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What does it mean to see an knuckles in a dream?

Knuckles Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

1. Violence;

2. Disciplined as in, “wrapped over the knuckles Exod. 21:18; Isa. 58:4;

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand

A symbol of anger and fighting, whether physically or spiritually

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

1. Fear of being assaulted or punched.

2. Hard work or diligence.

3. Anger and aggressiveness.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

Knuckles | Dream Interpretation

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To dream of frogs is good for them that live upon the commons. “I knew a man, ” says Artemidorus, “who dreamed that be beat with his fist, and the knuckles or joints of his fingers, upon frogs, and it so happened that his master gave him authority over all the affairs of his house; so that one must think that the pond represents the house, the frogs the inhabitants, and the striking of his fingers the commandment” But as to frogs in general, they signify Batterers, indifferent and ignorant babblers, abusers, and praters. ... frogs dream meaning

The Complete Dream Book


Should you dream you knock with your Knuckles, unrequited affections. ... knuckle dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book


Whether the knuckles featured in your dream were your own or someone else’s, they indicate that you are wasting time and energy on an exercise in futility; reassess your goals. ... knuckle dream meaning

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


lucky numbers: 05-8-9-13-17-38amputated, being: death of an enemy; loss of an expressive part of self. arthritic: relief from financial worries; affairs wil have no hindrances. big, having: your heavy-handed manner pushes others into deceit. blister on a, a: your actions are blocked by your indecision. blood on your hands: contention in family over deeds il done. bloody: are guilty of what you have done and what you are thinking of doing. cold: wil fail to communicate the wealth of your true intentions. full: others overload you with their chores to escape blame for being unable to do them. small: others wil succeed at what you have been unable to attempt. swollen: others’ envy is forcing you to defend a correct decision. tied: a relative is in difficulty; you cannot save him. blowing on, to warm: a brief depression clouds your alertness at work. burned your, having: a business associate seeks to limit you. child’s being cut off: the child wil elope and you wil celebrate with festivities. man’s: have overreached in your push for a score and wil be penalized. woman’s: wil be covetous of another’s husband, thus pushing yours to run away. clasping hands: unity and completeness of purpose; the natural leader wil lead. in front of your eyes, your: tolerate another’s mistake as you would your own. kissing a: an elegant way of expressing an eloquence words cannot. being kissed: wil be seduced into actions that are fodder for the gossip mongers. knocking with knuckles: your affections are not required. wearing brass: take control of those wishing to handle your life. left, working with the: contrariness leading to an artistic creation. right: are expending energy without al owing replenishment. losing a right: disturbing news from father brings difficulty in sharing with others. left: mother’s il ness prevents your receipt of a benefit. own, of: perfect accord between husband and wife. being cut: wil incur debts out of your control; stop the flow. burning: are unable to perform task, which would prove disgraceful and unprofitable. clean: wil overcome troubles with the resolution of honest friends. dirty: the sentence for dishonest affairs is hard labor. palms: the pattern of your life is exposed; have only to seek it inside. strong, your: favorable outcome if you finalize the deal now. tied, are: any chance of creative expression has been denied. washing: are limiting growth by discarding aspects of self before examining them. shake, a: begin new project and another, at the point you ful y trust your partner. firm and friendly: your balanced attitude wil force others to desist in their arguments. pressure so hard you feel the pain: are under pressure to accept the wrong thing. weak and clammy: lack enthusiasm and are received in a half-hearted way. shaking: outrageous demands cause your suffering. thumb, cutting your: prevent your business from overspending. ugly and malformed: feel constrained from acting in your own interest. unmarried people dreaming of their: wil love and be loved with sincere regard. watch or clock, of a: rapid progression of your affairs; are you ready? wringing: worrisome issue needs to be worked through. ... hands dream meaning

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