What does it mean to see an khateeb in a dream?

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He symbolises a faqeeh, jurist and a man of great Islamic learning.

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Combing The Hair And Beard

His grief and anxiety will disappear shortly. Some say it means goodness and happiness through beneficial knowledge. Likewise, people will also derive maximum benefit from his knowledge just as they do from a king, mufti, doctor or khateeb. ... combing the hair and beard dream meaning

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If a person sees himself delivering the khutbah from the member it means he will attain respectability and a vast kingdom on condition that he is worthy of such a position (i. e. if he is an Imaamor a Khateeb). But if he is not worthy of such a position it means he will be crucified. In modern times when kingship and crucifixion are hardly in vogue, the same dream could perhaps be interpreted as the bestowment of abundant wealth if he is worthy of such bestowment. If not, he will be condemned to death and perhaps be hanged... khutbah dream meaning

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Staff (asaa)

A staff such as the one used by a Khateeb when delivering a khutbah symbolises a dignified, trustworthy and reliable person who has leadership qualities and is worthy of being followed. ... staff (asaa) dream meaning

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