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What does it mean to see an keyboard in a dream?

Keyboard Dream Meaning: From 4 Different Sources

A keyboard turns your fingers into a masterful communication tool. Fingers relate to dexterity and creativity. Words are everything in the realm of communication.

A keyboard is your access to everything that occurs in the vast landscape of the Internet. Therefore, anything that is focused on a keyboard in a dream relates to your access to this enormous world that exists at your fingertips.

A broken or otherwise compromised keyboard means that you are feeling ineffective in connecting to your world.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

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Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

To dream that you are typing on a computer keyboard symbolizes your difficulties in verbally expressing your thoughts. Any computer dream also suggests that you pay close attention to the other symbols in your dream - put them together to understand its overall meaning.

If you dream of playing on a musical keyboard, you are seeking harmony in your life.

The location of the keyboard may provide a clue about what aspect of your life needs attention.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

Musical inclinations.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

Keyboard | Dream Interpretation

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Playing a synthesizer may suggest that you need to synthesize or integrate some new information into understanding. This electronic keyboard may also comment that harmony is the key to resolving a situation of conflict. ... synthesizer dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream


Material aspects: Communication occurs on so many levels that images of modern technology can now accurately mimic in dreams the way we communicate. A stored document suggests that we are making a link with past memories or stored information which we may need to access in order to progress. The computer and other high technology images are now such a part of people’s lives that it very much depends on other circumstances in the dream as to the correct interpretation of the image. A computer crashing, for instance, suggests that there is a problem with the means of communication rather than communication itself. As modern day technology spreads, such an image may simply be a means of conveying a message from the unconscious to the conscious mind, whereas in other cases it will be a reminder of personal potential or abilities. A keyboard, requiring a certain degree of skill, can suggest the stages of proficiency we need to acquire in order to communicate our ideas efficiently. ... communication dream meaning

Dream Meanings of Versatile


To dream that you are typing on a keyboard symbolizes your difficulties in verbally expressing your thoughts. ... typing dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Computer / Computer Disc

A computer is a symbol of the rational unemotional part of your mind, but it can also suggest your personal potential or abilities, your memories and stored information, and even your unexplored potential. The computer and other high- tech gadgetry are such a part of our lives now that their meaning depends very much on the other images in your dream. If you work a lot with computers, they may simply be a means to an end but they may also be a reminder of your potential or abilities. Keyboards have replaced typewriters and are—along with slots for floppy disks, CD-ROMs and DVDs—Freudian symbols of female sexuality. Computer screens or monitors are associated by Jungians with the search for knowledge in cyberspace, whilst computer hackers are associated with Jung’s trickster archetype in their ability to bring chaos to order. The computer hard drive can represent conscious, physical and material side of you, with the software representing your inner self and the curser and mouse the direction your life needs to take. If a cursor is frozen or a hard drive crashes in your dream, this could suggest obstacles and blockages that stop you progressing in waking life. See also EVERYDAY THINGS. ... computer / computer disc dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia


Universal Landscape: Instant communication that can be controlled. Dreaming Lens: Were you writing an e-mail in your dream? Were you reading one? Were you in anticipation of receiving an e-mail? Was your e-mail sent successfully, or were you getting error messages? Were there problems with your computer? Were you receiving spam? Were there attachments, such as photos or video?Personal Focus: E-mail is a communication venue of the new world order. We are simultaneously brought closer together and further isolated by this almost instantaneous way of connecting our thoughts to the minds of other people. The realm of the intellect is represented by this image. The newness of Internet technology imbues the symbolic meaning with a sense of uncharted territory in the world of thought and interpersonal expression. We live in a time where the technology has evolved faster than our ability to formulate a universal sense of etiquette and propriety. Its speed implies spontaneity. However, the ability to edit and alter our words prior to sending the finished product adds a dimension of control that should not be overlooked when arriving at an accurate interpretation. Words typically account for about twenty percent of any verbal interaction. Absent from the e-mail experience are the crucial elements of tone and body language. Despite this enormous limitation, most people approach e-mail as if they are clear and accurate when they are, in fact, subject to projection and presumption. In this way, an e-mail in a dream connects to communication that is assumed to be lucid, but may not be received with the same intention with which it was sent. The immediacy of the writer and the keyboard allows for an enormous amount of editing. We read as we type and retype as we read, changing our words till we are satisfied with the final product. This can insert a subtle lack of authenticity and spontaneity that did not exist with handwritten or typed letters. This image invites you to consider what role restraint or manipulation may be playing in your thought process. Writing an e-mail might represent a need to figure something out that needs direct and immediate attention. Anticipating a reply may represent wanting an answer to a question you are seeking. Who you write to or receive e-mail from will help you uncover what areas of your psyche need to be interacted with. An e-mail from supervisors at work might point to a search for inner authority. A reply from a beloved might connect to decisions around romance and relationship that require fast consideration. Junk mail and spam might point to undeveloped thoughts or ideas that are routinely cast aside as valueless. They can also represent a general sense of overwhelm with sensory input that may not feel important to you. ... e-mail dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 08-12-15-21-26-39comes apart and breaks down: a state of depression with little outlet. condenses two or more programs: someone plots against you. crashing: your action has not been properly planned. distorts: take time to do it right. doesn’t respond to command: goals you have set are unrealistic. explodes: slow down; you are overextended. goes out of control: time to take back your power. internet: have unlimited knowledge at your fingertips. keyboard: a misunderstanding with a loved one. malfunction: don’t be put off with minor failure at work. melts: a secret enemy plots against you. monitor: your plans need to be reexamined. mouse: create and manipulate your reality. mutates: be careful that you are not cheated by business partner. not enough memory: demoting someone brings a period of emotional difficulty. odd shape or appearance: make sure you back up your hard drive. operator can’t see screen: the skil s of associates are underestimated. parts are missing: your accountant is failing you. software: decide what you want and you can have it. is not compatible: expect difficulties in your relationship or marriage. something loose inside: choosing a job below your capabilities thwarts your career. speakers order you around: are not cal ing your own shots. won’t boot up: nothing wil happen unless you make it so. won’t shut down: are so insecure about your job you won’t leave work. won’t work properly: give credit to others where it is due. fingers don’t work: a vacation is long overdue. lacks vital operating information: computers are not a substitute for wisdom. CONCERT:09-13-37-38-43-47being at a, as a participant: your entrepreneurial personality is stubborn. singing: your presence in the public eye wil be short-lived. invited to a, being: others hold you in high regard. listening to a: a new atmosphere wil enrich your independence. others at a: an inheritance wil support your entrepreneurial ventures. sick person dreaming of a: wil soon recover through your obstinate inaction. ... computer dream meaning

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