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To dream of stockings, denotes that you will derive pleasure from dissolute companionship. For a young woman to see her stockings ragged, or worn, foretells that she will be guilty of unwise, if not immoral conduct. To dream that she puts on fancy stockings, she will be fond of the attention of men, and she should be careful to whom she shows preference. If white ones appear to be on her feet, she is threatened with woeful disappointment or illness. See Knitting. ... stockings dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


A protective covering for one’s personal ability to progress; see “legs”... stockings dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


To lose a dream of distress and trouble; holes warn you to guard your conduct (Gypsy). ... stockings dream meaning

The Fabric of Dream


(See Socks). To dream of si!k stockings bodes no good to either man or maid. It is an indication of coming pleasures through dissolute companionship with members of the opposite sex. If a woman finds a hole in her stocking she should think twice before throwing herself too heartily into a love affair that may leave an unforgettable impression upon her. Cotton stockings seen in a dream are a forerunner oi some untoward event that wfll seem to prove the reality of life. Net stockings are a precursor of the revelation of some secret that you would wish to keep hidden. Wool stockings presage a message from someone of the opposite sex who wishes you well. Half-length stockings (See Socks). ... stockings dream meaning

The Complete Dream Book


To see them on : light colour, sorrow; dark, pleasure; a hole in one, you will lose something; woollen, affluence; silk, hardships. ... stockings dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book


Because stockings are worn on your legs, dreams of wearing stockings signify that you are gathering your strength and support as you prepare to take a stand for yourself and move forward in life. If you dream of fancy or sexy stockings, then you have a desire for attention and validation of your sexiness and feminine appeal. If you dream of stockings that are hung by a chimney, then this represents receptivity, deservability, and the expectation of gifts, blessings and good tidings to come. ... stockings dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations


To wear stockings (pantyhose) in your dream, represents your sense of understanding. You are well-grounded and have the support of those around you. To see someone else putting on stockings, relates to some romantic situation - you may be jealous of someone or worry about getting/keeping somebody’s interest in you. ... stockings dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation


The omen here varies according to the action and details as follows:Putting them on—profit and security. Taking them off—changing conditions Torn (or runners)—minor financial difficulties. Mended or darned—domestic contentment Holes in them—new adventures Silk or nylon—money luck Woolen—security Cotton—friendly pleasureSee also Colors. ... stockings dream meaning

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


Protection, support, warmth; helpful to foundation, legs and feet. As Christmas stocking, means openness to receive good gifts from the universe. ... stockings dream meaning

The Dream Books Symbols


A symbol of erotic seduction. The context of the dream will clearly indicate its meaning. Stockings are a sign of prejudice and financial loss. To put them on reinforces this forecast of loss; to remove them, however, denotes luck. Holey socks reveal vain hopes and mismanagement at home. Silk stockings announce luxury that is fleeting, as well as losses; cotton, modest wellbeing. To see stockings hung up expresses a false appearance of wealth; to wash them promises profits. ... stockings dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Though stockings are a little out of fashion at the moment, their primary purpose is to give the illusion of beauty and glamour to a woman’s legs. In this way, they also have a measure of eroticism associated with them. The legs do the walking, so consider how you are walking the walk in your life when stockings are featured in a dream. The context of the dream will offer distinctions for your interpretation. ... stockings dream meaning

Complete Dictionary of Dreams


lucky numbers: 07-08-15-16-42-43cotton: your ideas bring you big pleasure, but can never be realized. dark-colored: satisfaction wil be your only reward. darning: salvaging your home wil be temporary. hanging up Christmas: many friends whose company alone is your present. knitting: wil meet with the opposition in your present romance. light-colored: sorrow. losing a: your lover is looking elsewhere and indifferent to your concern. putting on: honor and profit from services rendered by friends. tearing while: gains from harming another are not yours to enjoy. silk: wil be tempted to encourage a man’s attention. wearing: wil barter your body and soul for financial reward. with a hole in them: wil be required to defend your actions. woolen: affluence. ... stockings dream meaning

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