What does it mean to see an jeopardize in a dream?

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A literal warning

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This is a bad dream. The dreamer is sure to shed tears and weep. For a young woman to dream that she is affronted, denotes that some unfriendly person will take advantage of her ignorance to place her in a compromising situation with a stranger, or to jeopardize her interests with a friend. ... affront dream meaning

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To dream of wandering through a gloomy and barren desert, denotes famine and uprisal of races and great loss of life and property. For a young woman to find herself alone in a desert, her health and reputation is being jeopardized by her indiscretion. She should be more cautious. ... desert dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


If you dream of one or more wolves. It is a sign that someone is trying to jeopardize your position. ... wolf dream meaning

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If you dream that you live in a magnificent castle and everyone obeys your every command, and grants your every wish, this foretells that you will have a happy, comfortable home with a loving and generous spouse. On the other hand, if the castle is old, and the brick work is crumbling, you will do well to curb any actions you are taking that may jeopardize your marriage, whether it be cheating, or temper fits. ... castle dream meaning

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Smoking a cigarette in your dream is a lucky omen, as well as, giving, or offering them to another. This dream denotes much prosperity and self-satisfaction for the dreamer. If, during your waking hours, you are against cigarettes and believe them to very bad for your lungs, then you must investigate your own habits to find out what you may be doing to jeopardize your health. Have a medical examination as soon as possible. ... cigarettes dream meaning

Encyclopedia of Dreams


You are being warned against repeating idle gossip which could jeopardize your reputation if your dream featured chaff in any form, unless the action pertained to separation of the seed, in which case you will succeed with your current plans but only after painstaking effort. ... chaff dream meaning

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To catch your clothes or body on a thorn is a warning that your reputation is being jeopardized by unsavory companions. A little tactful disentanglement seems to be in order. See also Scratch. ... thorn(s) dream meaning

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


lucky numbers: 02-24-38-40-43-50abetting a: are cheating yourself of your potential. being a: feel guilt at breaking your own moral code. being arrested: annoyed by friends who use your influence for their personal gain. executed: triumph over enemies who have committed wrongs against you. being chased by a: may come into areas that wil jeopardize your freedom. with chains rattling: make the information public and let credit lie where it may. harboring a: an unscrupulous gang wil treat you as their partner. of a: cunning friend wants to use your influence. murderer: unexpected help from an al y you deemed mediocre. ... criminal dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 01-18-19-25-37-49buying: wil attend the funeral of a cold person. column: your substantial success is jeopardized by your inflexibility. playing marbles: your behavior is immature and in defiance of al social codes. polishing: are investing in receiving an inheritance. quarry: your fantasies wil come out solid; past love was never lost. scratched, being: affection for childhood memories wil brighten your life. sculpture: friendships are not cast but finely chiseled. things in own house, having: are taking risks that wil pay off. ... marble dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days