).... seeing rasoolullah (sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) on dry land dream meaning

Standing In A Vast Stretch Of Land

Standing in the middle of a vast stretch of land suggest that a wonderful and peaceful life awaits him. It also means safety, protection, peace and harmony.... standing in a vast stretch of land dream meaning

Vessel On Dry Land

If a person sees a vessel approaching him, it is a glad tiding that he will soon find solutions to his problems and be delivered from anxieties.... vessel on dry land dream meaning

Scenery / Landscape

Vision: Dreaming about a sunny landscape or beautiful scenery: many of your wishes will come true; you can look forward to happy times.

If the scenery is dark and cloudy: conflicts with the world around you. What else do you see— Meadows, Mountains, \ alley, Water?... scenery / landscape dream meaning


A memory resurfacing of a place or location that you visited before. Ask yourself if there was something about that region or experience that pertains to your present situation.

If you have never traveled to this place before, consider its name, location, and the landmark itself for more interpretive value.

For example, seeing “Old Faithful” might speak of your own timeliness or dedication (see Water).

Possibly the manifestation of a memory from a past life experience. Even so, there is something important about this experience that directly relates to your circumstances now.

Monuments appearing at the landmark show your loyalties to someone, something, or a situation. Such loyalties can be good or bad influences, so check the condition of the monument for further insight here.... landmarks dream meaning

Landlady Or Landlord

This is not a favourable dream, and indicates domestic trouble. ... landlady or landlord dream meaning

Landslip Or Landslide

A short and pleasant visit payed to places once well-known to you. ... landslip or landslide dream meaning

Hill / High-land

a vision of a hill is interpreted upon 4 sides: elevation, wealth, strength, treason.... hill / high-land dream meaning

Landslide / Rockslide

If the dreamer is witnessing the landslide as it happens, then sudden and unexpected events, which he really should be prepared for, will take him totally by surprise.

The dream is warning him to be prepared. Other symbols in the dream may reveal exactly what the events will entail, and what he should do about it.

If the landslide has already taken place and the rocks are lying in the middle of the road, then the dreamer faces obstacles ahead that will need to be removed before he or she can move on and accomplish whatever it is that needs to be done.... landslide / rockslide dream meaning

Land Mine

A dream of land mines suggests that you are going through a potentially explosive and trying situation in real life.

The mines could represent repressed emotions that are likely to explode or burst if not dealt with soon. It could be something within yourself, such as the desire to explode with anger over an issue that’s affecting you.... land mine dream meaning

Landscapes And Settings

When the setting of your dream is particularly prominent in your dream, it is usually trying to convey to you some kind of message from your unconscious. The setting of a dream is the environment or landscape in which the action takes place. Sometimes the place reflects your mood but it can also be a reminder of a particular time in your life or of particular people. In general, the setting signifies the environment in which the main action of your life is happening. For example, if you dream of walking across the road in a busy city in the rain, your dream has a completely different setting to going for a walk in a park on a sunny day.

Try to assign a feeling and function to the setting of your dreamscape; that busy city might convey the feeling of purpose and speed, together with the function of work; that park might suggest the feeling of relaxation and the function of refreshment. When you have defined your feeling and function, try to see what part they play in your waking life and what the other details of the dream say about them.

Bear in mind, too, that you need to consider personal associations. A countryside walk may conjure up an image of heaven for some people but of hell for others, particularly if they suffer from severe hay fever.

Interpreting the symbolism of the dream setting can give you an insight into your own inner landscape.

If the setting is familiar, look out for symbols of your work or home situation to decide whether the dream is about your professional or personal life. Such a scene may also take you back to childhood or a time of learning.

If the setting is not familiar, or from your past, think about how it may relate to the emotional climate of a current situation. Recurring landscapes in dreams indicate feelings to which you often return; if the same scenes recur, they suggest habitual attitudes with which you approach a situation. Recurring scenes of your past represent a stance you developed at that time in your life. Although landscapes do tend to reflect habitual feelings rather than temporary moods, if the landscape does change in your dream, perhaps you need to make corresponding changes in your everyday life or in your approach to life. Composite scenes, consisting of many images that you recognize in one setting, are usually drawing your attention to particular qualities or moods which have relevance to the content of the dream. The country where your dream is set may also have significance. See also FOREIGN COUNTRIES.

Bear in mind, too, that the light, the weather and other features of your dream landscape all contribute to the setting and are all saying something about your mood or the feelings the dream inspires. Light is a common symbol of consciousness, so a sunny landscape will indicate clarity and awareness and a bright and sunny place will suggest fun and liveliness. Dark places in general represent the unconscious, although landscapes that become dark or dreary during the course of the dream may also refer to your subjective view of the world; for example, a dark shadowy murky scene signifies feelings of depression. A place that becomes lighter and brighter during your dream suggests possibilities and potentials, whilst the dim illumination of moonlight is a common symbol of intuition.

The nature of the weather in your dream will also express how you are feeling. Bad weather may foretell of troubles lying ahead, rain falling may indicate a release of tension, whilst the appearance of a rainbow across the landscape might suggest your troubles have found some sort of resolution. A beautiful place in a dream may be encouraging you to use your creative imagination in waking life, a sheltered place might be offering peace and security, unknown places could be revealing aspects of yourself of which you may be unsure and wide open spaces offer you a taste of freedom from confinement, whether emotional or physical.

The structure of the landscape also reflects your feelings about the content of your dream. A landscape that is hard to travel over or live in says much about the emotional or practical obstacles in your waking life. Your dream may have created a symbolic scenario to show you the things that are preventing you from being happy and fulfilled.

What you see lying ahead of you in a dream, such as a mountain or a flight of stairs, is significant as it represents the challenges you have yet to face. Obstacles in dream landscapes may express your everyday concerns. For example, you may find it impossible to cross a busy street in your dream; the street may well be a symbol of an impending exam.

If some aspect of your dream landscape did not seem right or was out of proportion, perhaps you are not seeing things straight in waking life. In your dream, look out for other symbols that suggest some aspect of your waking life is out of proportion; if your dream has a surreal or supernatural elements, refer to the chapter on SURREALISM AND FANTASY.... landscapes and settings dream meaning

Space In Building Or Landscape

This represents your potential or those opportunities that are available to you. To be ’spaced out’ is to widen your personal boundaries through the use of stimuli, some of which may be illicit. Space is also a representation of your cosmic center or place that is, was and ever will be. This idea can widen your present view of the world.... space in building or landscape dream meaning