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What does it mean to see an kingfisher in a dream?

Kingfisher Dream Meaning: From 7 Different Sources

To dream of a kingfisher is to dream of dignity and calmness.

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Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

In a dream a kingfisher represents a nagging feeling of inadequacy. You may be troubled by inner doubts or the doubts of others.

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To dream of the flash of a blue bird across water signifies a change of luck.

If fate has seemed against you, good fortune will befall.

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This beautiful blue fellow takes his meaning from his lovely color and is a symbol of great good luck.

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A symbol of dignity and calm.

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1- Birds in dreams usually represent freedom, imagination, thoughts and ideas which, by nature, need freedom to be able to become evident. As far back as Pagan times, man has been fascinated by birds and by flight. Birds were believed to be vehicles for the soul and to have the ability to carry the soul to heaven. As a result, birds were very often invested with magical and mystical powers. 2- Psychologically man often needs to project human qualities onto objects outside himself, and because birds’ conduct is entirely instinctive, they can be used in dreams to understand man’s behaviour. 3- Birds have come to represent the Soul both its dark and its enlightened side. A caged bird can indicate restraint or entrapment. A bird flying freely represents aspirations and desires and possibly the spirit soaring towards the Divine. A display of plumage indicates the dreamer’s facade the way the individual sees him- or herself. A flock of birds containing both winged and plucked birds indicates confusion over bodilv or material considerations as opposed to Spiritual aspirations. Birds can sometimes denote the feminine, free side of the being. The golden-winged bird has the same significance as fire and therefore indicates spiritual aspirations. A high-flying bird Spiritual awareness or that part in us which seeks knowledge. In a man’s dream, a bird can represent the Anima (see Introduction). In a woman’s dream, it suggests the Self, in the sense of the Spiritual Self (see Introduction). White/Black birds The two aspects of the Anima or Self (see Introduction) may be represented as two opposites. The black bird signifies the dark, neglected or shadowy side, the white the open, clear, free side. A pet bird Personal circumstances and emotions can have a profound effect on our self- management, and remembered happiness can be experienced in dreams about pet birds. Chicken The imagination is being used to serve a practical function. There is potential for growth, though this may also come about through belonging to a group. The chicken can also represent stupidity and cowardice. Cock The cock is the symbol of a new day and of vigilance or watchfulness. It represents the masculine principle and thus the need to be more upfront and courageous. Crow Dreaming of a crow can have two meanings. Traditionally the crow warns of death but may also represent wisdom and deviousness. Cuckoo The meaning of the cuckoo is ambivalent, since it can represent deviousness or unrequited love. As the herald of spring it indicates a change from old, stale energy to newness and freshness. Dove The Anima (see Introduction). The bringer of calm after the storm, the Soul, the peaceful side of man’s nature appears in dreams as the dove. Duck In a dream this can often denote some kind of superficiality or childishness. Eagle Because the eagle is known to be a bird of prey; in dreams it signifies domination and supremacy. It can equally also mean perccptiveness and awareness as well as farsightedness and objectivity. If the dreamer identifies with the eagle, his own wish to dominate is becoming apparent though there may be some difficulty in reconciling other parts of the dreamer’s nature. If the dreamer feels threatened, somebody else may be threatening the status quo. Falcon The falcon shares the symbolism of the eagle. As a bird of prey, it typifies freedom and hope for those who are being restricted in any way. It can represent victory over lust. Goose/Geese The goose is said to represent watchfulness and love. Like the swan it can represent the dawn or new life. A flock of geese is often taken to represent the powers of intuition and to give warning of disaster. Wild goose The wild goose can represent the soul and often dcpicts the Pagan side of our nature. Geese, in common with cats, are considered to be witches’ familiars. Hen The hen denotes providence, maternal care and procreation. When a hen crows in a dream it is taken to represent feminine domination. Ibis The ibis, sometimes taken to be the stork, is the symbol of perseverance and of aspiration. Jackdaw - see Magpie. Kingfisher To dream of a king- lishcr is to dream of dignity and calmness. Lark A lark is traditionally supposed to represent the transcendence of the mundane. Magpie/Jackdaw Because of the belief that magpies and jackdaws are thieves, to dream of one may indicate that an associate is attempting to take away something that the dreamer values. Also the magpie can signify good news. Ostrich The ostrich denotes that one is attempting to run away from responsibility. Owl The owl is sacrcd to Athena, goddess of strategy and wisdom, therefore in a dream the owl can describe those qualities. Because it is also associated with the night-time, it can sometimes represent death. Peacock To see a peacock in a dream indicates a growth of understanding from the plain and unadorned to the beauty of the fully plumed bird. Like the phoenix, it represents rebirth and resurrection. Pelican There are two meanings to the symbolism of the pelican. One is sacrifice and devotion and the other is careful and maternal love. Penguin The penguin is thought to represent adaptability but also possibly stupidity. Pheasant To dream of pheasants generally foretells prosperity and good fortune to come. Phoenix The phoenix is a universal symbol of rebirth, resurrection and immortality (dying in order to live). Quail The quail represents amorousness, sometimes courage and often good luck. In its negative form it can also represent witchcraft and sorcery. Raven The raven can be a symbol of sin, but if it is seen to be talking it often represents prophecy. Its meaning can be ambivalent since it can represent evil, but also wisdom. Seagull flic seagull is a symbol of freedom and power. Sparrow “flic sparrow represents business and industrv. StorkThe stork is a symbol of new life and new beginnings. SwallowThe swallow seen in a dream represents hope and the coming of Spring. Swan The swan is the soul of man and is often taken to be the divine bird. It can sometimes denote a peaceful death. Turkey The turkey is traditionally a food for celebrations and festivals. To dream of it can therefore denote that there may be good times ahead. Vulture/Buzzard The vulture is a scavenger and therefore has an association with the feminine aspect in its destructive persona. Woodpecker The woodpcckcr is a guardian of both kings and trees in mythology. It is also reputed to have magical powers. ... birds dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


lucky numbers: 18-21-30-39-45-48anchovies: suffering through memories of first lover. aquarium, being in an: are constricted by your inability to express emotions. darting back and forth: time for you to leave present position. bait: a lure is no substitute for solid facts. barracuda, being attacked by a: must change environment to succeed. birth of a: the treasures or sustenance of your inner, unconscious life. boiled, eating: spiritual surrender to God’s wil . bones of a: survive the emotional state and rationalize it continuously. carp, several: your chance to win a contest. cod, a: wil have an unexpected visitor. cooking: freedom from detestable work to quest your own enterprising talents. cuttlefish, buying: an important decision must be made in a hurry. dead, in a store: the nourishing influence needs your vitality to actuate. stream: a distant dire calamity has echoed into your water. flying, a: travel to odd places with even odder experiences. several: wil enjoy pleasures that wil cost money. fried, eating: wil find a lost trinket among the bones. hatching: wil have difficulties in bearing a child. jellyfish, having: support you expect, wil dissipate along with the indecisive people. kingfisher, flying across the water: recovery of lost money through conscientious effort. mackerel, of a: expensive pleasures cause quarrels and suffering. many colors, of: expect to quarrel with your partner. market, a: wil obtain a highly honorable position among the wealthy and powerful. mermaid, of a: are deceived by a lover under false pretensions. pickerel, a: trouble with a lover you should never have trusted. red-colored: are fishing for compliments. salmon: lighten up and your deep emotional conflict can be solved. salted: wil have to fight to avoid misery. several: your presence of mind to play the lottery wil tide you over the rough times. shallow water, in: warm reputation and lasting friendships wil taint you. story, the, that got away: extracting yourself from an enmeshed love triangle is futile. sushi, eating: wil require uncooked, spiritual food. swallowed by a, being: period of terrific and terrifying introversion into madness. swimming freely about: seek and bring to light your inner spiritual realization. swordfish, angling a: a battle of elegance; the nobility of capture. eating: wil gain riches by changing sources. offered: wil be complimented by sincere friends. tuna, eating: your lively independent mind needs to mediate out the fishy order. tinned: extreme shyness intermittent with bursts of outrage. ... fish dream meaning

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