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Flags And Their Symbolism

The way in which a flag is treated in your dream may represent the feelings you have towards the country that flag represents.

If it is dirty, burned, torn or trampled on, this may suggest anger against those who have attacked the country or anger against the country itself. A sea of waving flags in a crowd may suggest benign patriotism or a sense of foreboding about excessively strong nationalism.

If the flag is unknown, it may be a tribal emblem of your entire network of family and friends. Do you feel supported by them or neglected? Your positive or negative attitudes towards the flag in your dream may reveal your unconscious feelings on this issue. As always, the colors of your particular flag—whether or not the flag is known to you or associated with a country you have been to—will be significant.

As far as the universal symbolism for flags is concerned, you can ascribe meaning to certain symbols, but bear in mind that your personal associations should be considered first. For example, the cross in the flags of Greece, the Scandinavian countries and Britain is a symbol of Christianity, but it may be telling you something else.

Similarly, the Arabic writing on the flag of Saudi Arabia saying ‘There is no god but God, Mohammed is His Messenger’ and ‘God is Great’ on the flag of Iraq are also Islamic messages. The Star of David on the flag of Israel is an ancient Jewish symbol.

Religious symbolism can also be expressed via color. Green is often used in the flags of Arab and Islamic countries, such as Libya, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia; the flags of Kuwait, Jordan and Palestine all contain a green stripe. The flags of Turkey, Tunisia and Pakistan include the crescent moon, another traditional Islamic symbol.

Communistderived flags may include a hammer and sickle, as in the flag of the former USSR and the current flag of Angola, or a red background, such as the flags of China and Vietnam. The eagle has been used as a national or imperial symbol since the times of the Roman Empire, which was a huge and enduring Christian territory for over a millennium. Consequently, many Christian, imperial and other aspiring successors and hopefuls have adopted similar emblems, including Germany, Egypt, Russia and the Orthodox Christian Church.

Other symbols in flags can be self-explanatory, such as the ‘R’ in the middle of the old Rwanda flag, or they can be explained by the history, geography or flora and fauna of a country, such as the cedar tree in the flag of Lebanon.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Afghanistan is a war-torn country bordered on the north by Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan, on the extreme north-east by China, on the east and south by Pakistan, and by Iran on the west. The dominant religion is Islam, and in recent years Afghanistan has been the scene of war, conflict and disorder, although signs of economic and financial stability are emerging.

If Afghanistan appears in your dreams, your unconscious may have been using the intense media coverage in recent years as raw material, the battle-scarred landscape acting as a symbol for insecurity and conflict in your waking life. On the other hand, it may have been using it to represent hope and new beginnings.... The Element Encyclopedia


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India occupies most of the sub-continent of India in south Asia. It borders on China in the north-east, Pakistan on the west, Nepal and Bhutan on the north, and Burma and Bangladesh on the east. As one of the most densely populated countries in the world, it exemplifies a wealth of spiritual diversity, as well as ritualistic spiritual beliefs. It is also one of the poorest countries in the world, so to dream of it may also suggest emotional malnourishment or financial worries.... The Element Encyclopedia


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