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Absent Minded

A warning that one needs to take extra precautions to be mindful and alert... absent minded dream meaning

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Trying to live two ways and not fully convinced of either; see “hypocrite”... double-minded dream meaning

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Keenness Of Mind

(See Wakefulness)... keenness of mind dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Mental Keenness

(See Perspicacity)... mental keenness dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


See Brain and Head. ... mind dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations

Mind Reading

If you dreamed of reading someone else’s mind, it may mean you are nervous about knowing the real truth about that person or a situation they are associated with. This dream can also mean that you need to pay closer attention to what people are trying to tell you. If you dream that others can read your mind, you are anxious about people being able to “see through you” - perhaps because you have made a mistake or done something you know is wrong. ... mind reading dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Mind, Body, Spirit

Dreams focusing on the Zodiac or other ancient mystic arts, such as alchemy or Tarot, have much to say about the human condition. According to Jung, you are tapping into what he called the‘collective unconscious’ when mystical images surface in your dream. The collective unconscious refers to that part of a person’s unconscious mind which is common to all human beings and which arises through our shared instincts, experiences and culture. It contains forms, archetypes or symbols that are manifested by all people in all cultures. They are said to exist prior to experience, and are in this sense instinctual. In addition, ancient mystical symbols can also show scenes, facts or situations that reveal your everyday worries. Bear in mind, too, that the child within each of us might see almost any process of life as mysterious. In addition, love has what some call a mysterious magical quality, as we often feel completely changed when its spell is upon us. Remember that a dream can unify your body, mind and spirit. It provides a means for self-exploration. When mystic or magical symbols appear in your dream they are often a clear reference to your aspirations and the underlying— some might say spiritual—forces of your being. See also RELIGION; SPIRITS AND GHOSTS; SURREALISM AND FANTASY... mind, body, spirit dream meaning

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