What does it mean to see an jacobean in a dream?

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To dream of Jacobean furnishings presages a quiet time with elderly people whose ways are not so modern as yours, but you will gain by the experience.

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lucky numbers: 03-16-21-24-33-40aisle in a: wil take a long trip. alcove, entering an: someone is imitating you. hiding in: secrets are sabotaging your relationship. annex, an: are expanding to fit your enhanced ambition. arch, of an: must bring diverse ways to meet at the keystone. damaged, a: must mend ways of wasting effort. passing under an: many wil seek favors from you. big, a: wil have great opportunities to enhance your present life. bricklayer, a: your professional career is stagnating; use your industrious imagination. bricks, with: little deeds can slowly build a castle. laying: a slow but steady increase in fortune. burning: getting upper hand over situation with troublemaker. collapsing, a: faith you placed in project is unjustified. college: academic advancement wil come to you. demolished, being: wil be accused of wrongdoings. dome of a: wil receive honors from high officials. facade, of a: relate with outer influences hiding inner resources. foundation being built: death of someone you know and a place among strangers. other, of: wil soon take a long trip. haunted spot, finding a: emulate a quality in a dead relative. Jacobean architectural work: wil gain by experience. level, at a specific: represents level of awareness. lintel spanning an opening in a, a: wil move to a larger building. being under a: important changes. lobby, meeting people in the: dishonor of treacherous friends who spy from afar. mortar, mixing: an arduous task that wil produce a bitter deal. move a door opening in a: adapt easily to new surroundings. new, walking into a: perfect each step you make in your new environment. restoring a: your vivid imagination wil realize your aspirations. several: wil become very annoyed. small, a: present affairs wil not prove successful. steel beam: money is col ected from across enemy lines. riveting a: energy and support gained through defiance of evil foes. trapped in a: new job may be difficult but new boss is worse. rooms going nowhere: only open familiar doors, go back to your origins. wall, in a: belief systems must be radical y changed. very tall: have tremendous potential and a superb destiny to accomplish. wandering aimlessly in the hallways: have lost your time and thought process. with faux materials: are unable to say “no!” to the wasting of your life force. ... building dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 07-16-17-23-27-30armchair: whoever uses it most frequently exercises his slanderous tongue. beautiful: productive work on solid objects brings innocent wel -being. breaking: quarrels within the home. bulky, business girl dreaming of having: wil earn own living. chest, having a big: wil overextend your credit for treasures unearned. empty, an: are too overwhelmed with hiding ideas to nurture them in peace. full: the possibilities are endless; pick one at a time. small: you want little in life and wil get it. common: wil be a person of the working class. common person dreaming of nice: the method you have picked to define yourself. ebony: wil accomplish intuition through diligent work. favorite piece of your: encouraging news regarding feasibility of plan. Jacobean furnishings, of: wil enjoy a quiet life. mahogany: wil inherit the estate of a distant relative. maple: pleasant extended family connections and reunions. table, break a marble: changing your mind on a tricky question wil bring good luck. wealthy woman having nice: wil do something foolish. ... furniture dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days