What does it mean to see an koran in a dream?

Koran Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

The sacred text of Islam, the Koran is the word of God for many people. Its poetry is a beautiful expression of a life lived through spiritual principles.

If your waking-life religious beliefs involve this holy book, then the dream is to be taken more literally.

If this is not the case, you may be dreaming of the fundamental spiritual principles that underlie all perspectives.

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Dreams of this holy book represent your thirst for spiritual guidance and higher wisdom. See Bible.

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Spiritual teachings. Message from higher self.

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A frequent symbol in dreams and mythology, the bridge spans an abyss. It is often a place of danger and of falling; you are crossing a boundary. In the Catholic faith, the protector is Saint Napomuk, patron saint of bridges. Uniting, re-establishing relationships; contradictions are bridged. If the dreamer has self-confidence, the fear of the abyss may be going away, but although the bridge becomes wider and is safe, it is still a place of danger. The condition of the bridge is important. How are you feeling on the bridge? When you have crossed the bridge, you have done a lot of inner work. Changes have taken place (you have reached the other shore). In the Koran, the bridge over hell is as thin as a thread and can only be crossed by the righteous. In Celtic lore, there exists a bridge of horror that is also as narrow as a thread. The bridge always spans an abyss in which spirits, the devil, or God resides. Often in the dream one must bring a sacrifice in order to cross the bridge. For that reason we often see chapels on the bridge where the sacrifice has to be offered. Jung related the symbol of the bridge to the unconscious. He saw the unconscious as different islands in the sea. For him, the bridge connected these islands and is therefore a symbol of working toward a strong consciousness. ... bridge dream meaning

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Symbol of beginning. Many mythologies depict the earth as having been developed from an egg. Symbol of rebirth—Easter eggs. Also, that which is fragile. Longing for or fear of pregnancy, as in Baby, Birth. In the Koran, virgin women are compared to well preserved eggs. According to Freud, female sexuality and motherhood. ASTROLOGY: Symbol for Cancer. ... egg dream meaning

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See Greed. Sexuality demanding to he set free, but also rejection of physical sexuality. Symbol of luck, natural sexuality, intellectual power. Fertility. According to Moses and the Koran, pork is considered a forbidden food. It is the symbol of something low and primitive— “casting pearls before swine”—laziness, wallowing in dirt; but also comfort. According to Freud, a sexual symbol (in the Odyssey, Circe transforms men into swine; she frees their animal side in order to bind them to her). In the East, a symbol of the unconscious. ... pig dream meaning

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See Boat. If you are in the boat yourself, you need to rethink the direction you are taking. A distancing from emotions: you are not in touch with the Water. Also, if the ship is far in the distance, a longing for femininity. Different types of ships characterize your personality. According to the Koran and the Bible, the ship is a symbol of rescue. According to Freud, it is a symbol for woman. ... ship dream meaning

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Young Boy

One whose life is in front of him. Start something new. It also points to weak masculinity and a poorly developed masculine side of the woman, as well as poor gender identity in a man. This is often connected to the aging process in a man. In the Koran, it means one whose wealth is increasing. According to Freud, the male genitalia, often in connection with masturbation fantasies. ... young boy dream meaning

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also see Novel1- Our search for knowledge and the ability to learn from other people’s experience and opinions, is symbolised in dreams by books and libraries. To dream of old books represents inherited wisdom and spiritual awareness. To dream of account books indicates the need or ability to look after our own resources. 2- Intellectually we are searching in our dreams for ways which will help us to handle what happens in our lives. 3- A book, particularly a sacred one such as the Bible or Koran, signifies hidden or sacrcd knowledge. Dreaming of one can represent our need to look into the realms of sacred knowledge or reassurance that we are going in the right direction. ... book dream meaning

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(see Honey, bisects)Stinging you: An unpleasant experience that literally left a “stinger” behind, often of an emotional nature. At the hive: Community and socialization; knowing your place and function within a specific group; harmonious teamwork. Flying from flower to flower: Gathering life’s nectar, enjoying sweetness wherever it may be found. Alternatively, a fickle nature. Buzzing: A message; the ancients felt that bees carried missives direct from the gods themselves. The priestesses of Delphi were called “Melissae,” which means bees, and they were often given honey cakes as an offering in payment for their visionary talents. Hornet s nest: Trouble just waiting to happen. Don’t aggravate this situation or you will get stung. In China, dreaming of a bee swarm is a lucky omen. A ghostly visitor. Both Pliny and Aristotle believed that good souls could reincarnate as a bee. The spirit of the Muse. In Greece, eloquent people were believed to have been touched on the lips by the Birds of the Muses (bees), including Sophocles, Plato, and Virgil. Flying down a chimney—omen of death of figurative or literal nature. In medieval Bestiaries, an emblem of honor. In the Koran, the symbol of faithfulness, intelligence, and wisdom. Folkloric: A portent of forthcoming profits, especially in your trade. Queen bees represent the ancient Mother Goddess, and as such can symbolize your own mother, your maternal instincts, or your feminine nature. ... bee dream meaning

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(see Herbs)If you’ve dreamt of ginger recently, you may discover that your zest for life and passionate interests are increasing. Faithfulness: In the Koran, only the steadfast believers enjoy ginger-flavored beverages in paradise. Honoring the gods. In China ginger was used as part of offerings, and in the Middle East it was favored for communing with the Divine. Affection. When consumed, ginger generates a warm, cozy feeling within. Assimilating new ideas or becoming more comfortable with a situation. Medicinally, ginger is an excellent aid to digestion. If the ginger is consumed in the dream, this may represent purging figurative poisons from your system. Pythagoras recommended ginger for similar medicinal uses long ago. ... ginger dream meaning

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(see Fruit)Metaphysically aligned with the moon, water, and positive energies for healing. Among Gypsies, a fruit of love. From contemporary jargon, an alternative symbol for a woman’s breasts. Moslem: Verdicts and decisions. In the Koran, this is one of the foods served on the day of judgment. ... melon dream meaning

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(see Air, Fan, Whistle)Strong winds or storm winds reveal powerful forces at work in your life, some of which may cause confusion about your direction and path. Change and movement, which often meets with some turbulence before positive transformations occur. A sign of latent psychic abilities developing. In Christian theology, the presence of the Holy Spirit. Angry winds are often considered a sign of evil or negativity. Note that Lucifer is called the Prince of the Power of the Air, and in the Koran, demons control stormv winds (see Monsters). Howling winds: In folklore, this portends either trouble on the horizon, or an unsettled spirit (see Ghost). Anciently an emblem of the masc uline nature, with the four directions becoming a natural wheel or cross that later became the weather vane. Weather vanes that show which way the wind blows are an alternative emblem for both a wheel and a cross, indicating the originating source of energy or problems. ... wind dream meaning

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A book, particularly a sacred one such as the bible or koran, signifies hidden or sacred knowledge. Any religious book in dreams presupposes some kind of spiritual realization or some knowledge gained. It represents our need to look into the realms of sacred or arcane knowledge or for reassurance that we are going in the right direction. ... book dream meaning

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To dream of books can symbolize knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, the search for knowledge and the ability to learn from the opinions of other people. If you are surrounded by books in your dreams, this might suggest that you are more concerned with theory than practice. Depending on the kinds of books that figure in your dream, they can also suggest the world of imagination and escape. Are you surrounded by literary novels, racy best-sellers or fascinating biographies? If the books are very old, this suggests learning and inherited wisdom. If the books are account books, this indicates a need to take care of financial matters. Sacred books, such as the Koran or the Bible, signify a search for hidden or sacred knowledge. Dreaming of a sacred book can also represent a need to know you are heading in the right direction. To dream of an encyclopedia suggests a hunger for knowledge and new experience, as an encyclopedia represents collective human wisdom. On the other hand, it can also suggest information overload and a need to find focus. To dream you are searching in a dictionary suggests a need to find answers to a particular problem or situation in your life. It can also suggest an over-reliance on the opinions of others. If you look up a particular word in your dream, this can be very significant (see LETTERS AND COMMUNICATION; SOUNDS). Finally, a poem is the ultimate form of self-expression, so if you are a poet, or a poet figures in your dream, or you are reading poetry, your unconscious is urging you to find a creative outlet in waking life. ... books dream meaning

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Rituals And Religious Ceremonies

Each of the symbols that appear in a religious dream should be taken into account as each will contribute in some way to its meaning. Their significance is likely to accord with your religious faith but whether you are religious or not, the interpretation tends to be similar. If you were reading, hearing, singing or chanting from a religious book, manuscript, sacred scripture or text such as the Bible or Koran, your dreaming mind is highlighting your desire to know the truth or the answer to a question that is on your mind. You may feel the need for some kind of guidance and your dreaming mind is urging you to pay attention to the problem or issue on your mind before it gets any worse. Dreams about praying also reflect a feeling of helplessness and the need for guidance in waking life. If you attended a religious ceremony or rite or were part of a congregation in your dream, your feelings about this are crucial. If you felt uplifted and comforted, this suggests that you feel at peace with your moral code; but if your attitude was one of rebellion or anger, your dreaming mind may be urging you to assert your individuality, as you are currently being stifled by the restrictions of your belief system. Alternatively, if you are not allowed to participate in your dream ritual, you may be harboring feelings of guilt because you have broken some important rules. As ceremonies are used to attain deeper awareness and to establish a new order, another interpretation suggests that dream ceremonies and rituals refer to major life changes or new attitudes in your waking life that are having a profound effect on you. Religious processions and carnivals in dreams reflect a need to stimulate your imagination and perhaps increase your faithA dream of visiting a religious place may be commenting on the lack of spirituality in your life; this is especially so if the church, mosque, chapel, temple, cathedral or religious site was peaceful and calming, as it suggests that you need to seek out a place where you can feel secure and reflect on your waking life. If you dreamed of a crypt or religious burial ground, this may be suggesting that your spiritual self is buried. If the religious site or building was in ruins, you need to consider which aspect of your spiritual life is crumbling away. If you heard church bells or religious music in your dream, this suggests a desire to expand your spiritA dream that features baptism or an initiation of some kind suggests spiritual renewal or a new life for the dreamer. If you were baptized and given a new name, this indicates a new start; the significance of that name will be important. If you attended the baptism of a baby, this may represent an idea or project you are working on and for which you need approval. If you were blessed in your dream, this suggests approval of some kind of action or attitude in your waking life. Blasphemy, on the other hand, reflects irreverence or insults of some kind in your waking life. If you dream of taking Holy Communion, because in real life this is a form of blessing for forgiveness and renewal, in dreams it represents sacred sharing. If bread and wine appears in your dream, these refer to the basic needs in your life. As always, your feelings in the dream are important. Did you feel comforted or anxious? If you dream of a crusade, this suggests that you need to fight for or against something or someone in your waking life. See also GATHERINGS. ... rituals and religious ceremonies dream meaning

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