What does it mean to see an jed, jedidiah in a dream?

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Beloved one

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Jed, Jedidiah

Beloved one... jed, jedidiah dream meaning

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To dream of a Jedi from Star Wars implies a good handle on your own energy. You should trust your intuition in your waking life. There may be a time in the near future in which you will be called upon to mediate between two very important people, and you may need to be strong and firm to gain peace. To dream of a Jedi indicates that your character as moral and just. ... jedi dream meaning

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To see a jedi knight in your dream represents protection and security. You may be looking for someone to rescue you from current problems. Or, maybe you are looking for your “knight in shining armor”. If you dream of being a jedi yourself, this signifies your inner strengths and weaknesses. . You are bravely facing your own personal challenges. ... jedi dream meaning

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