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What does it mean to see an jerusalem in a dream?

Jerusalem Dream Meaning: From 5 Different Sources

1. The establishment of peace; called “The City of Our God;”

2. The remnant of God. Heb. 12:22-28; Gal. 4:6; Rev. 3:12; 21:2, 10.

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand

Seeing oneselfperformingprayers at the sacred mosque in Jerusalem in a dream means receiving a great wealth from an inheritance. Facing Jerusalem during one’s prayers instead of the Ka’aba in a dream means a pilgrimage to Mecca. Hone performs a ritual ablution in Jerusalem in his dream, it represents profits from his business.

(Also see Canopy; City; Masjid)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

1. Social relationships take on a primary, “sacred” im­portance.

2. A journey, embarking on a crusade.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

To dream of this Holy City suggests loneliness; remember that to have a friend you must also be one.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

lucky numbers: 08-19-21-26-29-31

being in: dignity and command within the center of your universe.

going to: wil take a long journey to stay with a relative.

many people worshiping in: children wil have abundant means.

of: wil have bitter experiences suffering an injustice and the misery of loneliness.

praying in: wil be respected in society and hated by your family.

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Seeing Jerusalem | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Jerusalem


(Pavilion; Tent) Setting up a pavilion in the open air to sit under it in a dream means gaining power and dominion. A canopy in a dream also means visiting the graves of martyrs and praying for them, or to die in their state. Folding a canopy in a dream means losing one’s power and dominion, or it could mean nearing the end of one’s life. Walking out from under a canopy in a dream means losing some of one’s power or business. Walking out from under a canopy in a dream also signifies trueness of one’s heart and intention, or earning the station of a martyr through one’s true devotion, or it could mean visiting the Sacred House in Jerusalem. (Also see Pavilion; Tent)... canopy dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


(Knowledge; Town; Village) Entering a city in a dream means appeasement than leaving it. A city in a dream also represents a learned person, a wise man and a scholar. If one enters a city and finds it in ruins in his dream, it means that the learned people of that city no longer live there. It is said that seeing a city in a dream means the death of its ruler or an unjust governor from that place. Seeing a city being built in a dream signifies the growing number of its learned people and represents children who will continue the path of their fathers. Seeing a city with no governor in a dream means rising prices. An unknown city in a dream represents the hereafter, while a known city represents the world. Seeing oneself in an unknown city in a dream is also a sign of righteousness. The best of cities in a dream are the large ones. One’s home town in a dream represents his father, while one’s homeland in a dream represents his mother. Seeing oneself in a northern city in a dream mean increase of one’s cash flow. Seeing oneself in a southern city means increase in one’s trickery and deception. Seeing oneself in a low plateau in a dream means difficulties and trouble, while seeing oneself in a high plateau means trustworthiness and truthfulness. Seeing oneself in Egypt in a dream means longevity and a comfortable living. Seeing oneself in a farmland in a dream means pursuing innovation. Seeing oneself in a bower in a dream signifies the coming of a prosperous year. Seeing oneself in Jerusalem or at the feet of Mount Sinai in a dream also means prosperity. Seeing oneself in Bethlehem in a dream means increased religious devotion. Seeing oneself in Damascus in a dream means blessings, prosperity and wealth, or it could mean corruption. A cold city in a dream represents adversities. Seeing oneself in a shore city in a dream means winning people’s acceptance. Standing on a sulfuric soil or a salinized soil in a dream means an illness. Seeing oneself in a large and populated city in a dream means prosperity and wealth. Entering a city in a dream also means making peace between people. Driving through an unknown section of a city in a dream means losses. Entering an old city that is rebuilt and restored in a dream means that a great and a pious person will be born in that city and he will grow to guide its people on the path of righteousness. A city in a dream also signifies an oath, meeting with one’s beloveds, peace, tranquility and safety. Meeting with Godfearing people in a dream means attaining one’s goals and receiving glad tidings. Seeing the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in a dream means adversities, earthquake, fear and corruption. Seeing a city in a dream also could mean repentance from sin. Aprovince in a dream represents its governor or renowned scholars. Governing a city in a dream means rising to a suitable position, getting married, recovering from an illness, repenting from sin, or receiving guidance at the hand of a learned shaikh. Seeing a deceased person walking alive in a city in a dream perhaps means that he is in paradise enjoying its blessings. Seeing a deceased person in a village in a dream means that he might be in hell laboring with its people. A city in a dream also represents the entertainment it provides for its dwellers. The name of a city one sees in a dream should reflect some of the meanings of one’s dream. (See Introduction). The industry of a city also has a share in the dream interpretation. Known cities in the world in a dream represent their rulers. Entering a city one already knows in a dream means that one will not die until he enters it again, or it could mean that he will receive news from that city. The walls of a city represent a strong ruler. A demolished wall of a city in a dream signifies the death of its ruler or his removal from office. If one sees a flourishing city with its urban construction, factories and farms, his dream will reflect the spiritual awareness and religious devotion of its people. (Also see Village)... city dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


(arb. God’s House; Mosque; Place of worship) In Arabic, the word masjid means a place of prostration, while the word Jami means a place of gathering. A masjid or a mosque in a dream represents a scholar and its gates represent men of know ledge and the guardians, or the attendants of God’s House. Building a masjid in a dream means emulating the traditions of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, fostering the unity of one’s family, or becoming ajudge, should one qualify for such an office. A masjid filled with people in a dream represents a gnostic, a man of knowledge and wisdom, or a preacher who invites people to his house, advises them, brings their hearts together, teaches them the precepts oftheir religion and explains the wisdom behind the divine revelations. Seeing a masjid being demolished in a dream means that such a gnostic, or religious scholar and devout believer will die in that locality. In a dream, if the roof of a masjid caves in, it means that one will indulge in an abominable action. If one sees a stranger performing his prayers in a masjid in a dream, it means that the Imam of that masjid will dies from a terminal illness. If one enters a masjid in the company of a group of people, and if they dig a small hole for him inside the masjid in the dream, it means that he will get married. If one’s house becomes a masjid in a dream, it means that he will attain piety, purity of heart, escetic detachment and an honor he will receive from his brethren. He will also call upon them to follow what is true and to abstain from what is false. Ifa masjid is transformed into a bathhouse in a dream, it means that a chaste person will turn corrupt or become heedless. A masjid in a dream also represents a marketplace or a business. Ifone has to climb up a staircase to reach the masjid in a dream, then the masjid represents a thrifty person who does not like to share what he has. If one has to climb down a staircase to reach the masjid in a dream, it means that his needs will be satisfied. Ifa masjid in the city is moved to a remote village in a dream, it means stagnation of one’s business, being ostracized from one’s community, or it could mean legal complications related to one’s inheritance. If a ruler builds a house for God Almighty or a masjid in a dream, it means that he will be ajust ruler and he will govern his subject by the divine laws. If a religious scholar builds a masjid in a dream, it means that he will author a book that will benefit others, or delivers a commentary on a complex religious issue, or if he is wealthy, it means that he will pay the alms tax due on his assets. Building a masjid in a dream also means getting married, or conceiving a child who will grow to become a righteous and a knowledgeable scholar, or if one is poor, it means that he will become rich. Otherwise, it means that one will serve God’s House and fill it with invocations, supplications, serving the interest of the community, leading the people to unity and love, and teaching them to value obedience to God’s commands. Building a masjid in a dream also could mean becoming a real estate agent, or repenting from one’s sins, or receiving guidance on God’s path, or to die as a martyr, hence, what one builds for God Almighty in a dream, represents his house in paradise. Such interpretation applies if one builds a masjid following the proper procedures and with lawfully earned money, and using proper materials. Otherwise, building it with what is unlawful of money or materials in the dream, or changing the direction ofthe prayer niche, etcetera, then one’s dream will carry the opposite meaning. If one builds a masjid or a fellowship house in a dream, it means that he will seek the path of knowledge and wisdom, or that he will attend a pilgrimage during that same year, or establish a permanent business, such as a hotel, a bathhouse or a shop, etcetera. Building the roof of a masjid in a dream means taking care of orphans, or sponsoring homeless children. Expanding a masjid in a dream means increase in one’s good deeds, repentance from a sin, adopting good conduct, or being just. Seeing oneself inside a new masjid one does not recognize in a dream means attending the pilgrimage to God’s House in Mecca during that same year, orjoiningreligious circles to learn about one’s religion. If one’s shop becomes a masjid, or if the masjid becomes a shop in the dream, it denotes lawful earnings, or it could mean mixing lawful and unlawful earnings. A forsaken masjid or mosque in a dream means intentionally ignoring the value of gnostics and religious scholars, or denying the necessity to command what is good and to eschew what is evil. A forsaken masjid in a dream also denotes the presence of ascetics who have renounced the world and its people and care less about their material possessions. A known mosque in a dream represents the city where it is erected. For instance, the AlUia mosque in a dream represents Jerusalem, the Sacred mosque represents Mecca, the Prophet’s Mosque (uwbp) represents Medina, the Omayyad mosque represents Damascus, Al-Azhar mosque represents Cairo and the Blue mosque represents Istanbul, etcetera. A known mosque in a dream also could represent the renowned scholars who live in that place, or the ruler of that country, or any of his ministers. If one enters a mosque and immediately after crossing the entrance gate, he prostrates himself to God Almighty in the dream, it means that he will be given the opportunity to repent for his sins. If one comes to a masjid and finds its doors locked, then if someone opens the door to him in a dream, it means that he will help someone in paying his debt, then extol his good virtues in public. Ifone enters a mosque riding on an animal in a dream, itmeans that he will cut off his connection with his relatives, leave them behind and forbid them to follow him. If one dies in a masjid in a dream, it means that he will die as a true penitent. If the carpet or the straw mat of a mosque becomes a shredded rag in the dream, it means that the community of that masjid is divided and corrupt. Building a masjid in a dream also means overcoming one’s enemy. Entering the Sacred Mosque in Mecca in a dream means arriving with one’s bride to their new home and it could mean fulfillment of a promise, being truthful, dispelling one’s fear and reaching the shore of safety. (Also see Minaret; Minbar; Mosque)... masjid dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


(Army; Canopy; Large tent) In a dream, a pavilion represents someone in command. Seeing a pavilion in a dream also means conquering one’s enemy. A canopy in a dream represents someone who has less authority than the commander, a dome represents someone ofa lower rank, and a tent in a dream means less than a dome. Ifa commander is seen leaving his pavilion in a dream, it means that he will lose some of his authority, or that he may die shortly. Unknown pavilions of either green or white colors in a dream mean healing, endowments, gifts, martyrdom, visiting the graves of righteous people, or a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. (Also see Canopy; Tent)... pavilion dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Visiting Holy Sites

Visiting the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina in a dream means seeking God’s nearness and his pleasure through good deeds. It also means feeling safe, mixing with people of knowledge, associating with people of religious ranks, joining the company of knowledge seekers, and developing sincere love for the family of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, serving and loving those who love his progeny. Visiting the Prophet’s Mosque in a dream also means love, knowledge and guidance. Visiting Al-Aqsa Sacred Mosque in Jerusalem in a dream means blessings, understanding the inner meaning of important spiritual subjects and miraculous events, or reflecting upon the Nocturnal Journey of God’s Messenger (uwbp), the night in which the eight heavens were decorated to receive and honor him when he was called upon to come before God Almighty. Visiting the grave of God’s Prophet Abraham, upon whom be peace, in a dreammeans obedience to one’s parents, being true to them, seeking their love, blessings and pleasure with sincerity and trueness with one’s words and actions. Visiting holy sites in a dream also means seeking knowledge and wisdom, having love for charitable people, associating with good people, seeking to learn one’s religion at the hand of a pious teacher, to receive blessings and benefits in this life and in the next. (Also see Muhammad, upon whom be peace; Mecca; Medina)... visiting holy sites dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


city such as London, Tokyo, Moscow, unless the home of the dreamer, depict material opportunity, central is­sues in dreamer’s life; the central sense of self, around which other issues revolve. If somewhere like Jerusalem or Mecca then one’s central religious drives and ideas. ... capital dream meaning

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


(see Animals, Farm)In earlier times, horses equated to movement and transition much as modern vehicles (see Airplane, Bus, Car, Spaceship) do now. Burdens that come from labors. Horses were often work animals on farms, and were highlv valued. In what condition does the horse appear? If run-down and abused, this represents feeling unappreciated no matter how much you do. On the other hand, if the horse is well fed and groomed, it symbolizes a kind “task master” who really values your efforts. Ancient Greeks revered the horse as a sacred creature to Artemis, the goddess of the moon and forests. Consequently, this may also be an alternative earth or tree dream. Spiritual sojourns. Mohammed rode a horse on his mystical journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then on to heaven. A stallion: Male virility. Galloping: Ecstasy, ambition, and the emotional self. Conversely, a tethered horse reveals one of these things being restrained. Look to see who’s got the reins in this dream—the creature or its rider. If the creature, it’s time to reclaim your control!Finding a horseshoe: A nearly universal emblem of good luck. White horse: In German and English traditions, this is a harbinger of death. If the horse is happily cavorting, this may be a visual pun for horseplay. Take care that no one accidentally gets hurt by your current jovial outlook. Psychic powers emerging. Folklorically, horses are said to sense or see spirits and have foreknowledge, similar to dogs. Seahorses represent being transported into the waters of intuition or the subconscious with significant insight resulting. Winged horses symbolize fame, eloquence, poetry, and the muse. Let your imagination fly on its wings. ... horse dream meaning

The Language of Dreams


Spiritually a single column has the same significance as a tower, a structure to enable us to reach the heavens or the divine. It may be an object of worship or a memorial. A column of light denotes an awareness of spirit or spiritual energy. Boaz (strength) and joachim (beauty) are the two columns which stood at the entrance to king solomon’s temple in jerusalem. ... column dream meaning

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Israel lies at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Egypt on the west, Syria and Jordan on the east, and Lebanon on the north. Its maritime plain is extremely fertile. A country at present suffering from religious conflict between the various inhabitants of the country, Israel, and particularly Jerusalem, are traditionally associated with all three of the Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. ... israel dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia


1. Jerusalem “the region of the evening; End the end, the time when Christ is in Heaven;2. Close of the day3. Time of reckoning. ... evening dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model


Tribe of AsherAgate signifies Divided into streams or flashes, striking fire, crimson fire. Asher means blessed. Blanch the self life. Psalms 1:1. JasperTribe of BenjaminJasper means to polish, prevailing power, strength and was transparent and brilliant. Polish means to make smooth or glossy by FRICTION. Benjamin means son of the right handJesus as the right hand of God signifying power and authority. Rules and reigns in our lives. When Jacob blesses his 12 sons, in Genesis 49, he describes Benjamin as a wolf that prowls, devouring his enemies in the morning and dividing up the spoils in the evening. (Genesis 49:27). King Saul, and Judge Ehud, were descendants of Benjamin, as was Paul and the prophet Jeremiah. BerylTribe of DanBeryl means to test, to try, to investigateDan means to Judge. Let Gods test and try us. His judgment is true. Jacob blessed his sons in Genesis 49:16-18, it is stated that Dan would provide justice for his people. The Tribe of Dan is not mentioned as one of the tribes to have 12,000 members promised the Seal of God in Revelation 7:1-8. The name Dan means “to judge” or “vindicate. “OnyxTribe of ManassehOnyx means to blanch, to take the color out and make lustrous. Manasseh means Blessedness, Forget our sins; forgive and forget. Philippians 3:13AmethystTribe of IssacharAmethyst signifies possessor/overcomes and was thought to be purple. is blue (heavenly) in colour; Rev. 21:20Issachar means ‘to bring a reward’. To know the sign of the times. We find that Jesus is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him prophecy by Jacob “Issachar is a strong donkey, Lying down between two burdens; Gen 49:14Ruby1. Wisdom;2. Virtuous wife;3. Priceless;4. Red; Prov. 31:10-11; Job 28:18; Prov. 3:13, 15Pearl/s1. Jesus Christ2. Revelations of God3. The Kingdom;4. Gate of the heavenly Jerusalem5. Faith Matt. 13:46. ... agate dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model


lucky numbers: 03-12-17-29-44-48hidden, a: beware of ignorant people, even more so of those who hide behind ignorance. of a: ignorance keeps you from being a firm believer of your faith. Omar at Jerusalem, of: wil come out wel from present danger. worshiping in a: many faithful friends wil bring renewed interest in your own religion. ... mosque dream meaning

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