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Master teacher, higher self. See Christ.

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Fortitude and consolation in adversity are forecast in a dream of Jesus, and if you spoke or prayed with Him, or He touched you or you Him, you will be blessed with true peace of mind and contentment

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If you met and interacted with Christ, you may be on a search for your spiritual home.

If you are dreaming about the crucifixion, you may be experiencing strong but unwarranted feelings of guilt. See also: God, Cross

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see Christ in Religious Imagery

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Dreams of Jesus represent unconditional love. Whether you are Christian or not, dreaming of Jesus signifies that you are connecting with your higher consciousness and your ability to see through appearances to the heart of the love beneath pain and suffering. See God and Sacrifice.

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To see Jesus in your dream, foretells that your greatest goals will be realized. This dream serves to console and strengthen you in your times of adversity, hardship and struggle. You will rise above any situation and circumstance and become victorious.

To dream that Jesus speaks to you or that you are praying with Him, signifies that you will be blessed with peace of mind, joy and contentment.

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(God’s prophet Jesus son of Mary, upon both of them be peace.) One who sees God’s prophet Jesus upon whom be peace, in a dream is a blessed man, a generous one, an ascetic who pleases his Lord, who is filled with contentment, who travels excessively and may acquire knowledge about medicine and herbs.

It is said that whoever sees Jesus in a dream will be protected against calamities for that year.

If he asks or wishes for something, he will receive it, and if he learns a trade, he will become successful at it. One who sees Jesus upon whom be peace, in a dream will become an ascetic, travels throughout the land, escape from his enemy and may become a renowned physician.

If one sees Jesus son ofMary in a town looking into people’s conditions, it means that calamities will be lifted away from that place, and people will live in peace and tranquility for a while.

If one sees him together with his mother, upon both of them be peace, it means that a great miracle, or a sign of divine magnitude will manifest in that location.

If one sees himself in a dream as Jesus (uwbp), or if he wears one of his garments, or performs a duty suitable for God’s prophet, it means that he will rise in rank.

If he is a scholar, it means that his knowledge will be widely spread and his virtues and servitude will benefit others, or ifone is a physician, it means that he will become renowned and most successful. Ifone who sees him is struck by fear and reverence in his dream, it means honor, power and blessing wherever he may go.

If a sick person sees him in a dream, it means that he will recover from his illness.

If one sees Jesus sick, it means one’s own death. In general, to see Jesus in a dream means miraculous events, social justice and economic growth.

If a pregnant woman sees Jesus upon whom be peace, in her dream, it means that she will beget a child who will grow to become a physician. SeeingJesus upon whom be peace in a dream also could denote doubt about one’s religion, philosophical disputes or a discord. Seeing him in a dream also signify the rise ofsome of his followers. Ifone sees Jesus in a dream, he could be accused of something of which he is innocent, or that someone may lie to him or slander his mother. Seeing Jesus and his mother, upon both of them be peace in a dream also could mean distress, sorrow, defamation, moving from one country into another, or it could mean miracles. SeeingJesus upon whom be peace in a dream also means glad tidings, for he was the last of God’s prophets who gave the glad tidings and spoke of God’s Messenger Muhammad, upon whom be peace, as the praiseworthy comforter.

(Poclete; Praclytos. See John 14-15/18, 25/26, 29/30) Seeing Jesus upon whom be peace in a dream also means answering one’s prayers, or wrath against people from the upper social class, or against those who challenged him to bring down a table of food from the heavens then had doubt about God’s power again. Seeing him in a dream also represents bounty, good luck, or having good friends.

If a child sees Jesus in a dream, it could mean that he will grow up as an orphan, or be reared by his mother and live as a scholar and a righteous person, or he may travel frequently between Syria and Egypt. Ifone who is impotent, or sterile sees him in a dream, it means that he will regain his fertility and fruition. Ifone sees Jesus upon whom be peace descending upon a town, it means that justice and righteousness will prevail and permeate that place, as it will be when he shall, by God’s leave, descends upon the earth to kill the impostor (Antichrist) and destroy his followers, obliterate infidelity, and he shall fill the earth with justice, blessings and lend victory to the believers.

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To dream of Jesus is symbolic of an invitation to salvation through the blood of Christ, Rom. 10:9-10

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The dreamer who has an encounter with Jesus has been touched by the Son of God and a great teacher. Jesus may call you to express unconditional love and Chnst-like qualities. He may come to renew your commitment to Christianity. As the simple carpenter, he may remind you that anyone may enter the Kingdom of God and that the meek will inherit the earth. He may rome to release you from the burdens and suffering of the world by offering his salvation.

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In a general sense, free from institutional dogma, Jesus can represent the human expenence of life in the body, in which we meet conflict, temptation, and meet death—life itself becoming conscious. See Christ under archetypes.

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see Christ, Guru

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The keywords of this dream: Jesus

Jesus Christ

1. Seeing the divine in humanity.

2. Healing, reconcili­ation and joy.

3. Consolation and comfort in extreme adversity. ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary

Jesus Christ

Always a positive symbol, though at times it can represent a warning.

If you yourself are following Jesus, wearing period garb, and actually observing his work, this could be a past-life memory, especially if the dream is especially vivid. Be sure and write down every detail you remember, because the dream is actually telling you a lot about you as well as about Jesus.

If Jesus is speaking to you in the here and now, again, when you awaken, write down everything he says that you can remember. It could be important.

If you see Jesus coming out of the sky, as in the prophecies of the Rapture, some momentous event is going to make a very major and positive difference in your life.

If you see Jesus speaking with other Masters - such as Krishna, Buddha, and Mohammed - again, write down what you hear. This is a message that can make a big difference to your spiritual progress... Dream Explanations of Astro Center


Dream Explanations of Astro Center

Jesus, Buddha

You are dreaming of one of the ultimate archetypal character aspects that connects to the highest consciousness available to a human being. In this symbol resides the ability to manifest thought into reality. Jesus and Buddha were remarkable teachers who were able to live the principles of pure love and manifestation in a fashion that can only be described as divine in nature. To limit this term to just these two is in no way meant to dismiss the many other prophets and teachers who have embodied this spirit. While both of them once lived as men, they should be treated as archetypes.

Dreaming of one of them indicates that you are experiencing a high level of self-discovery and integration. Jesus and Buddha exemplify the masculine principle at its highest level of evolution.

The masculine principle connects to the power of thought. Through very different teachings, both of these mystics taught the concept that what you think and believe becomes your reality. They exemplify that it is possible, through love, to experience states of bliss in this often challenging life.

The appearance of one of these great teachers in a dream is to put you on notice that you are in a moment of elevating consciousness and self-integration.

It is not uncommon for an archetypal figure to be silent in a dream, as it is the figure’s mere presence that can be significant.

If words and messages are present in the dream, take them to heart and do so literally. However, if this is not the case, your best use of such a dream is silent gratitude for the gift of a rare and powerful experience of elevated consciousness.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams