What does it mean to see an jugs in a dream?

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It is a favourable omen if you break a Jug in your dream; but it is considered unfortunate to drink out of a Jug in preference to a glass.

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If you dream of jugs well filled with transparent liquids, your welfare is being considered by more than yourself. Many true friends will unite to please and profit you. If the jugs are empty, your conduct will estrange you from friends and station. Broken jugs, indicate sickness and failures in employment. If you drink wine from a jug, you will enjoy robust health and find pleasure in all circles. Optimistic views will possess you. To take an unpleasant drink from a jug, disappointment and disgust will follow pleasant anticipations. ... jug dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


To dream of filled jugs signifies a joyful gathering of friends. To see empty jugs in your dream portends a rift between you and your friends that is your fault. To see broken jugs in your dream signifies poor health and professional failures. ... jug dream meaning

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