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An omen of contrary if you won it yourself; be prepared for a period of hard work with small reward; however, if you saw someone else win it you can expect to gain something you want with less effort than you anticipate.

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Jackpot | Dream Meaning

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Dreams in which the lottery appears, unfortunately, are not premonitory. That is, if you dream about it, it doesn’t mean that you will guess the winning number. However, the dream is positive, because dreaming you win the jackpot shows great confidence in your life and in the goals you have set. If, however, you dream that you are betting your wealth on a game of chance, it means that you behave as if chance will solve your problems. Your unconscious is warning you that it is a mistake to wait for conflicts to be resolved by themselves. (See GAME, CARD, and ROULETTE)

According to many superstitions, the omens in this dream are unfavorable.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


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