What does it mean to see an kumquats in a dream?

Kumquats Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Kumquats in a dream represent prosperity. Chinese tradition associates the kumquat with luck and wealth in the future.

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Citrus Bigaradia

(See Citrus medica)... citrus bigaradia dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Citrus Medica

(Citron; Citrus Bigaradia; Zollikoferia spinosa) Seeing any of the citrus medica plants in a dream means combatting illness, distress, trouble or it could represent a beautiful, but a cheap woman. ... citrus medica dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Orange has many associations, in particular with generosity and optimism. It is considered to be a color of warmth, thoughtfulness, wisdom and sociability, and it is connected with sunshine and light. Orange or saffron indicates a person with a strong spiritual presence. If you have been discouraged in your search for spiritual enlightenment, the presence of orange in your dream may suggest that your patience will be rewarded. If you are dressed in orange, this may underline your desire to shun materialism in favor of spiritualism. Dreams in which orange features are often taken as signs of positive change within the dreamer’s life, but it is important to point out that orange also has associations with mistrust, uncertainty and doubt. Muddier shades of orange may be representative of this uncertainty, and in a dream they may be urging you to be more thoughtful about a particular person or situation. Orange surfaces and staircases in dreams may represent positive journeys. If an orange object caught your dreaming eye, could it have reflected your own upbeat outlook, or could it have been urging you to transform your life for the better by being more positive, sociable and outgoing? For example, an orange hat may suggest an optimistic new way of thinking. An orange flower may suggest a sense of contentment with life. An orange fist may suggest anger, hostility and aggression. Keywords: friendliness, courtesy, lively, sociability, and an outgoing nature. You may want to expand your horizons and look into new interests. ... orange dream meaning

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