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What does it mean to see an judo in a dream?

Judo Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Advising one to prepare for a quick movement of power to gain greater leverage

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Boxing / Martial Art

If you dreamed of boxing, wrestling or practicing any kind of martial art, such as karate, judo or kick boxing, your dream may have had either hostile or defensive undertones. The violence of boxing or martial arts reveals a repressed hostility towards someone or something in your waking life. A knockout can indicate a guilty wish to inflict punishment or pain. Your dream may also be urging you to adopt a more calculated or self-disciplined approach to a certain threat or challenge in real life. At its most basic, boxing is an endurance sport; in dreams, it can suggest a period of uncertainty during which your intuitive and rational halves will be in conflict with each other. Your dream is telling you that if you have self-discipline and patience, you can develop inner strength and resilience. ... boxing / martial art dream meaning

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Martial Arts

lucky numbers: 02-18-26-34-47-48karate: every move had intel ectual implications. judo: simple moves with strength outwit opponents. ... martial arts dream meaning

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