What does it mean to see an jokes in a dream?

Jokes Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

(see Clown, Laughter, Jester)

As is often the case in waking reality, jokes often cover up something far more pertinent in your dreams. They are also a way of calling attention to things that you might otherwise overlook. Consider the subject of the joke, and the peripherals in the dream, for more insight.

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lucky numbers: 06-15-19-20-23-29

at the expense of others: there is no humor in this.

hearing and laughing: wil be forced to receive an unwelcome visitor.

children telling: need to return to where you were not the joke.

listening to a good: extreme misery over disappointment of a trusted col eague.

telling a: need relief from overindulgence in one’s work.

dirty: wrong wil commingle with merriment.

very funny, a: wil endure affliction for the ability to bring laughter to the weary.

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Jokes In Dreams

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