What does it mean to see an jug in a dream?

Jug Dream Meaning: From 10 Different Sources

According to the type and contents; a person inside a jug is incarcerated; see “can”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

See jar and vase

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

To dream of filled jugs signifies a joyful gathering of friends.

To see empty jugs in your dream portends a rift between you and your friends that is your fault.

To see broken jugs in your dream signifies poor health and professional failures.

Dream Symbols and Analysis | DreamForth

(See Water jug)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

1. Friendship; a full jug indicates many friends or friends of good quality.

2. Health and/or employment; a broken jug may indicate possible illness or work-related problems.

3. Exciting new adventures (a broken jug).

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

Dreams of a jug are symbolic of your ability to nurture yourself. Consider the contents of the jug.

If the jug is empty, then you are dealing with an unfulfilled need and you are coming to terms with how to fill it.

If the jug is full, then you have the ability to wet your whistle and quench your own thirst for creative stimulation, fun, excitement, and nurturing. See Drink and Thirsty

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

If you dream of jugs well filled with transparent liquids, your welfare is being considered by more than yourself. Many true friends will unite to please and profit you.

If the jugs are empty, your conduct will estrange you from friends and station. Broken jugs, indicate sickness and failures in employment.

If you drink wine from a jug, you will enjoy robust health and find pleasure in all circles. Optimistic views will possess you.

To take an unpleasant drink from a jug, disappointment and disgust will follow pleasant anticipations.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller

It is a container where a liquid that represents material or spiritual goods is stored. The jug’s condition: full, empty, broken, or spilled, will reflect the particular situation of the dreamer in real life. (See BOTTLE)

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

To dream of drinking liquor from a jug predicts that you will be lucky in the next lottery for which you buy a ticket.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

lucky numbers: 01-14-19-30-31-41

already broken: an angry exchange whether fortune is good or bad.

breaking a: wil be assigned a thankless task that entails extensive work.

drinking out of a: much health and strength to get you through next phase.

water: a mystery wil reveal optimism and fresh chal enging ventures.

distasteful: find pleasure in al circles, along with disgust in some.

having a: loss of money because of another’s sickness and failure.

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days |

Jug | Dream Interpretation

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Dish / Jug / Chalice

As in the symbol of the Grail, emotional capacity and the soul itself. What is inside the dish is important. See Cup, Container. ... dish / jug / chalice dream meaning

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Jug / Pitcher

See Container. Symbol for the emotional capacity that takes in joy, grief, tears, fulfillment, and so on. Also, a female sexual symbol, eroticism. What is in the pitcher is important. See Chalice. A full pitcher means abundance; a broken pitcher means loss. ... jug / pitcher dream meaning

Little Giant Encyclopedia


(1) A huge lorry or other heavy and fast-moving object coming in your direction may symbolize some external catastrophe that you see looming over you constantly. In this case, you may have a guilt complex, arising (perhaps in early childhood) out of some imagined crime, and causing you to conjure up pictures of a future punishment - which may, unfortunately, be a self-frilfilling prophecy. (2) It may symbolize internal, unconscious forces that threaten to destroy the conscious ego - which would mean loss of control, psychic- chaos. In all nightmares you should stay with the dream to the end, and not wake before - in this case - the juggernaut runs over you. In this way you may see more clearly the two aspects of yourself represented respectively by the juggernaut and the T in the dream. If you reallycan’t do this, try living through the dream again in your imagination, this time waiting for the end. Perhaps a friend could help you to do this, or a psychotherapist. ... juggernaut dream meaning

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


Manipulating a balance to benefit or manage one’s many obligations, financial, etc. ... juggle dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dreams of juggling signify that you are multi-tasking, and that you are feeling on the verge of being out of control with too many balls in the air. It is time to deal with your messiah complex: Attempting to be all things to all people. Your dream may be giving you the message that it is time to drop a few things, and learn to say “No” every once in a while. See Co-Dependant. ... juggle dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations


Juggling presupposes a learned response and an expertise which we may need spiritually to balance our lives. ... juggle dream meaning

Dream Meanings of Versatile


Psychological / emotional perspective: The image of a juggler or of someone juggling suggests that we need to keep control of our own emotions or of those around us. ... juggle dream meaning

Dream Meanings of Versatile


Material aspects: In waking life we often find we have to carry out a number of tasks at the same time. This may translate in dreams as juggling, the colour of the balls may help us to interpret the relevance. ... juggle dream meaning

Dream Meanings of Versatile


To dream that you are juggling, indicates that you are trying to do much at one time. ... juggle dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation


(Conjurer; Illusionist; Prestidigitator; Trickster) In a dream, a juggler represents amusement, distraction, a sleight of hand, sarcasm, mockery and lies. A juggler in a dream also represents a prostitute, an adulteress, a procuress, or a servant. (Also see Juggling)... juggler dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


You are of a very competitive nature. ... juggler dream meaning

Gypsy Dream Dictionary


An advancement in position will come within your grasp. Do not hesitate. ... juggler dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book


Trying to do too many things at once, scattering energy; playing role of super parent, super businessman, super spouse, or whatever. Concentrate energies because you are doing nothing well. ... juggler dream meaning

The Dream Books Symbols


1. The juggler may have “too many balls in the air at one time,” have too many responsibilities or be emotionally over­whelmed. 2. Ventures may have an element of risk about them (also note what objects the juggler is juggling and their poten­tial to do harm). 3. A fear that someone is being deceptive. ... juggling dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary


(Conjuring; Magic arts; Sleight of hand; Tricks) In a dream, jugglery means deceit, pride, artificiality and a temptation. (Also see Magician)... juggling dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Symbolic of being busy or overwhelmed... juggling dream meaning

Christian Dream Symbols


Are you trying to juggle life by keeping all the balls in the air? If you juggle balls in your dream, it means that you need to keep your energy in motion, be more playful, and keep your goals and desires in balance. On the other hand, this image might also symbolize a fear of making decisions; you are too often undecided. ... juggling dream meaning

Little Giant Encyclopedia


Having too many responsibilities and too little time, or so many options from which to choose that you become indecisive. What is the juggler juggling? Knives, for example, may indicate the need for extreme care and caution to avoid being hurt in your current situation. Juggling hearts could represent being torn between two or more lovers. An extreme focus in your life on precision and timing. This focus may act as a coping mechanism during particularly trying times so that tasks get accomplished effectively (see Acrobatics). ... juggling dream meaning

The Language of Dreams


This dream tells you that you try to keep all matters in your life active and in order. Without a doubt, sometimes this means too much work. In this sense, it would be more advantageous to do things little by little. Your indecision will result in failure. ... juggling dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams


An increase in your financial resources will follow a dream of seeing a juggler keep a number of articles in the atr. The more articles there are, the better is the augury. ... jugglpr dream meaning

The Complete Dream Book


It is a favourable omen if you break a Jug in your dream; but it is considered unfortunate to drink out of a Jug in preference to a glass. ... jugs dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book


Most vital... jugular dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Jugular Vein

Ifone’s jugular vein splits open and blood gushes forth from it in a dream, it means one’s death. Ajugular vein in a dream also represents a strong covenant, or tying a kerchief over one’s head during a hot and a hard-working day. (Also see Aorta; Veins)... jugular vein dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


1. Poisoned thoughts (snake or spider bite on neck);2. Spiritual life drained (blood sucked from neck). Lev. 17:11. ... vein/jugular dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model

Water Jug

In a dream, a water jug means travels, or it could represent a woman who becomes pregnant then have a miscarriage or abortion. The water represents the fetus and the jug represents the mother’s womb. ... water jug dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation