What does it mean to see an kleptomaniac in a dream?

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Dreams of a kleptomaniac symbolize that you grappling with a distorted sense of justice, feelings of lack, insatiability, and the need to take what isn’t yours out of a fear that you will be left empty handed or with the short end of the stick. This dream reflects extreme opportunism.

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lucky numbers: 03-06-12-23-31-34being hungry and can’t buy: aims have missed materialization but can be gained. buying: are discrete in choosing lover from many. others: new acquaintance wil ripen into lasting friendship. giving, to others: have provided for yourself sufficiently to share. having plenty of: prosperous surroundings don’t mean they are yours. many, being stored: keep your mind above material frivolity; wil live long and wel . PSYCHIATRIST/PSYCHOLOGY01-18-24-45-51-53being a: are your own best counsel; perceive yourself. having hallucinations: not seeing things in actuality for fear of having to change them. nervous condition, a: al dreams are creatively crazy; wil discover a treasure. others: guard against perjury in testifying on a friend’s behalf. hydrophobia, suffering from: enemies wil foil you by dishonoring your friends. multiple personality disorder: aspects of your personality need to intercommunicate. others: wil be betrayed by one you trust implicitly, after sharing your self-exploration. inferiority complex, having an: are prone to be apprehensive; protect your flanks. kleptomaniac, being a: others who see you in the appearance of evil are evil themselves. maniac, seeing a: wil be accused of misappropriating another’s belongings. memory, having a loss of: sometimes it is wise not to remember. amnesia: wil uncover a mixed message about a lucrative job offer. missed appointment with: want ful control to discover yourself and plan your life. regaining: wil acquire skil s that you attribute to others. therapist, seeing a: one who al ows you to guide your own path through life’s lessons. transport went in other direction: approach therapy from another’s anger. undergoing: bridge the gap between external and internal. ... provisions dream meaning

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