What does it mean to see an kiel in a dream?

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1- To dream of being killed represents the dreamer coming under an influence usually external which is making him, or an aspect of his personality ineffective in everyday life. Killing someone in a dream is attempting to be rid of the influence thev have over the dreamer.

2- Killing is an extreme answer to a problem.

It is such a final act that in dreams it can often represent the dreamer’s perception of the need for violence, particularly against himself. Perhaps the only way a solution to a problem can be reached is by ‘killing off’ part of himself. There is no denying in this ease the potential for violence, although ultimately the impulse may not be correct.

3- A spiritual slaying and therefore sacrifice is represented here.

The dreamer will need to be aware that what he considers worthy may need further nurturing, lest it be relinquished.

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