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What does it mean to see an jeweler in a dream?

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A jeweler in a dream represents a pious person, an ascetic and an assiduous worshiper. He also could represent a gnostic, or a magnanimous leader and a good example who is a man of knowledge and piety, and whose words are well respected.

A jeweler in a dream also represents a man with a large family, or a rich person.

(Also see Goldsmith; Jewelry shop)

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(Fresh seafood) A fresh fish salesman in a dream represents a jeweler, one who earns lawful money, knowledge, strive, trickery, exposing secrets or defamation. To buy a fresh fish in a dream also may mean getting married. (Also see Seafood restaurant)... fishery dream meaning

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(Jeweler) In a dream, a goldsmith represents celebrations, joy, happiness or perhaps mixing truth with falsehood. A goldsmith in a dream also could represent falsehood, lies, cheating, forging, defrauding, or he could represent a poet, knowledge, guidance or children. A goldsmith in a dream also represents an evil person, for he molds words from fire and in smoke. If one is seen heating gold or silver in a dream, it means lies and deception. Ifone is seen placing gems on a ring in a dream, it means that he will bring unity between people and deal with a subject matter that begins with evil and ends in goodness. (Also see Gold; Jeweler)... goldsmith dream meaning

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Jewelry Shop

A jeweler’S shop in a dream means happiness, celebrations, a wedding, ornaments, Adam’s apple, or a Qur’an study circle. (Also see Jeweler)... jewelry shop dream meaning

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(Hidden treasure; Knowledge; Wheel) Discovering a treasure in a dream means acquiring knowledge. If one is a merchant, then it means profits from his business, or spending money generously on God’s path. Ifone is a ruler, it means expansion of his powers and it denotes his justice. Seeing a treasure in a dream is interpreted in relation to one’s type of trade. A treasure in a dream also represents a business. Discovering a hidden trunk with little money inside it in a dream means a short lived difficulty, but if the trunk is stashed with money, then it means distress, sadness and sorrow. In many instances, discovering a treasure in a dream may mean death, or it could mean becoming rich, or complying with a court order. Discovering a great treasure in a dream means martyrdom. Discovering a treasure and rejoicing in the dream means loss of one’s money or business. Discovering a treasure in a dream also could mean ease in one’s life, receiving an inheritance, distress, trouble, wearing a new garment, a wife, cheating on one’s taxes, or it could mean avoiding to pay alms tax, or hindering the distributions of charitable endowments. A treasure in a dream also represents a profitable business, or it could represent a money changer, a jeweler, or remembering something. Discovering a treasure that is difficult to reach in a dream represents a stingy person who hinders the distribution of charities, or if he is a scholar, it means that he does not like to share his knowledge with others, and if one is a judge, it means that he is unjust. If a woman discovers a treasure in her dream, it means that she is careful about spending money and managing her household. If the trunk has no cover or lid in the dream, then it means the opposite. ... treasure dream meaning

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A brilliant moon prognosticates: to a wife, love and good health; to a husband, increase in wealth. New moon: advancement in business; waning, death of a great man; a halo around the moon denotes pardon and deliverance through a female; a red moon, voyages, pilgrimages; dull moon, death or illness to wife, sister or female relative; perilous journey- ings, especially by sea, brain fever, eye trouble. An obscure moon becoming bright, profit to a woman, joy to a man. From clearness to obscurity, loss, sadness, misfortune to men and women. Two moons denote increase in rank and dignity; when a beautiful woman dreams of the moon, the dream forecasts high standing, dignity and admiration. To thieves, murderers, etc. , it denotes justice; to invalids danger of death or shipwreck. For a young girl or widow to dream of a full, dazzling moon, the prognostication is marriage; to a married woman, the birth of a beautiful daughter; to a man the birth of a son. A happy dream to jewelers, goldsmiths, etc. (National Dream Book). Most of these presages, it will be observed, are astrological. ... moon dream meaning

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A Fast Track To The Meaning Of Your Dreams

You Need Only Five Minutes to Analyze a Dream This is a first glance at a quick method to analyze your dreams in five easy steps, as summarized below. Further details about each step follow in Chapters 3 through 7. Discovering what your dreams mean is as easy as learning to ride a bicycle. Use these five steps to get your balance on a dozen dreams and you will be on your way to a lifetime of dream insights. Once you get into the rhythm, you can begin to see the meaning of many dreams in five minutes. 1: Emotions. Note your feelings (1) during the dream and (2) as you wake up. Your emotional reaction to a dream is the first clue to what it means, and on occasion, your reaction is the most important clue. For example, if you see yourself lying in a coffin but you wake up feeling happy, the dream is not likely a prediction of your demise. 2: Story Line. The story line is a generalized “restating” of the dream without repeating the actual details. It is not a summary. A summary merely extracts the main ideas using the same terms as the original story. To get the story line, you extract the main action and the end result of the dream without using the actual words. You replace the story’s original words with general terms like “someone” or “something. ”Clear as mud so far? The following examples will clarify what a story line sounds like. This step may take a smidgeon of practice, but since it is often a key turning point to finding the meaning of a dream, it is well worth the effort. FOR EXAMPLE, a young man dreams that he is trying to catch a firefly on a warm summer night. He swats at the fireflies yet keeps missing; he chases one, but it gets away. Out of frustration he plunks down on the grass and sits quietly. As he relaxes, a firefly gets close and he gently catches it. THE STORY LINE IS: “Frantic activity fails, but someone succeeds after becoming quiet. ” Or “Someone gets what they want by staying calm and letting it come to them. ” Each version of the story captures the gist of the dream, but there is no direct mention of the young man, a firefly, or sitting on the grass. Like a silhouette, the story line ignores the details and, instead focuses on the story generalizations and results. By doing so, what is important comes into focus. 3: Match the Story Line to an Area of Your Life. As always, the question is not “What does this dream mean?” The question is, “To what in my life (my actions, decisions, or relationships) or in me (my personality, attitudes, or emotions)—does the dream refer?” Like fitting a puzzle piece into the big picture of your life, determine what, in you, or in your life, may sound like the story line. Examine the story line gist you just put together as if it is an arrow pointing to a situation, a trait, or an attitude. You can turn the story line into a question. That can help you see where the arrow points. For example, in the above dream about the young man and the firefly, the dreamer might ask himself, “Am I frantic in some area of my life?” Or “What issue could be resolved if I stay quiet instead of pushing?” Once the story line matches an area of your life, the message often clicks. 4: Symbols. The brain is hardwired to visually record and remember your memories, thoughts, and events. As a result, most memories are “pictures linked to feelings,” which is important to note. Since the brain stores memories as images, it is no surprise that dreams—which are a by-product of the mind—also use pictures to communicate their message. Dream symbols are pictures that relate to and are “linked to” memories and experiences such as graduating from school, receiving flowers, or a special exchange with a loved one. Because a dream symbol has an emotional link to your past, a symbol leaves an emotional footprint on your heart and can speak volumes. That is why—when you explore a dream symbol such as a flower or a piece of jewelery—you examine it in two ways. First, see how the image makes you feel, and second, check out what past experiences the symbol relates to, in your life. This two-pronged approach to dream symbols—the feelings a symbol evokes and the memory it relates to—is called “exploring your associations. ” You examine the related emotions and you examine where, when, and how that particular image or scene touched your life. Like Hansel and Gretel leaving a trail of crumbs through the woods, that trail of your associations will lead you to what the dream symbol means. For example, you see a red sports car in a dream and it makes you feel elated. Later, you remember that when you graduated from college, you fantasized about reaching the top of the corporate ladder and driving a sports car. In this case, the feelings and past memory of the red sports car relates to those early motives to achieve in career, and as a message, the symbol invites you to assess how far you have come to reaching your goals. 5: What the Dream Means. By the time you run a dream through steps one to four, you have noticed your feelings (step one), created a story line and matched it to a real-life situation (steps two and three), and observed how its main symbols relate to your personal experience (step four). By that time or anywhere along the way, an “aha” moment often comes together to reveal the dream message. Discovering what the dream is telling you is half of the game; the other half is to apply the insight. A dream is practical and useful—if and only if—you apply its insight. Step five is about applying what you get from the dream into your life. Whether the message invites you to change an attitude, explore career options, or expresses congratulations for a job well done, using a dream message is like building a solid house, one brick at a time. Every time you apply a new insight to your life, it is like adding a brick to a mansion you are creating. Its application helps you unleash your potential one step at a time and puts the odds in your favor of achieving success, peace, and happiness. ... a fast track to the meaning of your dreams dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 11-14-15-17-26-39admiring jewels: wil experience extravagance tempered by your rational mind. agate, wearing: be careful when cal ed upon to arbitrate quarrels. amber, giving a gift of: obstacles between you and loved ones. amulet for protection from evil, buying an: uncover the obstructer and confront him. receiving an: a price wil be paid eventual y through the high office of a friend. selling, to another: relieve yourself of the conflict of interest. wearing: eventual y your vulnerability wil be uncovered. buying: are decorating yourself to gain attention. cuff links: a formal matter of courtesy to respect your higher position. garnet: the fertility of substantial labors for little return. giving a gift of: indication you have precious feelings for recipient. receiving: admirer feels more than you do; their estate wil threaten you. gold ring: earnings wil be just but lack in satisfaction. having: an abundance brings continuous threat of their theft. honest, an: date needs to be set to aim for finishing your plans. dishonest, an: wil receive an expedient offer to add prestige to your work. inherited: pay attention to your soul, with your risk of rank and satisfied ambitions. iron ring, buying: wil not receive the value of your worth. jeweler, being a: wil cheat friends and speculate with enemies. dishonest, an: wil receive an expedient offer to add prestige to your work. honest, an: date needs to be set to aim for finishing your plan. locket, breaking a: your partner wil turn fickle, irresolute, bringing instability home. losing a: much travail wil daunt your path as you fal in love with a stranger. receiving a family: early union with soul-mate and numerous offspring. loss of: your ability to operate is curtailed by those who flatter and deceive you. a gift: relationship with giver is over, to your great detriment. platinum: your tension has tainted your efforts. ring, losing a: wil apologize to love of your dreams for not being perfect. receiving: keen disappointment in the actual value of money. rhinestone: don’t ask for a reference unless you are sure it wil be a good one. selling: wil answer for peccadil oes you have kept hidden. stealing: are in danger of committing some disgraceful act. trinkets, buying: don’t wear your heart upon your sleeve. receiving: your loved one is vain and fickle. turquoise, of: natural healing. wearing: wil suffer because of envy and your foolish actions. other’s: taken in by appearances and cheated by friends. wristwatch: social activity among community minded persons. ... jewelry dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 17-20-25-26-35-41of a: good intentions must be acted upon in ful agreement with subject. using a: a mystery is not there to be solved, but to show life in perspective. chemist: dignity wil be gained through relinquishing your skepticism. doctor: recovery from an il ness despite your distrust of his methods. jeweler: abundant means if you are able to discern what things are real y worth. ... microscope dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days