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What does it mean to see an jazz in a dream?

Jazz Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

See music / rhythm

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Hearing this type of syncopated music in your dream is a warning against getting involved in social or community affairs which are beyond your means; better a slight social chagrin now than a financial embarrassment later.

Of course, if you are a jazz aficionado, the dream has no special significance.

See also Music.

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Jazz | Dream Interpretation

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A wind instrument used to play mostly jazz and ballads, a saxophone delivers its sound from deep within the soul. A character playing a saxophone in your dreams may announce a deep soul connection with someone who has entered your life. ... saxophone dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream


A symphony orchestra with many instruments predicts a harmonious married life. If there are soloists, either instrumental or vocal, it is a sign that your children will be successful. A jazz or swing orchestra playing in a dream fore tells nervous exhaustion through worry over iove affairs. A concert of old-fashioned melodious numbers is a promise of relief from worry, whether about love or finances. ... concert dream meaning

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Classical music played on this instrument predicts happy love affairs, but swing, jazz, or pop tunes played on it signifies an interesting new experience in the offing. See also Music. ... harpsichord dream meaning

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams

Dream Types

“I can never decide whether my dreams are a result of my thoughts, or my thoughts the result of my dreams. It is very queer. But my dreams make conclusions for me. They decide things finally. I dream a decision. ”
D. H. Lawrence
Just as there are different types of music—classical, rock, jazz—there are different kinds of dreams. Although different types of dream can blend and merge, modern dream researchers tend to break dream types into the following categories: AMPLIFYING DREAMS
These can exaggerate certain situations or life attitudes in order to point them out sharply for the dreamer. For example, someone who is very shy may dream that they have become invisible. ANTICIPATING DREAMSThese are dreams that may alert us to possible outcomes in situations in our waking life; for example, passing or failing an exam. CATHARTIC DREAMS
Such dreams evoke extremely emotional reactions, when the unconscious is urging us to relieve pent-up feelings we may feel unable to express in waking life. For example, you may find yourself bursting into tears on a packed commuter train in your dreams, or you might punch your irritating neighbor or tell your boss exactly what you think of him or her. CONTRARY OR COMPENSATORY DREAMS
In these types of dreams, the unconscious places the dreaming self in a totally different situation to the one we find ourselves in waking life. For example, if your day has been filled with unhappiness and stress due to the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship, you may dream of yourself spending a carefree, happy day by the seaside. Your unconscious may also give you personality traits that you haven’t expressed in waking life. For example, if you hate being the center of attention you may dream about being a celebrity. Such dreams are thought to provide necessary balance and may also be suggesting to you that you try incorporating some of the characteristics that your dream underlined in your waking life. DAILY PROCESSING DREAMS
Also known as factual dreams, daily processing dreams are dreams in which you go over and over things that happened during the day, especially those that were repetitive or forced you to concentrate for long periods; dreaming about a long journey or a tough work assignment, for example. These kinds of dreams don’t tend to be laden with meaning, and most dream theorists think of them as bits and pieces of information your brain is processing. DREAMS OF CHILDHOOD
Dreaming about your childhood may reflect a childhood dynamic which hasn’t been worked out yet and requires a resolution. FALSE AWAKENING
It is thought that many reported sightings of ghosts are caused by false awakening, which occurs when you are actually asleep but are convinced in your dream state that you are awake. This is the kind of vivid dream in which you wake up convinced that what happened in your dream really happened. INCUBATED DREAMS
This is when you set your conscious mind on experiencing a particular kind of dream. For example, you may incubate a dream of a loved one by concentrating on visualizing your loved one’s face before you sleep, or you may ask for a dream to answer your problems immediately before going to sleep. The theory is that your unconscious responds to the suggestion. INSPIRATIONAL DREAMS
Many great works of art, music, literature have allegedly been inspired by dreams, when the unconscious brings a creative idea to the fore. For example, English poet and artist William Blake said that his work was inspired by the visions in his dreams. One night in 1816, Mary Shelley, her husband and a group of friends were challenged to write a ghost story. That night Mary Shelley dreamed of a creature that would later become the monster created by Dr Frankenstein in her yet-to-be-written novel. LUCID DREAMS
These occur when you become aware that you are dreaming when you are dreaming. It takes time and practice to stop yourself waking up, but it is possible to learn how to become a lucid dreamer and control the course of your dreams. MUTUAL DREAMS
When two people dream the same dream. Such dreams can be spontaneous or incubated, when two people who are close decide on a dream location together and imagine themselves meeting up before going to sleep. NIGHTMARES
Dreams that terrify us or cause distress in some way by waking us up before the situation has resolved. Nightmares occur during REM sleep and typically arise when a person is feeling anxious or helpless in waking life. Once the dreamer has recognized what is triggering this kind of dream, and worked through any unresolved fears and anxieties, nightmares tend to cease. NIGHT TERRORS
These are similar to nightmares, but because they occur in deep sleep (stage four) we rarely remember what terrified us, although we may be left with a lingering feeling of unexplained dread. OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCES
Also known as astral travel or projection, out-of-body experiences are thought to occur at times of physical and emotional trauma. Researchers tend to dismiss the idea but those that experience such dreams say that their mind, consciousness or spirit leaves their body and travels through time and space. PAST-LIFE DREAMS
If you dream of being in a historical setting some believe this is evidence of past-life recall, although most dream theorists dismiss the existence of past-life or far-memory dreams, or genetic dreams when you assume the identity of an ancestor. PHYSIOLOGICAL DREAMS
These dreams reflect the state of your body, so, for example, if you have an upset stomach, you may dream that you are being violently sick. These dreams may highlight the progress of serious physical conditions or in some cases predict the onset of them. PRECOGNITIVE DREAMS
Most dream researchers dismiss these dreams but precognitive dreams are thought to predict real-life events of which the dreamer has no conscious awareness. These dreams tend to happen to people with psychic abilities. They are extremely rare but there have been many instances when people claim to have dreamt of things before they happened. For example, many people reported dreaming about 9/11 before it occurred. Other people tell of cancelling trains or flights because of a foreboding dream. There are also reports of people who dreamt the winning numbers of the lottery. PROBLEM-SOLVING DREAMS
These occur when you have gone to bed mulling over a problem and found the answer in your dreams. This could be because your unconscious has already solved the dream and sleeping on it gives your unconscious a chance to express itself. Many famous inventions were allegedly prompted by a dream. For example, Scottish engineer and inventor of the steam engine James Watt (1736- 1819) dreamed of molten metal falling from the sky in the shape of balls. This dream gave him the idea for drop cooling and ball-bearings. The model of the atom, the M9 analogue computer, the isolation of insulin in the treatment of diabetes, and, as we have seen, the sewing machine, were also ideas that sprung from inspiration in dreams. PSYCHOLOGICAL DREAMS
These are dreams that bring things we would rather not think about to our attention. They make us face an aspect of ourselves or our life that might be hindering our progress. They are often about our fears, anxieties, resentment, guilt and insecurities. For example, if you dream of yourself running around and around on the wheel of a cage unable to stop, this could suggest that in your waking life you are taking on too much and not giving yourself enough time to relax. RECURRING DREAMS
Dreams that reoccur typically happen when the dreamer is worried about a situation that isn’t resolving itself in waking life. When the trigger in waking life is dealt with the dreams usually end. Recurring dreams can also occur when a person is suffering from some kind of phobia or trauma that has been repressed or not resolved. If this is the case the unconscious is urging the dreamer to consciously receive and acknowledge the issue and deal with it. SEXUAL DREAMS
In dreams, sex can reflect the archetypal pattern which underlies the waking sex life or may represent a hoped-for reunion with another part of ourselves into a whole. TELEPATHIC DREAMS
This is the kind of dream when someone you know appears in your dream in acute distress and you later learn that that person was experiencing a real-life crisis at the time, such as extreme unhappiness, an accident or even death. It is thought that telepathic dreams are a meeting of minds between two people who are close to each other emotionally. VIGILANT DREAMS
These are processing dreams that involve your senses. For example, if your mobile rings or a picture falls to the ground while you are asleep, the sound may be incorporated into your dream but appear as something else, such as a police siren or a broken window. The smell of flowers in your room may also become a garden scene in your dreams. WISH-FULFILLMENT DREAMS
These are the kind of dreams in which we quite literally live the dream; we might win the lottery, date a celebrity, ooze charisma or simply go on a long holiday. In these kinds of dreams our unconscious is trying to compensate for disappointment or dissatisfaction with our current circumstances in waking life. ... dream types dream meaning



Universal Landscape: Creative mastery and potential. Dreaming Lens: What size and style piano was in your dream: upright, grand, concert grand, or spinet? Was it being played? Were you the player? Was it in tune? Were you part of an orchestra, group, or solo? What style of music resulted: classical, jazz, blues, etc. ? Personal Focus: The piano is a feminine image of creative receptivity and potential. It must receive the attentions of someone to play it in order to achieve this potential, aligning it with the concept of receptivity. As the music that emerges from it can vary from Chopsticks to Chopin, its symbolic meaning also connects to mastery. Anyone can cause a piano to sing by striking a key, but only a master can make it truly soar. The essence of music is the magic of joy, and a piano represents this potential lying dormant, waiting patiently to be unleashed. To see a piano and want to play it reveals a desire to tap into your inner creative expression. Actually playing one in your dream may indicate a period of blossoming joy. If you actually play the piano in life, this may be more literal than symbolic. Playing above your skill level could point to issues around and desire to excel, and whether or not you are living up to your creative potential. Playing poorly could indicate feelings of inadequacy or a need for humility. If someone else is playing the piano, their Character Aspect represents the part of you that has access to creative mastery and expression, or its lack. Where the music is being made and with whom also bears investigation. Playing alone could mean your creative expression requires some level of focus and concentration. Collaborating with others means that several qualities or skills within you need to work together for you to reach your potential. The magnitude of your connection to creative passion might be reflected in the size of your musical grouping, from trio to orchestra. The quality of the music produced reflects how in or out of harmony you are in some part of your life. A piano out of tune indicates that you may not be acting upon the relationship to your inner creativity often enough. ... piano dream meaning

Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream


lucky numbers: 01-02-11-14-42-44alone: sadness at not attracting a particular person’s attention. being a dancer: wil endure long periods of work for intense moments of pure passion. led by a: accept the situation; the problem doesn’t desist when you dance around it. children, little: a spontaneous outburst from a contented home. fancy dances: big prosperity if you keep your balance. great grace, with: need to connect with a carefree, uninhibited spirit to solve dilemmas. hulahula, the: a string of tantalizing love adventures. jazz, to: wil borrow carfare home for safety. jig, man dancing a, with a woman: he is in love with her, her purpose is more basic. married woman: are light-hearted and gay and love your work. others: must control your passion for being too easily benevolent. woman, with a man: a life of simple pleasures wil come soon. young girl: wil win favor from elder for inheritance. of: freedom of movement from earthly limits. others: performing steps you should do for success in business. polka, the: a good, heart-felt, kind, instinctual exercise. quadrille, the: off with the old love and in with the new. with sweetheart: gracefulness in creative expression. with your wife: unity is the only solution to boredom. rings around your partner: are pushing too hard to have your way. school, attending a: entanglement into an already complex love affair. sick people, before: need to keep emotional distance. steel rope, on a: seek conditions that prevent unity while saying you want it. tango, a: wil be too occupied with nightclubs and places of amusement. dancing a: intense passion dissipates into intense regret. teacher, woman dreaming of a: rivals wil step up at every lul in the music. man: have difficulty choosing between love offered. watching friends: joy of transiting from one phase of life to another. others: reflects your emotions toward them. whirling in ecstasy: contact with the divine harmonic. ... dancing dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 07-16-23-24-32-49broken, being: disassociation from a lover. played at a concert: reawakening of spiritual life of one loyal friend. harpsichord, playing a: the tingling chords of love. jazz on a: a puzzling interplay of discordance. playing a: do not overtax your nerves with faithless friends. daughter: she wil not have a happy marriage, through misplaced trust. enemies: expensive pleasures from a favor of considerable importance. others: wil view a normal affair as ethereal. ... harp dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 17-22-28-29-41-49accompanied by: a mysterious music is food for your soul. ballad, composing a: relaxation level al ows acceptance of pure pleasure. hearing: are playing your emotions off of another’s. singing: your sociability and outgoing behavior has opened up your horizons. barrel organ, hearing a: take control of the project in unfamiliar surroundings. baton, brandishing a: a loved one thinks unkindly of your anticipated pleasures. being in the band: different facets of self, playing in harmony. box, playing with a loved one, hearing a: frivolity. favorite song, your: change of surroundings. buying: wil be very uncomfortable when forced to face your reality. encore, demanding an: wil recap benefits of hard work over and over again. enjoying good, at a theater: consolation of misfortune. hall, attending a, alone: a cunning and underhanded renewal of an old adversary. hearing harsh and unpleasant music: tension among friends, friction in the family. jarring: let others display their anger, but don’t react to it. jazz: gaiety wil cost you more than you can afford. melodious, at a concert: expect great pleasures in life. opera, and singing: a relationship that wil fortify your life. loss of instrument: a lessening of control where you once held influence. voice: wil become very uncomfortable when forced to face the reality of your life. musician, being a professional: a move to another district; a showdown with your lover. playing an accordion: sadness amidst the gaiety; stil ness amidst the dancing. barrel organ, a: a rol icking festival. bassoon, a: are wasting energy on remote causes. bass viol, a: wil get to the heart of the matter straightaway. cornet, a: discovery of lost valuables through the kindness of strangers. double bass, a: your deep-grounded personality is calm and composed. dulcimer: highest wishes are exalted over petty jealousies. fiddle: attempting to cheat only makes rivals more competitive. lute, a: auspicious surroundings attract undivided attention and undying love. lyre, a: hypnotic bliss of pastoral, romantic encounter. breaking a string while: your evil intents cannot be furthered. out of tune, being: a discordant menace to your emotional life. mandolin, strumming a: a short whirlwind romance unfolds into a blissful marriage. piccolo, a: a close friend should fol ow your advice. saxophone: wil be blatantly taking over another’s territory and laugh. wrong instrument, the: must fol ow the beat of your own drummer. singing without remembering the words: only Superman moves at the speed of light. or music to be performed: be cause—not effect! poor voice, with a: the impossible is possible with training. alto: are always in the right place; know and accept this. bass: an inconsistency in business brought on by deceit. soprano: only through practice does one reach the high note. tenor: being rare is not necessarily the road to happiness. recital, at a: rely on a few supportive people only. stereo, playing records on a: are in a one-sided, obsessive love affair. others: a discovery received from afar. trombone, sliding the tube of a: control the gossip about you; reach to be heard. several playing at once: everyone wants your attention—remain firm! writing music: your secrets wil be revealed in each leitmotif. xylophone: rivals are playing a different tune and succeeding. ... music dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 11-16-20-21-46-48attending an, concert with family: smal wealth ahead; encouragement for the future. conducting, an: your travel and intense involvement in work discourages a relationship. accompanying a ballet: wil pay the cost of overestimating your value. hearing an, playing in the distance: mate wil glow in your sunshine. jazz, a: no muscle wil remain unexercised. performing in an: al aspects of your life can now play in harmony. playing an overture: with a new job and with new people you wil score. the cymbals: much ado about nothing. a stringed instrument in a: previously insurmountable obstacles can be triumphed over. podium, conducting from a: are involved in a situation you can’t extricate yourself from. an empty: are overenthusiastic about an accomplishment that wil turn sour. falling from a: your self-congratulations are premature. ... orchestra dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 07-09-15-18-21-40being a singer: al moments wil be as deeply emotional as a death in the family. folk: pleasures of your extended family and their simple joys. jazz: the array of emotions is never-ending, the music unstoppable. karaoke: indulge yourself in an admiring audience. duet, applauding a: your being molested by ruffians wil encourage your business. hearing: optimistic tidings and melodious moments with a crowd of jol y performers. bass voice, a: a discrepancy leads to uncovering an employee’s deceit. birds: the thril of awakening from a long hibernation. church, in: merry companionship, wholesome and positive. heavenly choir, a: wil leave the accident unharmed but have scars on your mind. love song, a: irrational moves may be lovely but could be harmful to your career. others: are too fast-tracked to spend the time to deal with others. singer with a raspy voice, a: disputes over your outlandish pretensions. soft sweet: are harboring quarrelsome aggressive tendencies. soprano, a: are temporarily irritable and shril -tempered. tenor, a: the height of masculine sensitivity. listening to bad: beware that jealousy does not ruin your happiness. falsetto: wil charm the woman of your dreams. rock and roll: exercise free emotions without restraint. solo: wil escape to a place where your anonymity wil not be questioned. vibrato, of: instantaneous satisfaction of desires. watching, perform: smal sickness in the family can be compensated for. operatic songs: wil be afflicted with tears at the time you wasted gossiping. others: your life wil be gladdened by many friends. song, a: are in harmony with your surroundings. melancholic: al ow your sadness to run its course. ... singing dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days