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Fire is favorable to the dreamer if he does not get burned. It brings continued prosperity to seamen and voyagers, as well as to those on land.

To dream of seeing your home burning, denotes a loving companion, obedient children, and careful servants.

For a business man to dream that his store is burning, and he is looking on, foretells a great rush in business and profitable results.

To dream that he is fighting fire and does not get burned, denotes that he will be much worked and worried as to the conduct of his business.

To see the ruins of his store after a fire, forebodes ill luck. He will be almost ready to give up the effort of amassing a handsome fortune and a brilliant business record as useless, but some unforeseen good fortune will bear him up again.

If you dream of kindling a fire, you may expect many pleasant surprises. You will have distant friends to visit.

To see a large conflagration, denotes to sailors a profitable and safe voyage.

To men of literary affairs, advancement and honors; to business people, unlimited success. ... fire dream meaning


To dream that you see fish in clear-water streams, denotes that you will be favored by the rich and powerful. Dead fish, signifies the loss of wealth and power through some dire calamity.

For a young woman to dream of seeing fish, portends that she will have a handsome and talented lover.

To dream of catching a catfish, denotes that you will be embarrassed by evil designs of enemies, but your luck and presence of mind will tide you safely over the trouble.

To wade in water, catching fish, denotes that you will possess wealth acquired by your own ability and enterprise.

To dream of fishing, denotes energy and economy; but if you do not succeed in catching any, your efforts to obtain honors and wealth will be futile. Eating fish, denotes warm and lasting attachments.... fish dream meaning


To dream that you find yourself in a dense forest, denotes loss in trade, unhappy home influences and quarrels among families.

If you are cold and feel hungry, you will be forced to make a long journey to settle some unpleasant affair.

To see a forest of stately trees in foliage, denotes prosperity and pleasures.

To literary people, this dream foretells fame and much appreciation from the public.

A young lady relates the following dream and its fulfilment: ``I was in a strange forest of what appeared to be cocoanut trees, with red and yellow berries growing on them.

The ground was covered with blasted leaves, and I could hear them crackle under my feet as I wandered about lost.

The next afternoon I received a telegram announcing the death of a dear cousin.’’ ... forest dream meaning


To dream of seeing fruit ripening among its foliage, usually foretells to the dreamer a prosperous future. Green fruit signifies disappointed efforts or hasty action.

For a young woman to dream of eating green fruit, indicates her degradation and loss of inheritance. Eating fruit is unfavorable usually.

To buy or sell fruit, denotes much business, but not very remunerative.

To see or eat ripe fruit, signifies uncertain fortune and pleasure. ... fruit dream meaning


To see a funeral, denotes an unhappy marriage and sickly offspring.

To dream of the funeral of a stranger, denotes unexpected worries.

To see the funeral of your child, may denote the health of your family, but very grave disappointments may follow from a friendly source.

To attend a funeral in black, foretells an early widowhood.

To dream of the funeral of any relative, denotes nervous troubles and family worries. ... funeral dream meaning


To dream that you see a clear fountain sparkling in the sunlight, denotes vast possessions, ecstatic delights and many pleasant journeys.

A clouded fountain, denotes the insincerity of associates and unhappy engagements and love affairs.

A dry and broken fountain, indicates death and cessation of pleasures.

For a young woman to see a sparkling fountain in the moonlight, signifies ill-advised pleasure which may result in a desertion. ... fountain dream meaning


To dream of your father, signifies that you are about to be involved in a difficulty, and you will need wise counsel if you extricate yourself therefrom.

If he is dead, it denotes that your business is pulling heavily, and you will have to use caution in conducting it.

For a young woman to dream of her dead father, portends that her lover will, or is, playing her false. ... father dream meaning


To dream of flying high through a space, denotes marital calamities.

To fly low, almost to the ground, indicates sickness and uneasy states from which the dreamer will recover.

To fly over muddy water, warns you to keep close with your private affairs, as enemies are watching to enthrall you.

To fly over broken places, signifies ill luck and gloomy surroundings.

If you notice green trees and vegetation below you in flying, you will suffer temporary embarrassment, but will have a flood of prosperity upon you.

To dream of seeing the sun while flying, signifies useless worries, as your affairs will succeed despite your fears of evil.

To dream of flying through the firmament passing the moon and other planets; foretells famine, wars, and troubles of all kinds.

To dream that you fly with black wings, portends bitter disappointments.

To fall while flying, signifies your downfall.

If you wake while falling, you will succeed in reinstating yourself.

For a young man to dream that he is flying with white wings above green foliage, foretells advancement in business, and he will also be successful in love.

If he dreams this often it is a sign of increasing prosperity and the fulfilment of desires.

If the trees appear barren or dead, there will be obstacles to combat in obtaining desires. He will get along, but his work will bring small results.

For a woman to dream of flying from one city to another, and alighting on church spires, foretells she will have much to contend against in the way of false persuasions and declarations of love. She will be threatened with a disastrous season of ill health, and the death of some one near to her may follow.

For a young woman to dream that she is shot at while flying, denotes enemies will endeavor to restrain her advancement into higher spheres of usefulness and prosperity. ... flying dream meaning


To dream of climbing to the top of a fence, denotes that success will crown your efforts.

To fall from a fence, signifies that you will undertake a project for which you are incapable, and you will see your efforts come to naught.

To be seated on a fence with others, and have it fall under you, denotes an accident in which some person will be badly injured.

To dream that you climb through a fence, signifies that you will use means not altogether legitimate to reach your desires.

To throw the fence down and walk into the other side, indicates that you will, by enterprise and energy, overcome the stubbornest barriers between you and success.

To see stock jumping a fence, if into your enclosure, you will receive aid from unexpected sources; if out of your lot, loss in trade and other affairs may follow.

To dream of building a fence, denotes that you are, by economy and industry, laying a foundation for future wealth.

For a young woman, this dream denotes success in love affairs; or the reverse, if she dreams of the fence falling, or that she falls from it. ... fence dream meaning


Words or deeds received or served; research type of food and preparation... food dream meaning


Spiritually unclean person who jumps to wrongful conclusions, enjoys gossip, speaking words that kill the spirit... frog dream meaning


This dream is favorable if you see happy and bright faces, but significant of trouble if they are disfigured, ugly, or frowning on you.

To a young person, an ugly face foretells lovers’ quarrels; or for a lover to see the face of his sweetheart looking old, denotes separation and the breaking up of happy associations.

To see a strange and weird-looking face, denotes that enemies and misfortunes surround you.

To dream of seeing your own face, denotes unhappiness; and to the married, threats of divorce will be made.

To see your face in a mirror, denotes displeasure with yourself for not being able to carry out plans for self-advancement. You will also lose the esteem of friends. ... face dream meaning


To dream of chasing a fox, denotes that you are en gaging in doubtful speculations and risky love affairs.

If you see a fox slyly coming into your yard, beware of envious friendships; your reputation is being slyly assailed.

To kill a fox, denotes that you will win in every engagement.... fox dream meaning


1. Emotionally overwhelmed.

2. Sexual release (rushing water). ... flood dream meaning


A joyful and appreciative reward of love, beauty, and sentiment; research type and color, i.E. Dead flowers are the end of such... flowers dream meaning


To dream of a falcon, denotes that your prosperity will make you an object of envy and malice.

For a young woman, this dream denotes that she will be calumniated by a rival. ... falcon dream meaning


To dream of one’s family as harmonious and happy, is significant of health and easy circumstances; but if there is sickness or contentions, it forebodes gloom and disappointment. ... family dream meaning


Fear of failure, signifying a desire for higher achievement... falling dream meaning


To dream of traveling through a dense fog, denotes much trouble and business worries.

To emerge from it, foretells a weary journey, but profitable.

For a young woman to dream of being in a fog, denotes that she will be mixed up in a salacious scandal, but if she gets out of the fog she will prove her innocence and regain her social standing. ... fog dream meaning


To dream of a fairy, is a favorable omen to all classes, as it is always a scene with a beautiful face portrayed as a happy child, or woman. ... fairy dream meaning


To dream that you are getting fat, denotes that you are about to make a fortunate change in your life.

To see others fat, signifies prosperity. See Corpulent. ... fat dream meaning


To dream of hearing notes from a flute, signifies a pleasant meeting with friends from a distance, and profitable engagements.

For a young woman to dream of playing a flute, denotes that she will fall in love because of her lover’s engaging manners. ... flute dream meaning


To dream of dead corn or stubble fields, indicates to the dreamer dreary prospects for the future.

To see green fields, or ripe with corn or grain, denotes great abundance and happiness to all classes.

To see newly plowed fields, denotes early rise in wealth and fortunate advancement to places of honor.

To see fields freshly harrowed and ready for planting, denotes that you are soon to benefit by your endeavor and long struggles for success. See Cornfields and Wheat. ... field dream meaning


To dream that you engage in a fight, denotes that you will have unpleasant encounters with your business opponents, and law suits threaten you.

To see fighting, denotes that you are squandering your time and money.

For women, this dream is a warning against slander and gossip.

For a young woman to see her lover fighting, is a sign of his unworthiness.

To dream that you are defeated in a fight, signifies that you will lose your right to property.

To whip your assailant, denotes that you will, by courage and perseverance, win honor and wealth in spite of opposition.

To dream that you see two men fighting with pistols, denotes many worries and perplexities, while no real loss is involved in the dream, yet but small profit is predicted and some unpleasantness is denoted.

To dream that you are on your way home and negroes attack you with razors, you will be disappointed in your business, you will be much vexed with servants, and home associations will be unpleasant.

To dream that you are fighting negroes, you will be annoyed by them or by some one of low character. ... fight dream meaning


1. Drudgery of routine.

2. Productivity, ability to complete tasks. ... factory dream meaning


To see a fan in your dreams, denotes pleasant news and surprises are awaiting you in the near future.

For a young woman to dream of fanning herself, or that some one is fanning her, gives promise of a new and pleasing acquaintances; if she loses an old fan, she will find that a warm friend is becoming interested in other women. ... fan dream meaning


To dream of seeing your own feet, is omnious{sic} of despair. You will be overcome by the will and temper of another.

To see others’ feet, denotes that you will maintain your rights in a pleasant, but determined way, and win for yourself a place above the common walks of life.

To dream that you wash your feet, denotes that you will let others take advantage of you.

To dream that your feet are hurting you, portends troubles of a humiliating character, as they usually are family quarrels.

To see your feet swollen and red, you will make a sudden change in your business by separating from your family. This is an evil dream, as it usually foretells scandal and sensation. ... feet dream meaning


To wait at a ferry for a boat and see the waters swift and muddy, you will be baffled in your highest wishes and designs by unforeseen circumstances.

To cross a ferry while the water is calm and clear, you will be very lucky in carrying out your plans, and fortune will crown you. ... ferry dream meaning


To dream of your national flag, portends victory if at war, and if at peace, prosperity.

For a woman to dream of a flag, denotes that she will be ensnared by a soldier.

To dream of foreign flags, denotes ruptures and breach of confidence between nations and friends.

To dream of being signaled by a flag, denotes that you should be careful of your health and name, as both are threatened. ... flag dream meaning


To dream that you are living on a farm, denotes that you will be fortunate in all undertakings.

To dream that you are buying a farm, denotes abundant crops to the farmer, a profitable deal of some kind to the business man, and a safe voyage to travelers and sailors.

If you are visiting a farm, it signifies pleasant associations. See Estate.... farm dream meaning


To dream of flies, denotes sickness and contagious maladies. Also that enemies surround you.

To a young woman this dream is significant of unhappiness.

If she kills or exterminates flies, she will reinstate herself in the love of her intended by her ingenuity. ... flies dream meaning


To dream of a fork, denotes that enemies are working for your displacement.

For a woman, this dream denotes unhappy domestic relations, and separation for lovers. ... fork dream meaning


See “foundation”... floor dream meaning


1. Doubts about self.

2. Reverse: immense courage.

3. Anxieties about tasks and projects. ... fear dream meaning


To dream of seeing feathers falling around you, denotes that your burdens in life will be light and easily borne.

To see eagle feathers, denotes that your aspirations will be realized.

To see chicken feathers, denotes small annoyances.

To dream of buying or selling geese or duck feathers, denotes thrift and fortune.

To dream of black feathers, denotes disappointments and unhappy amours.

For a woman to dream of seeing ostrich and other ornamental feathers, denotes that she will advance in society, but her ways of gaining favor will not bear imitating. ... feather dream meaning


For a lover, this is sometimes of contrary significance.

To dream that he fails in his suit, signifies that he only needs more masterfulness and energy in his daring, as he has already the love and esteem of his sweetheart.

(Contrary dreams are those in which the dreamer suffers fear, and not injury.) For a young woman to dream that her life is going to be a failure, denotes that she is not applying her opportunities to good advantage.

For a business man to dream that he has made a failure, forebodes loss and bad management, which should be corrected, or failure threatens to materialize in earnest. ... failure dream meaning


Fingers have their own language; see “fingernails” and “pointing”... finger dream meaning


To dream of floating, denotes that you will victoriously overcome obstacles which are seemingly overwhelming you.

If the water is muddy your victories will not be gratifying. ... floating dream meaning


To dream of friends being well and happy, denotes pleasant tidings of them, or you will soon see them or some of their relatives.

To see your friend troubled and haggard, sickness or distress is upon them.

To see your friends dark-colored, denotes unusual sickness or trouble to you or to them.

To see them take the form of animals, signifies that enemies will separate you from your closest relations.

To see your friend who dresses in somber colors in flaming red, foretells that unpleasant things will transpire, causing you anxiety if not loss, and that friends will be implicated.

To dream you see a friend standing like a statue on a hill, denotes you will advance beyond present pursuits, but will retain former impressions of justice and knowledge, seeking these through every change.

If the figure below be low, you will ignore your friends of former days in your future advancement.

If it is on a plane or level with you, you will fail in your ambition to reach other spheres.

If you seem to be going from it, you will force yourself to seek a change in spite of friendly ties or self-admonition.

To dream you see a friend with a white cloth tied over his face, denotes that you will be injured by some person who will endeavor to keep up friendly relations with you.

To dream that you are shaking hands with a person who has wronged you, and he is taking his departure and looks sad, foretells you will have differences with a close friend and alienation will perhaps follow. You are most assuredly nearing loss of some character. ... friend dream meaning


1. Perception of domestic arrangements, family.

2. Economic status. ... furniture dream meaning


To dream of being famous, denotes disappointed aspirations.

To dream of famous people, portends your rise from obscurity to places of honor. ... fame dream meaning


To dream of a famine, foretells that your business will be unremunerative and sickness will prove a scourge. This dream is generally bad.

If you see your enemies perishing by famine, you will be successful in competition.

If dreams of famine should break in wild confusion over slumbers, tearing up all heads in anguish, filling every soul with care, hauling down Hope’s banners, somber with omens of misfortune and despair, your waking grief more poignant still must grow ere you quench ambition and en{??}y{envy??} overthrow. ... famine dream meaning


To dream of a feast, foretells that pleasant surprises are being planned for you.

To see disorder or misconduct at a feast, foretells quarrels or unhappiness through the negligence or sickness of some person.

To arrive late at a feast, denotes that vexing affairs will occupy you.... feast dream meaning


To see fireworks, indicates enjoyment and good health.

For a young woman, this dream signifies entertainments and pleasant visiting to distant places. ... fireworks dream meaning


To dream that you are defrauding a person, denotes that you will deceive your employer for gain, indulge in degrading pleasures, and fall into disrepute.

If you are defrauded, it signifies the useless attempt of enemies to defame you and cause you loss.

To accuse some one of defrauding you, you will be offered a place of high honor. ... fraud dream meaning


To dream of seeing frost on a dark gloomy morning, signifies exile to a strange country, but your wanderings will end in peace.

To see frost on a small sunlit landscape, signifies gilded pleasures from which you will be glad to turn later in life, and by your exemplary conduct will succeed in making your circle forget past escapades.

To dream that you see a friend in a frost, denotes a love affair in which your rival will be worsted.

For a young woman, this dream signifies the absence of her lover and danger of his affections waning. This dream is bad for all classes in business and love. ... frost dream meaning


To dream of a furnace, foretells good luck if it is running.

If out of repair, you will have trouble with children or hired help.

To fall into one, portends some enemy will overpower you in a business struggle. ... furnace dream meaning


Controlled “heat” means one’s control over the fiery trials of life are in order; see “fire”... fireplace dream meaning


To dream of being at a fair, denotes that you will have a pleasant and profitable business and a congenial companion.

For a young woman, this dream signifies a jovial and even-tempered man for a life partner. ... fair dream meaning


To dream of being at a festival, denotes indifference to the cold realities of life, and a love for those pleasures that make one old before his time. You will never want, but will be largely dependent on others. ... festival dream meaning


To dream that you are stricken with this malady, signifies that you are worrying over trifling affairs while the best of life is slipping past you, and you should pull yourself into shape and engage in profitable work.

To dream of seeing some of your family sick with fever, denotes temporary illness for some of them. See Illness. ... fever dream meaning


To dream of a fine and smooth forehead, denotes that you will be thought well of for your judgment and fair dealings.

An ugly forehead, denotes displeasure in your private affairs.

To pass your hand over the forehead of your child, indicates sincere praises from friends, because of some talent and goodness displayed by your children.

For a young woman to dream of kissing the forehead of her lover, signifies that he will be displeased with her for gaining notice by indiscreet conduct. ... forehead dream meaning


To dream of catching frogs, denotes carelessness in watching after your health, which may cause no little distress among those of your family.

To see frogs in the grass, denotes that you will have a pleasant and even-tempered friend as your confidant and counselor.

To see a bullfrog, denotes, for a woman, marriage with a wealthy widower, but there will be children with him to be cared for.

To see frogs in low marshy places, foretells trouble, but you will overcome it by the kindness of others.

To dream of eating frogs, signifies fleeting joys and very little gain from associating with some people.

To hear frogs, portends that you will go on a visit to friends, but it will in the end prove fruitless of good. ... frogs dream meaning


To dream of the future, is a prognostic of careful reckoning and avoiding of detrimental extravagance. ... future dream meaning


To dream of fighting flames, foretells that you will have to put forth your best efforts and energy if you are successful in amassing wealth. See Fire.... flame dream meaning


To dream of flour, denotes a frugal but happy life.

For a young woman to dream that she sees flour on herself, denotes that she will be ruled by her husband, and that her life will be full of pleasant cares.

To dream of dealing in flour, denotes hazardous speculations. ... flour dream meaning


A protective covering; research the type, and see “man-made” and “natural... fabric dream meaning


The substance of hopeful plans which will be developed... film dream meaning


(Armor; Protection) Fasting in a dream represents vows and offerings. Interrupting the fast in a dream means an illness, a journey or backbiting someone.

If one interrupts his obligatory fast through forgetfulness in a dream, it means that he will receive a pleasing gift or money. Fasting in a dream also means honor, rising in station, or it could mean repentance from sin, repayment of a debt, penitence for a sinner or begetting a son. Observing the obligatory fast of the month of Ramadan in a dream means understanding something about which one has doubt or recognizing the truth without falsification or distortion.

If one finds that he is the only person observing the obligatory fast in the dream, and if he is unlettered, it means that he will memorize the Holy Quran, attain a spiritual maturity and receive glad tidings. This dream also indicates that he is a pious and a religious person.

If one is sick, it means that he will recover from his illness.

If he is lost in heedlessness, it means that Allah Almighty will grant him guidance.

If he is indebted, it means that he will be able to repay his debts.

If in his dream, one intentionally breaks his fast during the prescribed fast of the holy month of Ramadan, it means that he could kill someone. Similarly, if one sees himself killing someone in a dream, it means that he has intentionally broke his obligatory fast. Observing the two months of atonement for the sin of breaking the fast during the holy month of Ramadan or for any such fast for the expiation of sins in a dream means that one may fall sick and repent to Allah Almighty from his sins. Intentionally breaking the obligatory fast of Ramadan in a dream also means neglecting one of the pillars of Islam.

If one acknowledges that, then vows to offer the required duties in a dream, it means that he could receive an unexpected gift which will arrive shortly.

If one recognizes in his dream the importance of the month of Ramadan, it means that he is on the right path.

If he is not fasting, it means that he may go on a journey. Voluntary fasting in a dream means protection against one’s enemies.

If a sick person sees himself fasting in a dream, it could mean his death, silence, celebrations or recovering from an illness. It could also represent one’s faith in Allah Almighty and sincerity in his words and actions.

If one sees masses of people fasting in a dream, it could mean a famine.

If one eats during the hours of observing the fast in a dream, it means that he will commit a sin, or it could mean indebtedness or falling sick. Fasting the month of Ramadan in a dream also means safety, protection from evil or repentance from sins. Fasting the extra six days following the festival day which concludes the holy month of Ramadan in a dream means patching one’s prayers or paying charity or regretting one’s faults. Fasting Monday and Thursday of every week in a dream means strengthening family ties. Fasting the three white days of every month (i.e., the 13th, 14th, and the 15th days of the lunar month) in a dream means repayment of one’s debts in instalments or teaching someone how to properly read the Quran or spreading knowledge. Fasting during the tenth day of the lunar month of Muharram in a dream represents asceticism, piety, renouncing the world or attending the pilgrimage to Mecca. Fasting the day when the pilgrims are standing at mount Arafat in a dream means acceptance of one’s charities. Fasting the last ten days of the month of Zul-Hijjah in a dream means attaining a good conclusion to one’s life in this world to become a pious person, or it could also mean fulfilling a promise. Fasting the day of Ashura in a dream means doing good deeds, but it could also mean witnessing adversities and escaping from its dangers, or it could mean living to witness the next religious festival, or if one’s wife is pregnant, it could mean that she will beget a blessed son who will grow to be a righteous man. Fasting during the lunar month of Rajab in a dream means working for people in authority, or it could mean that one may be commissioned to work overseas, or it could mean going on a short trip. Fasting an extra day in doubt about one’s proper religious performance in a dream means committing a sin or lack of vigilance and certitude about one’s devotion. Fasting days of the month of Ramadan one has missed for a permissible reason in a dream means release of a prisoner or repentance of a sinner. Fasting a votive fast or a vowed fast for the purpose of an attainment in a dream means attaining one’s goal, joy and happiness. Observing a votive perpetual or an ongoing fast in a dream means undertaking a heavy responsibility or following innovation, or it could mean becoming a loner or abstaining from talking to others, or that one would only talk if the subject is beneficial to others, for fasting in a dream also means silence. Observing a votive perpetual fast in a dream also represents a pious and a religious person.

If the person is a sinner, such votive fast in a dream also may mean that he will get nothing out of what he wants. Paying the due charity (Sadaqat-ul Fitr) after completing one’s fast in a dream means recovering from an illness.

If one observes a fast for show in his dream, it means that he will receive what he desires.

(Also see Ashura; Feast of Breaking the Fast)... fasting dream meaning


To dream of seeing your fingers soiled or scratched, with the blood exuding, denotes much trouble and suffering. You will despair of making your way through life.

To see beautiful hands, with white fingers, denotes that your love will be requited and that you will become renowned for your benevolence.

To dream that your fingers are cut clean off, you will lose wealth and a legacy by the intervention of enemies. ... fingers dream meaning


See “bowels”... feces dream meaning


Attempting to “catch” the desires of one’s heart, i.E.

A salesman seeking clients, a minister winning souls... fishing dream meaning


The label or reputation describing the picture, i.E.

A gold frame implies financial security; see “photo”... frame dream meaning


Animal-like character unless fake, which implies trying to act tough... fur dream meaning


(See Ball)... football dream meaning

Famous People

See Also: Actor... famous people dream meaning


To dream that you are referring to a dictionary, signifies you will depend too much upon the opinion and suggestions of others for the clear management of your own affairs, which could be done with proper dispatch if your own will was given play. ... dictionary dream meaning


To dream of fainting, signifies illness in your family and unpleasant news of the absent.

If a young woman dreams of fainting, it denotes that she will fall into ill health and experience disappointment from her careless way of living. ... fainting dream meaning


To dream of fleas, indicates that you will be provoked to anger and retaliation by the evil machinations of those close to you.

For a woman to dream that fleas bite her, foretells that she will be slandered by pretended friends.

To see fleas on her lover, denotes inconstancy. ... fleas dream meaning


Controls the flow of spiritual empowerment; see “water”... faucet dream meaning


These symbolise a person’s daughters.... breasts dream meaning


In a dream, feet represent man’s uprightness, for with them one stands erect. Ifanything happens to one’s feet in a dream, it will reflect on his financial standing, work, toiling, his boss or his delegations.

If one sees his feet pointing toward the heavens in a dream, it could denote the death of his child.

If one’s feet turn green, it means that he will suffer business losses. Ifone sees himself committing loathsome sexual acts with his feet in a dream, it means that he will pursue an unlawful sexual intercourse. Walking bear footed in a dream means toiling in life, difficulties and fatigue.

If one sees himself eating the foot of another human being in a dream, it means that he will become a close friend with him, acquire his intercession, reap success from his connection, fulfill his needs, receive benefits in his travels, or if he qualifies, he may preside over a group of poor people or guide seamen to their catch.

If he is a poor person, it means that his benefits to others are greater than if he were a rich person.

If a rich man sees himself eating the foot of another person in a dream, it means illness, weakness or blindness. As for evildoers, eating someone’s foot in a dream means imprisonment, sorrow and blame.

If one sees one ofhis feet turning into a stone, it means that he will be deprived of its use.

If one steps over a king or a ruler in a dream, it means that he will step over a coin of money that carries the figure of such a ruler.

If one’s foot is amputated in a dream, it means that he will loose half of his wealth.

If both his feet are amputated in the dream, it means that he will lose all of his wealth, or that he may die shortly. One’s feet in a dream also represent his parents or the leaders of the land.

If one’s foot is fractured in a dream, it means that he should not near the people of authorities for some days or he better leave town for sometime and pray for his safety.

If a sick person sees his foot broken in a dream, it may mean his death. Ifone sees one of his feet longer than the other in a dream, it means that he will travel and profit from his journey, or receive the needed help during his journey.

If he is rich, it means that he will become sick.

If a poor person sees himselfhaving four legs in a dream, it means that he will travel and receive help to accomplish his goals.

A rich person in that case may get sick, or it could mean longevity. Walking on three feet in a dream means either that one will grow to be old, or that through an ailment, he will not die until he uses a cane to help him walk.

If a ruler or a judge sees himself having many legs in a dream, it means that he has many helpers.

If one’s feet turn into iron in a dream, it means longevity and prosperity.

If they turn into glass in a dream, it means that he will live a short life and suffer a debilitating illness.

If they turn gold in the dream, it means that he will use them to seek a lost property or a desired wealth.

If they turn silver in the dream, it means that he is a philanderer and he will live in poverty, for lust for women and wealth cannot exist together.

If one’s feet turn into led in the dream, it means that he may suffer from paralysis, unless if the dream contains other elements that denote actions which are pleasing to God Almighty.

If one sees his foot without a covering skin in the dream, it means longevity. In a dream, one’s toes represent good deeds. Experiencing foot pain in a dream means sins and punishment or repentance and endurance.

(Also see Measure; Body’; Leg; Thigh; Travels)... foot dream meaning


Symbolic of covering and protection, Ps. 91:4.

A person or creature with feathers within a dream may be an evil spirit ... feathers dream meaning


If you are fighting your relatives in a dream it is symbolic of shame and disgrace, Prov. 19:26. If you fight other people it symbolizes bitterness and anger towards them ... fighting dream meaning


1- To see footprints in a dream indicates that we arc needing to follow someone or their way of being.

If those footprints are stretching in front of us, there is help available to us in the future, but if thcv are behind us then perhaps we need to look at the way we have done things in the past. They usually indicate help in one way or another and certainly consideration.

2- If we see footprints going in opposite directions, we need to consider what has happened in the past and what is going to happen in the future. We also need to consider what actions we have initiated in the past to enable us to move into the future. We are, as it were, standing in the present and are considering the confusion of the present and how it may affect our future.

3- We may be aware, on a subconscious level, of a Divine presence.... footprints dream meaning


To dream that you sustain a fall, and are much frightened, denotes that you will undergo some great struggle, but will eventually rise to honor and wealth; but if you are injured in the fall, you will encounter hardships and loss of friends. ... fall dream meaning


To dream of bidding farewell, is not very favorable, as you are likely to hear unpleasant news of absent friends.

For a young woman to bid her lover farewell, portends his indifference to her.

If she feels no sadness in this farewell, she will soon find others to comfort her. ... farewell dream meaning


To dream that you encounter a fiend, forbodes reckless living and loose morals.

For a woman, this dream signifies a blackened reputation.

To dream of a fiend, warns you of attacks to be made on you by false friends.

If you overcome one, you will be able to intercept the evil designs of enemies. ... fiend dream meaning


Figs, signifies a malarious condition of the system, if you are eating them, but usually favorable to health and profit if you see them growing.

For a young woman to see figs growing, signifies that she will soon wed a wealthy and prominent man. ... figs dream meaning


To dream that you see a file, signifies that you will transact some business which will prove unsatisfactory in the extreme.

To see files, to store away bills and other important papers, foretells animated discussions over subjects which bear relation to significant affairs, and which will cause you much unrest and disquiet. Unfavorable predictions for the future are also implied in this dream. ... file dream meaning


To dream of a fisherman, denotes you are nearing times of greater prosperity than you have yet known.... fisherman dream meaning


To dream of defending a fort, signifies your honor and possessions will be attacked, and you will have great worry over the matter.

To dream that you attack a fort and take it, denotes victory over your worst enemy, and fortunate engagements.... fort dream meaning


To dream that you are confined in a fortress, denotes that enemies will succeed in placing you in an undesirable situation.

To put others in a fortress, denotes your ability to rule in business or over women.... fortress dream meaning


For a woman to dream that her face is freckled, denotes that many displeasing incidents will insinuate themselves into her happiness.

If she sees them in a mirror, she will be in danger of losing her lover to a rival. ... freckles dream meaning


Reveals the motive of intent; research distinguishing details, i.E. Color of polish, length, etc.; See “pointing”... fingernails dream meaning


To dream of seeing a fawn, denotes that you will have true and upright friends.

To the young, it indicates faithfulness in love.

To dream that a person fawns on you, or cajoles you, is a warning that enemies are about you in the guise of interested friends. See Deer.... fawn dream meaning


To see a fire-engine, denotes worry under extraordinary circumstances, but which will result in good fortune.

To see one broken down, foretells accident or serious loss For a young woman to ride on one, denotes she will engage in some unladylike and obnoxious affair. ... fire-engine dream meaning


To dream of seeing flowers blooming in gardens, signifies pleasure and gain, if bright-hued and fresh; white denotes sadness. Withered and dead flowers, signify disappointments and gloomy situations.

For a young woman to receive a bouquet of mixed flowers, foretells that she will have many admirers.

To see flowers blooming in barren soil without vestage of foliage, foretells you will have some grievous experience, but your energy and cheerfulness will enable you to climb through these to prominence and happiness. ``Held in slumber’s soft embrace, She enters realms of flowery grace, Where tender love and fond caress, Bids her awake to happiness.’’ See Bouquet. ... flower dream meaning


Hypocritical, superficial, i.E.

A stage of artificial plants is figurative of an insincere performance... fake dream meaning


One who is persistently searching for something that does not belong to them; see “animals”... ferret dream meaning


Insignificant one who lives off others, mentally “bugging” them... flea dream meaning


1. Opinions or feelings regarding work.

2. Success in business. ... farmer dream meaning


1. Reverse: feelings of loss—usually material, often in business matters.

2. Communication between aspects of self or level of consciousness.

3. Entering a new phase of a relationship, a pe­riod of growth. ... find dream meaning


A fig tree represents a good harvest or increase in children for one who eats from it in a dream, or it could represent a wealthy person who benefits his community. Even his enemies will come to benefit from him, because many types of snakes live on a fig tree. No other fruit equals figs in benefits. Figs represent earnings without difficulties and it shows. Fig leaves in a dream represent distress, grief, depression. Eating a fig leaf in a dream means sorrow and afflictions. Seeing black figs in season in a dream means comfort, while seeing white figs in a dream has a better connotation. Eating a fig out of season in a dream means jealousy. On the other hand, figs in a dream also could mean sorrow, representing the latter days of Adam and Eve when they first dwelled in paradise.

(Also see Fig tree)... fig dream meaning


To dream of a fist is symbolic of aggression and anger, Ex. 21:18 ... fist dream meaning


Our dreams are full of symbolism with their messengers being all different types of people.

It is very common to dream about our friends. These are individual that are emotionally valuable to us and we learn about ourselves through them. Dreams are very rarely prophetic, thus whether your dream was good or bad, don’t expect it to come true. This dream is more than likely attempting to bring up uncomfortable feelings that you have about yourself or others.

(Remember “uncomfortable” does not necessarily mean bad.) Dreams are created by our own thinking processes, our own thoughts (conscious or unconscious) create dreams, thus, the mind that created the dream also knows its meaning!!! See Also: People.... friends dream meaning


A dream of brilliant success through hard work (Gypsy). ... forge dream meaning


To feel fatigued in a dream, foretells ill health or oppression in business.

For a young woman to see others fatigued, indicates discouraging progress in health. ... fatigue dream meaning


To dream that you ask favors of anyone, denotes that you will enjoy abundance, and that you will not especially need anything.

To grant favors, means a loss. ... favor dream meaning


To dream of seeing fowls, denotes temporary worry or illness.

For a woman to dream of fowls, indicates a short illness or disagreement with her friends. See Chickens.... fowl dream meaning

Dream In Dream

Dreaming in a dream is of significant importance; research details... dream in dream dream meaning


Put on hold for a later date; research the frozen item... frozen dream meaning


1. Male sexuality.

2. Masculine power.

3. Fertility symbol (note size). ... penis dream meaning


The symbol of a funnel suggests energy and power running from the upper realms (the spiritual) to the lower (the physical).... funnel dream meaning

Father In Law

To dream of your father-in-law, denotes contentions with friends or relatives.

To see him well and cheerful, foretells pleasant family relations.... father in law dream meaning


To see a large fleet moving rapidly in your dreams, denotes a hasty change in the business world. Where dulness oppressed, brisk workings of commercial wheels will go forward and some rumors of foreign wars will be heard. ... fleet dream meaning


Symbol of nurturing others; see “bra” and “milk”... breast dream meaning


Evidence of the removal of spiritual impurities; see “dross” and “scum”... foam dream meaning


Alien culture; the enemy only if from an enemy nation... foreign dream meaning


1. New and possibly exotic experiences in the offing.

2. A sense or feeling of community (a flock of flamingos). ... flamingo dream meaning


(See Herpes)... fungus dream meaning


The price one pays to achieve a goal; getting the right attitude or stance. See ticket. ... fare dream meaning


Light, extending kindness and help. As in Spark, here it can also mean spark of the soul.... firefly dream meaning


See Light. One is unable to tolerate the dark side of the Self or others. At the same time, however, it is a light in the darkness, a symbol of insight and hope.... flashlight dream meaning


Good connections, power, and secrets, Are you searching for your own principles or your own significance ?... freemason dream meaning


To dream that your friends are faithless, denotes that they will hold you in worthy esteem.

For a lover to dream that his sweetheart is faithless, signifies a happy marriage.... faithless dream meaning


To see a fireman in your dreams, signifies the constancy of your friends.

For a young woman to see a fireman crippled, or meet with an accident otherwise, implies grave danger is threatening a close friend. ... fireman dream meaning


To dream of floods destroying vast areas of country and bearing you on with its muddy de’bris, denotes sickness, loss in business, and the most unhappy and unsettled situation in the marriage state. See Water. ... floods dream meaning


To see anything ill formed, denotes disappointment.

To have a beautiful form, denotes favorable conditions to health and business. ... form dream meaning


To hear good news in a dream, denotes that you will be fortunate in affairs, and have harmonious companions; but if the news be bad, contrary conditions will exist. ... news dream meaning


See “egg”... fetus dream meaning


Unmerited praise used to deceive... flattery dream meaning


An inactive, aged person... fossil dream meaning


Literal... search dream meaning

Date (fruit)

1. Prosperity, abundance.

2. Unions or partnerships form, though not necessarily with the dreamer.

3. Success in professional matters. ... date (fruit) dream meaning


1. Think carefully before acting; avoid impulses (to hear a fa­ble).

2. A very creative mind that inclines toward fantasy instead of reality.

3. A great and important event is planned. ... fable dream meaning


1. Diversions (state of mind).

2. Overcome obstacles, change for the better.

3. Positive, productive social activities. ... fairground dream meaning


1. Feelings of long-repressed anger coming to the surface.

2. A feeling that dreams and desires are unattainable, especially if the frustration is sexual.

3. Plans have gone awry. ... frustration dream meaning


(Impudence; Shamelessness; Silliness; Stupidity) To make fool of oneself in a dream means ignorance.

To play silly before people in a dream means spiritual losses or foolishness. However, silliness in a dream is also interpreted to mean victory over one’s enemy, rising in station or expansion of one’s authority, ifhe is pretending.... fool dream meaning


(Inadvertence; Distraction) Forgetting something in a dream means worries, trouble, misplacing things or heedlessness.... forgetting dream meaning

Ferris Wheel

Symbolic of doing the same things over and over ... ferris wheel dream meaning


Ruin, rottenness, Eccl. 10:1. A fly is also symbolic of spiritual or physical enemies, Isa. 7:18 ... fly dream meaning

Farm, Farmyard

Care or expression of our natural drives, such as sexuality, parenthood, love of fellowship, the down- to-earth side of self; area in which our animal propensities— territorial fighting, fighting over mate, etc.—are expressed. See farmer under roles. ... farm, farmyard dream meaning


This may be represented in a dream by such things as using a pump, beating a drum, or any rhythmic movement.

If there is a tendency to repress the sexual need, it may happen that one masturbates during sleep, in an attempt to release sexual pressure. Because the person has consciously decided not to allow sexuality, this might give rise to a feeling of being possessed by another will. In fact our unconscious will to express our needs has overridden the conscious deci­sion during sleep. Out of such a split in the person, ideas about devils and possession probably arose. Although Chris­tianity at a fundamental level appears to teach the love and acceptance of all sides of human nature—therefore integration through love thy neighbour as thyself, so love thyself—in practice it becomes tight morality which creates devils through rejection and splits in human nature. In many Chris­tians, there are enormous conflicts between sexuality, love, work and spirituality. ... masturbation dream meaning


See Wealth. Abilities and talents.

Folklore: The greater your fortune, the greater the effort you have to make in the future in everyday life.... fortune dream meaning


To dream of a Flash of light, whether from a searchlight or torch is a sign of important news that will cause your plans to succeed.... flash dream meaning


Another dream connected with the inside of a sacred building.

It is not a fortunate omen.... font dream meaning


To dream of February, denotes continued ill health and gloom, generally.

If you happen to see a bright sunshiny day in this month, you will be unexpectedly and happily surprised with some good fortune.... february dream meaning


To dream of flight, signifies disgrace and unpleasant news of the absent.

For a young woman to dream of flight, indicates that she has not kept her character above reproach, and her lover will throw her aside.

To see anything fleeing from you, denotes that you will be victorious in any contention. ... flight dream meaning


To dream of a foal, indicates new undertakings in which you will be rather fortunate. ... foal dream meaning


To dream of telling, or having your fortune told, it dicates that you are deliberating over some vexed affair, and you should use much caution in giving consent to its consummation.

For a young woman, this portends a choice between two rivals. She will be worried to find out the standing of one in business and social circles.

To dream that she is engaged to a fortune-teller, denotes that she has gone through the forest and picked the proverbial stick. She should be self-reliant, or poverty will attend her marriage. ... fortune-telling dream meaning


To dream of dealing in furs, denotes prosperity and an interest in many concerns.

To be dressed in fur, signifies your safety from want and poverty.

To see fine fur, denotes honor and riches.

For a young woman to dream that she is wearing costly furs, denotes that she will marry a wise man. ... furs dream meaning


Support for the enablement of nurturing others; research details, i.E. Color, material, etc.; See “breast”... bra dream meaning


A literal female or a male with effeminate qualities... female dream meaning


True sincerity, honorable blessing... fern dream meaning


Group of people, usually religious; research accordingly... flock dream meaning


Spiritual power... fuel dream meaning


1. Reservations about getting involved with a particular woman.

2. Reluctance to get involved sexually with anyone.

3. Afraid to have a baby. ... condom dream meaning


1. Difficulties in accepting responsibility for actions.

2. Feelings of powerlessness, bad luck, need for self-determination.

3. Re­verse: good fortune is in the offing. ... fate dream meaning


1. Important message on the way—likely from the subcon­scious, possibly from an outside source.

2. Communication is sought, but from a distance. ... fax dream meaning


1. Overindulgences, possible extremes of behavior, usually sex­ual in nature.

2. The substance, fabric or “meat” of a problem. ... flesh dream meaning


1. Plans and ideas.

2. A good omen for romance and inti­mate affairs.

3. The knowledge of what must be done to correct a problem or difficulty. ... formula dream meaning


(See Cheeks)... facade dream meaning


(See Courting)... flirting dream meaning


(See Manumission)... freedom dream meaning


(See Jesting)... fun dream meaning

Air Force

Symbolic of high level spiritual warfare or a prayer covering for other Christians ... air force dream meaning


Faces are symbolic of humanity.

If the face is pale it symbolizes death or anguish, Joel 2:6.

A gleaming, smiling face symbolizes joy and peace.

A face without eyes, ears, or mouth is symbolic of being deaf and dumb to the gospel, Ezek. 12:2 ... faces dream meaning


Lies, wickedness, Ps. 58:6 ... fangs dream meaning


Fertile fields, a dream of prosperity; barren fields, disappointment (Gypsy); a symbolical dream.... fields dream meaning


Front of body, house, etc.: the more public or ex­pressed part of one’s nature, or attitudes used to meet the world’; a ‘front’ or facade, used to create an impression, the point of stress where we as a person contact others and meet impacts, and so are more vulnerable. Also, what is in front can mean the future. Sometimes, as with the front of a car or the front door of a house, especially if bonnet or door is being opened, it depicts sexual nature. See back. Idioms: a lot of front; in front of, putting up a good front. ... front dream meaning

Furniture, Furnishings

Attitudes or habits developed from family or home life, especially if it is a piece of furniture from family home or past dwelling, the attitudes, beliefs we ‘fur­nish’ our mind with, notions about self; self image.... furniture, furnishings dream meaning

Fabulous Beasts

such as Griffins, Unicorns, Minolaurs

1- In dream imagery, in order to draw the dreamer’s attention to certain qualities, animals may be shown as having characteristics belonging to other creatures. Archctypally, there arc many combinations which arc possible and which will give unlimited potential to the creative abilities within the dreamer (see Archetypes).

The dreamer is being shown that there is Freedom from conventional principles.

2- Given the freedom to crcate, the mind can produce both the fantastic and the grotesque. Such fabulous beasts are the result of trying to reconcile these two polarities.

3- Fearsome and terrifying powers of nature arc represented in this interpretation.

The dreamer should be aware of his own ‘animalistic’ power and whether he can control it.... fabulous beasts dream meaning


A freezer may mention frozen feelings of fear. Keeping things frozen represents the preservation of your ideas or resources until you are ready to use them. On the other hand, a freezer in your dream may also point to frigidity.... freezer dream meaning


It is lucky to dream of feeding a baby, for it augurs a happy family life.

Feeding animals portends an interesting journey.... feeding dream meaning


To dream that your name has been forged on a check or other document is a warning against being too trustful of your business associates.... forgery dream meaning


Vision: If you are fencing (with a rapier), it means a quarrel with friends and losing them.

Depth Psychology: Fencing might be a sign of wanting revenge, to get even.

For now try to stay away from fights and quarrels! See Dagger, Rapier.... fencing dream meaning

Fig / Fig Tree

Symbol: The fig tree is always a symbol of fertility.

Vision: Eating figs means expectations and hopes in matters of love will be fulfilled soon. Seeing dried figs means your assets are shrinking. Someone is giving you figs: a friendly relationship becomes more intense. Seeing a fig tree: hold your sexual urges in check. You see one or several figs: you are longing for love.

Depth Psychology: The fig is a symbol of sexual needs and erotic adventures.

The fig leaf means innocence and chastity that you would like to parade in front of other people.

The fig tree warns you about one-sided desires for purely sexual gratification.... fig / fig tree dream meaning


Vision: Seeing a forget-me-not: a reminder that making up with an old friend is possible. Giving forget-me-nots as a gift: you feel a certain person is neglecting you. See Flower.

Depth Psychology: This little flower is reminding you of an emotional relationship from the past; or you feel terribly neglected by someone you like very much.... forget-me-not dream meaning


You will hear something which will spur you on to greater exertions and success.... footsteps dream meaning


To dream of being feeble, denotes unhealthy occupation and mental worry. Seek to make a change for yourself after this dream.... feeble dream meaning


To see ferns in dreams, foretells that pleasant hours will break up gloomy forebodings.

To see them withered, indicates that much and varied illness in your family connections will cause you grave unrest. ... ferns dream meaning


To dream of having fits, denotes that you will fall a prey to ill health and will lose employment.

To see others in this plight, denotes that you will have much unpleasantness in your circle, caused by quarrels from those under you. ... fits dream meaning


Faintheartedness... faint dream meaning


Evidence of immorality... filth dream meaning

Fly (insect)

One who gossips; a warning to use discretion when, what and with whom one is speaking... fly (insect) dream meaning


A warning to prevent association; see “witchcraft”... fortune-teller dream meaning


The completion of testing... forty dream meaning


The spiritual strength or weakness of one’s life; the “bottom-line”, i.E. Rock, sand, etc.; Research accordingly... foundation dream meaning


Adornment of additional favor; see “frayed”... fringe dream meaning


See “breast”... nipple dream meaning


Use caution with anger; relieve anger constructively. ... firecracker dream meaning


1. The flow of forward progress, the ability to realize goals and ambitions.

2. A lack of inhibitions, sense of “freedom.” ... freeway dream meaning


1. Weight, a burden or obligation, usually emotional.

2. A feeling that positive change is in the offing, often in profes­sional or business affairs. ... freight dream meaning


1. Passion and sensuality (person or language).

2. Love (lan­guage, speaking french).

3. Misunderstanding the nature of a relationship (not understanding the language). ... french dream meaning


1. Emergence of repressed memories.

2. Difficulty in under­standing concepts or situations clearly.

3. Softness, comfort and consolation (to touch something fuzzy). ... fuzzy dream meaning


Firewood in a dream means slander and backbiting. Ifone puts two or three logs to burn in the fire in a dream, it means that an argument will take place or that an exchange of rough words will grow beyond one’s control.

If a religious person sees timber in his dream, it means that he will commits a major sin such as theft, murder, or adultery, he will then be caught and put tojustice.

If anyone kindles a fire in a dream, it means that he will report someone to the authorities. Carrying firewood in a dream means exchanging harsh words, slander, rebuke or calumniation. Seeing timber in one’s house also means profits, fulfilling needs, inheritance or endowments. Ifthe timber needs cutting in the dream, it means earnings that involve great efforts, or earnings that bring about evil.

If the timber is already cut for the fireplace in the dream, it represents a person who is favored by someone in authority, or it could mean business success. Firewood in a dream also means adversities or stinginess. Wrapped firewood in a bundle means mixed profits.

If an unemployed person sees himselfcarrying a bundle of firewood in a dream, it means that he will work for a generous person. Gathering firewood in a dream means bringing medicine for a sick person. Attributing the firewood to its mother tree or distinguishing its fruit in the dream means money of a doubtful source. Offering timber to burn in a religious ceremony in a dream means nearness to one’s Lord, or it could mean offering a gift to one’s teacher, bringing a culpable before a judge, or bringing a sick person to the doctor. In this case, if the timber burns before putting it in the fire, it means that the gift was accepted, or that a guilty person will receive a just verdict. Eating timber in a dream means earning unlawful money.

A tree stump or a log in a dream means a chronic illness or paralysis.

A prepared log for the fire in a dream means profits for those who use it to earn their livelihood.

(Also see Fire; Log) 162... firewood dream meaning


(Alarm; Shy) A fright in a dream means sickness or stress.

If a sick person or one who is suffering from stress is seized by fear in a dream, it means that he will recover from his illness or dispel his stress.

(Also see Fear; Horse fright)... fright dream meaning


(See Anger)... fury dream meaning

Filing Cabinet

Symbolic of storing events, situations, or memories... filing cabinet dream meaning

Forest Fire

Disaster, judgment, Ps. 83:14, Jer. 21:14 ... forest fire dream meaning


To dream of relating a dream indicates that something unusual is about to happen (Raphael). Evidently a struggle on the part of the subconscious to bring the matter before the consciousness.... dream dream meaning


To dream of flames denotes happiness (Gypsy). Flames, a Christian symbol of zeal, fervor.... flames dream meaning

Authority Figure

Might depict what has arisen in your life out of relationship with father, one’s relationship with authority, a view of how one uses power or authority. ... authority figure dream meaning


Example: ‘The group I followed on the underground got off. I followed them.

An elderly woman friend told me they were going home, not to my destination’ (Debbie T).

To follow is to be influenced by, have an attraction to; pursue, seek something; look for. Debbie processed her dream and realised she was following old habits—the friend—which weren’t taking her where she wanted. Nearly always suggests we are being led by an attitude, hope or habit, and not con­sciously assessing present needs. Following animal: led by basic drives, intuition or instinct. Following opposite sex: led by desire for satisfaction in love. Being followed: taking the initiative; a continued sense of hope; doom, hunch, instinct; pursued by memory, pain, guilt, ambition. Followed by oppo­site sex, memories of old love. Followed by animal: see chased. ... follow dream meaning

Foreign Countries

Different attitude; different mental or emotional ‘climate’ than one’s norm. One’s personal associa­tions or ideas about any particular country need to be ex­plored. Use the questions in dream processing. See abroad. ... foreign countries dream meaning


Personal style or vanity, as in Jewelry and Mask.... fashion dream meaning

Frying Pan

Domesticity, as with all symbols that have to do with food and eating.

According to Freud, as with everything that can be put on top of the stove, a sexual symbol.... frying pan dream meaning


1- To dream of the process of fermentation indicates that events are occurring in the background of which we are aware but we must wait for them to develop.

2- A process of fermentation allows us to transform and transmute ordinary aspccts of our personality into new and wonderful characteristics.

3- Spiritual transformation and transmutation.

The dreamer should welcome this symbol in a dream and be prepared to move forward.... fermentation dream meaning


1- Any violent act against the person usually indicates some form of punishment.

To dream of being flogged would indicate that we are aware that someone is driving us beyond our limits, often in an inappropriate manner. Flogging ourselves would highlight a type of masochism in our own personality.

2- Flogging someone else means we have to be careful that we are not attempting to impose our will on that person. While painful there is also a degree of encouragement and stimulation present.

3- Atonement of sins.... flogging dream meaning


also see Border

1- To dream of crossing a border or frontier from one placc to another represents making great changes in life, actively instigating a change from one state to another, perhaps taking ourselves from the past to the future, or causing other people round us to make those changes.

2- Psychologically when we cross from one way of life to another such as changing from puberty to adulthood or from middle age to old age we need to depict this by creating an actual marker. In dreams for a frontier to appear is crossing a barrier within ourselves.

3- Spiritually, we have a new experience ahead of us which we can use on our way towards enlightenment.... frontier dream meaning


(see Locations, Pictographs)

A means of self-identification. What image appears on the flag, and what does it say about your true self?

Battered flags indicate some type of war being waged, often on an emotional level. Raising flags represents honor and remembrance of traditions.

Flags flying at half-mast represent a literal or figurative death, or some type of memorial. This can be circumstantial too, like the death of a relationship, or the ending of a job.

Allegiance and devotion. In what condition does the flag appear? If torn in two, this can represent divided loyalty or a conflict of interest. Also note the country, state, or city the flag represents for more insight.... flags dream meaning


Green leaves are prophecies of well-being.

If the foliage is dead, the omen is one of unhappiness.... foliage dream meaning


A pleasing new acquaintance is predicted by dreaming of a sweet odor.... fragrance dream meaning


It is an omen of domestic happiness if a man dreams of seeing his wife or children frowning.

The same is true for a wife.... frown dream meaning

Foreign Country

Your happiness lies at home. ... foreign country dream meaning


Dreams of fasting indicates -discipline.

If you are abstaining from food/thoughts that are unhealthy for you, then this indicates that you are releasing and detoxifying impurities from your system. Releasing what you don’t want so that you can feast on what you do want.

If this dream is about rapid movement, see Fast Lane or Express.... fast dream meaning


Dreams of fertilizer represent that setting the foundation for your dreams to grow into fruition.

It is often our greatest challenges that become the compost that help us to grow the garden of our dreams. See Garden, Dirt and Excrement.... fertilizer dream meaning

Armed Forces

Any armed force is a disciplined group made up of many elements.

It is this bringing together of the correct balance of factors which gives us a spiritual interpretation – a strong force, usually for good, a coherent whole with a joint purpose.... armed forces dream meaning

Fall / Falling

Spiritual fear or forgetfulness is symbolized here, particularly the fall from grace, from a state of innocent bliss to a state of sinful understanding, with its attendant consequences we may feel we are slipping away from a situation, essentially we are losing our place. This can be because of others’ negative influence.... fall / falling dream meaning

Follow / Follower

We are aware of either the need for, or the recognition of, ‘discipleship’ in life. In undertaking our own spiritual development there is a path that we must follow.... follow / follower dream meaning


Force implies strength greater than our own, in this context spiritual strength and awareness. Psychic disturbance and spiritual presence is often felt by many sensitives as an inexorable force.... force dream meaning

Friend / Friendship

A friend is someone we have special feelings for; friendship is much valued in spiritual work. We can continue on our spiritual search in the knowledge that we are being supported.... friend / friendship dream meaning


To dream of seeing fingerprints, if they are not your own, suggests that you are missing someone or something. You may also be involved in a confusing relationship, in which you aren’t sure of the other person’s feelings.

If you dream of seeing your own fingerprints, or having them taken by police, you are feeling guilty about something. It’s possible that you haven’t been entirely truthful with a certain someone, or you’re blaming yourself for a real-life situation.... fingerprints dream meaning


To dream of reading or telling fables, denotes pleasant tasks and a literary turn of mind.

To the young, it signifies romantic attachments.

To hear, or tell, religious fables, denotes that the dreamer will become very devotional.... fables dream meaning


To dream of an Indian fakir, denotes uncommon activity and phenomenal changes in your life. Such dreams may sometimes be of gloomy import.... fakir dream meaning


To dream of a fiddle, foretells harmony in the home and many joyful occasions abroad. See Violin. ... fiddle dream meaning


To dream of hearing a fife, denotes that there will be an unexpected call on you to defend your honor, or that of some person near to you.

To dream that you play one yourself, indicates that whatever else may be said of you, your reputation will remain intact.

If a woman has this dream, she will have a soldier husband. ... fife dream meaning


To dream of figures, indicates great mental distress and wrong. You will be the loser in a big deal if not careful of your actions and conversation. ... figure dream meaning


To dream of the firmament filled with stars, denotes many crosses and almost superhuman efforts ere you reach the pinnacle of your ambition. Beware of the snare of enemies in your work.

To see the firmament illuminated and filled with the heavenly hosts, denotes great spiritual research, but a final pulling back on Nature for sustenance and consolation. You will often be disappointed in fortune also.

To see people you know in the firmament, signifies that they are about to commit some unwise act through you, and others must be the innocent sufferers. Great disasters usually follow this dream. See Illumination. ... firmament dream meaning


To dream of a fish-net, portends numerous small pleasures and gains.

A torn one, represents vexatious disappointments. ... fish-net dream meaning


To dream that you are frightened at anything, denotes temporary and fleeting worries. See Affrighted. ... frightened dream meaning


Cultivating something new in one’s life; see “cultivate”... farming dream meaning


Jubilee, the celebration of emancipation and restoration... fifty dream meaning


A natural fabric is figurative of a divine covering; research color, design, etc.... flannel dream meaning


A spiritual weakness causing failure... flaw dream meaning


Insincere, casual interest; revealed to prevent deception... flirt dream meaning


See “adultery”... fornication dream meaning


Spiritual fruits are love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance; research individually... fruits dream meaning


Oil represents the holy spirit; fried food is spiritually prepared; see “food” and “oil”... fry dream meaning


Pleasant words and deeds that appease in a working situation... fudge dream meaning


1. Change of social image.

2. Recent changes may be super­ficial. ... face-lift dream meaning


1. Indirect or badly directed anger.

2. To use time badly (as in “fart around”).

3. To reveal inner self or secrets. ... fart dream meaning


1. Good luck and prosperity.

2. The ability to realize dreams and ambitions. ... fifteen dream meaning


1. Tremendous good luck—usually regarding financial affairs, often social.

2. Difficulties in business, often due to one’s own doing (to cut a fir tree down). ... fir dream meaning


1. A phallic symbol.

2. Repressed hostility or fear toward an individual.

3. Issues regarding personal safety.

4. Goals and ambitions (target practice). ... firearms dream meaning


1. Humility, the ability to “listen and learn.” 2. Indepen­dence, self-reliance and confidence. ... fourteen dream meaning

Full Moon

1. Avoidance of responsibilities, obligations, possibly bad behavior (as in “blame it on the moon”).

2. Magic, mystery and romance. ... full moon dream meaning


1. Lucky at love.

2. A change for the better (to change into clean ones).

3. Exposure, shame, embarrassment (to be caught in).

4. Feminine self; an exploration of sexuality. ... panties dream meaning


(Imprisonment; Suckling; Nursing) In a dream, it means being in need, becoming an orphan, business losses, being emotional or having a temper.

If a woman sees herself breast-feeding a man in a dream, it means tightness of worldly means or imprisonment for both of them. Breast-feeding a child after weaning him in a dream means a sickness or imprisonment. Though, if a pregnant woman sees herself breast-feeding a child in a dream, it means that she will have a safe delivery. Ifone sees himselfbreast-feeding a hunted animal, or a domesticated one, or if one sees himself suckling their milk in a dream, it means that an affliction, or a calamity will strike at that person, then it will secede.

If a man sees himself having milk in his breast in a dream, it means material success and prosperity. Should he breast-feed someone in that dream, it denotes ill consequences for both people. Ifa woman sees a man suckling milk from her breast in a dream, it means that he uses force with her to give him her money.

If a woman sees herself moving between other women and breastfeeding them in a dream, it means that she will never yield milk. Ifa sick person sees himself suckling milk in a dream, it means that he will recover from his illness.

(Also see Milk)... breast-feeding dream meaning


(See Boat; Ship)... ferryboat dream meaning


Asking for forgiveness in a dream means expansion in one’s wealth, victory in one’s life, repelling calamities, long life and bearing children. Ifasking for forgiveness is done after completing one’s prayers in the dream, it means that one’s prayers will be answered.

If one confronts the necessity of asking for forgiveness, then ifhe disdains from doing so in the dream, it means that he is a hypocrite.

If a person is asked to repent and to ask for forgiveness in a dream, it means that he or she will commit adultery.... forgiveness dream meaning


(See Foam)... froth dream meaning

Fur Coat

A sable fur coat in a dream means a war, a fight or deception. It also denotes vulgarity, meanness, or it could represent a powerful man, his wealth and children.

(Also see Fur; Sable)... fur coat dream meaning

Junk Food

Listening to advice that has little value, Jer. 23:32... junk food dream meaning

Rabbit’s Foot

Symbolic of false hope ... rabbit’s foot dream meaning

Water Fountain

Symbolic of good words and life, Prov. 10:11 ... water fountain dream meaning

Flying Saucer

See UFO. ... flying saucer dream meaning

Interpretation Of Dreams

Although mind and body may be a total unity, and the separation in language merely a conve­nience, despite its unity our being has a number of interacting systems.

The action of the hean on the other systems is obvi­ous, and the influence of emotions on the organs is also be­coming obvious. What is not so well established is the impor­tance of the feedback occurring when we gain insight into our own functioning through understanding a dream. Although our being is already a self regulating system, the ability to turn consciousness inwards to make clear aspects of unconscious function appears to increase the efficiency of self regulation. This is shown in the first example of reptiles, lizards, snakes, where David finds a long-standing neck pain and goes through insight into its cause. In this way wc might be seen as a conscious organism which not only reprogrammes mental patterns or habits, but to some extent can renovate or change body efficiency as well. See dream analysis; dream process­ing; the Introduction. ... interpretation of dreams dream meaning

Fishing Rod

Being dependent on somebody, or wanting somebody to depend on you, often with sexual undertones (the happy hooker).

To reach for something way down deep (Water). Quiet and contemplation.

Folklore: Disappointment or reaching for success.... fishing rod dream meaning


Going forward by the most simple means on the Water of emotions.

The dreamer should not just drift along. This is dangerous, because when you’re floating, it is difficult to steer. On the other hand, you may trust that the water will carry you.

It is very important how the trip is proceeding.

Folklore: An interesting life.... float dream meaning

Authority Figures

(Such as teachers etc.) - see Individual Entries and also see Authority Figures in People Section... authority figures dream meaning

False Teeth

To see false teeth, or someone noticeably wearing false teeth, means that someone is putting up a false front in dealing with you. Check your business contacts carefully If you dream that you are wearing false teeth, it means that you are not being totally honest in things you are saying.... false teeth dream meaning


(see Arithmetic, Calculators, Numbers)... fractions dream meaning


(see Baking, Cake, Eating)

Glossing over the surface of a matter without really digging down to get the full story.

The little serendipitous bonuses in life, like the icing on a cake.

The sweetness of the frosting gives it some meanings similar to candy.

A decorative facade that won’t hold up under detailed scrutiny.... frosting dream meaning


The unseen world, our imagination, and the spirit of the inner child that awaits acknowledgment or expression (see Fables).

Brownies: Tiny, ragged men who symbolize matters of hearth and home, especially keeping things orderly and well run.

Elves: Thin, fair-skinned, pointed-eared, forest-dwelling Devas, these represent your magical or mischievous side.

Gnomes: As squat earth-dwellers, these creatures symbolize earth-related concerns.

Goblins: Green-skinned impish creatures that usually equate to our fears, malevolent prankishness, and, potentially, thievery.

Leprechauns: Shoe makers and the eternal gypsies of the fairy folk, these represent good luck, improved wealth, and a rogue-like personality.

Pixies: Being lead astray by something that looks quite innocent.

Salamander: A spirit who embodies a single flame, this Being knows how to live life to its fullest, and suggests you do the same (see Fire).

Sylph: Joy, laughter, carefree existence. Possibly a type of flying dream, as these fairies have gossamer wings (see Air).

Troll: Something or someone that prohibits a change or movement that you’re trying to make (see Bridge), at least not without exacting a price.

Undines (Merpeople): Essential emotions, and things you regard as wholly lovely (see Water). Alternatively, your idealized image of masculinity or femininity, depending on the sex of the creature (see Men, Women).... fairies dream meaning

Picture Frame

Straightening a framed picture may signify that you need to balance out a concept in your mind.

A picture frame may suggest the need to set a framework or explain the penmeters of your vision in order to convey an idea clearly.... picture frame dream meaning


It is fortunate to dream that someone tells you a lie.... falsehood dream meaning

Bare Feet

It is considered fortunate to dream that you are naked.

If only the feet are bare, then you may expect some trouble or difficulty, but by perseverance and hard work you will prove successful.... bare feet dream meaning


To dream tliat you have become Famous is a bad sign. It shows loss and change for the worse.... famous dream meaning


To dream of drinking wine from a Flask presages the enjoyment of a fortune; if the wine holds water, you will be happy but not rich; to break a Flask, losses.... flask dream meaning


It is a good sign for your love affairs if you dream that you are careful when Folding your clothes or house linen.... folding dream meaning


See Emotions and The Emotions of Shadow and Light (Introduction).... feeling dream meaning

Feng Shui

To dream of Feng Shui symbolizes your desire to be rid of clutter in your life, emotionally and physically; to connect with your natural sense of order and clarity. This dream demonstrates your desire to maximize your environment to optimally support you.... feng shui dream meaning

Flight Attendant

Dreams of a flight attendant represent angelic assistance helping to make your journey to higher consciousness as smooth as possible. You are realizing that you are never alone, because divine assistance is always at hand. See Angel.... flight attendant dream meaning


Dreams of something fragile symbolize that you are feeling vulnerable, as though you could easily break. Interestingly, your sensitivity can also be the source of your greatest strength. This dream is a message to handle your dreams and desires with care.... fragile dream meaning


See Frozen.... freeze dream meaning


Dreams of a fugitive symbolize rebellion, a fear of being caught, and the fact that you may be harboring guilt or shame about something you did or didn’t do.... fugitive dream meaning


Dreams of a fuse represent synergy, cooperation, and working together. Separate aspects of yourself that may have been confused are now coming together and fusing.

A fuse also denotes that you are connecting with ideas, insights and inspirations that feel electrifying. You may be in a position to have to reject or refuse something or someone. See Energy.... fuse dream meaning

Fail / Failure

When we have a sense of failure in dreams this may be highlighting depression or spiritual frustration. Such a feeling may indicate, before we are consciously aware of it, that we have not come up to our own expectations and feel we have let others down.... fail / failure dream meaning

Fair / Fairground

A metaphor for life itself, with its merry-go-round and its spiritual ‘ups and downs’, is the image of a fairground.... fair / fairground dream meaning

Fake / False

Anything that is fake or false is counterfeit (made in imitation of the original). This echoes the idea that man was made in the image of god, a spiritual concept. In dreams we can become acutely aware of humanity as opposed to divinity.... fake / false dream meaning


A fanatic was initially ‘one who was inspired by god’, zealous in all he did in the service of his god. Only later did this become debased into the more negative meaning of someone who has no sense of respect for physical life. It is, unfortunately, this latter interpretation that surfaces in many of today’s dreams.... fanatic dream meaning


See fish... fin dream meaning

Float / Floating

From a spiritual perspective floating in dreams is often a precursor to out of body experiences. In lucid dreaming we can learn to control flight, and to astral travel (deliberately change consciousness).... float / floating dream meaning

Flying / Flight

Flight is a common image when seeking spiritual freedom.

To be flying upwards is to be moving towards a more spiritual appreciation of our lives, while to be flying downwards is to be making an attempt to understand the subconscious and all that entails.... flying / flight dream meaning


When we become conscious of the foundations of buildings, we become aware that spiritual practice needs a good basis from which to start.... foundations dream meaning

Fraction / Fragment

Any fragmentation perceived from a spiritual perspective suggests that integration has not yet taken place or has broken down. We have only partial information available to us.... fraction / fragment dream meaning

Freeze / Frozen

When something appears frozen in dreams it has been rendered immobile and usually requires some spiritual effort to free it from its rigidity.... freeze / frozen dream meaning


If you dream of kissing or desiring a faceless person, this dream represents your basic desire to be loved. In all other cases, dreaming of a faceless person suggests that something happened around the time of the dream that made you subconsciously decide not to get personal with people. It’s possible that what happened to you was so hurtful that your mind is protecting you from having to “face” the memory.... faceless dream meaning

Flea Market

To dream of being at a flea market, or shopping in one, symbolizes minor financial problems which can be overcome by using a little self-control.

To dream of working at a flea market forecasts a stroke of money luck.... flea market dream meaning

Frozen Food

A dream of frozen food represents something that has been suppressed, rejected, or denied.... frozen food dream meaning

Cloven Foot

To dream of a cloven foot, portends some unusual ill luck is threatening you, and you will do well to avoid the friendship of strange persons. ... cloven foot dream meaning

Fish Market

To visit a fish market in your dream, brings competence and pleasure.

To see decayed fish, foretells distress will come in the guise of happiness. ... fish market dream meaning


To see flax in a dream, prosperous enterprises are denoted.... flax dream meaning


To dream of fly-paper, signifies ill health and disrupted friendships. ... fly-paper dream meaning


To see a fly-trap in a dream, is signal of malicious designing against you.

To see one full of flies, denotes that small embarrassments will ward off greater ones. ... fly-trap dream meaning


To dream of crossing a clear stream of water on a foot-log, denotes pleasant employment and profit.

If the water is thick and muddy, it indicates loss and temporary disturbance.

For a woman this dream indicates either a quarrelsome husband, or one of mild temper and regular habits, as the water is muddy or clear.

To fall from a foot-log into clear water, signifies short widowhood terminating in an agreeable marriage.

If the water is not clear, gloomy prospects. See Bridge. ... foot-log dream meaning


For a young woman to dream of forsaking her home or friend, denotes that she will have troubles in love, as her estimate of her lover will decrease with acquaintance and association. See Abandoned and Lover.... forsaking dream meaning

Potter’s Field

To see a potter’s field in your dreams, denotes you will have poverty and misery to distress you.

For a young woman to walk through a potter’s field with her lover, she will give up the one she loves in the hope of mercenary gain. ... potter’s field dream meaning

Prize Fight

To see a prize fight in your dreams, denotes your affairs will give you trouble in controlling them. ... prize fight dream meaning


Unwavering confidence in god’s word, evidence of things hoped for and not seen... faith dream meaning


To serve; see “food”... feed dream meaning


“Screening” one’s life for protection from undesirables... filter dream meaning


A warning... fired dream meaning


Courageous and strong-willed... flint dream meaning


Revealed as a warning in order to guide one successfully; if spiritual instead of literal, see “evicted”... foreclosure dream meaning


Fair one... fraser dream meaning


Diligent, industrious worker... fuller dream meaning


A problematic area of one’s life that is filled with hidden or unexpected traps and loopholes; see “missile”... mine-field dream meaning


Patronizing for the purpose of gaining favor is spoiled when exposed... seduce dream meaning


1. Rivalry and jealousy.

2. A desire or need for spiritual cul­tivation or enhancement.

3. Contentment in love relationships (faithful spouse). ... faithful dream meaning


1. Feelings of danger or need of defense.

2. A sense that serious difficulties or troubles are in the offing.

3. Use caution to avoid harsh or hurtful words. ... fang dream meaning


1. A possible brush with the law.

2. Guilt over a morally am­biguous activity.

3. A feeling of being spied on or followed. ... fbi dream meaning


1. Guilt or regret, likely over a past activity.

2. Difficul­ties in financial matters.

3. A permanent mark. ... fingerprint dream meaning


1. Love affairs.

2. Disappointments (a ripped net).

3. Weather changes.

4. Sexual attraction, pleasures and good fortune (fish­net stockings). ... fishnet dream meaning


1. Luck and prosperity (note if the pond is clear or dirty).

2. Possible illness (muddy water).

3. Love will be reciprocated (to fall into a clear pond).

4. The unconscious, a “reflection of self” (note quality of water: clear or muddy). ... fishpond dream meaning


1. Unemotional, detached and distant.

2. Something easily un­derstood. ... flat dream meaning


1. Direction, authority and judgment.

2. A point or message trying to get across, possibly from one level of consciousness to the next.

3. A sense of accusations and harsh judgment. ... forefinger dream meaning


1. Misunderstanding, usually due to inability or awk­wardness in communication.

2. Retrieving something lost.

3. Aspect of personality never seen before. ... foreigners dream meaning


A new beginning, a new phase of life. ... foyer dream meaning


1. Taste and refinement, culture.

2. Emotional tranquility or a measure of it.

3. Awareness, connectedness to the environment or spirituality. ... fuchsia dream meaning

Pinky Finger

1. Honor, loyalty and trustworthiness.

2. Weak­ness.

3. An oath or promise.

4. The intellect; ability to com­municate. ... pinky finger dream meaning

Ring Finger

1. Union, marriage or commitment.

2. Sexual availability.

3. Success in social affairs and activities. ... ring finger dream meaning

Army’s Flag

(Banner; Flag) In a dream, the flag of an army represents a pious man, a scholar, a religious doctor, a spiritual leader, an ascetic, or a rich and a generous person who is an example to others. Ared flag in a dream means war, while a yellow flag means a plague.

A green flag in a dream means a blessed journey, while a white flag means rain.

A black flag in a dream means drought and doubt, or it could mean a rainstorm. Sighting the flag of an army in a dream means finding one’s way or finding guidance.

For a woman, seeing a flag in her dream means getting married.

(Also see Banner; Colors; Flag)... army’s flag dream meaning

Facts To Be Taken Into Consideration Before A Mu’abbir Interprets A Dream

It is imperative that the mu’abbir or interpreter understands fully and properly every details of a dream seen by any person. He should be able to weigh it on the scale of the rules of interpretation.

If the numerous facts emerging from a dream are such that they correspond with each other logically then such a dream will be deemed as a genuine and authentic dream. But if the facts emerging from such a dream are such that they do not correspond with each other then the interpreter should reflect on the apparent meaning of the words. Whichever meaning is nearest to the rules of interpretation, such a meaning should be adopted

If a dream is of a complicated nature so that if cannot be weighed on the scale of the rules of interpretation then such a dream will be deemed as meaningless.

If a certain dream causes the interpreter to become dubious then he should appeal to the conscience of the observer of such a dream: If the dream concerns Salaah, he should question him about Sallah; if it concerns a journey he should question him about the journey; if it concerns marriage, he should question him about marriage. Thereafter, the mu’abbir will interpret to the best of his knowledge

The interpreter should be extremely cautious when interpreting a dream: If the dream evidences obscenity and indecency he should either use pleasant words when interpreting it or simply avoid interpreting it.

It is necessary for a mu’abbir to establish the biological and logical classification of thins and give its interpretation accordingly.

The biological and logical classification of things can be made as follows : (a) geneses (b) species (c) nature and characteristics.... facts to be taken into consideration before a mu’abbir interprets a dream dream meaning


(See Justice)... fairness dream meaning

Fat Person

(Heavy weight) If one sees himself unusually fat in a dream, it means increase in his wealth and richness. Ifhe is wearing a yellow gown in the dream, then his dream represents a light sickness that will not last. Being fat in a dream represents respect, honor, strong religious convictions, being a special person, or it could mean fame.

(Also see Skin)... fat person dream meaning


(See Boast; Bragging; Daring; Exploit)... feat dream meaning

Feather And Wings

If a person sees himself having feathers and two wings it suggests that he will acquire wealth and riches.

If he sees himself flying it means he will undertake a journey.... feather and wings dream meaning

Fig Tree

(See Tree)... fig tree dream meaning

Fishing Boat

(See Boat; Ship)... fishing boat dream meaning

Fishing Pole

A fishing pole in a dream means a ploy and deception.

The same interpretation goes for all fishing tools and equipment.

It is better to see oneself in a dream holding it, than seeing others fishing with it or carrying it. 164... fishing pole dream meaning

Fitting Room

(See Dressing room)... fitting room dream meaning

Flower Garden

(See Garden)... flower garden dream meaning


(See Pleat)... fold dream meaning


(See Deserted)... forlorn dream meaning


(See Feebleness)... frailty dream meaning


(Incense) In a dream, frankincense represents the occasion for which it is burned.

(Also see Incense)... frankincense dream meaning


(arb. Jumu’a, the sixth day of the week.) Recognizing Friday, the sixth day of the week in which the believers gather for their congregational prayers in a dream means receiving God’s blessings, recuperating a lost property, receiving compensation for one’s losses, and changes in his financial conditions from tightness to ease. Ifone sees people gathered to pray the congregational Friday prayers at the grand mosque while he is still in his house or shop, and ifhe hears the call and segments of their prayers, or if he suspects people to be leaving the mosque to return to their homes in the dream, it means loss of his status in that town. Ifonejoins the congregational prayers in the dream, it means that he will receive protection and honor in that town. Ifone thinks it is Friday in his dream, then the meaning will be more pejorative than laudatory. Joining the congregational Friday prayers in a dream also may connote a pleasant journey with anticipation of a financial reward one may receive. Joining the Friday congregational prayers in a dream is a sign of joy and living to join one of the two festive congregational prayers of the end of Ramadan or that of the pilgrimage season.

The Friday congregational prayers in a dream also represents the pilgrimage of the poor people, or satisfying one’s debts. It also means anticipating a relaxed financial conditions, or meeting with an old friend or a beloved after a long separation.

(Also see Pilgrimage; Preachr)... friday dream meaning


(Knitting one’s brows; Scowling) Frowning in a dream connotes a misfortune.... frowning dream meaning


Frying meat or eggs or fish, etcetera in a dream means separation or turning away from someone or something. It also means satisfying one’s needs, attaining one’s goal or identifying it. Frying in a dream represents the skill of cultivating one’s personal entitlements, or it could mean the home returning of a long awaited traveller or the release of a prisoner. Frying something with sugar in a dream represents a profitable business partnership.

(Also see Deep frying)... frying dream meaning

Human Flesh

(See Flesh)... human flesh dream meaning

Interpretation According To The Contrasting Meaning Of Things

Seeing oneself as weeping will be interpreted as joy and happiness as long as such weeping is not done with sound, screaming or tearing one’s collar to pieces as when mourning. One the contrary joy, happiness, merry-making, laughter, dancing etc. will be interpreted as grief and sorrow

Similarly, if two persons are seen fighting in the dream then the one who loses the battle will be the one to gain victory.

Similarly, if a person sees himself being cupped it means he will be compelled to fulfill certain conditions in an agreement or contract. Or if a person sees himself being made to agree on certain conditions, it means he will get cupped.

The reason being that in Arabic the word shart (condition) is sometimes used to mean “cupping*”

*Cupping: The use of a cupping glass from which the air has been exhausted, to draw blood to the surface of the skin-Collins).... interpretation according to the contrasting meaning of things dream meaning

Interpretation According To Varying Times

If a person dreams during the night that he is mounted on an elephant it suggests that he will profit immensely from a certain affair or contractor task. But if such a dream is observed during the day it means he will divorce his wife.... interpretation according to varying times dream meaning

Interpretation According To The Varying Conditions Of People

If a righteous and noble person sees himself as handcuffed or placed in a pillory* It means he will remain safeguarded against mischief and wickedness. But if the observer of such a dream is wicked it suggests that he will commit excessive sins due to which he will be doomed to hell-fire May Allah, through His infinite mercy, save us from hell-fire, Ameen.

(*Pillory: a wooden board with holes for the head and hands in which petty offenders were formerly locked and exposed to public scorn).

.... interpretation according to the varying conditions of people dream meaning

Fire Extinguisher

Symbolic of the need to put out an argument or disagreement, Prov. 25:8 ... fire extinguisher dream meaning


A person who helps extinguish problems between people or helps out in times of disaster ... firefighter dream meaning

Flat Tire

Symbolic of not being able to move quickly in life or not being able to go where you want ... flat tire dream meaning


Symbolic of testing, faith, and approval, Judg. 6:36 ... fleece dream meaning


Symbolic of being pursued by an enemy or God chasing His enemies, Ps. 68:1 ... fleeing dream meaning


Symbolic of discarding something worthless ... flushing dream meaning


worshiping God, Ps. 99:5.

A footstool can also symbolize an enemy being subject to you, Ps. 110:1... footstool dream meaning


May represent your level of self control. Maybe you need more or less of it. Additionally, this dream may express your need for privacy or connote feelings of being trapped.

The details of this dream are vital to its interpretation, including your feelings while having the dream.... fences dream meaning

Forest / Woods

They may represent your unconscious or your “mental space.” If you are lost in the woods, it may be a reflection of feelings of confusion and lack of clear direction.

The dark and threatening woods may represent the dark and unexplored areas of the psyche.

The details and experiences in your life.Is the forest dark or light?Peaceful or unwelcoming?A forest generally speaks of activities, persons and things hidden and away from public eye. ... forest / woods dream meaning

Woods / Forest

They may represent your unconscious or your “mental space”.

If you are lost in the woods it may be a reflection of feelings of confusion and lack of clear direction. See also: Tree, Jungle... woods / forest dream meaning


A slander to the reputation (Gypsies). A phallic symbol (Jung, Freud). ... faggots dream meaning

Fire From Heaven

“When thou dreamest Fire from Heaven is sent Some extraordinary thing is meant; A king or prince that often dreameth so Will in his country find both war and woe.” —Artemidorus.... fire from heaven dream meaning


To dream of floodlights shows that you want to throw a lot of light on a subject and get everything out in the open where it can be seen and understood.

A floodlight that burns out shows that you will be kept in the dark about certain things, but if you replace the bulb, you will uncover all the secrets.... floodlights dream meaning

Fork (in The Road)

If the dreamer goes to a fork in the road and sees a big oak tree this indicates that there is an important decision that must be made which will change his or her life and should be considered with much care.

If the fork in the road is just ordinary then the dreamer will have a decision to make bearing on important matters, but not necessarily a matter to change ones life.... fork (in the road) dream meaning

Fork (utensil)

To dream of being stabbed with a fork or seeing someone stabbed with one is a warning to guard your statements in order not to lose status and prestige.

If you see someone eating with a fork it denotes that the dreamer may be cleared of all his present worries through the intervention of a friend.... fork (utensil) dream meaning

Dwarf, Malformed Figure

A pan of our personality left un­developed or not integrated.

For instance we may have musi­cal ability which was suppressed by the need to bnng up children. Also a pan of self malformed by painful childhood experience or lack of emotional nourishment. It may therefore be a link with our unconscious. ... dwarf, malformed figure dream meaning


  • Bad luck.
  • Difficulties ahead.
  • Be careful.
  • One of the best of all omens.
  • Your wishes are granted.
  • Temptation.
  • Bad omen.
  • The bird of the soul.
  • Wishes are being fulfilled.
  • Good omen, particularly monetary.
  • A young relative is being honored.

    Uroboros: See Ouroboros.

  • ... folklore dream meaning

    Foreign Language

    The speech of Other; also the unknown part of ourselves. Something is not understood, or you are unwilling to understand. Your task lies in the translation and therefore the understanding of the unknown and the foreign. Should you show more understanding? Or are you too understanding?... foreign language dream meaning


    A female sexual symbol. Obstacles are in your way. You must reach down and deal with your shadow.

    The opposite of plow.

    A city persons romantic longing for the natural country life, as in Field, Ear of corn, and Farm.... furrow dream meaning

    Nail File

    Something needs to be smoothed out. Vanity. According to Freud, male genitals.... nail file dream meaning

    Wheat Field

    Life’s tasks, productivity, and success. See Grain, Field, Seed, Harvest. Compare this also with the allegory about the wheat kernel that must die in order to bear fruit many times over.... wheat field dream meaning

    Feet / Foot

    see Limbs in Body... feet / foot dream meaning


    1- Any instrument used to beat us in dreams is a recognition that someone has power over us, and can use force rather than giving us the power to act for ourselves.

    2- The flail would reinforce our ideas about authority. In older times the Jester would use a pig’s bladder to flail the king to remind him of his humility.

    3- A llail also sometimes represents spiritual supremacy and Supreme power which may be available to us.... flail dream meaning


    (see Herbs)

    An alternative emblem for fire. According to Greek mythology, Prometheus bore a burning fennel stalk to earth when presenting humankind with this gift.

    Clear vision and defined goals. In folk remedies, this herb is used to aid eyesight.

    Folkloric: The natural cycle of death and rebirth that may be allegorical or situational. S? iakes are said to shed their skin after eating this herb.

    The ongoing battle between dark and light, good and evil within or without. In the Strega tradition (the Witches of Italy), symbolic battles are fought between good and evil sorcerers using fennel stalks for weapons.

    The goal of this enactment is to ward off negativity and ensure a good crop.

    Digesting recently received information. Historically, fennel was favored to aid indigestion.... fennel dream meaning


    (see Mirror)

    Distorted images of reality.

    Having inaccurate perceptions based on superficials, especially in regard to self-image.

    An expression of your inner child who is seeking some attention.... funhouse dream meaning


    Fingernails are human claws and thus relate to your ability to protect yourself.

    For a woman, they may remark on her rage. Long fingernails may mention the need to claw through some great obstacle.

    A broken fingernail may indicate a loss in the ability to protect your work or a creative project.... fingernail dream meaning


    Forty-four is the sum of twenty-two and twenty- two, the number of a spiritual master or teacher. This number can also represent the sacred union or a divine marriage.... forty-four dream meaning


    Playing Frisbee may comment on tossing ideas through the air with a partner, perhaps about a creative project.... frisbee dream meaning


    To dream of filberts is trouble and anger.... filberts dream meaning


    These flowers portend an interesting and agreeable experience.... foxgloves dream meaning

    Fight, Fighting

    Symbol: uThe law of a sinful world is the law of fighting.”

    Vision: You are watching a fight: conciliatory words will defuse the tension between other people. Fighting on a battlefield: adversaries, enemies, hate, or envy make your life difficult, but you are able to defend yourself successfully. Witnessing a fight: don’t use the old saving: “living well is the best revenge” as a motto for your life, because: “those who laugh last laugh best!” See Beating.

    Depth Psychology: Dreaming about fighting reflects the difficulties you have in balancing conflicting personality traits. Decide which you want to nurture and which you want to minimize—it will restore your peace!... fight, fighting dream meaning

    Fountain Of Youth

    Vision: In a woman’s dream, the fountain of youth is a signal that love is “wilting”—try to breath new life into your relationship. In a mans dream, it is a desire to be more youthful, to have more fun and a more active and intense love relationship. Depth Psychology: See Youth.... fountain of youth dream meaning

    Wheel Of Fortune

    Vision: Seeing a wheel of fortune means something unpleasant is ahead. Turning a wheel of fortune: you hope in vain for good luck—but success is possible only if you take action.

    Depth Psychology: The wheel of fortune is a sign that you count too much on Lady Luck—luck only comes to people who are active and work hard.... wheel of fortune dream meaning

    Baby Food

    To dream about seeing or feeding baby food means that nourishment and compassion are needed in some situation. It can also be a more literal message - that you should be consuming less food.

    To dream that you are eating baby food means that you are being required to review some item that you’re already quite familiar with.... baby food dream meaning

    File Cabinet

    To dream about a file cabinet indicates that you should keep your reality and details correct.

    The file cabinet could indicate the thoughts or extraneous details that you require occasional access to.

    To dream that the drawers of the file cabinet are open wide suggests your willingness to accept other thoughts, concerns, ideas, and concerns.

    To dream that the file cabinet is locked indicates that you would like to keep something hidden from others. This dream could also suggest that you are being stubborn.... file cabinet dream meaning

    April Fool

    To dream that you are made one means that you will soon be given power over another; be careful to use it well.... april fool dream meaning


    Should you dream you are standing on a Fender, you will soon travel to a foreign country.... fender dream meaning


    A disagreement or argument soon overcome. ... fiance dream meaning


    A possible journey abroad in the near future, much discussion—guard against your tongue. ... films dream meaning


    This is an omen of contrary.

    The more valuable the article you find, the greater will be your loss in business.... finding dream meaning

    Fir Tree

    The dark colouring peculiar to Fir Trees suggests the misfortune of Black, softened by the more fortunate toil of the green. Work hard and all will go well; slacken, and you may expect losses. ... fir tree dream meaning


    It is a good omen, if in your dream you imagine that you have done some Foolish action.... foolish dream meaning


    A good omen of the affections of those you dreamed lost.... forsaken dream meaning


    You will hear of the sickness of someone you have not met for a long time.... fossils dream meaning


    A scheme is on foot to injure you; be on guard.... jelly-fish dream meaning

    Fairy Tale

    Dreams of these idealic stories of romance and happily ever after represent great or unrealistic expectations of love, life, and a child like view that is innocent. You may be in the honeymoon stage of a romance. There is a reward for your virtue, and yes, true love does exist, but, more often than not, you have to earn it, even after you walk into the sunset.... fairy tale dream meaning


    To dream of something false represents your quest for something true and real. In order to do this you must be willing to read between the lines and discern fact from fiction. See Facade.... n dream meaning

    Farm / Farmer

    Dreams of a farm represent how well you care for your basic needs, animal instincts, and your level of attunement to the seasons and cycles of life. Your dream is telling you to get grounded, because you reap what you sew. Dreams of a farmer represent the simple, no-nonsense aspect of you that lives close to nature and has his/her feet on the ground.... farm / farmer dream meaning

    Fast Food

    See Food and Drive-Through.... fast food dream meaning


    See End.... finish dream meaning

    Finish Line

    Dreams of a finish line signifies a mark of completion, achievement and success. Consider whether or not you have won. See End and Death.... finish line dream meaning


    See Repair.... fix dream meaning


    See Flail.... flounder dream meaning


    If you dream of forgetting something or someone, then this usually indicates a venting dream where you are releasing your fear of actually forgetting. Perhaps you are overwhelmed and/or the reason you are forgetting is because this is not something or someone that is very important to you, perhaps this is something you are forcing yourself to do out of obligation.... forget dream meaning

    Fortune Cookie

    Dreams of fortune cookies represent your belief in fate, destiny and good luck. Pay attention to the words on the slip of paper, they may be an important message for you to assist you in your financial matters. See Prophetic Dreams.... fortune cookie dream meaning


    See Motion.... forward dream meaning

    French Fries

    Dreams of French fries represent little habits and an unhealthy indulgences that start off small but can accumulate over time and become harmful and even addictive. As in every treat or splurge, moderation is the key. See Fry, Food and Fast Food.... french fries dream meaning

    French Kiss

    Dreams of a French kiss denote a passionate connection and romance.

    The use of the tongue in a kiss represents a deep, unspoken communication of affinity and desire. See Kiss.... french kiss dream meaning


    Dreams of being frigid denote emotional and sexual defensiveness, protectiveness, and that you are not feeling safe. You are hiding your wounds and fears behind a glacier of defense, and this dream is a sign to feel your own inner warmth, reassurance, safety and light.... frigid dream meaning

    Lotus Flower

    Dreams of a lotus flower represents transformation: from the mud of your deepest existential pain, grows the most beautiful insights.

    The lotus flower is also the throne of many eastern deities, Ganesh, Kwon Yin, Buddha, which represents that enlightenment comes through walking through our greatest heartaches and challenges. See Flower and Phoenix.... lotus flower dream meaning

    Castle / Citadel / Fortress

    The castle or fortress has been seen as a defended space since medieval times and, therefore, can be taken to represent the protected feminine. Its connection with the great mother and her attribute of wisdom arises from this concept.... castle / citadel / fortress dream meaning

    Foot / Feet

    For some cultures, to dream of the feet may symbolize divine qualities since the feet are considered the holiest part of the body. They signify taking responsibility and are the anchor or foundation in life, that which roots or grounds you.

    The foot also represents your whole being and is a reflection of your persona.... foot / feet dream meaning


    Anticipation of good times.... forsythia dream meaning

    Air Freshener

    A dream that features air freshener is sending a clear warning from your conscience. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into any bad or immoral behavior, no matter how fun or tempting it may seem.... air freshener dream meaning

    Cat Food

    To dream of buying cat food symbolizes your responsibilities.

    To dream of eating cat food suggests that you are feeling nervous or guilty about a friendship situation.... cat food dream meaning


    If you dream of going on Facebook (or about a Facebook page that you do or don’t have in real life), it symbolizes that you need to reach out to people who may not always physically be around. This dream might also suggest that you are spending too much time on the computer in your waking life. Maybe it’s time to get outside more and take a break from the screen! If you dreamed of leaving a message on someone else’s Facebook , you may be put into an unpleasant situation.

    If you dream of getting a new message on your Facebook , there will be a change in your affairs.

    To dream of reading messages on - or hacking into - someone else’s Facebook page signifies that you are mistrustful of others and you tend to poke your nose into friends’ business. Perhaps you have recently stumbled upon some information that was not meant for your eyes.... facebook dream meaning

    Fictional Character

    It is not uncommon that a real-life obsession with a certain fictional character (or the person who plays that character) may carry over onto your dream world. However, if you dream about a fictional character, this can be an omen that something from your unconscious mind is about to emerge or be revealed. It may also represent memories, images or scenes from your past that were stirred up by reading/watching the movie/book/etc. that featured this fictional character.

    To dream of falling or being in love, or becoming physically intimate in any way, with a fictional character represents your understanding about this character and the feelings that he/she generates in you. Something or someone in your waking life has triggered similar beliefs and feelings.

    If you dream about being friends with a fictional character, your dream is telling you that you should have higher self-esteem. You are worth believing in. You need to work on believing that you are a special person. Also consider the themes of the story, and the journey the character goes on during the story, for more clues to your dream’s meaning.... fictional character dream meaning

    Fish Tank

    To see a well-stocked fish tank predicts luck in business and social affairs.

    To dream that you are cleaning a fish tank, suggests that you are changing your emotional expression in a way that will be more acceptable to others. You are censoring yourself and not expressing how you completely feel.... fish tank dream meaning


    To dream of tasting an unidentifiable flavor is a positive omen if you liked the taste.

    If you disliked it, the dream foretells petty arguments. Also look up specific flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate, etc.).... flavor dream meaning


    To dream of using dental floss is a warning of false friends in your close circle.... floss dream meaning


    To see a folder in your dream, suggests that you need to sort out your feelings and re-organize issues in your waking life, especially if you’ve experienced some hurt or turmoil recently. Consider the contents of the folder for additional clues.... folder dream meaning


    A fairy-tale type of fantasy atmosphere in your dream is a forecast of favorable tides for your current undertakings.... fantasy dream meaning


    See Failure.... fiasco dream meaning

    Fire Escape

    To dream of being on, or using, a fire escape is a warning to guard against stretching your credit too far.... fire escape dream meaning


    See Foreign.... france dream meaning


    See SHELF and COLD... fridge dream meaning

    Cloaked Or Hidden Figure

    This is a powerful archetypal character aspect and a messenger from the unconscious, often thought of as the archetype of death. This image has its essence in anonymity and may therefore never be clearly known to you. As a character aspect, it is a figure from your unconscious mind that has the capacity to visit you in the dream state and deliver a message.

    The context of the dream will tell you what the message is, or at least where to begin looking for it. However, if in your dream the figure closely resembles the commonly held visage of death—the cloaked figure without a visible face that roams the world snatching the living into the world of the hereafter—then you are definitely experiencing an archetypal dream.... cloaked or hidden figure dream meaning


    If a filling makes itself known to you after it has been put in your mouth, there is likely something wrong with it. As such, most dreams about fillings have to do with the idea of one becoming loose or otherwise compromised. In this way, such a dream is about a long-ago problem coming back to challenge you once again, especially a problem around insecurity and having a strong and powerful voice.... filling dream meaning

    Teeth Falling Out

    You are feeling insecure about some area of your life. Teeth serve three primary functions. They allow us to process our food so we can nurture ourselves. They express joy when revealed in a smile, and they can indicate aggression when exposed in a snarl. All of these things—nurturance, joy, and protection—connect directly to security and well-being.

    If individuals cannot nurture themselves, attract loving connections, and protect themselves from danger, the basic constructs of a secure life are not likely to be available to them. Without these three important parts of life, fear will prevail. Therefore, when this dream image appears, issues of personal security are at the forefront of your unconscious expression. There are various levels of intensity associated with this symbol. It can fluctuate from a slightly loose tooth to having all your teeth crumble out of your mouth in a bloody mess.

    The scale of intensity of the dream will indicate the amount of fear being expressed. Whether it is a general fear of being out of control, looking bad, aging, or some other issue of unmet needs, the appearance of this dream indicates underlying insecurity in some area of your waking life.

    The teeth are used for chewing, and this association can indicate a need to “chew on something for a while,” as in mulling over a choice or course of action. “Sinking your teeth into something” refers to taking on life wholeheartedly. Losing your teeth in a dream could indicate an inability or unwillingness to do so. Losing our teeth as children is such a powerful rite of passage. On some level, losing your teeth in a dream will connect to the process of growing up, even in adulthood.... teeth falling out dream meaning

    Flying Bird

    This represents aspirations, desires and the feeling that your spirit is soaring. Its association with the element of air—itself associated with aspirations and ideals—means a flying bird might have also become a symbol of high-flying ambition and the quest for enlightenment. See also BIRDS.... flying bird dream meaning

    Fly Spray

    1. The anointing/The Holy Spirit;... fly spray dream meaning

    Yard (front)

    1. Present and future

    2. Expectancy; John 18:20... yard (front) dream meaning


    The dreamer will obtain his highest desires, and every effort will be crowned with success. Decay in anything denotes loss. ... barley-field dream meaning

    Bed Fellow

    To dream that you do not like your bed fellow, foretells that some person who has claims upon you, will censure and make your surroundings unpleasant generally.

    If you have a strange bed fellow, your discontent will worry all who come near you.

    If you think you have any kind of animal in bed with you, there will be unbounded ill luck overhanging you. ... bed fellow dream meaning

    Corn And Corn-field

    To dream of passing through a green and luxurious corn-field, and seeing full ears hanging heavily, denotes great wealth for the farmer. It denotes fine crops and rich harvest and harmony in the home.

    To the young it promises much happiness and true friends, but to see the ears blasted, denotes disappointments and bereavements.

    To see young corn newly ploughed, denotes favor with the powerful and coming success.

    To see it ripe, denotes fame and wealth.

    To see it cribbed, signifies that your highest desires will be realized.

    To see shelled corn, denotes wealthy combines and unstinted favors.

    To dream of eating green corn, denotes harmony among friends and happy unions for the young. ... corn and corn-field dream meaning


    If you dream of seeing a dense smoke ascending from a pile of fagots, it denotes that enemies are bearing down upon you, but if the fagots are burning brightly, you will escape from all unpleasant complications and enjoy great prosperity.

    If you walk on burning fagots, you will be injured by the unwise actions of friends.

    If you succeed in walking on them without being burned, you will have a miraculous rise in prospects.

    To dream of seeing fagots piled up to burn you at the stake, signifies that you are threatened with loss, but if you escape, you will enjoy a long and prosperous life. ... fagot dream meaning


    To dream that you are famishing, foretells that you are meeting disheartening failure in some enterprise which you considered a promising success.

    To see others famishing, brings sorrow to others as well as to yourself. ... famish dream meaning


    To dream of the fates, unnecessary disagreements and unhappiness is foretold.

    For a young woman to dream of juggling with fate, denotes she will daringly interpose herself between devoted friends or lovers. ... fates dream meaning


    To dream that you feel fear from any cause, denotes that your future engagements will not prove so successful as was expected.

    For a young woman, this dream forebodes disappointment and unfortunate love.... fears dream meaning


    This is a favorable dream, denoting a peaceful and harmonious domestic life and profitable business ventures.

    To dream of eating them, signifies to the young, delightful associations and many true friends. ... filbert dream meaning


    To dream of soiled finger-nails, forbodes disgrace in your family by the wild escapades of the young.

    To see well-kept nails, indicates scholarly tastes and some literary attainments; also, thrift. ... finger-nails dream meaning

    Fire Budget

    To dream of a fire budget, denotes disagreement over small matters. ... fire budget dream meaning


    To dream of a firebrand, denotes favorable fortune, if you are not burned or distressed by it. ... firebrand dream meaning


    To dream of a fish-pond, denotes illness through dissipation, if muddy.

    To see one clear and well stocked with fish, portends profitable enterprises and extensive pleasures.

    To see one empty, proclaims the near approach of deadly enemies.

    For a young woman to fall into a clear pond, omens decided good fortune and reciprocal love.

    If muddy, the opposite is foretold.... fish-pond dream meaning


    To dream of fishhooks, denotes that you have opportunities to make for yourself a fortune and an honorable name if you rightly apply them.... fishhooks dream meaning

    Flax Spinning

    Flax spinning, foretells you will be given to industrious and thrifty habits.... flax spinning dream meaning


    To dream of having flux, or thinking that you are thus afflicted, denotes desperate or fatal illness will overtake you or some member of your family.

    To see others thus afflicted, implies disappointment in carrying out some enterprise through the neglect of others. Inharmonious states will vex you. ... flux dream meaning

    Flying Machine

    To dream of seeing a flying machine, foretells that you will make satisfactory progress in your future speculations.

    To see one failing to work, foretells gloomy returns for much disturbing and worrisome planning. ... flying machine dream meaning

    Fruit Seller

    To dream of a fruit seller, denotes you will endeavor to recover your loss too rapidly and will engage in unfortunate speculations. ... fruit seller dream meaning


    To see a letter-file in your dreams, is significant of important news, which will cause you an irksome journey.

    For a woman, this dream implies distressful news and unfaithful friends. ... letter-file dream meaning


    To dream of this order, signifies that you will have sincere friends, and misfortune will touch you but lightly.

    To join this order, foretells that you will win distinction and conjugal bliss. ... odd-fellow dream meaning

    Prize Fighter

    For a young woman to see a prize fighter, foretells she will have pleasure in fast society, and will give her friends much concern about her reputation. ... prize fighter dream meaning

    Scarlet Fever

    To dream of scarlet fever, foretells you are in danger of sickness, or in the power of an enemy.

    To dream a relative dies suddenly with it, foretells you will be overcome by villainous treachery. ... scarlet fever dream meaning

    Sea Foam

    For a woman to dream of sea foam, foretells that indiscriminate and demoralizing pleasures will distract her from the paths of rectitude.

    If she wears a bridal veil of sea foam, she will engulf herself in material pleasure to the exclusion of true refinement and innate modesty. She will be likely to cause sorrow to some of those dear to her, through their inability to gratify her ambition. ... sea foam dream meaning

    Soda Fountain

    To dream of being at a soda fountain, denotes pleasure and profit after many exasperating experiences.

    To treat others to this and other delectable iced drinks; you will be rewarded in your efforts, though the outlook appears full of contradictions. Inharmonious environments, and desired results will be forthcoming. ... soda fountain dream meaning

    Air Filled

    Useless talk, boasting... air filled dream meaning

    Animal Feeder

    One’s needs being met daily, without accumulation... animal feeder dream meaning

    Bull Fight

    A confrontation with a bully... bull fight dream meaning

    Ceramic Figurines

    People and material possessions used to decorate the lives of others... ceramic figurines dream meaning

    Chicken Feed

    A small or insufficient amount of money... chicken feed dream meaning

    Cold Feet

    In order to understand the problem and solution, see “cold” and “feet”... cold feet dream meaning


    Revealing the substance of hope and faith that sustains one’s spirit until fulfillment; see “dreaming”... day-dream dream meaning


    Bean grower, nourishing spirit... fabian dream meaning


    Evidence of being worn-out; if clothing, research the anatomical location and type of fabric, etc.... faded dream meaning


    A learning experience that is not over yet... failing dream meaning


    Free spirit... fanchette dream meaning


    See “francis”... fannie dream meaning


    From the sheep meadow, peaceful, pure of spirit... farley dream meaning


    See “faith”... fay dream meaning


    Revealed in order to recognize and overcome the cause of fear... fearful dream meaning

    Felica, Felix

    Blessed with good fortune and happiness... felica, felix dream meaning

    Fence Removal

    Mending a relationship by removing the hostile factor causing the division... fence removal dream meaning


    From the marsh land... fenton dream meaning


    Bold adventurer... ferdinand dream meaning


    Highly esteemed one... fergus dream meaning


    A fertile step taken to help one’s life progress into maturity; see “farming”... fertilize dream meaning


    Joyful one... festes dream meaning


    Faithful one... fidel dream meaning


    Courageous... findlay dream meaning


    Fair one... fiona dream meaning


    Mighty ruler... fitzgerald dream meaning


    Nonsense coming from one who is insincerely “fiddling around”; see “music”... fiddling dream meaning


    Instability... fidgeting dream meaning


    The dividing and classification of a matter, discerning the thoughts and intent of motive... fillet dream meaning


    See “obesity”... flabby dream meaning


    Industrious, arrow-maker... fletcher dream meaning


    To waver in hope and faith; see “waver”... flicker dream meaning


    Something that one is not putting enough effort or substance into; research accordingly... flimsy dream meaning


    Overcome by problems... flooded dream meaning


    Flower, joyful, appreciative, enlightened... flora dream meaning


    See “flora”... florabell dream meaning


    Blooming, prosperous spirit... florence dream meaning


    See “flora”... flossie dream meaning


    Wise, white haired one... floyd dream meaning


    See “forrest”... fob dream meaning


    The object in question is finished... folded dream meaning


    Warning one to avert insincere, trifling attention... fondle dream meaning


    Used to remove someone or something from an undesirable situation to a more desirable one... forceps dream meaning


    Woodsman, industrious, prosperous... forrest dream meaning


    A break up of something that has gone beyond the limits; research accordingly... fracture dream meaning


    See “frank”... francine dream meaning


    See “frank”... francis dream meaning


    Free spirit, lover of the world... frank dream meaning


    Enlightened, free spirit... franklin dream meaning


    Controversial, unrestrained, unfinished... frayed dream meaning


    See “frederick”... fred dream meaning


    See “frederick”... frederica dream meaning


    Peaceful, discerning ruler... frederick dream meaning

    Free Pass

    See “coupon”... free pass dream meaning


    Defender of liberty... fremont dream meaning


    Friend of good fortune... frewin dream meaning


    Industrious, brave one... frick dream meaning


    Peaceful, enlightened, benevolent counselor... frieda dream meaning

    Fruit Cocktail

    A cocky tale, considered boasting or exaggerating... fruit cocktail dream meaning


    Blessed dweller... fulton dream meaning


    Divine gift, blessed by god... fyodor dream meaning

    Gas (fuel)

    The holy spirit’s empowerment... gas (fuel) dream meaning

    Pinkie Finger

    Figurative of submission... pinkie finger dream meaning


    That which has no spiritual flavor nor favor; see “food” and “salt”... salt-free dream meaning

    Smoking Food

    Cooking without oil or water is lacking spiritual empowerment”... smoking food dream meaning


    A prize catch in the sea of life; exalted one; see “fishing”... star-fish dream meaning


    A professional service; research the name for relevance... store-front dream meaning


    The sword of the word, used to help others; see “knife” and “fish”... sword-fish dream meaning


    A strong protective covering... tin-foil dream meaning


    Steps that have to go where they are ordered and not where they desire... web-footed dream meaning

    Bellows (fireplace)

    Hard work means struggles will be overcome. ... bellows (fireplace) dream meaning

    Carp (fish Or Action)

    One needs to be more understanding of others. ... carp (fish or action) dream meaning


    1. A feeling of déjà vu, having experienced something before—possibly in a relationship, possibly a set of behaviors.

    2. Communication or a message with another level of conscious­ness.

    3. Feelings of connectedness with a higher power, a “spiri­tual realm” (as in a “witch’s familiar”). ... familiar dream meaning


    1. Unselfish, uninhibited in giving or receiving pleasure.

    2. Creativity, especially artistic.

    3. Wish fulfillment. ... fellatio dream meaning

    Fence (swordplay)

    1. Adventuresome and romantic.

    2. Bad love af­fairs.

    3. Level of prestige. ... fence (swordplay) dream meaning


    1. Commitment in a relationship, a belief or principle.

    2. Reverse: fear or hesitation regarding a situation or circumstance. ... fiancé(e) dream meaning

    File (paperwork)

    1. Putting the mind in order, organization of thoughts.

    2. Encountering very difficult obstacles. ... file (paperwork) dream meaning


    1. Higher self; quelling or balancing passions.

    2. Danger in the offing.

    3. Expression of a need for rescue, often emotional. ... firefighter dream meaning


    1. Secrets may be brought to light.

    2. New and exciting ideas are emerging from the unconscious.

    3. Messages are moving from one level of consciousness to another. ... fireflies dream meaning


    1. A need or desire to get to the heart of a problem, likely emo­tional.

    2. Fear of confrontation, of another’s disapproval. ... flay dream meaning


    1. Desire for intimacy, love and attention.

    2. Good fortune and happiness. ... flirtation dream meaning


    1. Comfort, consolation.

    2. Triviality, insignificance, unim­portance.

    3. Feelings of whimsy, frivolity, possibly immature but pleasant diversions. ... fluffy dream meaning


    1. The ability to understand ideas and concepts with clarity.

    2. A new understanding—usually intellectual, some­times spiritual. ... fluorescent dream meaning


    1. Unhealthy conditions in the environment, possible health risk.

    2. Feelings of unseemliness; feeling soiled, usually emotionally, and sometimes with feelings of guilt.

    3. Stuck or trapped in a situation. ... flypaper dream meaning


    1. Legacy, inheritance.

    2. A good omen of success.

    3. Good news is in the offing. ... footstep dream meaning


    1. Brotherhood.

    2. Puerile, bad, adolescent behavior. ... fraternity dream meaning


    1. Release—likely from emotional difficulties, often from a bad situation.

    2. Happiness is at hand, likely in relationships. ... free dream meaning


    1. Youth and inexperience.

    2. Entering a new phase of life, a new beginning. ... freshmen dream meaning

    Fun House

    1. Irony under difficult circumstances.

    2. A strong sense that difficulties will be overcome; worry and fear are no longer necessary. ... fun house dream meaning

    Ira (financial)

    Take care of one’s investments. ... ira (financial) dream meaning

    Kennedy Family

    1. Tragedy.

    2. Dreams gone awry. ... kennedy family dream meaning

    Kite (in Flight)

    1. High goals or ambitions.

    2. Showing ability to handle or control difficult situations.

    3. Longing for return to childhood. ... kite (in flight) dream meaning

    Lime (fruit)

    1. A good omen regarding prosperity and good for­tune.

    2. Possible health issue.

    3. Levels of energy, vitality. ... lime (fruit) dream meaning

    Middle Finger

    1. A phallic symbol, sexuality.

    2. Extreme dis­approval, insult or anger. ... middle finger dream meaning

    Oral Sex (female)

    1. Deep desire to please one’s partner.

    2. Desire for uninhibited or forbidden sex. ... oral sex (female) dream meaning

    Shave (face)

    1. Need to change.

    2. Need to present a better image to the world.

    3. Someone shaving the dreamer means that one is willing to trust others. ... shave (face) dream meaning

    Tire (fatigue)

    1. Depletion, drain—usually emotional, sometimes physical.

    2. Arguments ahead (others being tired). ... tire (fatigue) dream meaning

    Xenophobia (fear Of Strangers Or Foreigners)

    1. Reverse: happiness, contentment.

    2. Feeling as if a friend has been lost.

    3. Domestic difficulties. ... xenophobia (fear of strangers or foreigners) dream meaning

    Acquiring But Not Eating The Fruits Of Jannah

    Acquiring the fruits of Jannah but not eating them or not having the ability to eat them means he will acquire deen but he will not profit from it . Sometimes a dream of this nature could also mean that he will acquire the knowledge of Deen which not benefit him in any way.... acquiring but not eating the fruits of jannah dream meaning

    Acquiring The Feathers Or Eggs Of A Ring-dove

    If he acquires its feathers or eggs by trapping it, it means he will coin some deceptive methods of trapping a woman.... acquiring the feathers or eggs of a ring-dove dream meaning

    Animals With Fangs

    They all symbolise one’s enemies.

    The size and strength of such animals is the deciding factor for the strength and power of such enemies.

    And Allah knows best.... animals with fangs dream meaning

    Ascending A Mountain Without Faltering

    If someone sees himself climbing a mountain without faltering, it is a hint that his desire to acquire a particular thing will be fulfilled-but after much difficulty and hardship.... ascending a mountain without faltering dream meaning

    Basking Before A Fire

    If someone sees himself or another basking before a fire it means he will pursue and thus magnify a certain matter to such an extent that he will profit from it. Consequently, his poverty will come to an end. For, cold symbolizes poverty while heat symbolizes wealth.... basking before a fire dream meaning

    Becoming The Owner Of A Flock Of Sheep

    If a person sees himself as becoming the owner of a flock of sheep it means he will gain superiority over some noblemen and great personalities.

    A similar interpretation is given if he sees himself as a shepherd of a flock of sheep.... becoming the owner of a flock of sheep dream meaning

    Bitter Fruits

    (Colocynth; Bitter apples; Bitter cucumber) Its tree represents sadness and stress, a coward, or an uneasy, worried and a restless person.... bitter fruits dream meaning

    Blowing Into The Fire

    (Also see Bellows; Blowing)... blowing into the fire dream meaning

    Books Of Hadeeth And Fiqh

    Books of Hadeeth and Fiqh symbolise knowledge and wisdom. Book of poetry mean deviation, deception and falsehood.... books of hadeeth and fiqh dream meaning

    Bosom Friend

    (Vinegar)... bosom friend dream meaning

    Branding With Fire

    Branding with fire means he will hear people cursing and ridiculing him.

    The greater the branding the great will be the curse and ridicule.... branding with fire dream meaning

    Brass Founder

    (Foundry) In a dream, a brass founder represents someone who loves money and the possessions of this world.

    If one sees brass being shaped over an anvil in a dream, it means a fight. Ifone who is intending to be married sees brass in his dream, it means that his intended wife will be pertly, though insolent in speech.... brass founder dream meaning

    Bread Or Roti Made Of Flour

    It symbioses excessive wealth. Prosperity and a comfortable life is in store for the one who eats it.... bread or roti made of flour dream meaning

    Breakfast Food

    (Cereal; Grits; Kasha; Oatmeal; Porridge) Having a tasty breakfast in a dream means honor, promotion or dispelling distress, adversities and illness.

    (Also see Porridge)... breakfast food dream meaning

    Breast Filling With Milk

    If a woman sees here breasts filling with milk or milk flowing from her breasts, it is interpreted as prosperity and wealth in abundance coming her way.... breast filling with milk dream meaning

    Brick Falling From A Wall

    A brick falling from a wall means a male or female member of his family will either get lost or run away or pass away.... brick falling from a wall dream meaning

    Burst Of Fame In The Hand

    A burst of flame in the hand is interpreted as inuries caused to him by the king or ruler.... burst of fame in the hand dream meaning

    Cat Fighting Someone

    the person with whom the cat is fighting will become ill in the very near future.

    If the cat is overpowered, he will recover quickly. But if the cat bites him he will remain ill for a lengthy period. According to Imaam Muhammad bin Sireen his illness will span for one whole year. And a wild cat bespeaks of more serious illness and for a greater period.... cat fighting someone dream meaning

    Cease Fire

    (See Truce)... cease fire dream meaning

    Changing Form

    (See Transformation)... changing form dream meaning

    Chewing Food

    If one sees himself exaggeratedly chewing his food in a dream, it means disdain and indifference about seeking an honest livelihood. Swallowing food one should chew in a dream means debts, or collectors standing at one’s door demanding their money.

    (Also see Chewing gum; Chewing)... chewing food dream meaning

    Cock Fighting

    (Gamecock) Cock fight in a dream means prodding and instigating a dispute between close friends or colleagues, or it could mean provoking enmity between scholars or a dispute between two muezzins who call to prayers in a mosque.... cock fighting dream meaning

    Collecting Fire That Does Not Burn

    Collecting fire which neither burns nor gives off light symbolizes knowledge that is futile and worthless.... collecting fire that does not burn dream meaning

    Colors Of The Face

    (See Colors; Face) ItlN b.t;.t;IUN’S... colors of the face dream meaning

    Cooking Food In A Pot

    Cooking food in a pot on a fire suggests that he will benefit from a house or a matter relating to a house because a pot symbolizes the guardian of the house.... cooking food in a pot dream meaning

    Cracking One’s Fingers

    Cracking one’s fingers in a dream means exchanging bad words between relatives, beingsarcastic, ormakingfun of others.

    (Also see Bodyl)... cracking one’s fingers dream meaning

    Deep Frying

    (Fryer) In a dream, deep frying signifies evil, adversities, arguments, problems, failing to do one’s prayers, following one’s mind, passion and desires, or backbiting and slandering people.

    (Also see Frying)... deep frying dream meaning

    Delivering A Female Issue

    If a person sees a daughter born to him it means he will soon find relief from his difficulties and he will receive plentiful sustenance.

    The same applies to purchasing a female slave.... delivering a female issue dream meaning

    Desires Fulfilled

    If a person dreams that his mission is accomplished and his heart’s desires are fulfilled in the world it means his condition will change completely and he will sustain much loss for Allah Ta’ala says in the Holy Qur’aan: Until in the midst of their enjoyment of our gifts, we called them to account suddenly, when lo, they were plunged in despair.

    Likewise, a poet has said; When the mission is accomplished loss becomes a apparent; wait for fall and decline as soon as it is said finished!... desires fulfilled dream meaning

    Digesting Food

    In a dream, digesting one’s food means steadfastness and assiduousness in one’s profession, liveliness and vivacity. Digesting one’s food in a dream also signifies safety and protection against fear.

    (Also see Food)... digesting food dream meaning

    Dirt And Filth

    Filth on the head, hair or body symbolises grief. And sorrow.... dirt and filth dream meaning

    Dirty Face

    (Filth) Adirty face in a dream represents a rare art, while a filthy body represents a sinful person.... dirty face dream meaning

    Donning Feminine Clothes

    If a man sees himself as donning feminine clothes it means he will experience tremendous fear, destitution and helplessness after which it will disappear by the will of Allah Ta’ala.... donning feminine clothes dream meaning

    Door Falling

    A door seen falling indicates that the beholder will first become ill then regain his health.... door falling dream meaning

    Dried Fruits

    Fresh fruits in a dream denote money that does not last, while dried fruits represent money that will last.

    (Also see Fruits)... dried fruits dream meaning

    Drinking Fresh Milk

    If a person sees himself drinking fresh milk (not whey or curd) of a known animal, it implies that he will acquire wealth that is halaal and lawful.... drinking fresh milk dream meaning

    Driving Force

    (Demanding; Exacting; Pushing someone; Retaliation; Yielding) In a dream, a driving force signifies retaliation by something, or compliance and submission to someone together with vigilance and wonderment about what might happen next. Ifone is driven by a human being in a dream, it means that he is pushed into committing a murder or that he is hired to attack someone. Ifone is driven by a beast, a lion or a bird ofprey in a dream, it means humiliation by a superior person, or suffering from a disease.... driving force dream meaning

    Eating Fire

    Eating fire which has no flames means he will usurp what is due to orphan. But if such a fire does have flames he will be questioned regarding what is due to orphans. Moreover, people will speak ill of him causing him much agony and mental disturbance.... eating fire dream meaning

    Dream Interpreter

    In a dream, a dream interpreter represents happiness for a sad person and sorrow for a happy person.

    If one who desires to maintain secrecy around his life and goals sees a dream interpreter in his dream, it means that he will find an intimate friend or a confidant to complete his intention.

    If one is expecting news from an associate or if someone in a different land sees a dream interpreter in his dream, it means that he will receive the desired news.Adream interpreter in a dream also represents knowledge of sings, deciphering messages, analyzing substances, a tracer, a religious scholar, a lawyer, a good advisor, a compassionate friend, ajudge or a physician.

    A dream interpreter in a dream also represents someone who does not keep a secret or someone who brings people both happy or sad news. In a dream, he is also a preacher, an advisor, one who balances things, a money changer, a garment cleaner, an undertaker, a barber, a comedian, a news broadcaster or someone who searches for people’s faults. Seeing oneself as a dream interpreter in a dream, and if one qualifies to sit on the bench, it means that he will become ajudge.lfhe is seeking knowledge, he will acquire it.

    If he is seeking to become a physician, he will become one. Otherwise, he might become a money changer, a banker or any of the earlier mentioned trades. Telling a dream interpreted a dream in one’s dream, and if the explanation agrees with the common wisdom and religious norms of the Holy Qur’an and the traditions of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, then whatever one is told in his dream is true. Ifone does not understand the explanation of the dream interpreter in his dream, then he might need to find a qualified interpreter in wakefulness to satisfy his needs.

    (Also see Astrologer; Divination; Fortuneteller; Founder; Interpretation; Seer)... dream interpreter dream meaning

    Eating Fruits In The Garden

    It means the observer will receive wealth from a wealthy woman.... eating fruits in the garden dream meaning

    Eating The Flesh Of An Ass

    If he sees himself as eating the flesh of a donkey or taking possession of one or slaughtering it for food, it means he will receive unlawful wealth.... eating the flesh of an ass dream meaning

    Eating The Flesh Of His Mare

    Eating the flesh of his mare means prosperity and honour. Also, he will enjoy a good reputation and receive subsistence (rizq).... eating the flesh of his mare dream meaning

    Eating The Fruits Of Jannah

    Seeing oneself eating the fruits of Jannah or giving it to someone else is an excellent dream for the fruits of Jannah symbolize utterance of virtue, excellence and benevolence.... eating the fruits of jannah dream meaning

    Eating To One’s Fill

    (See Appetite)... eating to one’s fill dream meaning

    Eid-ul Filr

    (See Feast of Breaking the Fast)... eid-ul filr dream meaning

    Embracing Judaism, Christianity Or Fire _ Worships

    Seeing oneself embracing Judasim, Christianity or the religion of the Fire-Worshippers indicates that despite their love and affection for him, he will still oppose and refute them.... embracing judaism, christianity or fire _ worships dream meaning

    Empty Pot On The Fire

    If the pot in which he is cooling is empty it means he will infuriate the guardian or breadwinner of the household or entice him to do something detestable.... empty pot on the fire dream meaning

    Entering Hell-fire

    In a dream, if one sees himself entering hell-fire, whether he is a believer or a non-believer, it means that he will suffer from fever, become poor, enter a prison, commit a major sin, or mix with disbelievers and reprobates.... entering hell-fire dream meaning

    Extinguishing A Fire

    Extinguishing a fire in a dream means putting off or quelling a riot, deterring a war or abolishing innovation.

    If one sees himself in a dream smothering an already dead fire, it means that he is trying to rekindle an old war or to provoke evil between people.... extinguishing a fire dream meaning

    Fabulous Being

    (See Sasquatch)... fabulous being dream meaning

    Face Mask

    (See Helmet)... face mask dream meaning

    Facing A Lion

    Facing or encountering a lion without becoming embroiled in a fight means a person will soon be terrorized by an authority or a powerful man. But no harm will come to him.... facing a lion dream meaning

    Fake Jewelry

    (See Alum)... fake jewelry dream meaning

    Falling From An Ass

    If a person sees himself as mounting and riding an ass and then falling of it means his good condition will take a sudden turn for the worse. Perhaps he will die.... falling from an ass dream meaning

    Falling In Deep Waters

    (See Deep waters)... falling in deep waters dream meaning

    Falling Into The Well

    Climbing down into the well falling into it means he will be afflicted with grief and sorrow but will eventually witness happiness and joy due to his victory. This is in the light of the story of Hazrath Yusuf (AS).... falling into the well dream meaning

    Falling Stars

    Stars falling from the sky signifies that if the observer of the dream is wealthy, he will lose all his wealth and become a destitute. And if he is a destitute, he will die as a martyr.... falling stars dream meaning

    False Testimony

    Giving a false testimony in a dream denotes a panderer or a pimp.

    (Also see Panderer; Pimp)... false testimony dream meaning


    (Faith; Penny)... faltering dream meaning

    Familiar House

    If a person sees himself owning a house which is not strange to him, it means he will soon find a wife for himself. Sometimes, the mere seeing of a house suggests a persons material wealth and assets.... familiar house dream meaning

    Family Support

    (Alimony; Maintenance) To provide support for one’s family and relatives in a dream mean prosperity, protection for one’s children and concern for one’s posterity. Whatever expenses one spends to support his family in a dream will be money he will receive in wakefulness.

    If one finds himself unwillingly giving family support or alimony to his wife in a dream, it means hypocrisy, or that he is nearing his death.... family support dream meaning


    (See Legist)... faqih dream meaning

    Farm Pond

    (See Water level)... farm pond dream meaning


    (See Estate; Farm)... farmland dream meaning


    (arb. See Five times prayers)... farsib. dream meaning


    (Also see Belt)... fastening dream meaning

    Fat Cow

    it symbolsies a good and prosperous year if a person sees himself as becoming the owner of such a cow or if they belong to the people of that locality in which they are seen.... fat cow dream meaning

    Fault Finding

    Finding fault with praiseworthy people in a dream means committing abominable actions or to desist or turn away from one’s religion.... fault finding dream meaning

    Fear Of Wrongdoing

    (See Prostration)... fear of wrongdoing dream meaning

    Feast Of Breaking The Fast

    (arb. Eid-ul Fitr; Lesser Bairam; Ramadan; 1st of Shawwal) Witnessing the feast of breaking the fast of Ramadan in a dream means overcoming depression, dispelling stress, regaining joy, ease in one’s life, acceptance of one’s prayers, repentance from sin, recovering one’s losses, relief, finding a lost object, prosperity, comfort, spending money and exchanging gifts.

    (Also see Feast of Immolation)... feast of breaking the fast dream meaning

    Feast Of Immolation

    (Hajj; Eid-ul Adha; Feast of sacrifice; 10th of Zul-Hijjah; Greater Bairam; Manumission; Sacrifice; Pilgrimage; Responding) Witnessing the Feast of Immolation (arb. Eid-ul Adha) in a dream means reminiscing the past, renewal of past celebrations, reviving a state of joy, recapturing moments of one’s pleasant past, escape from destruction, salvation, redemption, release from prison or freedom from debts.

    (Also see Feast of Breaking the Fast; Ram; Sacrifice)... feast of immolation dream meaning


    Feebleness in a dream means strength. However, if one sees himself debilitated or emaciated in the dream, then it means weakness in his faith, failure to properly observe his religious obligations, or it could mean sterility, impotence, or sorrow and distress.... feebleness dream meaning

    Feeding Trough

    (See Manger)... feeding trough dream meaning


    (See Fraudulent bankruptcy)... feigned dream meaning


    (Compliments; Congratulations) Felicitations in a dream signify condolences. They also mean relieffrom difficulties orbu ilding financial security against poverty.... felicitations dream meaning


    (See Friendship; Masjid; Spiritual gathering)... fellowship dream meaning

    Fellowship House

    (See Masjid; Spiritual gathering)... fellowship house dream meaning


    To commit a felony or to incriminate an innocent person in a dream means that one will fall into peril. It also can be interpreted as achieving one’s goals. H one injures a forbidden animal to kill in a dream, it means that he will be fined with a like value or worth.... felony dream meaning


    (See Feltmaher)... felt dream meaning


    (Felt) In a dream, a feltmaker represents patience, endurance, or a most needed tradesman. Seeing a feltmaker in a dream represents one’s livelihood, earnings and profits.... feltmaker dream meaning

    Female Climacteric

    (See Old woman)... female climacteric dream meaning

    Female Ostrich

    It presents a Bedouin woman.... female ostrich dream meaning


    (Controversy; Fence; Politicking) Seeing a fence builder in a dream means moving forward, fulfilling one’s goals, or he could represent a salesman of specialty outfits.... fencer dream meaning


    {Medicinal solution prepared for women after giving birth; Plant) In a dream, fenugreek represents hard earned money.... fenugreek dream meaning

    Ferro Concrete

    In a dream, it means an armored, or a reinforced concrete storage space.... ferro concrete dream meaning

    Festival Of Sacrifice

    (See Feast of Immolation)... festival of sacrifice dream meaning


    (Bond; Shackle) To see one’s feet put in irons or fettered in a dream represents evil people, or it could mean travels or leaving one’s homeland.

    (Also see Bond’)... fetter dream meaning


    (See Handcuff)... fettered dream meaning


    (See Patience)... fettering dream meaning

    Feverish Chill

    In a dream, a feverish chill represents a woman with leadership quality who serves people and from whose contributions, or through her,one will earn his money. What may develop because of a feverish chill in the dream will be her share in wakefulness.

    (Also see Fever)... feverish chill dream meaning

    Fist Fight

    (See Punch)... fist fight dream meaning

    Fictitious Creature

    (See Sasquatch)... fictitious creature dream meaning

    Field Meant For Growing Produce

    Seeing his field utilized for growing produce means that he will prosper in matter pertaining to his Deen and Worldly life.

    The greener the field the greater the prosperity.... field meant for growing produce dream meaning

    Fighting A Camel

    fighting or quarrelling with a camel means he will fight with his enemy.... fighting a camel dream meaning

    Fighting Horse

    If a person sees the horse fighting with him it means he will commit a serious crime landing himself in some misfortune whose seriousness depends on the strength of such a horse.... fighting horse dream meaning

    Fillets Of Fresh Fish

    If the fillets, fat or skin of fresh fish is eaten or acquired by a person it means he will acquire wealth and assets from someone. Perhaps from some authority or woman.... fillets of fresh fish dream meaning


    (See Drill)... filly dream meaning

    Filthy Body

    (Dirt; Filth) Afilthy body in a dream represents a sinful person, while a dirty face in a dream means a rare art.

    (Also see Filth)... filthy body dream meaning

    Finding A Lost Object

    (See Compensation; Finding something)... finding a lost object dream meaning

    Finding Something

    (Abandoned; Discarded item; Lost item; Gleanings) Finding something abandoned or discarded or lost in a dream means receiving a precious gift from an employee or a servant one will treasure, or it could mean receiving a cheap item one cares to keep, receiving an inheritance, or it could mean begetting a blessed son.... finding something dream meaning

    Finished Business

    (Accomplished; Compassed) A finished business in a dream connotes life and continuity. Completing good deeds in a dream means desiring to have children. Completing one’sjob in a dream is a sign of prosperity for rich people and the strong ones. It also signifies owning properties and having control over a vast land and its people.

    (Also see Incomplete job)... finished business dream meaning

    Fire Ascending The Skies

    Fire ascending from a particular place towards the skies is also anominous dream. This means the people of that place have openly declared war with Allah by shamelessly indulging in vice. Moreover, they have leveled allegations and criticism against Allah Tal’ala. Such people should immediately resort to taubah and sincere repentance.... fire ascending the skies dream meaning

    Fire Descending From The Skies

    Fire descending from the skies is an ominous dream.

    If such a fire does not destroy anything it means the people of that place will verbally quareel among themselves without causing physical harm. Smoke in such a fire reduces the severity of such a quareel.... fire descending from the skies dream meaning

    Fire In The Market Place

    Fire seen in the market place or shop is an indication that much loss will be sustained in business..... fire in the market place dream meaning

    Fire Iron

    (See Poker)... fire iron dream meaning

    Fire Of The World

    A fire in a particular town, suburb or house which is situated on arid land, and such a fire gives off violent, blazing flames destroying anything in its path ,and it also gives off thunderous, frightening sounds, then such a dream is a bad omen that repression and oppression will become the order of the day in that place where the fire had been seen.

    If the place is not arid, it means epidemic, pleurisy or smallpox will break out there or many deaths will occur.

    If the fire has no sound and flames in it and it destroys some things and leaves other things unharmed, it symbolizes accidents and deaths occurring in that place.... fire of the world dream meaning

    Fire Worship

    Seeing oneself worshipping fire means the observer will become corrupt in matters of religion.

    If no flames, are seen in the fire, it suggests he will acquire unlawful (Haraam) wealth.... fire worship dream meaning

    Fire Worshiper

    (See Worshipping fire)... fire worshiper dream meaning


    (See Boat; Ship)... fireboat dream meaning

    Fish Restaurant

    (See Seafood restaurant)... fish restaurant dream meaning


    (Spikes) In a dream, fishbones represent hypocrisy, backbiting and slander.... fishbones dream meaning


    (Fresh seafood) A fresh fish salesman in a dream represents a jeweler, one who earns lawful money, knowledge, strive, trickery, exposing secrets or defamation.

    To buy a fresh fish in a dream also may mean getting married.

    (Also see Seafood restaurant)... fishery dream meaning


    he symbolises a leader or chief in the community.... fishmonger dream meaning

    Fishing Net

    In a dream, a fishing net represents trickery, deception, profits, knowledge, realizing one’s hope, and victory over one’s enemies if one owns a fishing net.

    If one sees himself entrapped inside a fishing net, it means that he may be jailed or fall to sickness or marry a rebellious wife, or it could mean money, or a child that will preoccupy him.

    A fishing net in a dream also represents a harsh employer, hard working laborers. or an adversity they may suffer. As for a clear minded fisherman who earns his livelihood from a fishing net, seeing a fishing net in a dream represents trials, imprisonment, short breath, or it could mean profits or good news. As for a traveller, seeing a fishing net in his dream means his return home.

    A fishing net in a dream also means increasing difficulties for a worried person.

    If one who has lost something sees a fishing net in his dream, it means that he will find his lost object.... fishing net dream meaning

    Five Fingers

    (Hand) In a dream, the fingers of the right hand represent the daily five time prayers.

    The thumb represents the pre-dawn prayer, the index represents the midday prayer, the middle finger represents the mid-afternoon prayer, the ring finger represents the sunset prayer, and the little finger represents the eveningprayer. As for the fingers of the left hand in a dream, they are interpreted to represent one’s nephews.

    To cross or intertwine one’s fingers in a dream means difficulties and poverty.

    (Also see Body’; Fingers; Thimble)... five fingers dream meaning


    (See Flag)... flagship dream meaning


    (See Baby crow)... fledgling dream meaning

    Flint Stone

    (Fire stone; Hard; Siliceous rock; Steel) In a dream, a flint stone means searching for something that could bring profits or hoping for something to happen, and both will take place.

    If one sees himself striking a flint stone with a piece of steel to produce fire for cooking or for light, and ifhe sees the sparks coming from them in a dream, it means that he will take advantage of his friendship with someone in authority who is rock hearted to help him overcome his poverty and to make his life more manageable.

    The flint stone in a dream also represents the rock hearted man, and the steel represents his might. On the other hand, if one strikes a flint stone with a piece of steel and produces sparks from them in his dream, it means that he will witness an awesome fight between two rock hearted and cruel people. Striking a flint stone in a dream also means marriage of an unwed person.

    If a woman sees herself striking a flint stone with a piece of steel, and if she can produce sparks in the dream, it means that she will beget a son.

    If a spark starts a fire in the dream, it means that one’s wife will become pregnant or perhaps it could represent a fight between the husband and the wife, or a fight between two partners.

    If the sparks burn one’s gown in the dream, it means that harm will affect that house and such harm will bring about losses in money, family honor or bodily injury.

    If the sparks burn a notebook in the dream, it means deviation from God’s path.... flint stone dream meaning

    Floating In The Air

    (See Air)... floating in the air dream meaning

    Flock Of Small Birds (ababeel)

    Such a flock symbolises a blessed person who devotes his time in worshipping Allah profusely.... flock of small birds (ababeel) dream meaning


    (See Tooth)... flossing dream meaning

    Flower Shop Owner

    In a dream, he represents someone who has gratitude and contentment, or someone who faces his adversities with patience.... flower shop owner dream meaning


    (See Eloquence of speech)... fluency dream meaning


    (See Book)... flyer dream meaning

    Flying Ants

    (See Ants)... flying ants dream meaning

    Flying Horse

    If a person sees himself as mounted on a horse which flies with him in the skies he will attain honour and dignity in both the worlds. Similar interpretation is given if he sees a horse with wings. It may also mean that its owner will undertake a journey soon.... flying horse dream meaning

    Flying On The Back Of A Vulture

    If he dreams that he is flying horizontally on the back of a vulture, he will enjoy honour, sublimity and power by being promoted to the office of kingship.

    But if the vulture flies with him vertically towards the heavens, he will die while on a journey. For, such a vulture would then represent the angel of death.... flying on the back of a vulture dream meaning


    (See Stableman)... fodder dream meaning


    (See Companions of the Prophet)... followers dream meaning


    (See Poker)... fomenter dream meaning


    Feeling captivated by something in a dream represents one’s love for money and wanting to amass the wealth of the entire world if he could.

    If one is fond of his own hair or ties, or ifhe sees himself as a collector of fine ties in the dream, it means that he is a professional business person who amasses large sums of money.

    (Also see Band; Tie)... fond dream meaning

    Food Basket

    (Picnic basket; Traveller’s pouch)Afood basket in a dream represents an important journey, financial comfort, or interchanging conditions between poverty and distress.

    If a traveller sees himself carrying a food basket in a dream, it means that he will take a positive look at things, or that he will walk a step forward that will bring benefits to him and to his family.... food basket dream meaning

    Food Fare

    (Banquet; Course; Meal) If one organizes and invites people to a food fare or a banquet in a dream, it means that he will spend money to establish a business, or that he will seek the help of someone against a rival.

    (Also see Food)... food fare dream meaning

    Foolish Talk

    (See Blunder; Fool)... foolish talk dream meaning

    Foot Pain

    (See Body); Pain)... foot pain dream meaning


    (See Stableman)... forage dream meaning


    (Burdens; Carrying weight; Porter; Serving others) If a worthy person displays forbearance in a dream, it means that he will rise in station, but if an unfit person displays forbearance in a dream, it could mean burdens, responsibilities, sins or a sickness.

    (Also see Patience)... forbearance dream meaning

    Forbidden Tree

    (See Tree)... forbidden tree dream meaning


    (Fortify; Help) Using one’s forearm in a dream means lack of helpers.

    A hairy forearm in a dream means debts. Seeing the forearms of a woman uncovered in a dream means desiring worldly status. Feeling pain in one’s forearm in a dream means sorrow.

    (Also see Arm)... forearm dream meaning


    (See Astrologer)... foreseer dream meaning

    Forging Money

    In a dream, forging money means using vile words, or words without action.

    (Also see Minting)... forging money dream meaning

    Forgiving One’s Sins

    If one’s sins are forgiven in a dream, it means receiving guidance, abstinence from sin, protecting one’s chastity, hoping for God’s forgiveness, engaging in charitable actions and offering atonements.... forgiving one’s sins dream meaning


    (Magic practice; Medium; Prophecies) Ifa fortuneteller sees himself gathering white sand in his dream, it means profiting from his trade.

    A fortuneteller in a dream represents someone who can explain the meaning of things, a man of knowledge, an emissary, a dream interpreter, a treasurer or a supply controller. Seeing a fortuneteller in a dream also signifies stagnation of businesses, a recession and a slump. Coming before a fortuneteller to ask about some understanding in a dream denotes distress, burdens or dismay.

    If the fortuneteller replies with a truthful answer in the dream, one should accept his answer. Ifthe fortuneteller maintains silence and declines to answer in the dream, it means abolition of one’s intent or dismissal of any benefits.

    (Also see Astrologer; Divination; Dream interpreter; Seer)... fortuneteller dream meaning


    (Daring; Courage) In a dream, forwardness means a battle between good and evil and it could be interpreted according to one’s standing in that case. Forwardness in a dream also means lack of determination and disdaining to serve one’s true needs.... forwardness dream meaning


    (Casting metals; Glass; Gold; Mixing ores) In a dream, a founder represents a spendthrift, someone who cannot keep a secret, one who does not keep a promise, a minter, one who separates good from evil, a just judge who distinguishes between good and evil, an assiduous craftsman or a dream interpreter who distinguishes between true dreams and confused ones, a seer, a launderer or a garment bleacher.

    A founder in a dream also represents a person about whom people speak negatively, or a person who is appointed to lead a high ranking function.... founder dream meaning


    (See Orphan)... foundling dream meaning

    Fox’s Fur

    (See Fur)... fox’s fur dream meaning

    Fragrant Oil

    Rubbing sweet-smelling oil amplifies on’es beauty and elegance.... fragrant oil dream meaning


    Afountainhead in a dream represents blessings, grace, bounty and attaining one’s goal. Ifone sees many springs gushing forth inside his own house in a dream, and ifhe is not a discrete person, itrepresents a calamity that will bringhim and his family to their knees with sorrow and tears. Ifone sees himself taking a ritual ablution for prayers from a fountainhead in a dream, it means that he will receive lawful money. Discovering a fountainhead in a dream means prosperity. Ifthe spring gushes forth inside one’s house or from the walls of one’s house in the dream, then it means a calamity or a misfortune that will be caused by a woman, a brother or a brother in-law.

    If the water flows into the street in a dream, it means that such a calamity or adversity will leave that house and peace will finally prevail.

    If the water is pure and clean in the dream, it means depression along with a strong and a healthy body. What is disliked in such dreams is the murky water. Ifone owns a stream in a dream, it represents one’s livelihood, his shop, business, work, or one’s good deeds that remain beneficial even after his death and until the Day of Judgment such as a blessed progeny, a school or a mosque he builds, a road he opens, a book of knowledge he leaves behind, or a charitableendowment. Seeingwatersoverflowingfrom a fountainhead and flooding one’s property means sadness, crying and sorrow and the same applies if one drinks from that water in his dream.

    If one sees several springs gushing forth in a dream, it means prospering through dirty actions and corruption. Seeing a spring in the valley in a dream means blessings for most people and particularly for the sick and the needy. Adried well in a dream means the opposite. Ifone who is suffering from depression sees a spring in his dream, it means relieffrom his difficulties, repayment of his debts, recovering from his illness, or repentance from his sins.

    A spring of sweet water in a dream also means collecting one’s profits or rents.

    If one sees a rivulet carrying pure and sweet water to his house in a dream, it means profits, easy life and blessings that will be driven to him.

    (Also see Rivulet; Spring)... fountainhead dream meaning

    Frame Of A Person

    (See Figure)... frame of a person dream meaning

    Fraudulent Bankruptcy

    (Bankruptcy; Deceptive; Feigned; Misleading) Fraudulent bankruptcy in a dream represents income or suffering from an actual bankruptcy.

    If one is called fraudulent in a dream and there is a legitimate witness to such allegation, it means increase in his earnings. Ifthe circumstances in the dream denote evil, it means that he will go into bankruptcy or become ill mannered, or that he will use vile language, or become filthy, or lose his 178 integrity.

    (Also see Bankruptcy)... fraudulent bankruptcy dream meaning

    Fresh Fish

    If they are huge and many they symbolise wealth and assets from the one who acquires them.

    If small and many it means he will be afflicted with grief and sorrow.

    If one or two, they represent one or two women from who he will derive benefit.... fresh fish dream meaning

    Fresh Produce

    (Damp; Food; Humid; Produce; Ripe; Tender) Fresh vegetables or fruits in a dream and in their season represent a political appointment in a populated village or a small town. Eating fresh produce out ofseason in a dream means an illness. As for a merchant, eating fresh produce in a dream means profits and plenitude. Fresh or ripened fruits in a dream represent glad tidings, spiritual awareness, victory over one’s enemy, chastity, lawful earnings or absence of trouble. Eating a ripened fruit out of season in a dream also may mean a miraculous recovery from illness and a blessing.... fresh produce dream meaning

    Friday Eve

    (See Night of Power)... friday eve dream meaning


    Fostering a friendship or seeking the fellowship of the righteous ones or the men of knowledge in a dream represents one’s sincerity and love for others, devotion to family ties and serving their interests. It also indicates one’s true sincerity in his or her religious duties.

    (Also see Bond; Companionship; Fellowship; Kinship; Spiritual gathering)... friendship dream meaning

    Friendship On The Road

    (See Companion on the road; Friendship)... friendship on the road dream meaning


    (Saddle fringes; Hanging ornaments) Fringes in a dream represent a fight, an argument or vain talk.

    (Also see Tassels)... fringes dream meaning


    (See Laughing)... frivolity dream meaning

    Frothing At The Mouth

    Frothing at the mouth in a dream means excitement, madness or infuriation in wakefulness.

    (Also see Foam)... frothing at the mouth dream meaning

    Frozen Assets

    If a rich person sees himself in a dream standing within the confines of the Cradle of Ismail in Mecca in a dream, it means that he will be debarred from his assets and his rights to use them will be suspended.... frozen assets dream meaning


    (See Middle course)... frugal dream meaning


    (Humiliation. See Middle course)... frugality dream meaning

    Fruit Pickle

    (Relish) Pickled fruits in a dream means apostasy, corruption, emulating evil people, wasting one’s money foolishly or breaking one’s promise. Pickling fruits in mustard in a dream means speaking the truth at an inappropriate time, or speaking the truth then meeting with rejection.

    (Also see Pickles; Preserves)... fruit pickle dream meaning

    Fruits Salesman

    (Fruit) In a dream, a fruit salesman represents a trustworthy 180 person who is entrusted with people’s money and confidentiality. In dream interpretation, a fruit salesman also represents a good person unless he takes money for his fruits. Seeing a fruit salesman in a dream is also interpreted as listening to a worthwhile lecture or listening to a touching sermon or hearing an official report from the government delivered by a special announcer, or it could mean marriage, children, fast comingmoney and worthwhile efforts.

    (Also see Fruit)... fruits salesman dream meaning


    (See Deep frying)... fryer dream meaning

    Fulfilling Needs

    (See Endowment)... fulfilling needs dream meaning

    Fulfilling One’s Goal

    Fulfilling one’s goal in a dream means increase in knowledge, guidance on the path of God Almighty, earning lawful money, marriage or becoming wealthy.... fulfilling one’s goal dream meaning

    Fulfilling One’s Needs

    (Endowments; Inheritance; Profits. See Endowment; Fulfilling one’s goal)... fulfilling one’s needs dream meaning

    Funeral Prayers

    Performing the funeral prayers (arb. J anaza) in a dream means interceding on behalf of the deceased.

    If the deceased is unknown, then performing the funeral prayers in a dream means employment for a jobless person, profits from a partnership, or it could denote failure to adequately performingone’s regular obligatory prayers, or beingoft-forgetful, and distracted during one’s prayers. Leading the funeral prayers in a dream and interceding with exaggerated invocations on behalf of the deceased in a dream means receiving a political appointment by a ruler who is a hypocrite to manage a sector of his business. Invoking blessings upon the deceased in a dream means that God Almighty has forgiven him. Sitting in a gathering where people are praying for those who passed away in a dream means attending a funeral. Performing the funeral prayers in a dream also means interceding on behalf of a sinner.

    (Also see Death; Flue times prayers; Funeral)... funeral prayers dream meaning


    Seeing a furrier in the summer in a dream signifies trouble, distress and sickness. Seeing a furrier in a dream in the winter means health, energy and dispelling difficulties.

    (Also see Fur)... furrier dream meaning


    (See Down) G... fuzz dream meaning

    Garments Of Silk, Raw Silk And Fin Silk

    These symbolise superiority, Strength, influence and the acquiring of unlawful wealth.... garments of silk, raw silk and fin silk dream meaning

    General Rule Pertaining To A Dream With Two Scenes With Opposing Interpretations

    When two separate things with opposing interpretations are seen in a dream then the stronger or better of the two interpretations will be given. As an example is a person sees a bathroom and himself as removing hair using a lotion or lime-whereas a bathroom represents grief and sorrow and removing hair using a lotion or lime represents the removing of grief and sorrow- it means that his grief and sorrow will be removed, for the dream of removing hair using lime or lotion is regarded as stronger or better.... general rule pertaining to a dream with two scenes with opposing interpretations dream meaning

    Green Fields

    (See Crop)... green fields dream meaning

    Green Fruit

    If green fruit is seen, it suggests wealth which will be of no benefit to the observer.... green fruit dream meaning

    Hail, Ice, Frost And Snow

    these symbolize sorrow, grief and the punishment of Allah Ta’ala. But, if a small quantity of hail is seen in a place where it normally hails, it heralds verdure and lushness.... hail, ice, frost and snow dream meaning

    Horse Fright

    Shying, as in a horse fright, in a dream means hastening to undertake ajourney, moving quickly from one place to another, or substituting one school of thought for another, adopting a new ideology, or changing one’s religion.

    (Also see Horse)... horse fright dream meaning

    Horse With White Feet

    A horse with all its feet white is regarded as the most excellent amongst all horse.... horse with white feet dream meaning

    Hunting A Female Gazelle Or Buck

    He will marry a beautiful woman.... hunting a female gazelle or buck dream meaning

    Hunting Wild Animals That Are Females

    they represent men, women and slave-girls.... hunting wild animals that are females dream meaning


    Entering hell-fire in a dream means committing major sins such as murder or adultery.

    If one comes out of it unharmed in the dream, then it represents worldly adversities.

    If one sees the fire of hell coming near him in a dream, it means difficulties, debts, losses, fines and adversities from which one will not be able to escape.

    If one sees himself entering hell-fire and holding his sword unsheathed in a dream, it means that he speaks evil of others and commits abominable actions against his own soul.

    The same interpretation applies if one enters it smiling in his dream. Finding oneselfprisoner in hell not knowing when was he incarcerated in the dream means constraint, poverty, deprivation, failure to pray, fast or to remember his Lord. Walking across burning coal in a dream means exceeding one’s bound regarding people’s rights. Eating food from hell means becoming a tyrant and a blood thirsty person. Ifone sees himself inside hell-fire, where his eyes turn dark-blue and his face charcoal black in the dream, it means that he befriends God’s enemy and consents to their deception and chicanery. Consequently, he will surely be humiliated and despised by people, and in the hereafter, he will suffer the consequences of his sins. Seeing hell in a dream means that one should avoid incurring the wrath of a ruler. Entering hell in a dream also means notoriety, or becoming known as an evil person. It also means heedlessness and pursuing one’s indulgence in abominable actions. Whatever knowledge such a person acquires will bear evil consequences. Hell in a dream also represents loss of one’s prestige, status and it means poverty after wealth, despair after comfort, unlawful earnings, insolence, and ifit leads to an illness, it willend in a shockingdeath as a punishment.

    If it leads to employment, it will be ajob serving a tyrant.lfit leads to acquiring knowledge, it means inventing vain religious practices.

    If it leads to bearing a son, he will be the child of adultery. In general hell in a dream means excessive sexual desires, a slaughter house, a public bath, an oven, inventing a new religion, innovation, absence oftruth, indulgence in what is forbidden, stinginess, denying the Day of Judgment, a blazing fire for the devils, joining with a group of evildoers in committing atrocities, denying the sovereignty of God Almighty and ascribing human characteristics to Him. Seeing Malik, the guardian angel of hell-fire in a dream means receiving guidance after heedlessness.

    If one sees Malik coming toward him in the dream, it means his salvation and the restoration of his faith. However, if one sees Malik turning his back to him or going away from him in the dream, it means that he will commit an act that will deliver him to the blazing fire of hell.

    The angels in charge of punishing the sinners in hell in a dream represent the authority, soldiers, or tax collectors.

    If one enters hell-fire then comes out of it in his dream, it means that, God willing, his life will culminate in paradise. Ifhe sees his limbs reprimanding him in the dream, it means that one’s own body is telling him something, or admonishing and trying to awaken his conscious to the realities of the hereafter and the Day of Reckoninh.

    (Also see Bathhouse; Fire; Malik; Mental hospital)... hell·fire dream meaning

    Indian Falcon

    tzool. ShahIn) In a dream, an Indian falcon or a Shahm represents an unjust ruler who keeps no promises. Ifone sees himself turned into a ShahIn in a dream, it means that he will be appointed at a high ranking seat of authority, then be quickly dismissed or impeached from office.... indian falcon dream meaning


    Personal interpretation of matters in a dream means false reports. However, if a known knowledgeable and a truthful person interprets something in a dream, his recommendations and explanations should be heeded.

    (Also see Dream interpreter)... interpretation dream meaning

    Intimate Friend

    (See Book)... intimate friend dream meaning

    Islamic Festivals

    (See Feast of Breaking the Fast; Feast of Immolation)... islamic festivals dream meaning

    Jewel Light Of The Father’s Eyes

    In a dream, it means one’s sons or daughters.... jewel light of the father’s eyes dream meaning

    Light Given Off By Fire

    To burn a fire in the dream and see people being guided by the light of such a fire implies that the person who had enkindled the fire will, through knowledge and wisdom, become a guiding light for the people.... light given off by fire dream meaning

    Losing A Fight

    (Defeat; Depression) Losing a fight in a dream means joy. Losing a fight in a dream also could mean vanquishing one’s enemy if they are compatible. Otherwise, the winner of a fight is a dream denotes the loser in wakefulness.

    (Also see Defeat)... losing a fight dream meaning

    Milking A Fox

    (See Milk; Milking)... milking a fox dream meaning

    Most Unpleasant Dream

    If the Holy Prophet (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) is seen as physically deformed or sick or dead then this is a very unpleasant dream. For, it alludes to the observer’s negligence and unmindfulness in mattes of deen. Such a person should immediately resort to repentance.... most unpleasant dream dream meaning

    Muslims’ Festivals

    (See Feast of Breaking the Fast; Feast of Immolation)... muslims’ festivals dream meaning

    Plucking Out Facial Hair

    If a rich person sees himself plucking out his facial hair in a dream, it means losing money, while if a poor person sees that, it means that he will repay his debts.

    (Also see Shaving; Temples)... plucking out facial hair dream meaning

    Reaping A Field

    It alludes to bloodshed.... reaping a field dream meaning

    Rice Flour

    In a dream, rice flour means a blessing or a favor.

    (Also see Flour)... rice flour dream meaning

    Salted Fish

    Salted fish whether small or big symbolise grief and sorrow caused by a person’s servants, subordinates or brother.... salted fish dream meaning

    Sand Or Dust Flying In The Atmosphere Or Skies

    Sand or dust flying in the atmosphere or skies symbolizes the beholder’s affairs becoming chaotic.

    The same interpretation is given if mist or fog is seen.... sand or dust flying in the atmosphere or skies dream meaning

    Scorching By Fire

    If someone sees that he is surrounded by flames or flames leap towards him, it suggests that people will backbite about him.... scorching by fire dream meaning

    Seeing A Female Mule

    the mre seeing of a female mule in one’s dream represents a person’s honour, status, respectability and high standing in the community.... seeing a female mule dream meaning

    Seeing Elephants And Beasts Of Prey In The Dream

    An elephant symbolises a foreigner who is despotic, powerful and vehement. He has no compassion_striking fear into the hearts of people.... seeing elephants and beasts of prey in the dream dream meaning

    Seeing Rasoolullah (sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) In The Dream

    Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) has said : “Whosoever sees me in his dream he has truly seen me. For, the devil is unable to assume my form”.... seeing rasoolullah (sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) in the dream dream meaning

    Muslims’ Testimony Of Faith

    ‘There is no God except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.’ Seeing a garlic tree, or an onion plant, or a perennial vine of the gourd family, or the colocynth tree tCitrullus colocynthis; bot.) in a dream means hearing harsh words or evil talk. Plucking fruits other than what the mother tree bears in a dream means carrying someone else’s money or property.

    A tree bearing a fruit other than its own in a dream represents an adulterous wife who bears a child from someone other than her husband. Cutting a tree in a dream means killing someone, or it could mean an illness. Climbing a tree in a dream means meeting a strong man. Coming down from a tree in a dream means parting with someone. Falling down from a tree in a dream means death resulting from fight.

    If one’s right hand breaks from such fall in the dream, it means the death of his brother or his sister in a fight.

    If the leg breaks in the dream, it means losing one’s money.

    If one sees blessed trees such as an olive tree with thorns in a dream, it means that such thorns will prevent him from wrongdoing or from falling into sin.

    A walnut tree in a dream represents hard earned money. Trees in a dream also represent shops, businesses, tables, festivities, servants, cattle, restaurants, money, hidden treasures, storage houses, religions or sects. Ifa storm damages a tree, burns it, or causes it to falls in a dream, it means the death or murder of a man or a woman.

    A date or a palm tree in a dream also represents a famous person, a man of knowledge, the wife of a king, or the mother of a president.

    If it is an olive tree, then it represents a man of knowledge, a preacher, a passenger, ajudge or a physician. Like that, trees are interpreted according to their substance, value, or the harm or benefit they bring, their roots, origin or age. Seeing a vineyard bearing grapes in the winter in a dream means that one will be deceived by a woman or a man during a business transaction, thinking that they are rich.

    A quince tree in a dream represents an intelligent person who does not use his intelligence to benefit himself or others.

    An almond tree in a dream represents a foreigner or a passenger. Cane or reed plants in a dream represent opposition, punishment or help.

    A pomegranate tree in a dream represents a pious and a religious person, and its thorns represent the obstacles that could prevent him from falling into sin.

    A lotus tree in a dream represents a noble and a gracious person. Acolocynth tree in a dream represents a good but cowardly and easily scared man who has no real devotion and fails to practice his religious duties.

    An oak tree in a dream represents a king, a gnostic, a poet or a fortuneteller.

    An indigo plant in a dream represents a knowledgeable Arab.

    A dried out palm tree in a dream represents a hypocrite. Ifa storm uproots a tree in a dream, it means a calamity or a plague.

    A banana tree in a dream represents a rich person who correctly manages his religious and his material life. Ajujube tree in a dream represents ajoyful and a happy person, or it could represent power and leadership.

    A fig tree in a dream represents someone who benefits his family, and who treats his enemy with justice.

    A berry tree in a dream represents a generous person.

    A pistachio tree in a dream represents a wealthy person who also possess a good humor, and who is generous with his family and friends.

    A peach tree in a dream represents a correct person, though few can benefit from him, or it could represent a hypocrite or a handsome looking person, or perhaps a rich woman.

    If one pluck its fruits in a dream, it means that he will marry her.

    An apple tree in a dream represents a person with steadfastness and determination.

    A plum tree in a dream represents a rich and a courageous man.

    A pear tree in a dream represents a Persian who practices herbal medicine.

    A tamarisk tree in a dream represents a hypocrite, or it could mean a thiefwho benefits poor people and harms the rich. Abullace, a wild small plum tree, or a damson tree in a dream represent someone who benefits everyone.

    A sycamore tree in a dream represents a good person who is steadfast in his servitude to others, though who is also firm, equitable, powerful and rich.

    A carob tree in a dream represents a man of little benefit to others.

    A lemon tree in a dream represents a beneficial person, or a rich woman who is known for her charities.

    (Also see Sycamore tree; Evergreen; Oak tree; Palm tree; etcetera)... muslims’ testimony of faith dream meaning

    Non-fruit-bearing Trees

    They symbolise a person who is of little or no benefit.... non-fruit-bearing trees dream meaning

    Palm Fiber

    (Rubbing cloth) Palm fiber in a dream represents new clothing, or an accumulated wealth that is bearing heavy on its owner because of the methods he uses to gather it, or because of failing to pay its due alms tax, or required charities.... palm fiber dream meaning

    Pearl Fishery

    (See Diving; Pearl diver)... pearl fishery dream meaning


    (Homosexuality; Lover of boys; Sodomize; Sodomy) Molesting a child, or forcing a boy to sodomy in a dream means committing an evil act, loss of one’s capital to one’s enemy, engaging in loathsome actions, losing dignity, or confronting an enemy.

    (Also see Anus; Inkwell; Satan; Scorpion; Sexual intercourse; Sodomy)... pederasty dream meaning

    Physical Fitness

    (Health) Physical fitness in a dream denotes the opposite in wakefulness. On the other hand, it could meanenjoyingblessings.

    (Also seePhysical paralysis)... physical fitness dream meaning

    Pipe Dream

    (See Rainbow)... pipe dream dream meaning

    Seeing Allah In The Form Of A Picture:

    One who sees Allah in the form of a picture or he thinks he has seen Allah or someone resembling Allah it means that the observer of such a dream is a compulsive liar_ leveling accusations against Allah and indulging in innovations (bid’aat).

    It is imperative that such a person hastens towards seeking Allah’s forgiveness.

    The same applies to a person who sees Allah in the form of an idol or any such form as is contrary to His excellence and sublimity. For, Allah Ta’ala is free from all blemishes and weaknesses.... seeing allah in the form of a picture: dream meaning

    Shooting With A Firearm

    If a person sees himself as shooting someone with a firearm it means he will abuse and humiliate the person whom he shot.... shooting with a firearm dream meaning

    Shops And Their Frontage

    Shops and pavements where merchandise is normally sold symbolize merchandise and goods. But pavements and terraces which are not normally occupied for trading purposes, but instead are utilized for converging, means that the beholder will plunge into lengthy discussion.... shops and their frontage dream meaning

    Smiting One’s Forehead

    (Blow; Pound; Shake; slap) In a dream, pounding one’s head, or smiting one’s face means begetting a son at an old age.... smiting one’s forehead dream meaning

    Soorah Faatihah

    Anyone who recites it fully or partially, his duas will be assuredly accepted by Allah and he will derive such benefit thereby that it will bring him joy and happiness. Some say that he will marry seven women in succession and his duas will be accepted. This is borne out by the fact that Rasoolullah (sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) used to recite Alhamdu lillahi rab bil aalameen in the beginning of his dua as well as at the end.... soorah faatihah dream meaning

    Soorah Faatir

    Its reciter will see Allah Ta’ala and become a saint from amongst the saints of Allah.... soorah faatir dream meaning

    Soorah Fajr

    He will instill awe and elegance in the hearts of people.... soorah fajr dream meaning

    Soorah Falaq

    Its reader will be protected against evil.... soorah falaq dream meaning

    Soorah Fath

    Its reader will be loved by Allah.... soorah fath dream meaning

    Soorah Feel

    He will be helped against the enemy and Islam will become victorious at his hands.... soorah feel dream meaning

    Soorah Furqaan

    He will love truth and abhor falsehood.... soorah furqaan dream meaning

    Spanish Fly

    (Blister beetle) A Spanish fly is a bad omen if seen in a dream by someone who indulged in abominable and loathsome actions. As for the majority of people, seeing a Spanish fly in a dream is more ominous. However, if a druggist, or a pharmacist sees a Spanish fly or a blister beetle in his dream, then they connote medicinal benefits.... spanish fly dream meaning

    Stuffed Fish

    (See Stuffed turkey)... stuffed fish dream meaning

    Stuffed Fowl

    (See Stuffed turkey)... stuffed fowl dream meaning

    Suppressing One’s Feelings

    If a sick person sees himself suppressing his feelings, or down-playing his pain and sufferings in a dream, it means that he will shortly recover from his ailment.

    (Also see Suppressing one’s anger)... suppressing one’s feelings dream meaning

    Sweeping The Floor

    (Cleaning; Sanitation) Sweeping the floor, or caring for the floor matt or carpet in a dream means to care for one’s community or family. Sweeping dirt or cleaning a floor in a dream means financial benefits for people who do that professionally. Sweeping someone else’s house in a dream means receiving money from him.

    If a rich person sees himself sweeping a floor in a dream, it means poverty, or loss of a business.

    (Also see Cleaner; Garbage; Sanitation; Trash collector)... sweeping the floor dream meaning

    Sweet Fragrance

    (See Smell)... sweet fragrance dream meaning

    Sweet Smelling Flowers

    Fragrant flowers such as roses, jasmine, narcissus, marigold, daisies etc.- if any of these are seen detached from its stem-it suggest that the observer will lose his accumulated wealth. But if they are not, it is a harbinger of a son who will be good, hones and righteous. How righteous he will be depends on the intensity of the fragrance given off by such a flower.... sweet smelling flowers dream meaning

    Take Flight

    (Flee; Run away) Ifone sees himself turning and running away in the face of a battle in a dream, it means that he may contract a venereal disease, or suffer from syphilis. Takingflight in a dream also may mean reverting to what is proper. On the other hand, it may mean falling into sin to earn God’s wrath and the despise of the common people.

    If one sees himself taking refuge in a group of people, enticing them to fight in a dream, it means that he is adventuring with his head by walking the path of evil, or by backbiting others.

    (Also see Escape from danger; Running away; Turning)... take flight dream meaning

    Telling The Future

    (See Perspicacity)... telling the future dream meaning

    Terra Firma

    (See Dry land)... terra firma dream meaning

    The Face And Beard

    The face and beard symbolise a man’s status and awe. Seeing one’s beard lengthened suggest that his position or status will be elevated.... the face and beard dream meaning

    The Faculty Of Hearing

    It symbolises a person’s Deen. Thus, if a person sees his hearing ability increased it suggests that he will progress in matters of Deen. But if he sees it as defective, it suggest similar defects in his Deen.... the faculty of hearing dream meaning

    The Flesh Of An Ox

    It symbolises a person’s wealth. And its skin represents his estate.... the flesh of an ox dream meaning

    The Flesh, Skin And Bones Of A Crocodile

    These symbolises wealth belonging to a person’s enemy. Acquiring any of these means he will acquire assets from his enemy.... the flesh, skin and bones of a crocodile dream meaning

    The Front Two Teeth-upper And Lower

    They symbolise a person’s children, brothers and sisters.... the front two teeth-upper and lower dream meaning

    The Liver, Fat, Spleen Etc Of A Goat

    The liver, fat, spleen hear and kidneys of a goat symbolise a person’s movable properties which he will remove or transfer from one place to an other.... the liver, fat, spleen etc of a goat dream meaning

    The Milk Of A Female Mule

    The milk of a female mule does not augur well for the one who drinks it. Though he will receive some good he will experience much hardships depending on how much milk he had drunk.... the milk of a female mule dream meaning

    The Nose And Forehead

    They symbolise a person’s status, honour and dignity. Any excellence or defect in them bespeaks of similar excellence or defect in his status, honour and dignity.... the nose and forehead dream meaning

    The Skin And Flesh Of A Mule

    They represent a person’s wealth whose quantity equals the quantity of the skin and flesh seen in the dream.... the skin and flesh of a mule dream meaning

    Timber And Firewood

    Hard timber implies hypocrisy in habits or in matters relating to Deen.

    The same implies to firewood, small or big, dry or green.... timber and firewood dream meaning

    Tracing Footsteps

    (See Tracker) 444... tracing footsteps dream meaning

    Warble Fly

    (Enemy; Spy)... warble fly dream meaning

    Yellow Fruit

    Seeing yellow fruit such as apples, apricots, pears, saffron etc. in one’s dream implies that the observer of this dream will fall ill.... yellow fruit dream meaning

    Worshipping Fire

    (Fire worshipper; Magi; Magus; Mazdaism; Sorcerer) Seeing an old man worshipping fire in a dream means facing a person who cares little about obliterating his enemy. Seeing oneself worshiping fire in a dream means apostasy, committing adultery, theft, murder, making a false oath, polytheism, or being an unjust person. Turning away from worshipping fire to embrace Judaism or Christianity in a dream means experiencing major changes in one’s life. Worshipping fire in a dream means desiring worldly pleasures. Worshipping the fire in a dream also means desiring to work for the ruler or a king, or it could mean going astray. Ifthe fire one is worshipping is not lit in the dream, it means that he is seeking unlawful earnings.... worshipping fire dream meaning

    April Fool’s Day

    Symbolic of an impending prank or trick ... april fool’s day dream meaning

    Blast Furnace

    A hard life, worldly living, a person’s life before Christ, Jer. 11:4 ... blast furnace dream meaning

    Brazen Face

    Symbolic of not having any fear, Prov. 7:13... brazen face dream meaning

    Breathing Fire

    Symbolic of destructive words, Jer. 5:14 ... breathing fire dream meaning

    Defensive Fortification

    This symbolizes God’s protection over your life, Ps. 28:8... defensive fortification dream meaning

    Dripping Faucet

    (tub or sink) symbolic of disagreements and arguments, Prov.19:13... dripping faucet dream meaning


    Symbolic of God’s character and the fruit of the Spirit, Gal. 5:22... faithfulness dream meaning

    Fat Cat

    Symbolic of a rich person ... fat cat dream meaning


    Symbolic of the Lord’s army, a Christian soldier, 2 Tim. 2:3 ... fatigues dream meaning

    Festering Wound

    A symbol of unconfessed sin in a person’s life, Ps. 38:5. Festering sores can also be injuries or pain caused by another person... festering wound dream meaning

    Field Goal Kicker

    Symbolic of a high pressure situation in life in which you play a critical role in determining the outcome ... field goal kicker dream meaning

    Fig Cake

    Symbolic of intercession and revival, 1 Sam. 25:18, 30:12... fig cake dream meaning

    Fighter Jet

    Symbolic of a fast-paced lifestyle or a symbol of war ... fighter jet dream meaning

    Fire Alarm

    A warning of impending trouble in life, Hosea 5:8 ... fire alarm dream meaning

    Fire Breathing

    A person breathing fire out of their mouth symbolizes a verbal attack, Ps. 57:4... fire breathing dream meaning

    Fire Walking

    To dream of walking or passing through fire is symbolic of being tested, refined, or matured, Ps. 66:12, 1 Peter 4:12 ... fire walking dream meaning


    Symbolic of being caught, Job 41:1 ... fishhook dream meaning


    To dream of a car fishtailing is symbolic of losing control ... fishtail dream meaning


    Symbolic of destructive words, Prov. 16:27 ... flamethrower dream meaning

    Flying Serpent

    Symbolic of a deadly, hard to kill, or persistent enemy, Isa. 14:29 ... flying serpent dream meaning

    Folded Hands

    Symbolic of inaction or sluggishness, Prov. 6:10... folded hands dream meaning

    Fool’s Gold

    False religion, Col. 2:23 ... fool’s gold dream meaning


    Following foot prints in a dream is symbolic of following in someone else’s path in life.

    If the foot print is bloody it symbolizes the path of wrongdoers, Hosea 6:8 ... footprint dream meaning


    An uncircumcised heart can be symbolic of unrepentant sin and rebellion, Jer. 4:4.

    The foreskin may also symbolize practicing legalism, Gal. 5:2-3 ... foreskin dream meaning

    Forest Ranger

    Symbolic of a helper ... forest ranger dream meaning

    Fox Cub

    Symbolic of tiny problems, Song. 2:15... fox cub dream meaning


    Symbolic of being at the point of attack in spiritual warfare, 2 Sam. 11:15 ... frontline dream meaning


    Symbolic of making a critical mistake ... fumble dream meaning

    Funeral Procession

    Symbolic of wailing and mourning over the death of something in your life, Jer. 9:17-19... funeral procession dream meaning

    Hall Of Fame

    Heroes of the faith, Heb. 12:1 ... hall of fame dream meaning


    Symbolic of the seven-fold flow of the Holy Spirit, Isa. 11:2, Rev. 4:5... lamps-of-fire dream meaning

    Pirate Flag

    Symbolic of an impending attack upon your life or another person’s life ... pirate flag dream meaning

    Playing Field

    Symbolic of contested territory ... playing field dream meaning

    Rotting Fruit

    Symbolic of decay, Job 13:28... rotting fruit dream meaning

    Shining Face

    A symbol of God’s blessing, Ps. 67:1 ... shining face dream meaning

    Stone Face

    Symbolic of being hardened and unrepentant from sin, Jer. 5:3 ... stone face dream meaning

    Summer Fruits

    Gladness and joy, Isa. 16:9 ... summer fruits dream meaning

    Front Gate

    A front gate swings open automatically: your partner may have an extra marital affairs • A front gate is wide open: a great opportunity is wide open for you... front gate dream meaning

    Breasts / Breast Feeding

    Dreaming about breasts can have obvious sexual meaning. However, consider all of the details in your dream in order to obtain the most appropriate meaning. Breasts also represent tenderness, love, and other matters of the heart. Breastfeeding is symbolic of giving or receiving, nurturing, and sustenance. It represents motherly love as well as physical and emotional support and well being. Old dream interpretation books say that breastfeeding is a symbol of great things to come following an extended period of hard work.... breasts / breast feeding dream meaning

    Acacia Flowers

    A dream of rest and tranquillity, say the gypsy dreamers.

    An erotic dream, announces Herr Freud, while flower symbolists proclaim the blossom as signifying “Rest to the Heart.” The Egyptians held it as sacred to woman.... acacia flowers dream meaning

    Barley Fields

    To walk through them augurs trouble and pain to the dreamer (Gypsy); distinctly gypsy symbolism, in view of the penalties attached to damaging the farmer’s crops.... barley fields dream meaning


    To dream that some one gives you a farthing, or that you are not possessed of one foretells a fall in the world (Gypsy). The unfortunate inteipretation that invariably attends the dream of money.... farthing dream meaning

    Fire-brand Or Torch

    Good for young folk to whom it signifies love and pleasure; to see another hold a fire-brand is an ill dream for one who would be secret (Artemidorus). Symbolism obvious.... fire-brand or torch dream meaning


    To dream of one signifies foolishness (Gypsy). An occult symbol of determination to suffer wrongs gayly.... foolscap dream meaning


    Success will never attend the dreamer of this dream (Raphael). The interpretation of what is evidently regarded as a wish dream.... fratricide dream meaning


    A dream of trouble in store for the dreamer (Gypsy). ... gad-flies dream meaning


    A dream denoting bad speculation (the significance of the flower itself). ... gilly-flower dream meaning

    Analysis, Dream

    See dream processing. ... analysis, dream dream meaning

    Dream Analysis

    Sigmund Freud was the founder of modern therapeutic analysis of dreams. Freud encouraged clients to relax on a couch and allow free associations to arise in con­nection with aspects of their dream. In this way he helped the person move from the surface images (manifest content) of the dream to the underlying emotions, fantasies and wishes (latent content), often connected with early childhood. Be­cause dreams use condensation—a mass of different ideas or experiences all represented by one dream image or event— Freud stated that the manifest content was meagre’ compared with the ‘richness and variety’ of latent content.

    If one suc­ceeds in touching the feelings and memories usually con­nected with a dream image, this becomes apparent because of the depth of insight and experience which arises. Although ideally the Freudian analyst helps the client discover their own experience of their dream, it can occur that the analyst puts to the client readymade views of the dream. Out of this has occurred the idea of someone else ‘analysing or telling us about our dream.

    Carl Jung used a different approach. He applied amplifica­tion (see entry), helped the client explore their associations, used active imagination (see entry) and stuck to the structure of the dream. Because amplification also put to the client the information and experience of the therapist, again the dreamwork can be largely verbal and intellectual, rather than experiential.

    In the approach of Fritz Perls (gestalt therapy) and Moreno (psychodrama), dream analysis is almost entirely experiential.

    The person exploring the dream acts out or verbalises each role or aspect of the dream.

    If one dreamt of a house, in gestalt one might stan by saying I am a house’ and then go on to describe oneself just as one is as the particular house in the dream.

    It is important, even if the house were one existing externally, not to attempt a description of the external house, but to stay with the house as it was in the dream. This is like amplification, except the client gives all the information. This can be a very dramatic and emotional experience because we begin consciously to touch the immense realms of experience usually hidden behind the image. When successful this leads to personal insights into behaviour and creativity. See dream processing; amplification; gestalt dream work.

    dream as a meeting place Any two people, or group of people who share their dreams, particularly if they explore the associated feelings and thoughts connected with the dream images, achieve social intimacy quickly. Whether it is a family sharing their dreams, or two fnends, an environment can be created in which the most profound feelings, painful and wonderful, can be allowed. Such exposure of the usually pri­vate areas of one s feelings and fears often presents new infor­mation to the dreamer, and also allows ventilation of what may never have been consciously expressed before. In doing so a healing release is reached, but also greater self under­standing and the opportunity to think over or reconsider what is discovered.

    Herbert Reed, editor of the dream magazine Sundance, and resident in Virginia Beach, Va., initiated group dreaming ex­periments. It started because Reed noticed that in the dream groups he was running, when one of the group aired a prob­lem, other members would subsequently dream about that person’s problem. He went on to suggest the group should attempt this purposely and the resulting dreams shared to see if they helped the person with the problem.

    The reported dreams often formed a more detailed view of the person’s situation. In one instance the group experienced many dream images of water. It aided the woman who was seeking help to admit she had a phobia of water and to begin thinking about learning to swim. In another experiment, a woman presented the problem of indecision about what college to transfer to and what to study. Her group subsequently said they were confused because they had not dreamt about school. Several had dreams about illicit sex. though, which led the woman to admit she was having an affair with a married man. She went on to realise that it was the affair which was underlying her indecision. She chose to end the affair and further her career.

    Whatever may be underlying the results of Reed’s expen- ments, it is noticeably helpful to use the basic principles he is working with. They can be used by two people equally as well as a group—by a parent and child, wife and husband, busi­nessman and employee. One sets out to dream about each other through mutual agreement. Like any undertaking, the involvement, and therefore the results, are much more pro­nounced if there is an issue of reasonable importance behind the experiment. It helps if one imagines that during sleep you are going to meet each other to consider what is happening between you. Then sleep, and on waking take time to recall any dream. Note it down, even if it seems far removed from what you expected. Then explore its content using the tech­niques in dream processing.

    Example: My wife and I decided to attempt to meet in our dreams. I dreamt I was in a room similar to the back bedroom of my previous marnage. My present wife was with me. She asked me to help her move the wardrobe. It reminded me of, but did not look like, the one which had been in that bed­room. I stood with my back to it, and reached my hands up to press on the top, inside. In this way I carried it to another wall. As I put it down the wood broke. I felt it ought to be thrown away’ (Thomas B). Thomas explored the dream and found he connected feelings about his first marriage with the wardrobe and bedroom. In fact the shabby wardrobe was Tom’s feelings of shabbiness at having divorced his first wife. In his first marriage, represented by the bedroom, he always felt he was married for life. In divorcing, he had done some­thing he didn’t like and was carrying it about with him. He says ‘1 am carrying this feeling of shabbiness and second best into my present relationship, and I need to get rid of it.’

    dream as a spiritual guide Dreams have always been con­nected with the spiritual side of human experience, even though today many spiritual leaders disagree with consider­ation of dreams. Because dreams put the dreamer in touch with the source of their own internal wisdom and certainty, some conflict has existed between authoritative priesthood and public dreaming.

    A lay person finding their own ap­proach to God in a dream might question the authority of the priests. No doubt people frequently made up dreams about God in order to be listened to. Nevertheless, despite opposi­tion, Matthew still dreamt of an angel appearing to him, Jo­seph was still warned by God to move Jesus; Peter still dreamt his dream of the unclean animals.

    The modern scientific approach has placed large question marks against the concept of the human spirit. Study of the brain’s functions and biochemical activities have led to a sense of human personality being wholly a series of biological and biochemical events.

    The results of this in the relationship between doctor and patient, psychiatrist and client, some­times results in the communication of human personality be­ing of little consequence. It may not be put into words, but the intimation is that if one is depressed it is a biochemical prob­lem or a brain malfunction.

    If one is withdrawn or autistic, it is not that there is a vital centre of personality which has for some reason chosen to avoid contact, but that a biochemical or physiological problem is the cause—it’s nothing personal, take this pill (to change the biochemistry, because you are not really a person). Of course we have to accept that human personality must sometimes face the tragedy of biochemical malfunction, but we also need to accept that biochemical and physiological process can be changed by human will and courage.

    In attempting to find what the human spirit is by looking at dreams, creativity stands out.

    The spiritual nature may not be what we have traditionally considered it to be.

    An overview of dreams and how dreamers relate to them suggests one amaz­ing fact. Let us call it the ‘seashell effect’. When we hear sounds in a shell that we hold to our ear, the noises heard seem exterior to oneself, yet they are most likely amplification of sounds created in our own ear, perhaps by the passage of blood. Imagine an electronic arcade machine which the player could sit in and, when running, the player could be engulfed in images, sounds, smell and sensation. At first there is shim­mering darkness, then a sound, and lights move. Is it a face seen, or a creature. Like Rorschach’s ink blots, the person creates figures and scenes out of the shapeless light and sound.

    A devil appears which terrifies the player. People, de­mons, animals, God and angels appear and fade. Scenes are clearcut or a maelstrom of movement and ill-defined activity. Events arise showing every and any aspect of human experi­ence. Nothing is impossible.

    If, on stepping out, we told the player that what occurred was all their own creation due to unconscious feelings, fears, habits, thoughts and physiological processes occurring within them, like the seashell effect, they might say ‘Good God, is that all it was, and I thought it was real. What a waste of time.’

    Whether we can accept it or not, as a species we have created out of our own longings, fears, pain and perhaps vi­sion, God, with many different names—politics, money, dev­ils, nationalism, angels, an, and so on and on. All of it has flowed out of us. Perhaps we even deny we are the authors of the Bible, wars, social environments. Responsibility is diffi­cult.

    It is easier to believe the source is outside oneself. And if we do take responsibility for our amazing creativity, we may feel ‘is that all it is—me?’ Yet out of such things, such fears, such drives, such unconscious patterns as we shape our dreams with, we shape our life and fonune, we shape our children, we shape the world and our future.

    The shadow of fear we create in our dream, the situation of aloneness and anger, becomes a pattern of feelings, real in its world of mind. We create a monster, a Djinn, a devil, which then haunts and influences us. Or with feelings of hope, of purposiveness and love, create other forces in us and the world. But we are the creator. We are in no way separate from the forces which create our existence. We are those creative forces. In the deep­est sense, not just as an ego, we create ourselves, and we go on creating ourselves. We are the God humanity has looked so long for.

    The second aspect of the human spirit demonstrated by dreams is consciousness.

    The unconscious mind, if its func­tion is not clogged with a backlog of undealt with painful childhood experience and nonfunctional premises, has a pro­pensity to form gestalts. It takes pieces of experience and fits them together to form a whole. This is illustrated by how we form gestalts when viewing newsprint photographs, which are made up of many small dots. Our mind fits them together and sees them as a whole, giving meaning where there are only dots. When the human mind is working well, when the indi­vidual can face a wide range of emotions, from fear and pain to ecstasy, this process of forming gestalts can operate very creatively. This is because it needs conscious involvement, and if the personality is frightened of deep feeling, the uniting of deeply infantile and often disturbing cxpcrience is cut out. Yet these areas are very rich mines of information, containing our most fundamental learning.

    If the process is working well, then one’s expenence is gradually transformed into insights which transcend and thereby transform one s personal life.

    For instance, we have witnessed our own binh in some manner, we also see many others appeanng as babies. We see people ageing, dying. We see millions of events in our life and in others.

    The uncon­scious, deeply versed in imagery, ritual and body language, out of which it creates its dreams, picks up information from music, architecture, traditional rituals, people walking in the street, the unspoken world of parental influence.

    The sources are massive, unbelievable. And out of it all our mind creates meaning. Like a process of placing face over face over face until a composite face is formed, a synthesis of all the faces; so the unconscious scans all this information and creates a world view, a concept of life and death.

    The archetypes Jung talks of are perhaps the resulting synthesis of our own expenence, reaching points others have met also.

    If so, then Chnst might be our impression of humanity as a whole.

    If we dare to touch such a synthesis of experience it may be seanng, breathtaking.

    It breaks the boundaries of our present personality and con­cepts because it transcends. It shatters us to let the new vision emerge. It reaches, it soars, like an eagle flying above the single events of life. Perhaps because of this the great hawk of ancient Egypt represented the human spirit.

    Lastly, humans have always been faced by the impossible.

    To a baby, walking and not wetting its pants is impossible, but with many a fall and accident it does the impossible.

    It is a god in its achievement.

    To talk, to fly heavier-than-air planes, to walk on the Moon, were all impossible. Humans challenge the impossible every day. Over and over they fall, back into defeat. Many lie there broken. Yet with the next moment along come youngsters with no more sense than grasshoppers, and because they don’t know what the differ­ence is between right and left, do the impossible. Out of the infinite potential, the great unknown, they draw something new. With hope, with folly, with a wisdom they gain from who knows where, they demand more. And it’s a common everyday son of miracle. Mothers do it constantly for their children—transcending themselves. Lovers go through hell and heaven for each other and flower beyond who they were. You and I grow old on it as our daily bread, yet fail to see how holy it is. And if we turn away from it, it is because it offers no certainties, gives no authority, claims no reward.

    It is the spir­itual life of people on the street. And our dreams remember, even if we fail.

    For this is the body and blood of the human spirit.

    dream as a therapist and healer There is a long tradition of using dreams as a base for both physical and psychological healing. One of the earliest recorded incidents of such healing is when Pharaoh’s ‘spirit was troubled, and he sent for all the magicians of Egypt and all its wise men; and Pharaoh told them his dream, but there was none who could interpret it’. Then Joseph revealed the meaning of the dream and so the healing of Pharaoh’s troubled mind took place (Genesis 41).

    The Greek Temples of Asclepius were devoted to using dreams as a base for healing of body and mind (see dreams and ancient Greece).

    The Iroquois Amerindians used a social form of dream therapy also (see Iroquoian dream cult).

    The dream process was used much more widely throughout his­tory in such practices as Pentecostal Christianity, shaktipat yoga in India, and Anton Mesmer’s groups (see sleep move­ments).

    Sigmund Freud pioneered the modern approach to the use of dreams in therapy, but many different approaches have developed since his work. Examples of the therapeutic action of gaining insight into dreams are to be found in the entnes on abreaction, recurring dreams, reptiles.

    The entry on dream processing gives information about using a dream to gain insight and healing. See also dream as meeting place.

    A feature which people who use their dreams as a thera­peutic tool mention again and again is how dreams empower them. Many of us have an unconscious feeling that any impor­tant healing work regarding our body and mind can only be undertaken and directed by an expert, the expert might be a doctor, a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, or osteopath. Witness­ing the result of their own dream process, even if helped by an expert, people feel in touch with a wonderful internal process which is working actively for their own good. One woman, who had worked on her dream with the help of a fnend (non expert), said It gave me great confidence in my own internal process. I realised there was something powerful in myself working for my own good. It was a feeling of cooperating with life.’ One is frequently amazed by one’s own resources of wisdom, penetrating insight and sense of connection with life, as met in dreamwork. This is how dreams play a pan in helping one towards wholeness and balance.

    The growing awareness of one’s central view of things, which is so wide, piercing and often humorous, brings developing self respect as the saga of one’s dreams unfolds.

    There may be no hint of this, however, if a person simply records their dreams without attempting to find a deeply felt contact with their contents.

    It is in the searching for associ­ated feelings and ideas that the work of integrating the many strands of one’s life begins. Gradually one weaves, through a co-operative action with the dream process, a greater unifica­tion of the dark and the light, the painful and transcendent in one’s nature.

    The result is an extraordinary process of educa­tion. ... dream analysis dream meaning

    Dream Deprivation

    See science, sleep and dreams. ... dream deprivation dream meaning

    Dream Processing

    Below are described simple techniques which make it possible to gain information quickly from dreams. They have been put as a series of questions.

    What is the background to the dream? The most imponant aspects of your everyday life may have influenced the dream or feature in it. Briefly consider any aspects of your life which connect with what appears in the dream. Example: ‘1 have a plane to catch. I get to the plane but the suitcase is never big enough for my clothing which I have left behind. I am always anxious about stuff left behind. I wake still with the feeling of anxiety’ (Jane). When asked, Jane said plane flights had been a big feature of her life. She had moved home often, travelling to different pans of the world, leaving friends and loved ones behind.

    What is the main action in the dream? There is often an over­all activity such as walking, looking, worrying, building some­thing, or trying to escape. Define what it is and consider if it is expressive of something you are doing in waking life. Activi­ties such as walking or building a house need to be seen as generalisations; walking can simply represent taking a direc­tion in life. When you have defined the action, look for fur­ther information under the other headings in this book, such as swimming or sitting.

    What is your role in the dream? Are you a friend, lover, sol­dier, dictator, watcher or participant in the dream? Consider this in relationship with your everyday life, especially in con­nection with how the dream presents it. Where possible, look for the entry on the role in this book. See dreamer.

    Are you active or passive in the dream? By passive is meant not taking the leading role, being only an observer, being directed by other people and events, If you are passive, consider if you live in a similar attitude in your life. See active/passive.

    What do you feel in the dream? Define what is felt emotionally and physically. In the physical sense are you tired, cold, re­laxed or hungry? In the emotional sense do you feel sad, angry, lost, tender or frightened anywhere in the dream? This helps clarify what feeling area the dream is dealing with.

    It is important also to define whether the feelings in the dream were satisfyingly expressed or whether held back.

    If held back they need fuller expression. See emotions and mood.

    Is there a because’ factor in the dream? In many dreams something happens, fails to happen, or appears . . . be­cause! For instance, trapped in a room you find a door to escape through. All is dark beyond and you do not go through the door ‘because’ you are frightened of the dark. In this case the ‘because’ factor is fear.

    The dream also suggests you are trapped in an unsatisfying life through fear of opportunity or the unknown.

    Am I meeting the things I fear in my dream? Because a dream is an entirely inward thing, we create it completely out of our own internal feelings, images, creativity, habits and insights. So even the monsters of our dream are a pan of ourself.

    If we run from them it is only aspects of ourself we are avoiding. Through defining what feelings occur in the dream you may be able to clarify what it is you are avoiding. See nightmares; dream as spiritual guide.

    What does the dream mean? We alone create the dream while asleep. Therefore, by looking at each symbol or aspect of the dream, we can discover from what feelings, thoughts or expe­rience, what drive or what insight we have created the drama of the dream. In a playful relaxed way, express whatever you think, feel, remember or fantasise when you hold each symbol in mind. Say or write it all, even the seemingly trivial or dan­gerous’ bits. It helps to act the pan of each thing if you can; for instance as a house you might describe yourself as ‘a bit old, but with open doors for family and friends to come in and out. I feel solid and dependable, but I sense there is something hidden in my cellar’. Such statements portray one­self graphically. Consider whatever information you gather as descriptive of your waking life. Try to summarise it, as this will aid the gaining of insight.

    Try amplifying your dream You will need the help of one or two friends to use this method.

    The basis is to take the role of each part of the dream, as described above. This may seem strange at first, but persist. Supposing your name is Julia and you dreamt you were carrying an umbrella, but failed to use it even though it was raining, you would talk in the first person present—I am an umbrella. Julia is carrying me but for some reason doesn’t use me.’ Having finished saying what you could about yourself, your friend(s) then ask you questions about yourself as the dream figure or object. These questions need to be simple and directly about the dream symbol. So they could ask Are you an old umbrella?’ Does Julia know she is canying you?’ ‘What is your function as an umbrella? ‘Are you big enough to shelter Julia and someone else?’ And so on.

    The aim of the questions is to draw out information about the symbol being explored.

    If it is a known person or object you are in the role of—your father for instance—the replies to the questions need to be answered from the point of view of what happened in the dream, rather than as in real life. Listen to what you are saying about yourself as the dream symbol, and when your questioneKs) has finished, review your statements to see if you can see how they refer to your life and yourself.

    If you are asking the questions, even if you have ideas regarding the dream, do not attempt to interpret. Put your ideas into simple questions the dreamer can respond to. Maintain a sense of curiosity and attempt to understand, to make the dream plain in an everyday language sense. Lead the dreamer towards seeing what the dream means through the questions. When you have exhausted your questions ask the dreamer to summarise what they have gathered from their replies. See postures, movements and body language for an example of how to work with body movement to explore a dream meaning.

    Can / alter the dream to find greater satisfaction? Imagine yourself in the dream and continue it as a fantasy or day­dream. Alter the dream in any way that satisfies. Experiment with it, play with it, until you find a fuller sense of self expres­sion.

    It is very imponant to note whether any anger or hostil­ity is in the dream but not fully expressed.

    If so, let yourself imagine a full expression of the anger. It may be that as this is practised more anger is openly expressed in subsequent dreams. This is healthy, allowing such feelings to be vented and redirected into satisfying ways, individually and socially. In doing this do not ignore any feelings of resistance, pleasure or anxiety. Satisfaction occurs only as we leam to acknowl­edge and integrate resistances and anxieties into what we ex­press. This is a very important step. It gradually changes those of our habits which trap us in lack of satisfaction, poor cre­ativity or inability to resolve problems.

    Summary To summarise effectively gather the essence of what you have said about each symbol and the dream as a whole and express it in everyday language. Imagine you are explaining to someone who knows nothing about yourself or the dream. Bnng the dream out of its symbols into everyday comments about yourself.

    A man dreamt about a grey, dull office. When he looked at what he said about the office he realised he was talking about the grey, unimaginative world he grew up in after the Second World War, and how it shaped him.

    Further information on using these techniques can be found in Tony Crisp s work The Instant Dream Book, published by C.W. Daniel. See amplification; plot of dream; adventure of the dream world; dreamer; postures, movement and body language; settings; symbols and dreaming; word analysis of dreams; wordplay and puns. ... dream processing dream meaning

    Dream Within Dream

    A dream presents us with emotions or information we may be avoiding while awake. Usually a dream within a dream is a ploy one uses to explain away the impact of the feelings met—which is all the more reason to understand the dream. ... dream within dream dream meaning

    Biological Dream Theory

    J.A. Hadfield, in his book Dreams and Nightmares (Pelican 1954), puts forward what he calls a biological theory of dreams. He says the function of dreams is that, by reproducing difficult or unsolved situations or experi­ences, the dream aids a solving or resolution of the problems. He gives the example of a man climbing a cliff who slips fractionally. He then may dream of actually falling and waking terrified. Subsequently the dream recurs, but in each he tries out a different behaviour, such as clasping for a branch, until he manages to act appropriately to avert the disaster. He sums up by saying dreams stand in the place of experience. They make us relive areas of anxious or difficult experience. They thus help problem solving. But they not only look back at past behaviour, they act just like thinking in considering future plans and needs. ... biological dream theory dream meaning

    Dream Process As Computer

    The brain is not a computer, but it has the power to compute.

    The word computare is Latin, and comes from putare, to think. Neither is a computer any­thing like a human brain. But there are parallels. Christopher Evans, a psychologist, computer scientist and world authority on microprocessors, says the brain and computers are both information handling devices, taking impulses which in them­selves mean nothing, like sound waves, and processing them.

    It is also his theory that both computers and the waking-brain function are taken off-line to re-program. Our behaviour re­sponses and information bases need bringing up to date with any new experience and information that is relevant. In the case of the computer, off-line means having modifications made to programs, in the human it means sleeping and dreaming, the dream being the powerful activity of review, sifting and reprogramming. Thirdly, the brain and computer use programs. In humans, a program means a learnt set of responses, values or activities, such as walking or talking, but including more subtle activities such as judging social or busi­ness situations.

    If, as Christopher Evans believes, dreaming is partly a pe­riod of revising and updating responses, insights and skills, then by working with the process one can make it more effi­cient.

    The background for this statement is that many people have recurring dreams which change very little. Looking at this from the programming’ view, the attempt to revise is thwarted. But individuals can free such ‘stuck’ dreams by us­ing dream processing.

    Also, as some dreams are obviously a synthesis of experi­ence and information gathered over a lifetime, the dream pro­cess is much more than a computing function which sorts new information and updates.

    It is also capable of creative leaps through synthesis and conjecture. J.B. Priestley’s dream of the birds (see religion and dreams) appears to be a mas­sive synthesis of things observed over a lifetime. It also depicts a brain function like computer simulation, which takes infor­mation and forms it into an expenmental view of possibilities arising from the thousands of millions of separate bits of gath­ered data. See ESP in dreams; creative and problem solving dreams. ... dream process as computer dream meaning

    Dreaming The Future

    Just before his title fight in 1947, Sugar Ray Robinson dreamt he was in the ring with Doyle. ‘I hit him a few good punches and he was on his back, his blank eyes staring up at me.’ Doyle never moved and the crowd were shouting ‘He’s dead! He’s dead!’ He was so upset by the dream Robinson asked Adkins, his trainer and promoter, to call off the fight. Adkins told him ‘Dreams don’t come true.

    If they did I’d be a millionaire.* In the eighth round Doyle went down from a left hook to the jaw. He never got up, and died the next day.

    The problem is that many such dreams felt to be predictive never come true. Often dreamers want to believe they have precognitive dreams, perhaps to feel they will not be surprised by, and thereby anxious about, the future. When the baby son of Charles Lindbergh was kidnapped, and before it was known he was murdered, 1,300 people sent ‘precognitive’ dreams concerning his fate in response to newspaper head­lines. Only seven of these dreams included the three vital factors—that he was dead, naked and in a ditch.

    Out of 8,000 dreams in his Registry for Prophetic Dreams,

    Robert Nelson, who was sent dreams pnor to what was pre­dicted, has found only 48 which bear detailed and recognis­able connection with later events. ... dreaming the future dream meaning

    Film Star

    See famous people. ... film star dream meaning

    Find, Found

    Example: ‘I went into a cellar. It was rather cavelike. I had to scramble to get into it.

    The entrance was difficult to find, but I had discovered it many years before and been in lots of times. I found objects in the cellar and was looking for something’ (Tony C). Usually, as in the example, to discover, realise, become aware of some aspect of oneself and gain access to or use of. One might be living with con­stant resentments about one’s past or present situation, and then ‘find’ release from this for a day, yet not be conscious how it was achieved.

    The dream might attempt to define this. Or it might be a new idea you realise unconsciously in sleep.

    Example: Then I was with my father (dead) and was showing him a handful of exotic banknotes I had found in the building. They were £100 notes. I wasn’t sure if the money was legal tender or not.

    The notes had an unusual design’ (Andy). Andy has found a sense of his own value—the money —but is not sure if other people also value him.

    The dream illustrates the attempt to ‘find a place* in society.

    The effort to search and find is frequently to do with one’s own identity, and what one is searching through is one’s experience, as in Tony’s cellar above, or this example: l was looking into the crowd in the film to find me and it was like looking at a snapshot, it felt very important that I find me, I saw my green slacks just showing, right at the back of the crowd’ (Trudy K). See look; see. Idioms: find oneself; find fault; find out; find one’s bearings. ... find, found dream meaning

    Fish, Sea Creatures

    When we will to speak or move, uncon­scious physical and psychological impulses and processes oc­cur to produce the response. These deeply unconscious pro­cesses are often depicted by fish. Also the attitudes and urges we have in common with humanity—the collective uncon­scious, and the impulses or insights arising therefrom—can therefore represent the Self or Christ; sexual drive in connec­tion with reproduction, the many little fishes being sperm. In this sense we are the fish which swam the incredible journey and grew into a human, but is still on the odyssey of life and death.

    The fish may be the wisdom we have not yet brought to consciousness, regarding our personal journey in time and eternity. Fishing: creating a receptive state of consciousness which allows the deep insights or processes to become known; trying to find spintual nourishment. Eating fish: inte­grating our inner realisations; partaking of Christ. Eaten by fish: feeling threatened by the unconscious; threat of losing conscious or rational direction of life. Dead fish: non-expres­sion of basic urges. ... fish, sea creatures dream meaning

    Forgetfulness Of Dreams

    See science, sleep and dreams, fortress See house, buildings. ... forgetfulness of dreams dream meaning

    Fromm, Erich

    A New York psychoanalyst, who stands be­tween Jung and Freud in his view of dreams. In his book about dreams, The Forgotten Language, he says they express both the wisdom and spirituality that transcends waking thought. ... fromm, erich dream meaning

    Gestalt Dream Work

    See dream processing. ... gestalt dream work dream meaning

    Cap (of Female)

    This symbol often appears when the dreamer is longing to get married. It indicates the transformation from a girl to a woman. It points to the head and consciousness. See Helmet.... cap (of female) dream meaning

    Freud, Sigmund (1856-1939)

    When Freud, as a qualified doctor and neurologist, became interested in psychology, it was still a branch of philosophy. He gave to it a geography of the human mind, showed the influence the unconscious has upon waking personality, and brought dreams to the attention of the scientific community. His book The Interpretation of Dreams was a turning point in bringing concepts on dreaming from a primitive level to alignment with modem thought. With enormous courage, and against much opposition, he showed the place sexuality has in the development of con­scious self awareness. Freud defined dreams as being:

    1- Thoughts in pictures’—a process of thinking while asleep.

    2-‘Ego alien’. They have a life and will which often appears to be other than our conscious will. This led older cultures to believe that dreams were sent by spirits or God.

    3-‘Hallucinatory’. We believe the reality of the dream while in it.

    4-‘Drama’. Dreams are not random images. They are ‘stage managed’ into very definite, sometimes recurring, themes and plots.

    5-‘Moral standards’. Dreams have very different moral stan­dards than our waking personality.

    6-‘Association of ideas’. In dreaming we have access to in­fant or other memories or experience we would find very difficult to recall while awake.

    Freud originally said that one of the main functions of a dream was wish fulfilment, and an expression of the ‘primary process of human thinking’ unaffected by space, time and logic. Later, in considering recurring dreams which re-enact a recent traumatic incident, he agreed that dreams were not only an expression of the ‘pleasure principle’. W.H.R. Rivers, studying dreams connected with war neuroses, saw such dreams as attempts to resolve current emotional problems.

    Although there is still controversy regarding whether there can be a valid ‘dream dictionary’, Freud himself saw dream symbols as having consistent meaning so frequently that one could attribute an interpretation to them independently of the dreamer’s associations. See abreaction; Adler, Alfred; birds; dream analysis; displacement; door; Fromm, Erich; halluci­nations and hallucinogens; hypnosis and dreams; Jung, Carl; lucidity; plot of dreams; wordplay and puns; secret of universe dreams; dream as therapist; unconscious. ... freud, sigmund (1856-1939) dream meaning

    Language, Foreign Or Strange

    One function of dreams is to bring aspects of our thinking or feeling, which may be ill defined, towards clarification. Foreign or strange language may therefore illustrate something which is being communi­cated to us from within, but is still not clear.

    The uncon­scious, as in speaking in tongues—glossolalia—and of course in dreams, frequently moves towards clear awareness in stages.

    The strange language is a halfway house, as is a dream.

    If we bring focused attention to these, as explained in dream processing, the next step, clear verbal expression, can be reached. Speaking in language we are learning: the language is becoming habitual, making it possible to think in it. See speaking. ... language, foreign or strange dream meaning

    Cook (female)

    The other “mother” who is not trying to educate and punish, but the woman who cares for you, spoils you, and does not discipline you. In addition, this dream symbol also shows the inner power of the woman and her ability for transformation. See Cooking, Kettle.... cook (female) dream meaning

    Country Fair

    Vanity and bustling activity, joy and Feast.... country fair dream meaning

    Cream (food)

    See Milk. Heavy food. Taking pleasure in sweets.... cream (food) dream meaning

    Dying Forest

    Often a suggestion that the foundation of the dreamer’s life, the unconscious, is disturbed.

    An exploiting worldview has taken over.

    The dreamer needs to find and stop the ways he is exploiting himself—and others. See Forest.... dying forest dream meaning

    Escape / Flight

    Repression, particularly when you are afraid of examining your own shadow (thoughts and feelings that you are unaware of), as is often the case in dreams about flying. Are you running away from part of yourself? You might have good reason for it! However, in a dream, escaping is a sign that whatever you are running from wants to be understood and accepted— otherwise, it would not appear in a dream. Whenever you are fleeing, you are also looking for something. Ask yourself what your goals are.... escape / flight dream meaning

    Fair / Exhibition

    Communication, contact. See Masses, Mall.

    Folklore: Well-being.... fair / exhibition dream meaning

    Functions Of Dreams

    Over the years many theories to ex­plain the ‘why’ of dreams have been put forward. These range from dreams being messages from spirits; being results of food eaten prior to sleep; the mind freewheeling nonsensi­cally; the garbage disposal system of the mind; suggestions from waking experience; a computer reprogramming for the brain; to Freud’s wish fulfilment and Jung’s compensation theory.

    If we do not argue any particular theory, however, then perhaps we see dreams as having a much wider function.

    The most primal drives observable are survival, growth and repro­duction. Other urges, such as eating, social position, curiosity, are secondary.

    The human animal appears to have survived and reproduced more capably after the development of self awareness, language and reasoning. With or without these, we remain an animal with a psychobiological nature. All ani­mals are known to dream. All animals share a certain situa­tion. They have an internal world out of which arises im­pulses (to eat, to mate, to avoid danger) and feeling reactions (anger, fear, anticipation). And they have an external world which confronts them with real survival dangers, sources of food, a mate, changes in environmental conditions.

    A dream lies somewhere between these two worlds.

    We can think of the human personality as being like a special son of cavity into which all these influences are dropped or are thrown. Physical sensations, internal drives and emotions, language, social rules, religious ideas; prompts to make decisions; news of war, massive media and advertis­ing information, are all dropped in.

    The cavity has to deal with it, but as it is a mixture of things, many of which are in opposition, some sort of balance has to be kept. But how? And it cannot be simply a matter of throwing out all of one sort or aspect of things. Eradicating the memory of criticism might make us more calm, but it would limit the process of psychological growth, which has survival value.

    Dreams can be seen to be connected with our survival and self regulating process. Because this involves all aspects of oneself and one’s experience, one cannot give dreams a single definition. They probably have many secondary functions, such as an interface to balance the internal and external influ­ences, to compensate between the inner needs and outer real­ity—a baby may miss its feed so, to cope with this primal need, it may dream of being fed. Traumatic or exterior danger­ous events, which cannot be processed immediately, can be stored and dealt with (experimented with or abreacted) while asleep. In higher mammals, infant traumas can be stored and dealt with in sleep when, or if, a stronger ego develops.

    To meet the loneliness and isolation of consciousness’ or fears of death, the dream can link the waking self with its unconscious sense of unity or God.

    To meet survival needs of primitive human beings prior to rational thought, the dream probably acted as a computer, synthesising experience and information, giving rise to creative solutions to hunting or social situations, presented as sleeping or waking imagery. This may explain why many pnmitive people say skills such as farming, weav­ing, writing, were told them by a vision of a god or goddess.

    If we realise that the dream is an end product of a process which produces it, it enables us to see that the process’ (the survival function which regulates, compensates, links, prob­lem solves) can be accessed without meeting the dream. See sleep movements; dream process as computer; Adler; Freud; Jung. ... functions of dreams dream meaning

    Fallow Or Ravaged Field

    stagnation, grief, and troubles. Green field: work and good compensation, growth. Overgrown field: disorder in the inner as well as the outer world.... fallow or ravaged field dream meaning

    Field (area)

    Symbol for women—your field of work / profession.

    (This patriarchal interpretation, which often does not correspond to the dreamer’s conviction, is nevertheless appropriate, because our internal attitudes do not change at the same rate as our ideology. Our conscious awareness is much more eager to change than our subconscious).... field (area) dream meaning

    Field (as In Cornfield)

    Productive stage in life, particularly when the furrows are clearly visible. It may be the symbol of a fertile woman or mother (Gaia, the earth mother, and also Demeter). Pointing toward work (one has to work the field). Hard, crusty clods indicate problems or paralysis.

    For people living in a city, it is often also the symbol of rustic romanticism, similar to Farmer, and Furrow, wanting to escape from the city, becoming interested in the country for environmental reasons.... field (as in cornfield) dream meaning

    Plot Of The Dream

    In attempting to understand our dreams, it is imponant to honour their drama or plot. Dreams appear to be very specific in the way they use the characters, objects and environs occurring in them.

    Example: I was walking up a steep hill on a sunny day when my husband came running down the hill with blood pouring from his right arm. He couldn’t stop running. As he passed me he called to me for help. I was happy and peaceful and ignored him. I calmly watched him running fast down the hill, then continued on my way’ (Joyce C). Out of the infinite number of situations Joyce could have dreamt about, this was the one produced. Why? There are many factors which appear to determine what we dream. How events of the day influ­enced us; what stage of personal growth we are meeting—we might be in the stage of struggling for independence; prob­lems being met; relationships, past business such as child­hood traumas still to be integrated. And so on.

    If Joyce had dreamt she and her husband were walking up the hill the whole message of the dream would have been different.

    If we can accept that dream images are, as Freud stated, a form of thinking, then the change in imagery would be a changed concept.

    If the language of dreams is expressed in its images, then the meaning stated is specific to the imagery used.

    In processing our dreams, it is therefore profitable to look at the plot to see what it suggests. It can be helpful to change the situation, as we have done with Joyce s. Imagining Joyce walking up the hill on a sunny day, arm in arm with her husband, suggests a happy relationship. This emphasises the situation of independence and lack of support for her hus­band which appears in the real dream. Seeing our dreams as if they were snatches from a film or play, and asking ourself what feelings and human situations they depict, can aid us to clarify them. As a piece of drama, Joyce’s dream says she sees, but does not respond to, her husband’s plight.

    Our internal ‘dream producer’ has an amazing sense of the subtle meanings of movement, positioning, and relationship between the elements used. And some of these are subtle.

    A way of becoming more aware of what information our dream contains is to use visualisation. Sit comfonably and imagine yourself back in the dream. Replay it just as it was. Remember the whole thing slowly, going through it again while awake. As you do so, be aware of what it feels like in each scene or event. What do the interactions suggest? What does it feel like in the other roles? We can even practise this with other peo­ple’s dreams.

    If we imagine ourself in Joyce’s dream, and replay it just as she describes it, we may arrive at a feeling of detachment from the husband.

    If we stand in the husband’s role we may feel a great need which is not responded to as we go down hill fast*. In this way we gather a great deal of unspoken’ information from dreams.

    Looking at our own dreams in this way can be more diffi­cult, simply because we do not always want to see what is being said about ourself. See amplification; dream process­ing; postures, movement, body language; word analysis of dreams; settings. ... plot of the dream dream meaning

    Shadowy Figure

    Example: A shadow thing came very quickly up the stairs, along our corridor and into the bed­room, over to the bed to bend over me. I felt fear as I never felt it before and I started to make a noise. It was also the shadow making the noise and it was frightened, and moved towards the window. I felt sorry it was frightened too, but then it was too late as it had gone. I woke up making a howling noise, my husband said, he felt the fear in the room strongly too’ (Gloria F). In the example, Gloria is meeting her own feeling of fear. This is obvious because the shadowy thing felt the fear also. In fact it is the feeling of fear. Such shadowy figures are our own rejected emotions or potentials. See the Shadow under archetypes. ... shadowy figure dream meaning

    Blaze / Flames

    Fire. Emotional purification. Psychological and physical energy (flame of life), will. Devastating dangers, destruction, depletion, and transformation. Sexual passion up to and including addiction (“my old flame”); or intense passion. Need for togetherness, or the power to consolidate or remove contradiction. Cremation is said to assist resurrection (See Ashes).

    According to the I Ching, fire is that which bonds and radiates.

    The fire that Prometheus steals from the gods is seen as a creative act of the human, as is the flame of the Easter candle that is the symbol of God’s power.

    According to Germanic mythology, if consciousness fails to rule, the world will be set ablaze and consumed by a great fire. Purification, on the other hand, takes place in the fire in purgatory. It separates the sin from the sinner.

    According to the alchemists1 interpretation, it is God Himself who glows in divine love in the flame of the fire. Also, according to Jung, hell is fire, since everything is destroyed there.

    The fire in hell is a symbol of eternal pain; the fire in purgatory is the fire of purification. In Frazer’s The Golden Dough are many references to cleansing, Light, and fertility, related to the powers of fire.

    For the Mayans, fire is the mother of the gods, residing in the center of the earth.

    The image of the “fire mother” can be found in many cultures. According to Jung, fire is the true symbol of life, the center of life, the place where it is warm and light, where people assemble; that’s where you can warm yourself and cook something. It gives protection; it is the essence of being home. Fire is the primeval component and vitality of human beings.

    As a male symbol, fire is brightness, the connection to the light, the Sun, and, in particular, to Lightning (Zeus and Wotan). Fire symbolizes the power of passion and action in the archetypal man and woman.

    According to Freud, it is often connected with bed- wetting.

    Folklore: A serious warning to be careful.... blaze / flames dream meaning

    Filth / Dirt

    The desire for cleansing (due to a bad conscience), as in the expression “to wallow in dirt.” According to Freud, sexuality. This association, however, was mostly relevant during the Victorian era at the beginning of this century.... filth / dirt dream meaning

    Fire Brigade

    The dreamer is fascinated with Fire, but not admitting to it. Fear of too much internal fire.... fire brigade dream meaning

    Dream Diary

    If you have decided to work systematically with your dreams, it is essential that you begin to keep a dream diary. Just the act of using one will allow you to remember your dreams much more often and more clearly.

    What you should keep in mind if you start a dream diary:

    1. Make a note about the date of the dream (use the date of the morning following the dream).

    2. Start out by describing the events in the dream without any kind of interpretation and in the sequence you remember them.

    3. Write whether the dream you remembered is complete or only a fragment.

    4. Write how you felt before and after the dream.

    5. Give each dream a title at the conclusion, one that best characterizes the content of the dream.

    For interpretation, remember the following:

    1. The attitude you adopted toward the dream. Were you a passive observer or actively involved in the event?

    2. Which persons appeared in the dream and what your attitude is toward them, emotionally and behaviorally.

    3. The mood of each individual scene and of the dream in general.... dream diary dream meaning

    Files / Records

    A desire for, or fear of, order and consistency. It appears frequently when life is chaotic. This image also points to emotional stress; much has accumulated. Pay attention to how thick or thin the file folder is. It might also be a sign of a compulsive personality, similar to Admiral. Do you always have to keep everything in perfect order? Or are you unable to keep order in your life? It could be either a case of your ego (your unconscious) raising its head, or a justifiable symbolic expression of the feeling that either the state (as father symbol) or an institution is placing limitations on you.... files / records dream meaning

    Fish / Fisherman / Fishing

    See Angel, Ocean. Living life from the depths of the soul and emotions, because fish live in the depths of the sea. Feeling like “a fish in water”—being in one’s element. One feature of fish is their wholeness, since they live exclusively in water (the emotional sphere). Fish are usually voracious eaters and immensely productive. They have no eyelids, sleep with their eyes open, and are always attuned to the world around them. Some fish change their colors according to the circumstances. They are creatures of high sensibility, but they are also cold and can’t be held. In a broader sense, the symbolism of the astrological sign of the fish is also relevant here, where oceanic feelings, trust and mistrust, and the contradictions of willpower and self-defense are at issue. Also, chaos and the absurd belong here, as well as faith—including superstition and disbelief.

    If you see yourself fishing, what did you catch? A small fish indicates small Booty: a big fish, big booty.

    The fisherman is trying to catch the content of the soul. Since ancient times, in China fish have been a sign of fertility. As far back as Babylonian times, fish appearing in dreams were considered phallic symbols. According to 2nd century dream interpreter Artemidorus, a dead fish represents lost hope.

    The fish is also a Christian symbol.

    The point when Spring entered the constellation of the fish coincided with the beginning of Christianity.

    The salmon of wisdom is part of Irish mythology.

    In psychoanalysis, the fish is a symbol of male sexuality- According to Jung, if you are the fish, you can renew yourself in the Water (emotions). Also, according to Jungian psychoanalysis, the fish is the symbol of wholeness. It symbolizes the total person of the dreamer and, more to the point, the emotional side of sexuality. Jung also believed that fish are like thoughts and hunches, which surface from the unconscious.

    (In the fairy tale “The Fisherman and His Wife,” we find the 44 wishing-fish.”)... fish / fisherman / fishing dream meaning

    Fleet (of Ships)

    An emotional conflict situation, fear of emotional conflict.

    Folklore: In almost all cases, a ship at sea is a bad omen.... fleet (of ships) dream meaning

    Floor (in The Sense Of A Four-story Building)

    Level of awareness, level of physical presence.... floor (in the sense of a four-story building) dream meaning


    Domesticity and cultivating nature.

    The quality of caring and nurturing. On the other hand, this symbol might also point to substituting for the real thing; the flower in the pot is nature being controlled (and is therefore, in reality, a substitute for nature).

    According to Freud, the symbol for women, as in Vase.... flowerpot dream meaning


    To drift, not wanting to control anything, similar to River and Water. Are you living your life? Or are you swimming with the tide?... flowing dream meaning

    Foam / Froth

    This image is connected to the Venus symbol, Water and Air fusing emotion and intellect and representing redemption.

    The same symbol, however, might reveal a tendency toward unrealistic ideas and plans—”the hot air merchant”—indicating a tendency to blow things out of proportion, to exaggerate; or it may simply point to necessary cleansing.... foam / froth dream meaning

    Food (stored)

    Fear of deprivation; difficulties, and poverty, as in Savings, Coin, Counterfeit Money. You don’t trust what you have, or are trying to protect it. But you have additional resources and energies at your disposal.... food (stored) dream meaning

    Football / Soccer


    The Ball expresses concentrated vitality and / or your own center. Here, the question is: Are you kicking yourself7 Or are you bringing yourself into the game.7 It is important what position you play: quarterback, referee, fan, and so on.... football / soccer dream meaning

    Foreign Countries / Abroad

    The Other, the foreigner.

    The dreamer must deal with the confrontation of something new.

    A foreign country always is the “foreign land” within ourselves.

    A trip abroad and vacation when overworked. What does the foreign land symbolize to you?... foreign countries / abroad dream meaning

    Fountain / Waterspout

    Water. Fertility, male sexuality.... fountain / waterspout dream meaning

    Foxglove (plant)

    Death and rebirth, medicine, and poison.

    Folklore: Usually a sign of good fortune.... foxglove (plant) dream meaning

    Fragrance / Smell

    First, check to find out if you were smelling a real fragrance during sleep. Dreaming about fragrances is very rare.

    If you do, it is usually a sign that you are enjoying life and your sensuality.

    The type of fragrance indicates how you feel about the subject or object that gives off the fragrance (there are some smells we simply can t stand).

    It was not only Freud who insisted that fragrances are very effective in bringing back memories of places and people.... fragrance / smell dream meaning


    Behavior that is unbecoming.

    An outsider, as in Anarchist; broken. Unlikely romance. See Fool.... freak dream meaning

    Freezing To Death

    See Ice.... freezing to death dream meaning

    Phobias / Fears

    Phobias and fears in dreams tend to signify feelings of inadequacy, uncertainty and lack of self-confidence in waking life. Every person will have their own unique fears but the list below contains the dream meanings of some common fears:

    Accidents: Inability to focus on the here and now.

    Aging: Lack of appreciation for the natural stages of life.

    Alcohol: Doubts regarding your self-control.

    Aloneness: Low self-esteem and the need for others to validate you.

    Amnesia: Insecurity about your identity.

    Animals: Basic instincts that are threatening to spill over into your waking life.

    Ants: Inability to cooperate with others.

    Bacteria: fear of being affected by others.

    Baldness: fear of losing the ability to think clearly.

    Beards: Suspicion over what someone is hiding.

    Bedtime: Fear of dying before certain goals are accomplished.

    Beggars: Fear of appearing helpless or difficult feelings when faced with another person’s neediness.

    Birds: Fear of freedom or success.

    Black/dark: Fear of what you do not understand.

    Blindness: Dread of losing your perceptive skills.

    Blood: Dread of losing your inner strength.

    Blushing: Fear of embarrassment.

    Body odor: Dread of offending others.

    Books: Fear of the opinions or criticism of others.

    Brain disease: Fear of losing your reason.

    Buildings, high: Fear of being forced into a situation in which you feel you have no control.

    Bullets: Fear of loss of self-control.

    Burglars: Sense of vulnerability.

    Buried alive: Fear that a pending plan will not have a chance to prove itself.

    Cancer: Fear of negativity, poor health.

    Cats: Fear of loss of independence.

    Childbirth: Fear of change or new beginnings.

    Children: Fear of the child within.

    Clocks: Fear of falling behind in your schedule or commitments.

    Clowns: Fear of letting your guard down.

    Coitus/sex: Fear of getting close to another person.

    Cold: Fear of becoming lazy or apathetic.

    Color: Fear of standing out.

    Computers: Fear of learning new things.

    Confined spaces: Fear of getting into situations in which you feel trapped.

    Constipation: Feeling unable to express yourself.

    Cooking: Aversion to planning things.

    Cross: Fear of being reminded of sacrifices you need to make or have made.

    Dancing: Dislike of showing emotion.

    Daylight: Fear of exposure.

    Death/corpses: Refusal to accept reality.

    Decisions: Fear of taking responsibility.

    Demon/goblin: Fear of life’s negatives.

    Dentists: Fear of someone changing your mind.

    Disease: Fear of problems.

    Doctor: Aversion to the opinions of others.

    Dolls: Tendency to look at the motives of others with suspicion.

    Electricity: Dislike of control from anyone but yourself.

    Empty rooms: Suggests lack of vision.

    Fat/gaining weight: Fear of loss of self-control.

    Fire: Fear of emotional outbursts.

    Fish: Revulsion towards anything associated with religion or spiritual growth.

    Floods: Fear of being emotionally overwhelmed.

    Flowers: Denial of your talents.

    Flying: Fear of expressing your opinions.

    Food: Fear of nourishing an aspect of yourself.

    Gay/lesbian: Fear of human diversity or traits different to yourself.

    Ghosts: Fear of your past returning to haunt you.

    Gold: Inability to handle money.

    Hallowe’en: Dread of discovering hidden aspects of another person’s character.

    Heat: This suggests procrastination and the avoidance of challenge.

    Heights: Reluctance to advance due to fear of failure.

    Hell: Fear of depression.

    Horses: Fear of others seeing your own wild nature.

    Hospitals: Fear of change.

    Houses: Fears about personal security.

    Hurricanes/tornados: Aversion to fanaticism.

    Injections: Fear of the new and different invading your personal space.

    Insanity: Fear of losing grip on reality.

    Insects: Inability to deal with life’s irritations.

    Jumping: Fear of becoming impatient.

    Lightning/thunder: Reluctance to experience new insights.

    Machinery: desire to avoid assistance.

    Medicine: Lack of trust.

    Men: Distrust of men or problems accepting masculine traits within yourself.

    Mice: Worry over something invading or upsetting your routine.

    Mirrors: Apprehension over facing yourself or knowing yourself.

    Money: Avoidance of responsibility.

    Myths: Fear of hearing the truth about a situation.

    Night: This implies someone with an overactive imagination.

    Noise: Someone who is easily distracted.

    Old people: Fear of aging or mortality.

    Open spaces: Fear of exposure.

    Opposite sex: Being out of touch with your opposite gender characteristics.

    Outer space: Feeling helpless and weightless.

    Pain: Fear of being hurt in waking life.

    Performing: Panic about being watched or judged.

    Plant: Fear of not using your natural talents and not measuring up to expectations.

    Railways/trains: Fear of not being able to change direction.

    Relatives: Fear of others knowing things about you.

    Reptiles: Fear of what you do not understand.

    Ridicule: Fear of being criticized.

    School: Fear of the inability to reach your potential.

    Shadows: Suspicions about all sorts of things.

    Snakes: Fear of what you do not understand.

    Speaking aloud: Fear of being criticized for speaking your mind.

    Speed: The need to take things slower.

    Spiders: Fear of being manipulated by others.

    Stairs: Fear of moving forward.

    Stuttering: Fear of not being able to express yourself.

    Swallowing: Fear of being gullible.

    Technology: Distrust over advancements.

    Telephones: Aversion to communication without being able to read the other’s body language.

    Tests: Trepidation about your ability or competence; fear of failure.

    Tombstones: Fear of facing your mortality.

    Ugliness: Inability to face reality.

    Walking: Fear of being independent.

    Wind: Fear of showing emotion.

    Women: Fear of not being accepted by others or inability to accept feminine traits within yourself.... phobias / fears dream meaning

    Index Finger

    The finger used for scolding; or a phallic symbol.... index finger dream meaning

    Model / Fashion Model

    Conflict with conventional norms, accommodation, and vanity. Due to an inferiority complex you are trying to create ideal beauty; or emotional certainty about your own beauty.... model / fashion model dream meaning

    Pencil / Fountain Pen

    News, notes. Appears often in dreams when something is in danger of being forgotten that needs to be remembered (better write it down).

    According to Freud: phallic symbol (particularly a fountain pen filled with ink).... pencil / fountain pen dream meaning

    Physician (male Or Female)

    Comfort, sympathy, fear of pain, Illness, and Death. Anticipating problems ahead and looking for a way out, for advice and help. May also stand for general improvement and stabilization.

    A symbol of masculinity, of a wise man, wise woman, or an emancipated female. Authority and wealth. Try—in the dream—to talk to the physician and ask questions about the situation.

    The answers can serve as an important clue, not only to your health.

    If the dreamer is the physician, he or she wants to have control over life and Death.

    According to Freud, also a symbol for eroticism.

    The physician is a person that we stand before naked.... physician (male or female) dream meaning

    Poppy / Flower

    Intoxication; more awareness is demanded. Losing oneself as either a dangerous or a positive sign.... poppy / flower dream meaning

    Primeval Forest / Jungle

    A place that is generally inaccessible, representing the unconscious and physical drives.

    A symbol of strength and vitality, but also the danger of falling prey to drives and urges. It may point to more discipline, or challenges to live out physical urges more clearly. See Maze.... primeval forest / jungle dream meaning

    Second Story / Second Floor

    See Attic, House.

    Awareness and perspective.

    A frequent symbol when your life is too one-sided and you are engaged intellectually either too much or too little. According to Jung, the intellectual area and consciousness are challenged.... second story / second floor dream meaning

    Slap In The Face

    Carelessness, punishment, and lack of appreciation.... slap in the face dream meaning

    Stone / Clay (floor)

    Points to the necessity of becoming more grounded, but at the same time it is what separates us from the “naked” earth.

    According to Jung, it expresses darkness, as in Forest.... stone / clay (floor) dream meaning

    Violet (flower)

    Modesty, a pure woman or girl (“shrinking violet”). On one hand, the color violet points to emancipation.

    The emancipated woman is one who walks new frontiers. Violet, from a language point of view, is connected to the Latin word violatio, which means force and rape.... violet (flower) dream meaning

    Well / Fountain

    Strong bonding to the mother, regression, food, symbol of the female.

    If the dreamer is a man: passion, patience, true friendship. Rest and healing, as in Breast. Often the task is to become a “good mother” to oneself and to see oneself as “one’s own child.”

    According to Freud, early childhood sexual symbol.... well / fountain dream meaning

    Wings (for Flying)

    You need to live an easier life, be more open to playful energies, be more spiritual (soar). This is a direct challenge to think big and to have courage to do great things. This image fits the observation in the I Ching: “It furthers one to cross the great water.” According to Homer, wings symbolize thought.... wings (for flying) dream meaning

    Fax / Fax Machine

    1- Messages from a hidden source or part of ourselves are often brought to us in dreams in a totally logical way. Thus, while the message itself may be unintelligible, how it is initially received is not.

    2- VVe may be aware that someone is trying to communicate with us but, because we are distanced from them, the transmission has to be mechanical.

    3- In a dream, a fax machine can have spiritual undertones in that can be a way of transmitting messages from ‘beyond’. We need to be open to this.... fax / fax machine dream meaning

    Famous People / Film Star

    1- Most of us are capable of creating an ideal person on whom to project our fantasies and wishes. We are not at this stage particularly in touch with reality. In dreams a film, pop star or public figure will represent the Animus or Anima (See Introduction).

    A young person dreaming of a film star may not be ready for the responsibility of a real relationship.

    2- Famous people, pop or film stars may also serve in dreams as a projection of the type of person we would like to be. We may, for instance, in real life be shy and withdrawn, but need to be admired and loved.

    3- Spiritually, as we reach for perfection we need to ‘work through’ various aspects of our personality. Sometimes we arc able to reject such aspects as not being appropriate for the life we live.

    For instance, we may realise that the destructiveness of a public life would take its toll within our own lives.... famous people / film star dream meaning

    Feath Er

    1- Feathers in a dream could denote softness and lightness, perhaps a more gentle approach to a situation. We may need to look at the truth within the particular situation and to recognise that we need to be calmer in what we are doing.

    2- Feathers often represent flight to other parts of the Self, and because of their connection with the wind and the air, can represent the more spiritual side of ourselves. I’o see feathers in a dream perhaps means that we have to complete an action before allowing ourselves to rest.

    3- The Heavens.

    The Soul.... feath er dream meaning

    Feathered Sun

    This symbol appears in a number of religious images and indicates the universe and the centre of ourselves. It indicates that we ourselves arc the centre of our own universe and must accept responsibility for that.

    Drawing together the symbols of the Sun and the Eagle, this image represents our ability to move into other areas of perception and knowledge.

    The Centre. Solar Power.... feathered sun dream meaning

    Fig, Fig Tree Or Pi Pal

    1- Often because of its shape, the fig is associated with sexuality, fertility, masculinity and prosperity.

    To dream of eating figs may well be a recognition that some kind of celebration is necessary although equally that a situation holds more potential than at first thought.

    2- The fig tree in dreams usually suggests that we are in touch with a deeper spiritual awareness of which we have previously had no conscious knowledge. This is because of its associations with the Tree of Knowledge, the beginning of duality, and with masculinity and femininity.

    3- Psychic ability and a direct connection with beginning of physical life.... fig, fig tree or pi pal dream meaning

    Fire Bucket

    1- As a symbol, the fire bucket indicates that we may have a situation around us which is out of control.

    It is only by a display of ‘dampening’ emotion that there can be any progress. Someone may have gone over the top and need help.

    2- As with any hollow vessel, the fire bucket can represent the feminine principle. It will be important within the context of the dream whether the bucket is full or empty.

    3- Passionate emotion.... fire bucket dream meaning


    As a symbol, the fleur-de-lis is very much connected with the French in people’s minds, and so may be taken as this in dreams. It also represents the right to power.

    As illustrative of fire and light we may need to look for greater clarity.

    The right to rule, by association with spiritual power.... fleur-de-lis dream meaning

    Flio Ht / Flying

    also see Journey

    1- Conventionally to dream of flying is lo do with sex and sexuality, but it would probably be more accurate to look at it in terms of lack of inhibition and freedom. We are releasing ourselves from limitations which we may impose on ourselves.

    2- To be flying upwards is to be moving towards a more spiritual appreciation of our lives, while to be flying downwards is to be making an attempt lo understand the subconscious and all that entails.

    3- Spiritual Freedom.... flio ht / flying dream meaning

    Fly Whisk

    1- The fly whisk is a tool for removing an irritant, and may be interpreted as our need to deal effectively with aspccts of our lives which no longer please us.

    2- In many cultures the fly whisk represents authority and power, and has the same symbolism as the Hail or fan. Interpreting the symbol will therefore depend on the dreamer’s ethnic and cultural background.... fly whisk dream meaning

    Farmer / Farm

    As a result of your hard work, you will reap a fine reward. However, if you dream of a farm that is rundown, it forebodes financial losses.... farmer / farm dream meaning

    Fat / Fatness

    To dream that you are fat is an unconscious acknowledgement that you are overeating.... fat / fatness dream meaning


    Easy times ahead.... featherbed dream meaning

    Flowers / Garland

    A symbol for hope, especially where love is concerned. See also individual flower names.... flowers / garland dream meaning

    Fog / Foghorn


    To dream that you are in a ihick mist or fog means that your way in life will often seem dark and perplexing. But, by perseverance and by applying yourself to your own self-development, you will come out of the dark into the light.

    To be completely lost in a fog means you are frustrated, not knowing what decision to make.

    To hear a foghorn means that there are troubled times coming.... fog / foghorn dream meaning


    See Meeting.... footman dream meaning

    Fortunetelling (dukkerin’)

    To dream of having your fortune told indicates that you will have a sudden change of fortune that might be for the better or worse.

    If you are the fortuneteller, it means that you will be having flashes of insight into the future. Pay particular attention to any “hunches you have in the next few days.... fortunetelling (dukkerin’) dream meaning

    Powder Flask

    Go cautiously, there is some danger should you make the wrong move. See also Gunpowder.... powder flask dream meaning


    (see Books, Writing)... footnotes dream meaning

    Abercrombie & Fitch

    Shopping for this brand-name street wear suggests that you may be ready 10 try on a more youthful presentation and authentic way of expressing yourself in the world.... abercrombie & fitch dream meaning

    Betty Crocker Foods

    As baking products that are associated with the modem homemaker, Betty Crocker cakes and mixes may appear on the shelf of your cupbcard to help you whip up an extraordinary idea and turn it into a million-dollar business. Since Betty Crocker reflects the attitudes of a woman who is a good homemaker, an empty box of cake mix may indicate that you have lost your maternal instincts.... betty crocker foods dream meaning

    Canned Food

    Stacking cans ol lood in the cupboard may suggest that you are preparing for the future or storing something for future use.

    A can may also point to contained emotions. Finally, it may warn that you could be fired from your employment, as in “getting canned.” (See Can opener.)... canned food dream meaning

    Farm, Agricultural

    If a farm setting appears tn your dream, it may reflect your concerns about sustaining or contributing to community.

    A farm with a variety of crops may reflect the variety of ideas that are being cultivated all at once A farm with one crop, such as com, may represent producuvity or fertility.... farm, agricultural dream meaning

    Farm, Horticultural

    A place for cultivating plants for beau- tification of a community environment, a horticultural farm may point to community concerns. You may be creating plans that were inspired by a vision for restoration of the culture through the growth of new ideas.... farm, horticultural dream meaning

    Fax Machine

    In a dream, a fax machine may signify that you are receiving a telepathic message sent from someone through subconscious channels. Thar it is received on paper brings authenticity to the message... fax machine dream meaning

    File Folder

    Not being able to locate a file may mention your frustration about lack of organization at work or at home. Or it may express fear and apprehension about work performance.

    A file folder may hint at the nondisclosure of information. It may also point to important information that you may not be ready to deal with or process at the moment.... file folder dream meaning

    Food Processor

    Processing food may suggest the need to process information that is coming in raptdly as the stimulus from the events of the day or from work. It suggests chopping or pureeing ideas into something more digestible and useful.... food processor dream meaning

    Forest Path

    Traveling by foot on a path through the forest may reveal some lions, tigers, and bears to contend with. It suggests a journey into the darkness psychologically for a time, which may really be a heroic path in the end.... forest path dream meaning


    Forget-me-nots may simply bnng the gift of remembenng.... forget-me-nots dream meaning


    Used for moving heavy containers or boxes, a fork- lift may signify the need to shift some ideas around in order to solve a problem. It may move things in and out of a warehouse, which would signify needing to clear out what you have stored inside, such as old memories, ideas, or emotions.... forklift dream meaning

    Foster’s Beer

    Brewed in Australia and in an oversized can, Foster’s beer may comment on fostenng good cheer or on expressing brute strength. It may point to a foster parent or a substitute parent as well.... foster’s beer dream meaning

    Fried Wonton

    A Chinese appetizer filled with vegetables and meat, a fried wonton may signify creating a gift or project that is filled with good things, wrapped attractively to entice a customer.... fried wonton dream meaning

    Froot Loops

    As a brand-name cereal, eating Froot Loops may suggest enjoying a giddy or colorful conversation. It may also comment that you are acting childish or crazy.... froot loops dream meaning

    Harrison Ford

    As Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford may make a special appearance in a dream to excavate the treasures in the Lower World. He may point to the pitfalls of seeking wealth over wisdom. He presents the characteristics of a strong-willed individual who is also compassionate and sensitive.... harrison ford dream meaning

    Health Food Store

    Concerns about your nutrition, weight, and general health may be reflected if your dream takes place in the setting of a health food store. Dreams express the condition of the body, and important messages that recommend conscious change in behavior patterns that are destructive to your health may be conveyed clearly.... health food store dream meaning

    House Frame

    A house under construction may suggest the construction of a project that has been framed in your mind but has not yet been completed. It may represent the ideas that have been put together as the basic structure of what has been created.... house frame dream meaning

    Jodie Foster

    Like the goddess Athena, Jodie displays the trait of a strong intellectual capacity. She attests to the fact that a woman may receive a great deal of recognition for her smarts. Her roles as a scientist and teacher command respect. She may appear in a dream to summon a woman into a professional career where she might use her intellect rather than her beauty.... jodie foster dream meaning

    Peggy Fleming

    This gold-medal-winning Olympic figure skater brought precision, style, grace, and elegance to top-level athletic competition. She may arrive in a dream, particularly a woman’s because of her expenence with breast cancer, to comment on your ability to manage a difficult situation with grace and dignity.... peggy fleming dream meaning

    Saint Francis

    The patron saint of Christianity who spoke to the animals, Saint Francis teaches respect for nature and all of its creatures. He may mention the sacredness of things, which we often take for granted.... saint francis dream meaning

    San Francisco

    As the City by the Bay. San Francisco may be the setting for the individual who is concerned with developing a multicultural view. It may suggest that you are joining an elite group of Americans who value the arts.

    The ground of gay activism, San Francisco may represent frustration around the free expression of your sexual preference.... san francisco dream meaning


    To dream of talking with dead-folks is a good, auspicious dream, and signifies a boldness of courage, and a very dear conscience.... dead-folks dream meaning

    Fan Dancing

    Suspicion is indicated by a dream in which a fan dancer performs. Either a man or a woman having this dream should beware of unseemly couduct that may lead to criticism from jealous people.... fan dancing dream meaning

    Fawn On

    If you dream of being fawned on by someone who might expect to receive unusual favors it is a warning to avoid committing yourself when you are approached with an unusual proposition.... fawn on dream meaning


    To dream you hold firebrands and torches by night is good, especially to young folk.

    To whom it often signifieth love with pleasure and effect. But to see another hold a firebrand, is ill to those that would be secret.... firebrands dream meaning


    For a man to dream that he is a fool is good to him who would undertake any business; for fools and madmen do that which comes into their brain.

    It is good also for marshals and sheriffs, who would have authority over the people; for they shall have great honor and repute.

    It is also good for those who would govern and teach children; for children do willingly follow fools.

    It is also good for the poor, for they shall have goods; for fools catch on all sides and all hands.

    To the sick it is health, for folly makes men go and come, not sleep and rest.... fools dream meaning


    For a man to dream he goes fowling with his gun, and kills good store of game shows he shall reap great advantage by his calling, and according to the game he takes or kills so shall his profit be in his calling; if he kills much game, his profit shall be great, but if Utile, the less; and the signification is the same if you dream of fishing.... fowling dream meaning

    Frogs’ Legs

    A dream of eating frogs, legs is an indication of an inheritance and the pleasant culmination of a love affair from a source that has been hitherto unknown to you.... frogs’ legs dream meaning


    To dream that one goes to the funeral and interment of any of his relations or friends, or of some great lord, is a good sign to the dreamer, who is betokened thereby to get an estate by means of his relations, or else many a fortune to his content.... funerals dream meaning

    Beacon, Floodlights

    Vision: Seeing a bright light: you will receive spiritual guidance, which will enable you to overcome a difficult situation. Seeing the headlights of a car: you are in for an unpleasant surprise. See Light.

    Depth Psychology: Floodlights are a sign of your being very focused and alert right now. Floodlights shining on you: others have seen through you—you have been “found out.” If the floodlights illuminate a road, it means a glimpse into the future.... beacon, floodlights dream meaning

    Actor, Actress In Films

    Vision: Dreaming about acting in a movie means you dislike false and hypocritical people—or you are pretending to be somebody you are not. Seeing others playing in a movie: be aware of treachery and lies. Seeing an actor in a dream: you want something you can’t have, forgetting the good things you have.

    If you are the film actor, you don’t feel comfortable around your friends. Find out who you really are.

    Depth Psychology: People and actions in a “dream-movie” are usually a mirror of your emotions.... actor, actress in films dream meaning

    Blacksmith, Forging

    Vision: Seeing a blacksmith indicates that you should start working on yourself, developing your talents, accepting fate with courage, and thereby “forging” your true personality. Seeing a blacksmith at work: “strike while the iron is hot”!

    Depth Psychology: The blacksmith is working on personality traits that are rigid and unbending. Blacksmith dreams are always a sign of change, of a personality being formed. What are you “forging” in the dream? Maybe the dream suggests you use your energies and creativity to solve your problems and reach your goals.... blacksmith, forging dream meaning

    Cans, Canned Food

    Vision: Eating canned food: you seemed to be satisfied keeping mediocre company or sticking with a stale love affair, because you don’t think you’ll find anything better.

    Depth Psychology: Canned food is a symbol of laziness or timidity that makes you hold onto old habits or relationships, which in reality are only holding you back. You are living “out of a can”!... cans, canned food dream meaning

    Cream (face)

    Vision: A woman dreaming about face cream means she wants to be more beautiful, well groomed, and desirable, because in real life she often feels left out.... cream (face) dream meaning

    Dream Interpretation Remarks

    Symbols, metaphors, and archetypes in your dream do not appear by accident but usually have a deeper and more powerful significance. Some dreams are simply a way for us to MdigestH the previous day’s events. Most of the time, however, they are messages from our soul, unresolved events and feelings that still reside in our unconscious; they also may provide “visionary” suggestions. That is the reason why we believe it is so important to try to decipher dreams.

    The best “specialist” to do this is you.

    An expert dream analyst or a psychotherapist would at best be a “midwife” or guide, and then only if your dream presented clear indications that there was emotional illness and that psychological support was important.

    A dream symbol often points to several possibilities.

    For instance, the question of whether you are the victim or the perpetrator plays a major role that only honest self-examination can answer. Dream interpretation is not a game, some thing you do every now and then. It only makes sense if it becomes—like daily hygiene—a consistent part of your daily routine—a form of “emotional hygiene.” The rewards are well worth the effort. Nothing can replace self-analysis followed by self-awareness. Only in this way can you lead a happy and productive life and be at peace with yourself.

    Your unconscious is often the best friend you can have, because it provides advice and suggestions about how to deal with the problems that arise.

    The wisdom of your unconscious can even open a window into the future—allowing you to face the unknown with confidence.

    The increase in the number of people who suffer from emotional problems can be laid at the door of today’s culture, with its emphasis on acquiring money, property, and success. But those who are in touch with their unconscious and its messages won’t easily violate the natural needs of their soul.

    The best protection we have against depression, anxieties, and coundess other emotional problems is effective dream interpretation.... dream interpretation remarks dream meaning

    Fall, Autumn

    Vision: Dreaming that fall has arrived means unpleasantness ahead. It also refers to unconscious fears about “the fall of life.” Seeing a landscape of fall colors: love for a certain person is slowly dying.

    Depth Psychology: Fall is a symbol of harvest—maybe receiving rewards for your past efforts. Are you letting go of frivolities, becoming more reflective? Ambitions and urges are slowly losing importance. In men’s dreams, fall often expresses a fear of impotence. In a love relationship it is a signal that “the heat of passion” has passed.... fall, autumn dream meaning

    Fat, Obesity

    Vision: Eating fatty foods in your dream suggests caution, possible illness. Greasy spots on your clothes mean possibly marrying into wealth. Being obese is a symbol of a gende and natural death.

    It is also a symbol of feelings of inferiority—you beheve people think you are disgusting. Preparing a heavy meal means impending loss.

    Depth Psychology: Fat represents sensuality, cheerfulness, and a tendency to overdo things.

    It is a warning from the unconscious about excessive eating and drinking.... fat, obesity dream meaning

    File, Filing

    Vision: Filing a piece of iron: success will be the reward for hard work. Filing your fingernails: you are bored with life. Filing a piece of wood: you feel uncertain about a present situation.

    Depth Psychology: The file serves as a warning: continue “working” on yourself, it is the only way to get control over bad habits.... file, filing dream meaning

    Father, Father Figure

    Vision: Your father (or a father figure) is a symbol of your need for safety and security (particularly in women’s dreams).

    For women who change partners frequently, the dream is the personification of a bad conscience (particularly if her father— when she was a child—was the primary disciplinarian).

    If you yourself are the father, it means you will “create” a life. Speaking to your father: you have a suppressed longing to lean on someone or to be guided by someone. Seeing your own father: you feel you are bringing shame to your family and owe your father an apology. Dreaming about your deceased father: help is on the way or someone is making you very happy.

    Depth Psychology: A father figure in a dream means a confrontation with your boss or with a person in authority. See Pastor, Physician, Priest, Teacher. You feel imprisoned. Sometimes the dream reminds you of a person who has stood by you and has given you advice in the past. What has your father contributed to the person you are today? What do you have in common with him? See Mother.... father, father figure dream meaning

    Filled Up, Full

    Vision: Feeling “all filled up”: you are either hungry or are satisfied and in harmony with the world. In some cases, the dream is a challenge not to be so easygoing in the future.... filled up, full dream meaning

    Fire Engine, Fireworks

    Vision: Seeing fireworks means the loss of your fortunes. Watch out for con men and unrealistic goals—you might have a rude awakening. Seeing a fire engine indicates hard times to come.

    Depth Psychology: Fireworks mean you love attention and being the cen- terof attraction. See Fire.

    The tire engine represents that part of your personality (self-control) that deals properly with all urges and passion.... fire engine, fireworks dream meaning

    Flee, Escape

    Vision: If you are escaping: you are avoiding danger at the last moment. Helping another person escape: a Good-Samaritan act will be the cause of future problems.

    Depth Psychology: A dream about escaping means you are going to escape danger in time.... flee, escape dream meaning


    Vision: Walking over a footbridge: you have maneuvered yourself into a tight spot and are trying to find a way out. See Path.... footbridge dream meaning

    Fraud, Fibbing

    Vision: Catching someone in the act of committing fraud: people gossip about you, but that is no reason to start fibbing—you will only be found out later.... fraud, fibbing dream meaning

    Friend—girlfriend, Boyfriend

    Vision: If you are lonely and dream about a friend, it means you want to have a better social life. Meeting a friend: a warning to think before you act! Seeing a deceased friend: surprising news. Helping a friend: you too will soon get help. Starting a new friendship means you have really good, true friends.

    Depth Psychology: Meeting a person you know: the feelings you have for the person in the dream are the same as those you have for a friend in real life.... friend—girlfriend, boyfriend dream meaning

    Fortress (castle)

    Symbol: A fortress is a svmbol of security and safety.

    Vision: Living in a fortress: vou are satisfied with your present situation. Do vou have a need for more safety? Do vou need to protect yourself against the outside world? Seeing a fortress: a sense of adventure has been kindled. Standing in front of a fortress with the gates locked: your plans or actions will be met with resistance.

    Depth Psychology: A fortress is a place of protection; for some, it might represent danger. Are you self-absorbed? Have you withdrawn from others? Do you feel comfortable in this fortress? Are the windows and doors closed? See Castle, House, Palace, Rock.... fortress (castle) dream meaning

    Fragments, Broken Pieces

    Vision: Looking at something broken or breaking something: your present pleasant situation will take a turn for the worse due to your own actions. Breaking porcelain: the “old” is swept away to make room for the “new.”

    Depth Psychology: There is a saying that “broken dishes mean good luck,” and that is true for dreams, too, but sometimes the dream may be a warning against too much exuberance: hopes and wishes can be as fragile as glass. Was it broken Glass or broken Porcelain?... fragments, broken pieces dream meaning

    Front (as In Side)

    Vision: Usually the front is showing you the “real, true side” one that is visible, a symbol of consciousness and reality. See Back (Side).... front (as in side) dream meaning

    Froth, Bubble Bath

    Vision: Eating something frothy or taking a bubble bath: you are very idealistic, and in your love life you are easily deceived.

    Depth Psychology: See Bath, Soap.... froth, bubble bath dream meaning

    Jungle, Rain Forest

    Vision: Being in a jungle: life is pretty chaotic right now—you don’t know where to go and are fighting a bitter battle.

    Depth Psychology: The jungle is a symbol of confusion and uncertainty, but also of living conditions in a big city. Are you confused right now? Angry about someone’s unpredictability? Are you unsure today about what will happen tomorrow? Are you unpredictable? Has life in the big city become too much, too nerve racking, too confusing? Is it a jungle out there? Which describes your present situation?... jungle, rain forest dream meaning

    Nutrition, Food

    Depth Psychology: The food you are eating in the dream indicates what is important to you. Is it love, ideals, or your beliefs? Is it wealth and confidence? How well or how badly the food tastes and is digested reveals the life experiences of the dream. Dreaming about eating a lot of food: your extreme needs and desires— need to be reined in soon. See Eating, iMeal.... nutrition, food dream meaning

    Polecat, Ferret, Skunk

    Vision: Seeing a polecat is a warning: pay more attention to your physical body.

    If you have problems or troubles, don’t delay in seeing your physician. Sometimes the polecat is also a warning about a dishonest person who wants to steal something from you (but you would have to literally “smell” the deceit!).... polecat, ferret, skunk dream meaning

    Psychic, Fortune-teller

    Vision: Seeing or visiting a fortune-teller: you are looking for security and contact in the wrong places—be more confident. Speaking to a fortune-teller: good advice isn’t easy to find— but some of what the person is prophesying will come true.

    Depth Psychology: You are desperately in need of advice in a present situation. See Astrology.... psychic, fortune-teller dream meaning

    Screen (folding)

    Vision: Seeing a folding screen: you are hiding something from yourself or someone is hiding something from you.... screen (folding) dream meaning

    Soap, Soap Bubbles, Foam

    Vision: Looking at soap: take better care of your reputation and appearance. Seeing soap bubbles: you are living too much in fantasy land. Washing your hands with soap: you feel very guilty and need to make amends; in another matter, however, you are being wrongfully accused of something. See Bathing, Washing.

    Depth Psychology: A soap dream encourages a process of self-cleansing and freeing yourself from an old guilt. Soap bubbles mean you are entertaining too many illusions and the bubbles will burst soon.

    The dream wants to warn you that there is nothing there for you to hold on to—the illusions will come to an end. Foam is a symbol of churning emotions like Aggression, Anger, or Rage.... soap, soap bubbles, foam dream meaning

    Passion Fruit

    Passion fruit in a dream symbolizes fertility and spiritual energy.

    To drink passion fruit juice in a dream is to take on additional spiritual and fertile powers. You may be mentally preparing yourself for a difficult path ahead.... passion fruit dream meaning

    Fagot (burning Sticks)

    A brightly burning pile of fagots show you will win out over all those who oppose you.

    If you dream of the fagots giving off a thick smoke then will your enemies get the better of you. Anothers actions will bring harm to you if you dream of walking on them, but if they do not burn you the harm will be negligible.... fagot (burning sticks) dream meaning

    Home (family)

    If you dream of visiting your old family home you will hear some very good news.

    If the home itself, is in a dilapidated condition and general neglect, this then is an omen that you will soon hear of the death of a close relative or a very dear friend.

    If you go home and find everything much the same as it was and you feel and express joy in the dream you will find love and joy in your present home.... home (family) dream meaning

    Nails (fasteners)

    Nails show that you will do much work with very little pay. Bright nails means you will nevertheless enjoy the work. Bent or dull nails will show sickness and disorder entering your life shortly.

    To drive nails shows you will complete a deal and ‘drive’ a hard bargain.

    If you injury yourself with a nail you should be careful of careless talk and sharp words.... nails (fasteners) dream meaning

    Banner Or Flag

    A good omen, but it concerns your personal position rather than your business affairs. ... banner or flag dream meaning

    Elf Or Fairy

    This is a very fortunate dream, for it shows that the “ Little People “ are friendly.... elf or fairy dream meaning

    Evergreens Or Bushes And Trees In Full Leaf

    One of the most fortunate of all dreams, for it tells of deep and lasting success, not only in business matters, but also in love affairs.... evergreens or bushes and trees in full leaf dream meaning


    It is not fortunate to dream that you are present at a Fair; beware of rivals in business and love.... fairs dream meaning

    Falsehood Or Lie

    Another dream of contrary, whether you are the liar, or whether you dream that someone is telling Lies to you.... falsehood or lie dream meaning


    If someone gives you a copper coin, in your dream, it indicates loss of money in some business venture.... farthings dream meaning


    To dream that you are studying the Fashions, either in a magazine, or in the shop windows, is a sign of some small change, either for good or ilL... fashions dream meaning


    It is a dream of contrary if you do wrong and are reproved by your friends.... fault dream meaning


    This is a dream of contrary, for if you dream that someone has done you a Favour, it shows a loss of money in some business transaction. ... favour dream meaning

    Fawn Or Deer

    This is looked upon as unfavourable, especially where love affairs are concerned. ... fawn or deer dream meaning


    A dream of contrary—expect difficulties in the near future.... feasting dream meaning


    To dream of a strange face with Features which you can remember on waking indicates important introductions. Blue eyes indicate a new friendship; dark eyes a lover; bearded face, a traveller will return; smiling face, a wish will be granted. ... features dream meaning

    Feeble Or Weak

    To dream that you are tired or worn-out is a fortunate omen.... feeble or weak dream meaning

    Fetters Or Handcuffs

    A dream of coming obstacles.

    If you are not set free from your chains, then you may expect business difficulties of a serious nature.... fetters or handcuffs dream meaning

    Fever Or Illness

    This is generally looked upon as an omen of contrary meaning.

    If you dream that you are 111, you can rest assured that your health is good. ... fever or illness dream meaning

    Fiddle Or Musical Instrument

    Music is associated with prosperity in your dreams; it is a good sign. See also VIOLIN.... fiddle or musical instrument dream meaning

    Figures Or Numbers

    This omen is a difficult one to judge, as the importance of the dream depends upon the Figures involved, and these again depend upon the circumstances of the dream. As a rough guide, low Figures are fortunate, high Figures are bad, while medium, in-between Figures show difficulties that can be surmounted if you exert yourself. Obviously, high Figures for a girl or for a working-man would only be low Figures for the wealthy individual, or prosperous business man, to whom a few thousands would mean little or nothing.... figures or numbers dream meaning

    Finger-post Or Sign-post

    An omen of some coming change, though it may only be a fresh house or flat.... finger-post or sign-post dream meaning


    A certain indication of a coming quarrel. ... fire-arms dream meaning


    A good omen, both for domestic life, and business affairs.

    A prosperous year is in front of you.... fireside dream meaning


    To drink from a Flagon of wine is a foreboding of illness, which you may, however, avoid by careful living.... flagon dream meaning

    Flying Fish

    Deceitful associates and late hours hold especial danger; try to avoid both for some time.... flying fish dream meaning

    Foot Or Leg

    Beware of treachery if someone trips you up with his or her foot.... foot or leg dream meaning

    Footman Or Manservant

    This is an omen of unexpected trouble for those who are not used to keeping such Servants. Otherwise it can be disregarded.... footman or manservant dream meaning


    For a girl to dream of a Foppish man portends a lover of inferior position.... fop dream meaning


    To dream of these common domestic Birds shows a commonplace and uneventful life, without ups and downs.... fowls dream meaning


    To dream of being Frantic means a peaceful holiday after strenuous times.... frantic dream meaning


    This brings joyful tidings and explanation! of something which has puzzled you.... fretting dream meaning

    Fright Or Frightened

    A dream of contrary; the more dreadful your ordeal, the greater your success. Your business affairs will prosper if you persevere, whatever your present difficulties.... fright or frightened dream meaning

    Frogs Or Toads

    Success in business, a good dream. ... frogs or toads dream meaning

    Frost Or Bad Weather

    Many troubles ahead of you; be carcful what you do in the near future.... frost or bad weather dream meaning


    This dream is associated with the colour Black, but if you see yourself present at a funeral in Black it is appropriate, so no harm need be expected.

    It is a dream of contrary and indicates a successful love affair.... ftoteral dream meaning

    Funeral Service

    Inheritance.... funeral service dream meaning

    Fur Or Fur Garments

    A favourable dream on the whole, though it foretells change of some sort. ... fur or fur garments dream meaning

    Lie Or Falsehood

    It is a bad omen to dream that you are telling Lies, as your coming troubles will be due to your own misconduct. See PERJURY.... lie or falsehood dream meaning

    Lying Or Falsehood

    It is a bad omen to dream that you are telling Lies, as your coming trouble will be due to your own misconduct. See PERJURY.... lying or falsehood dream meaning

    Meadow Or Field

    This is a fortunate dream in every way, for business man or lover. There may, however, be obstacles or difficulties suggested, such as gates, stiles, walls, or possibly a bull.... meadow or field dream meaning


    To dream of wearing Old-fashioned clothes signifies dissension in your home life. Be firm, but not angry.... old-fashioned dream meaning

    Passion Flower

    To dream of this flower signifies sacrifice and sorrow.... passion flower dream meaning

    Provisions Or Food

    To dream that you are hungry and cannot obtain any Food foretells business troubles and loss of money. But it is a fortunate omen to have plenty of Food on your table, or Provisions stored in your larder.... provisions or food dream meaning

    Toads Or Frogs

    Loss and difficulties are shown, but if the creature hops away, hard work may save the situation.... toads or frogs dream meaning

    Betty Ford Clinic

    See Rehab, AA and Twelve Steps.... betty ford clinic dream meaning

    Camp Fire

    Dreams of a camp fire symbolize transformation, intimacy, warmth and closeness with yourself, your tribe, family, or community. See Goddess Hestia.... camp fire dream meaning

    Dance Floor

    Dreams of a dance floor symbolize your creative expression.

    If the dance floor is filled, then it represents the collective energy of all aspects of you dancing at the same time.

    If the floor is empty, then consider that you need some alone time to rejuvenate, or that you need to make energize your creative spirit and begin making joy a priority in your life. See Ballroom.... dance floor dream meaning

    Fan Club

    Dreams of a fan club signify that you are connecting with your own cheering section, being championed to victory or being the wind beneath someone else’s wings. You are developing -esteem to be bold as you make progress everyday toward your passion. See Fan.... fan club dream meaning

    Fast Lane

    Dreams of driving in the fast lane, or the “#1 Lane” represents your competitive edge and that you are driven to be number one. This is a processing dream, allowing you to decompress all the high-speed activities from your life on the edge, in the fast lane. See Express.... fast lane dream meaning

    Fast Track

    See Fast Lane.... fast track dream meaning


    Dreams of FedEx represents your desire to have a message or communication delivered quickly, with a guarantee. Consider the message that is being sent and why it is so urgent. See Express and Instant Messenger.... fedex dream meaning

    Feeding Tube

    Dreams of a feeding tube represent life support and nurturing. Perhaps you are feeling the need to prolong the life of a relationship or situation that is on it’s last breath. Consider exploring your attachment to the relationship or situation and looking to see if it supports your life force to keep it alive. See Life Support.... feeding tube dream meaning


    Dreams of felatio represent that you are empowering your inner masculine energy. This dream can also represent submission or empowerment depending upon your feeling tone in the dream. See Ejaculation and Sex.... felatio dream meaning

    Fiber Optics

    Dreams of fiber optics represent unity, oneness, and instant gratification. Fiber optics also represent instantaneous transmission of information, the realization that everything is happening now, and there is only one of us here. See Light and Quantum Physics.... fiber optics dream meaning

    Fifteen Minutes

    You are making your mark and leaving a legacy; desiring to be in the spotlight and to be recognized for the unique contribution to life that you make. Recognize yourself first.... fifteen minutes dream meaning

    Fighter Pilot

    Dreams of a fighter pilot symbolize that you are on the defensive as you observe your life from above. Keep in mind that when you are on the defensive, you are never quite “in” your life, but are hovering above awaiting attack.... fighter pilot dream meaning

    Fighting Fish

    Dreams of fighting fish represents that you are afraid that if you allowed your angry feelings to surface, you would not know how to stop. You are feeling out of control with your anger. This dream may be suggesting that you seek the help of a mediator, counselor or wise friend to help you sort out your aggression. See Venting Dreams.... fighting fish dream meaning


    Dreams of an internet firewall represent boundaries to protect people and information that is valuable to you. You are feeling on the defensive, afraid of being harmed or corrupted by a negative influence or virus.

    A ring of fire in sacred ceremony creates a safe space that deflects and dissolves any unwelcome energy.... firewall dream meaning

    Fish Bowl

    Dreams of a fish bowl represent that you are revealing your true feelings, emotions and intentions seen. Perhaps you are feeling exposed, emotional naked and forthright.... fish bowl dream meaning

    Fleet Week

    Dreams of fleet week represents celebration, honor and recognition of the aspect of you that courageously and heroically engages in life.... fleet week dream meaning


    Dreams of a flip represent the heights of enthusiasm, joy, success and celebration.

    A flip in a hair-style represents perkiness, bounce in the step, joviality.

    If you “flip off” someone, you are angry and sending a message of hostility.

    To flip out can also be your attempt to release feelings of being out of control.... flip dream meaning


    See F.... flunk dream meaning


    Dreams of foreplay are about flirtation, desire, seduction, romance, courtship, preparing for union, sex, connection, and feeling your beauty and sexuality.... foreplay dream meaning


    Dreams of a forum represent sharing, learning, expanding, growing in community; strength in numbers; exponential collective wisdom is here for you, accessible to you and within you now.... forum dream meaning

    Fossil Fuel

    See Dinosaur and Gasoline.... fossil fuel dream meaning


    Dreams of a fractal represent resonance, chemistry and harmony with someone.

    If you dream of being on a similar fractal line as someone, then this represents a soul mate. You have a wonderful opportunity and you are in a situation that has the potential for maximum growth.... fractal dream meaning


    Dreams of a franchise represent wealth, expansion and success. You are empowering others to partake of your success and/or perhaps you should consider jumping on the bandwagon of someone else’s success.... franchise dream meaning


    Dreams of a frapaccino represent a quick jolt in your spirits. Perhaps you are mixing up frozen emotions so they can be expressed and released. See Frozen and Espresso.... frapaccino dream meaning


    Dreams of freckles symbolize the kiss of an angel, a blessing, and good luck.

    If you dream of someone with freckles and you find them attractive, then this person represents a child or an angel. However, if you find the freckles unattractive or unappealing, then it represents a mark or judgment against the person. Freckles are a tiny mark of imperfection, an acknowledgment that you are a perfectly imperfect, fallible human being.... freckle dream meaning

    Free Will

    This dream may be showing you that at every crossroads you are at choice; you have the ability to choose to be in bondage or to set yourself free. There is no one else to blame for any circumstance because you are responsible for your life, for every situation and outcome. Besides being the lead actor, you are the director and writer of your life/movie. This is a sign that if you don’t like the way you life is going, you have the power to change it.... free will dream meaning

    Frequent Flyer Miles

    If dreams of flying represent freedom and connection with your spirit, then frequent flyer miles represents a reward for your spiritual work; a bonus for your good karma and your ability to frequently fly above the mundane and connect with a bigger, more spiritual vantage point.... frequent flyer miles dream meaning


    Dreams of feeling full symbolize that you have completed, finished, and arrived at your limit. You have come full circle and have fulfilled your mission and cycle.

    If you are feeling full, then you may be at a saturation point.

    If you have a glass or container that is full, then this signifies prosperity, abundance and an optimistic outlook on life.... full dream meaning


    If you dream of working full-time, then you may be processing through feelings that relate to your job; perhaps feeling like you are giving too much of your self. You may be re-evaluating your appropriation of time and energy. Consider what you would love to do for a living, or ways to make nine-five come alive. See Processing Dreams.... full-time dream meaning

    Gold Fish

    Dreams of a gold fish represent the wealth and richness of your emotions and your inner life; recognizing the value of introspection and connection to the divine feminine within the deep end of your ocean.... gold fish dream meaning

    Raw Foods

    Dreams of raw foods denote extreme attention to your intake of energy and your ability to make the most of a situation, and garner that, which supports your vitality. Perhaps you are feeling naked, unabashed, authentic, and connected to your spirit and pure essence. Alternatively, you may also be feeling raw and vulnerable, and desirous of a more juicy and passionate life.... raw foods dream meaning

    Sea Food

    Dreams of ingesting food from the sea represent that you are receiving the mystery of the feminine, the awareness of your unconscious depths, and a deeper love.... sea food dream meaning

    Snow Flake

    Dreams of snow flakes represent that you are realizing the miracle of your one-of-a kind, unrepeatable essence. This dream is giving you permission to be authentic and to celebrate the diversity of the many unique people with whom you interact.... snow flake dream meaning

    Trust Fund

    Dreams of a trust fund signify your awareness of being abundantly supported by the universe. You are free, taken care of, and trusting that all is well. See Inheritance.... trust fund dream meaning

    Walk Of Fame

    To dream of walking amongst the stars is about desiring closeness to greatness. You are recognizing that the Gods and Goddesses of Hollywood have hands and feet just like you do, and that maybe you are not so different from them, after all. This dream is giving you the message that within your fingerprints and footprints are the blueprints to your success. See Celebrity.... walk of fame dream meaning

    Wish Fulfillment Dreams

    See Types of Dreams (Introduction.)... wish fulfillment dreams dream meaning

    X Files

    Dreams of the X Files signify that you are willing to investigate beyond the surface of things, to look at what may at first be a shocking to your belief system, and that you have the courage to discover who you truly are.... x files dream meaning

    Cooked Food

    every greasy cooked food that can be eaten with ease, is [indicative of] good, usefulness. And every cooked food that is different than that, then it’s expression is opposite to that.... cooked food dream meaning

    Falcon / Hawk

    If it was obedient, it is interpreted upon 5 sides: acquirement of something wanted & happiness, good news, matter / affair passing through, acquirement of wealth, in proportion to the falcon / hawk’s value [ranging] from 1000 to 10,000, especially if it was an obedient white one. And if it wasn’t obedient then it is interpreted upon 4 sides: unjust sovereign, tyrannical ruler that has no faith, child ungrateful to his two parents, bandit.

    (Falcon / hawk: of the predatory birds.)... falcon / hawk dream meaning

    Farmer / Cultivator / Peasant

    interpreted upon 7 sides: the requesting of a halal sustenance, good, usefulness, sickness, glory, high standing, earning of a halal living.... farmer / cultivator / peasant dream meaning

    Fingers / Toes

    interpreted upon 6 sides: children, brother’s children, [male] servants & companions & strength, the five prayers.... fingers / toes dream meaning

    Flag / Banner

    interpreted upon 4 sides: honor, travel, glory, high standing, good condition.... flag / banner dream meaning


    If it was flexible, and the foot inside it is comfortable, that is interpreted upon 7 sides: woman, young girl, [male] servant, strength, living, victory, a usefulness. And [if] what is worn on the foot is from buttons of banana, or (unknown word) , or (unknown) , or a horseshoe or what resembles those, then that is interpreted upon 7 sides: [male] servant, young girl & strength, a usefulness & wealth, travel.... footwear dream meaning

    Gerfalcon / Peregrine Falcon

    [bird] [interpreted] upon 5 sides: importance, rank, matter passing through, wealth, blessing & child.... gerfalcon / peregrine falcon dream meaning

    Harvest / Picked Fruits

    interpreted upon 4 sides: nice words, halal money, abundance of wealth and blessing in proportion to what he saw.... harvest / picked fruits dream meaning

    Movement Of The Finger / Toe

    interpreted upon 5 sides: sickness, sorrow, dispute & importunity / obstinacy, a violation with his people, and his family.... movement of the finger / toe dream meaning

    Pleasant-smelling Fat / Oil

    interpreted upon 6 sides: beautiful woman, good-looking young girl, good compliments, pleasant words, good-natured character.... pleasant-smelling fat / oil dream meaning

    Authority Figures Such As Judges, Teachers Etc.

    Our concept of authority first develops through our relationship with our father or father figure. Depending on how we were treated as children, our view of authority will be anything from a benign helper to an exploitative disciplinarian. Most authority figures will ultimately lead us back to what is right for us, although not necessarily what we might consider good for us. Authority figures in dreams initially appear to have power over us, though – if we are able to work with them properly – will generate within us the power to succeed.... authority figures such as judges, teachers etc. dream meaning

    Back And Front

    The back of anything signifies rejection, and the front acceptance. Conflict between rejection and acceptance can be shown in a dream as seeing both the back and front of something.... back and front dream meaning

    Backward / Forward

    When a backward and / or forward movement is prominent this usually indicates a regressive, backward-looking tendency. We may want to retire into the past, rather than tackling fears and moving ahead.... backward / forward dream meaning

    Esoteric Figures

    (Astrologers, magicians etc.) Any character within our dreams who appears to have knowledge of magical practices or similar types of knowledge is usually our first introduction to the higher self.

    It is as though we can only become privy to this deeper knowledge by meeting our teacher first. Also consult the individual entries for magic / magician, witch and wizard.... esoteric figures dream meaning

    Extended Family

    (Such as cousins, aunts, uncles) members of the extended family usually appear in dreams either as themselves, highlighting our relationship with them, or typifying various aspects of our own personality that are recognizable.... extended family dream meaning

    Fax Machine / Fax

    See communication... fax machine / fax dream meaning

    Feed / Feeding

    See eat / eating... feed / feeding dream meaning


    A fixation on an external object, in sexual terms it appears that there can be no sexual act without it – akin to a child being without its comforter. In dreams, therefore, a fetish can highlight fear, immaturity and lack of capability.... fetishes dream meaning


    See find... found dream meaning

    Hero Or Any Heroic Figure

    In today’s world the hero has taken on many guises, particularly in psychological parlance.

    For many people their own heroic figure, from footballer to successful businessperson, will act as a role model in the journey of life. Also consult the individual entries for hero / heroine and quest.... hero or any heroic figure dream meaning


    If the foreigner was friendly and jovial, and if you liked him or her, this is an omen of good times ahead no matter what the foreigner’s nationality was.

    If he was unfriendly and hostile, however, it is still an omen of good times ahead, but of hitting a number of dead ends before you reach your goals.... foreigner dream meaning

    Fuel / Gasoline

    A dream of buying or selling gasoline is a sign of prosperity ahead, but there may be a few bumps in the road before you get what you want. Running out of gasoline is a dream of contrary, implying a rush of energy and inspiration in whatever activity means the most to you.

    If you’re not sure what that is, look to other symbols in the dream.... fuel / gasoline dream meaning

    Baseball Diamond / Baseball Field

    A dream that strongly features a baseball diamond represents the quality of your family life.

    A positive dream indicates a happy home life, while a scary or negative dream reveals trouble at home.... baseball diamond / baseball field dream meaning

    Best Friend

    To see your friends in your dream, signifies aspects of your personality that have been developing and making you grow as a person.

    The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself, so look to the friends you dreamed about for signals of personality traits they have that you desire in yourself, and work on those things. Additionally, dreaming of friends sometimes foretells that you will hear happy news from them.

    If you dream of seeing your friends saddened or troubled, in your dream, they are headed for distress in real life.

    To see a friend in your dream who you no longer see in real life (the friendship is over or they moved away), means you wish for a time in your past when you had no responsibilities and things were much simpler and more carefree. You may be wanting to escape the the pressures and stresses of growing up. Or, it could be a signal that it’s time to start acting more mature.

    If you dream of a friend dying, it means you have anxious feelings or insecurities about the friendship - you may worry that your friend is becoming distant from you or losing interest in the relationship.

    If you dream of a friend that you don’t really have in real life, this person actually represents another side of you - the part that is usually repressed and hidden.... best friend dream meaning

    Dog Food

    To dream of buying dog food symbolizes your responsibilities.

    To dream of eating dog food suggests that you are feeling nervous or guilty about a friendship situation.... dog food dream meaning

    Drinking Fountain

    To dream of drinking water from a fountain is a positive omen, meaning that you have the strength of character to solve all your current problems. Look within and trust your instincts.... drinking fountain dream meaning


    To dream about an ex-friend means you wish for a time in your past when things were easier. Or, it could be a signal that it’s time to start acting more mature. You may also be missing this friend. Or, it could be that somebody you have just met reminds you of your ex-friend in some way.... ex-friend dream meaning


    If you dream of having a facial, you need to take time out and pamper yourself. This dream may also be telling you to “come clean” and wash away old secrets, pains, or guilt.

    It is time to let your emotions out and start fresh.... facial dream meaning

    Facial Hair

    If a female dreams of growing facial hair, you may have suffered an attack on your reputation or persona recently. This dream is a warning not to let irritations grow into large heartaches - try to let your emotions cool and things will pass. This dream may also warn against spending your money foolishly.... facial hair dream meaning


    To see or use a fax machine in your dream, or to receive a fax, indicates that you are receiving some message from your unconscious. This message will prove to be the real deal. Pay attention to the other symbols in your dream to help figure out the message (including whatever was written on the fax).... facsimile dream meaning

    Fade / Fading

    If you dream that you are fading away, this means you have been acting in a way that is out of touch with your true values.

    To dream that people or objects are fading before your eyes signifies your anxiety over the notion that loved ones might leave your life. You may feel that you cannot depend on someone or have issues with your self-esteem.... fade / fading dream meaning

    Failing Grades

    To dream of getting failing grades is an insecurity dream. It symbolizes the dreamer’s feelings of not being good enough and a fear of not having a winning personality.... failing grades dream meaning

    False Pregnancy

    To dream that you have a false pregnancy (you think you are pregnant, but find out there is no baby), there is some aspect of yourself or your personal life that is changing, but you are not ready to talk about it yet. You may also be having trouble making a new personal goal or project happen.... false pregnancy dream meaning

    Fame / Famous

    To dream of being famous suggests you will have trouble achieving some of your ambitions and goals.

    To dream of famous people means you doubt your own ability to rise to a high status.

    If you dream someone you know becomes famous, you feel jealous of them or you fear losing their friendship.... fame / famous dream meaning


    To dream of farting suggests that you are being passive-aggressive. You need to express your feelings in a more direct way, instead of hinting around or playing mind games.... farting dream meaning

    Fashion Designer

    If you dreamed about a fashion designer, you may be wasting your time on unworthy activities.

    If you were the one designing fashions, you will have to change your approach in order to achieve the social status or attention from others that you want.... fashion designer dream meaning

    Fast Food Restaurant

    To dream that you are in a fast food restaurant suggests you are feeling overwhelmed by choices that you need to make in your life. This dream can also mean you are seeking emotional nourishment outside of your family or regular group of friends.... fast food restaurant dream meaning

    Field Trip

    If you dream of going on a field trip, you may experience an increase in personal status or in your finances.

    For a more detailed analysis, think about other symbols you noticed in the dream.... field trip dream meaning

    Fire Drill

    If you dream of participating in a fire drill, you are mentally practising for a change you are going through in real life.... fire drill dream meaning

    Fashion Show

    If you dream of being at a fashion show, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed or pressured in real life. Give yourself a break and try to express any pent-up feelings to a good friend.

    If you dream of being in a fashion show and things go well, it’s a positive omen that you are feeling confident about your position in the world and in yourself.

    If you dream of being in a fashion show where things go wrong, or you trip or have a disaster, you are feeling insecure about the way other people see you. You may also be nervous that someone will find out that you lied about something recently.... fashion show dream meaning

    Finger / Fingers

    To see your fingers in your dream means you are good at taking acting and communicating with others. physical and mental dexterity. They indicate manipulation, action and non-verbal communication. Here are some specific meanings of some finger dreams: If you dream your fingers are injured or have been chopped off, you are worried about your ability to accomplish some demanding task or perform in a situation.

    To dream of a finger pointing at you means you are feeling guilty about something. Dreams that feature your little finger represent your mental power, memory, and ability to communicate.

    To dream of your index finger represents good judgement.

    To dream of your middle finger means you are practical and cautious.

    A dream about your ring finger represents success, popularity and creativity.

    To dream of an unusually long finger predicts a romantic upset.

    A very short or stubby finger signifies new friends.

    A hand with extra fingers is a forecast that you will receive an inheritance. Also see “Fingernails” and “Fingerprints”, below.... finger / fingers dream meaning

    Fire Hydrant

    To see a fire hydrant in your dream symbolizes renewal. You are ready to make a fresh start.

    A flowing hydrant is a forecast of fading worries.

    A burst hydrant suggests you should express your pent up anger and feelings before they explode.

    A dream of a fireman fastening a hose onto a hydrant indicates a lucky escape from potential danger.... fire hydrant dream meaning


    To see a firefly in your dream represents bright ideas that are coming from your unconscious mind.... fireflies dream meaning

    Fireman’s Pole

    To dream about a fireman’s pole represents security and stability. You ou should let others help you when you are faced with a difficult decision or situation - you will get all the support you need if you just ask.... fireman’s pole dream meaning

    Fish Hook

    Baiting a fishhook in a dream is a prediction of a passionate new love affair. However, if you dream of getting a fishhook stuck in any part of your body, this is a warning against deceitful friends.... fish hook dream meaning

    Fishing Wire

    If fishing wire was strongly featured in your dream, you may have concerns about holding some relationship together.... fishing wire dream meaning


    To dream about fitness is an omen of good luck if you enjoyed it. But if it was tiring or unpleasant, the dream is a warning to avoid forcing any issues. Do not act pushy or try to get an answer out of someone for a few weeks. Also see “Gymnasium” and “Treadmill”... fitness dream meaning

    Flat Iron

    To see or use a flat iron in your dream suggests that you are trying to change in some way, or surpress a part of your nature that you are uncomfortable with. It can also mean you have strong feelings for someone of the opposite sex.... flat iron dream meaning


    If you dream of being very flexible, you let other people get their own way too often. Try to stand up for what you believe in and not just go along with the crowd or what certain people tell you.... flexible dream meaning


    To see or wear flip-flop shoes in your dream, suggests that you are feeling either tired or insecure. You feel that you do not have a strong position in some situation, possibly related to friendship.... flip-flops dream meaning


    To dream that you are wearing flippers for swimming, suggests that you have grown spiritually and are ready to leave the past behind. You are ready to deal with emotional challenges and move forward to a new stage of your life.... flippers dream meaning

    Float (drink)

    To dream of drinking a float (a drink of pop and ice cream) foretells happiness and peaceful times with family. It may also suggest that you want to strengthen your bonds with friends and loved ones.... float (drink) dream meaning

    Float (parade)

    A dream about a parade float suggests that you are being distracted from achieving your goals. You need to take control of your destiny, and stop being controlled by fear of failure. Time is passing.... float (parade) dream meaning

    Floating Objects

    Dreams about floating objects suggest that you are feeling a lack of connection or a need to become more grounded. Also see “Telekinesis.”... floating objects dream meaning

    Flower Pot

    If there were flowers in the flower pot, look up the meaning under “Flowers”, above.

    If the flower pot was empty or just contained soil, this suggests that you have been suppressing anger or frustration. Also, if you or someone you know is involved with marijuana, the flower “pot” may be a reference to this.... flower pot dream meaning

    Fly Swatter

    To see or use a fly swatter in your dream symbolizes a malicious plan being brewed against you.... fly swatter dream meaning

    Follow / Followed

    If you dream of being followed, this signifies that fights with friends and uneasy times are ahead.

    If you dream of following somebody, the meaning depends on the outcome - if you followed them to a good result, you will soon overcome your difficulties.

    If nothing good or definite happened, you will have to struggle awhile yet before achieving your goal.... follow / followed dream meaning


    To dream of eating fondue symbolizes disappointment or hurt feelings.... fondue dream meaning

    Food Fight

    If you dream about a food fight, you are having trouble with your friendships.... food fight dream meaning


    To dream of being forbidden to do something, or that a certain thing is forebidden, is a warning to guard against hasty speech and/or impulsive actions which, if seriously misinterpreted, could make you the subject of damaging gossip.... forbidden dream meaning

    Formal Dress

    To see or wear a formal dress in your dream, symbolizes your embrace of your feminine side. You are freely expressing your femininity and using your female intuition to guide you.

    If the dress is white, it suggests that you want to appear pure and angelic toward others.... formal dress dream meaning

    Foster Care / Foster Parent

    If you dream of having foster parents, you should expect an appeal for help from some unanticipated quarter (probably a relative). However if you were a foster parent in your dream, your year ahead will be lucky for taking chances and making money.... foster care / foster parent dream meaning


    A dream about Frankenstein’s monster comes from repressed emotions.

    The monster may represent a side of your personality that makes you uncomfortable. This dream often means that you would do well to consider a change of direction, or give up a bad habit that’s unhealthy for you.... frankenstein dream meaning

    French Toast

    To dream of eating french toast represents happiness and pleasure in your current situation.

    If you dream of making french toast, you are considering (or involved in) a love affair which might cause you embarrassment.... french toast dream meaning


    To dream about frizzy hair symbolizes anxiety about some aspect of your personality. You may be feeling insecure, or thinking about feelings that you have rejected or repressed.... frizz dream meaning

    Happy Face

    If you dream of seeing a happy face symbol, you are pleased with your achievements. This dream can also mean that you are looking for something or someone that will make you happy.... happy face dream meaning

    Ice Floe

    To see ice floes in your dream, suggests that you are lacking a flow of ideas and thoughts. You are not seeing in progress in your life. Alternatively, you may be feeling emotionally stuck. You need to let your feelings be known.

    To dream that you are walking on ice floes, indicates that you are standing on shaky ground. You are taking risks that you shouldn’t be taking.... ice floe dream meaning

    Pet Food

    To dream of buying pet food symbolizes your responsibilities.

    To dream of eating pet food suggests that you are feeling nervous or guilty about a friendship situation.... pet food dream meaning

    Serving Food

    To dream that you are serving food represents catering to the demands of others. You may feel that you are doing a lot for somebody, and not getting much in return.

    To dream that somebody is serving you food symbolizes that you will be involved in many social gatherings involving friends and loved ones.... serving food dream meaning

    Smiley Face

    If you dream of seeing a smiley face symbol, you are pleased with your achievements. This dream can also mean that you are looking for something or someone that will make you happy.... smiley face dream meaning

    Snack / Snack Food

    To dream of eating a snack represents your need for more friendship and companionship.

    If you dream of being hungry for a snack, but not getting one, you may be yearning for mroe spirituality and/or fulfillment in your waking life.... snack / snack food dream meaning

    Venus Flytrap

    To dream about a Venus Flytrap, especially if you are attacked or eaten by one in your dream, you may be worried about pregnancy or fertility issues. Or, the dream could signify your fears about a hidden part of yourself that you are trying to reject and push back into your subconscious. Finally, this dream can represent a feeling of being overwhelmed emotionally by a powerful woman in your life, such as your mother or an aggressive friend.... venus flytrap dream meaning

    Angry At Family

    Unhappy with personality traits within yourself. ... angry at family dream meaning

    Bedroom, Father’s Old

    Spiritual idea not used.... bedroom, father’s old dream meaning

    Car (full Of People)

    Oversoul with various personality aspects as you go through life.... car (full of people) dream meaning

    Fetuses (3)

    Ideas that were never given a chance for completion... fetuses (3) dream meaning


    Starting a higher way of thinking.... foothills dream meaning


    Strength/or hiding oneself as a form of protection.... furry dream meaning

    Hammock, Wood Frame

    Relying on balance; grounding.... hammock, wood frame dream meaning

    House, Furnished

    Thoughts in the soul-personality. ... house, furnished dream meaning

    Man, Older, Fat

    Guardian. ... man, older, fat dream meaning

    Tongue, Snake-like, Forked

    Reptilian twinning/deception. ... tongue, snake-like, forked dream meaning

    Twirling Flags

    Warnings coming to your awareness. ... twirling flags dream meaning

    White Flowers / Scepter

    Triggers for activations.... white flowers / scepter dream meaning

    White Light, Flash Of

    Realization.... white light, flash of dream meaning

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    Islamic Dream Interpretation - The extensive indexes and well organized layout of this valuable site make it a useful dream dictionary of types of dreams and their meaning. It is, moreover, the first Islamic guide in English to authentic dream interpretation.

    It is hoped that this dictionary of dream interpretation will prove useful to students of culture and spirituality, but above all to seekers after truth. This is the most comprehensive report on islamic dream interpretation that you will ever read! Not only does it include timely tips and advice understanding how and why you dream, but also clues to help you zero in on and understand common symbols in dreams.

    Dreams are messenger to us from the unknown. They are voices from our collective sub-conscious, warners of deep inner disturbance in the individual psyche, bearer of glad tidings of good things to come, or echoes of happy or sad and long hidden memories. As messenger from the unknown, dreams are often prophetic voices of the future. Hence, they have at times directed the course of the history of nations.

    The dream of the prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son, his obedience to the Divine will and his willingness to submit in absolute faith to God made him the first true Muslim and the father of prophets.

    The true interpretation of the dreams of the king of Egypt by the prophet Joseph saved both the Egyptians and the children of Israel from famine and death.

    The dreams of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him and all the prophets of God be peace and blessings, marked the beginning of his revelation, the noble Qur’fm which changed the face of human history and civilization. Although dreams belong to the domain of personal experience, they are a universal phenomenon, and thus have played a crucial role in the formation of human culture. Throughout recorded human history, dreams and the interpre­tation of dreams have inspired sages and prophets, poets and kings, as well as the most creative psychologist/philosophers of our day.

    The science of psycho­analysis of Carl Jung and his school rests on the fact that dreams form the inner diary of every human individual, and hence the need to read and interpret them correctly. This fact has for long been recognized by the sages and prophets of traditional cultures and religions. Not all dreams, however are either true or authentic. Those of the prophets and friends (awliya’s) of God are Divine revelations, true and sacred.

    The dreams of pious men and women are almost always true and meaningful. Some dreams come from Satan, and are thus misleading. Others may be caused by physical or psychological problems such as stomach discomfort or emotional disturbance.

    It is therefore important to distinguish true dreams from empty fantasies, and inspired dreams from satanic insinuations. This is a Divine gift to inspired prophets, holy persons and insightful sages. ... islamic dream dream meaning

    Dream Symbols

    Dream Interpretation & an A to Z dictionary of symbols and their meanings helps you make sense of your dreams and harness them to increase your creativity, solve problems, find life purpose, and obtain accurate personal guidance. A to Z Dream Dictionary and Dream Interpretation will help you become an expert dream interpreter.
    Dream symbolism communicates more accurately than a thousand words when the dreamer understands what the chosen dream symbols mean. One symbol can represent different ideas, concepts and things to every individual. Their divine secrets will release your concealed potential so that you can design the destiny you have always longed for. With in-depth, classic meanings and an empowering technique for personalized interpretation, our site is the most complete and balanced guide to understanding your dreams. As omens or insights, as alarms or a memory, for years people have been interpreting their dreams in different way, with whatever comforts them, but now we have science. Researchers have spent time in comprehending, studying, understanding them, for all dreams don’t really say the same story. It becomes fascinating and complicated when people from diff a rent cultural background, societies, past, present, living standards, problems, mental illness report same dreams. Features an alphabetized list of over 42.000 dream symbols and meaning with classic. This dictionary of Christian Dreams, China interpretation of dreams, India interpretation of dreams contains over 24700 indexed entries and this dictionary of islamic Dreams contains over 5300 indexed entries. Also, Psychological / emotional perspective, Material aspects and Gives gender – specific, interpret of dream. the complete dream dictionary is the only interpretation site based on concrete data about real people's dreams and how the real events in their lives relate to their nighttime visions.
    • You will be able to interpret the hidden messages revealed to you in your sleep.
    • See how to use dreams to solve problems and explore past lives and look into the future.
    • Extraordinary color illustrations conjure up the mystical images of your dreams.
    • A dream that takes place on an island may indicate a need for personal space.
    • A dream of rabbits running in green grass is a good omen.
    • A ship in dock or on a calm sea may promise happiness in love. By deciphering the language of your dreams, you can achieve greater spiritual awareness and lasting happiness.

    Understand the meaning of dreams. Great dictionary of dream interpretation. Dreams Interpreted, the most compelling and thorough study of all the symbols that appear in our dreams. By reading the dictionary definitions, you'll be gin to understand symbology in a much deeper way. You’ll learn how to synchronize your body, emotions, mind, and soul to experience the full meaning of your dreams and, in some cases, make them your reality.

    30 Common Dream Symbols

    Here are 30 different dream symbol that appear most common in the world and these dreams meanings.
    Animals can usually be linked to survival or the instinct to keep going no matter how difficult things are. It can mean you’re holding things back that you should express. Dreams of an animal symbolize that you are connecting with your wild side, basic instincts and survival needs. Consider the type of animal. Babies
    Babies most times just mean that you want to continue your life and family, and want to share your knowledge with your next of kin. They might also mean you’re holding something back. Something new comes into your life. A new idea or a new creative project at work. Symbol of new possibilities and potential for growth in multiple areas of your life. Lost
    Being lost in your dreams may signify that you have lost your true purpose in life. It may point to soul loss or your disas- sociation from an important aspect of your personality. If the theme of being lost recurs, it may point to a need to seek guidance spiritually or psychologically. Naked
    Dreams of being naked or seeing someone naked represent a desire for honesty and intimacy. It can also represent the fear of others knowing your private thoughts and feelings. If you are comfortable being naked, then you feel you have nothing to hide in intimacy. If you are uncomfortable, ashamed, or embarrassed, then this dream is telling you to do some ego-integration work, and begin the process of releasing your own judgments and criticisms. Trapped
    If you dream of being trapped, it means that you feel confined and restricted in a friendship, career or romantic relationship. You may be feeling bad physically because of your emotional worries. This dream can also mean that your rivals will get the best of you if you are not careful. If you successfully escape the trap in your dream, you will triumph over your rivals and your relationships will improve in real life. Buildings and Houses
    Building a house may signify construction of a new project in your business or building a totally new life. Building with Legos or building blocks may comment on needing to play with your ideas before putting them into action. Clothing
    Clothing in general reveals the image that you want to project to the world. Each article of clothing reveals different concerns, qualities, beliefs, attitudes, and expressions Even the color and conditions of the clothing may reveal significant information.

    For example, clothing that is tattered or torn may signify that you feel emotionally shredded by an experience. You may also be expressing a "poor me" attitude.

    Dreams of crying symbolize that you are healing, grieving, cleansing, and releasing that which no longer supports you, as you make room for that which does support you. Consider that this might be a cry for help and that you would be wise to seek support to help you through this challenge you are going through. Keep in mind that you can’t heal what you can’t feel. Death
    Dreams of death are very common in that it is the job of our subconscious mind to keep us alive, so your dreams are assisting you to process your fears of death and dying. If you dream of your own death, then you are contemplating the value and impact of your life. Dreaming of someone else dying is about transformation and change in your relationship with then, not necessarily a forecast of a literal death (though sometimes it does). You might also be venting out your fears of losing someone that you love. Often the dream of death represents the ending of chapter in a person’s life, and that a new cycle is about to begin. Keep in mind that the Native Americans believe that the most powerful way to live is as if death were always just over your shoulder. This dream is suggesting that you consider what aspect of your life is ending, how can you harmoniously participate in completing this cycle, and what new beginning is wanting to come into your life. Demons
    To see demons in your dream, represents negativity and distress. It also forewarns of overindulgence. If you dream of being possessed by demons, you are feeling helpless about something. Dogs
    Dogs are man’s companions and loyal " friends and thus can come in a dream to represent a real friendship, fteca dog’s extreme loyalty to its owner, the appearance of a dog can represent a tendency toward being too loyal to-your friends and thus sacrificing yourself and your needs. A dead dog can come to represent the death of a fnendship, and the birth of a puppy can come to signify the amval of a new friendship. A bite from a dog can be a response to an argument with a fnend. Dogs as guardians can signify the need for personal protection, or they may comment that you feel watched, as by a watchdog. Drowning
    Sinking into the unconscious, helplessness, lack of planning in your life. Being washed away by the flow of emotions. Fear of being swallowed up by the unconscious. As in Suffocating, where the issue is to get more air, here it is a matter of being safe in the Water, about feelings and (emotional) needs that bring more energy and inner strength. Falling
    Falling in your dream may come as a response to some failure. It may comment on feelings of loss of control. It may also be a response to falling from grace or falling from your stature in life. Falling dreams may recur when you have lost a significant relationship, or have faced a personal disaster in your career, or have been diagnosed with a particular illness. Fire
    Fire is a punfying element that is destruc tive yet transforms everything eventually. Setting fire to your emotions may act as the cleansing agent of the soul. It can represent the passion that fuels the heart and the sacred ember of your sexuality. A fire in your house may relate to some anger that is destroying the peace at home. Fire may also signify destructive behavior on your part or that of another family member. Flying
    If you dream you are flying so high that you can actually touch the moon and stars this portends many different types of global disaster that you may soon hear of. If you fly high with black wings you are warned that you are headed for a let down of magnitude. Flying dreams are normally a good omen and if the flight is pleasant, with no worries and anxieties, you can look for happiness and plenty to follow. Food
    People often dream about food. All types of food are a consistent part of a dream life. Anything from meat to elbow macaroni comes up through our unconscious and leaves vivid memories upon awakening. Food is symbolic of a large variety of things. It could symbolize pleasure and indulgence. To the perpetual dieter, the dream could have a "compensatory" function where the food that is denied to the individual during the day shows up in the dream state. Dreams could additionally symbolize physical, mental, spiritual and emotional nourishment. Chased
    Being chased by shadows shows the need to escape from something previously repressed, such as past childhood trauma or difficulty. To be chased by an animal generally indicates we have not come to terms with our own passion. Horses
    A horse may offer its power to the dreamer as a vehicle for moving forward in life. Horse brings the attnbute of strength to deliver you to your destination.

    For the hero, the horse cames him to his mission, perhaps over long distances, and thus it may signify the need to travel. A wild horse can represent unleashed and untamed power. Horses may also trot into your dream to indicate the need to stand your ground in a power struggle.

    • The act of jumping can be somewhat ambiguous in a dream. It can indicate either jumping up attempting to attain something better for ourselves or jumping down, which can mean going down into the unconscious and those parts of ourselves where we may feel we are in danger. Jumping on the spot can indicate joy and has the same significance as dance (See Dance).
    • Repetitive movement of any sort in a dream usually indicates the need to reconsider our actions, to look at what we arc doing and perhaps to express ourselves in a different way. On a psychological level, jumping up and down in a dream may indicate being caught up in a situation without having the power to move either forwards or backwards.
    • In certain religions, spiritual ecstasy is induced by jumping. This is a way of employing the physical in order to reach the spiritual.
    • Also See: Jumping
    Kiss - Kissing
    Affection. In this dream you may be expressing feelings that are difficult to express during the day. Kissing is usually an indication of warmth, affection, and happiness. If you don’t receive enough love and affection in your daily life, then this could be a compensatory dream, where the dreamer is comforting himself. If you are kissing the object of your affection, the dream could be a form of wish fulfillment. Superstition based interpretations say that if you are kissing strangers, you may have a need to conquer. If the kissing is insincere, you are pretentious while if you see your partner kissing someone else, you may be afraid of infidelity. Money
    Money in dreams does not necessarily represent hard currency, but more the way in which we value ourselves. This symbol appearing in dreams would suggest that we need to assess that value more carefully, and equally to be aware of what we ‘pay’ for our actions and desires. If there is a feeling of self-denial in our making savings, particularly to the point of miserliness, we may not have managed our resources properly in the past and are having to suffer for it now. We may also fear the future. If someone else gives us their savings, we are able to use their knowledge and expertise. Paralysis
    • When paralysis is felt in a dream we are probably experiencing great fear or suppression. Feelings that are emotionally based are experienced as paralysis in order to highlight the physical effect those feelings can have.
    • Imagination can often play tricks on us, and we experience as real some kind of reaction we would not normally allow ourselves. Paralysis is one such reaction.
    • Paralysis can signify spiritual inadequacy, inability to create movement, and inertia. There is a condition which sometimes occurs during development when we are forced into facing our own fears, and this can be experienced as paralysis.
    Pregnancy / Pregnant
    To dream you are pregnant signifies growth and development in your personal life. You may find that you are unprepared to act on it or to even discuss the matter with other people. It may also symbolize the birth of new ideas, projects, directions, or goals. To dream of being pregnant with a dying baby suggests an undertaking you worked hard for is suddenly doomed to fail. It denotes anxiety over things that are unfolding in ways you never expected. A pregnant woman having dreams of her pregnancy usually conveys her worries in various stages of her pregnancy. First trimester dreams are usually consists of small creatures, furry animals, flowers, fruits, and water. Second trimester dreams usually cover birth complications and self-doubt about motherhood. You may also dream of giving birth to a non-human baby. Finally, in the third trimester, you tend to dream of your own mother. When a man dreams of getting a girl pregnant, it is a warning that serious consequences may result from his sexual activities. Prison
    Being in a prison may comment on feelings of being persecuted or punished for doing something wrong. A prison may also mention that you are imprisoned by your own thoughts or beliefs. Since a prison represents lack of personal freedom, it may point to a relationship that restricts your freedom, such as a bad marnage. Sexuality - Sex
    Dreams of a sexual nature are very common and act both as an emotional release and a reassurance that everything is in order with your sexuality. Being intimate with a stranger is a fantasy that many people enjoy and this type of dream may indicate a wish for new experiences or experimentation. Intimacy with your partner in a dream acts as a reassurance of your love, and serves to strengthen your bond in your own mind. Snakes
    The snake is a powerful dream symbol, associated with the feminine, healing and spirituality. Being bitten by a snake in a dream is actually positive, meaning you are accepting all parts of your nature as you grow into a stronger person. If you dream about you or an animal attacking, wrestling with or trying to kill a snake, you will have to defend your reputation against nasty gossip. If the attempt to kill the snake was successful in your dream, you will succeed against all hostilities. Spiders
    In a dream, a spider represents a malicious woman, or a weak, perfidious and a distant man. A spider in a dream also represents a weaver, an ascetic or a monk. Ifone sees a spider in his dream, it may mean that he will meet a pious and a religious man. Weaving a web in a dream means becoming weak. A spider in a dream also could represent a pleasing wife. If one sees a spider hanging down from the ceiling in a dream, it indicates a severe winter in that area. Teeth
    Hostility or an attack, such as when dream figures deliver "biting words" or "bare their teeth. " Losing teeth in a dream may reflect words said in haste, or losing the ability to speak candidly. Because this bony part of the body endures long after death, it has some associations with the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. In this context, losing teeth might equate to losing the will to live or having your personal power taken away. Rotten teeth equate either to the fear of old age, or someone whose words are filled with so much insincere sweetness that decay in that relationship is inevitable. Having teeth pulled out represents an end to suffering that is aided by an external force. Vehicle - Vehicles
    If you dream of riding in a vehicle and someone else is driving, you will soon take a business trip at your bosses convenience. If you are riding in a vehicle where you or a member of your family are driving, then your trip will be for pleasure or personal business. Walking or Running
    A running dream is basically a dream of escaping a certain situation, person, or thing. If you succeed in running away from, or elude a pursuer, then you will be able to change those things in your life that has you ‘on the run’. If you dream of the desire to run but cannot get your feet to obey it shows a lack of self confidence and perseverance on your part. Try sticking to your guns and see how much your life will change. Water
    It is a mirror of your subconscious mind.

    The quality of water often describes the situation of your emotions. Crystal clear, clean, adulterated, calm mostly provides strong insights about the state of your feelings.

    ... 30 common dream symbols dream meaning


    A dream of contrary. You can look forward to a long period of good fel- lowship and happy times.... feud dream meaning

    Dream Meaning And Symbol

    Dream Interpretation / Dream Dictionary / Dream Meanings Knowledge is power, so learn to understand the mysteries that are hidden in your dreams. Our dreams contain the messages we need to solve. Dreams come in many shapes and sizes, some vague, some detailed, some frightening, some inspiring. They all contain encoded messages aimed at improving your life. Once we uncover the mysterious symbols and images of our unconscious, we discover the secrets to a happier life. The dream interpretation world has its own language; a visual and symbolic language, filled with obscure clues and hidden meanings. Learn how to accurately decipher your dream experiences, using centuries-old folk wisdom.
    Dreams really are, in the truest sense, a doorway: to greater self-awareness, knowledge, success, and the possibility of a rich, full life. Sounds great, but how do you open and walk through that door? You’ll see that there is an actual pathway, with clearly delineated steps, that can take you from wishful thinking about dreams to a reliable dream habit. You’ll find your previously mysterious, invisible inner life can be revealed on a regular basis to assist you in many useful ways. You’ll discover some specific benefits of an active dream life, familiarize yourself with the steps in the dream process, and fine tune your understanding of sleep and dream dynamics. This way, you can build motivation and enthusiasm, be aligned with the natural flow of dreams, and get out of your own way by becoming aware of what inhibits dreaming.
    Symbols are the language of dreams, an intuitive shortcut your soul uses to talk to you. They convey a vast amount of encoded information that always pertains to your own process of living and evolving. Every symbol is somehow about you. In a typical dream scene composed of a group of symbols you can find clues to how you’re developing, what you want to create, how you need to heal, or how to make correct choices.
    To truly understand what a symbol represents, you must feel into or merge into the symbol, pretend to be the thing, and speak from its point of view about what it knows. This way, you enter the direct experience of what it is to be a daisy, a polar bear, a set of lost keys, or a school bus. And the symbol comes alive. Once you become the symbol, it’s easier to see how the image is a part of you and your life process.
    They have become the “interpreters supreme” when it comes to dreams.
    It seems that most people remember their dreams. Not all, certainly, but the majority And, whether we realize it or not, dreams have a profound influence on our well-being. Scientists have proven that dreams are necessary; without them we would probably go insane! By examining our dreams, we are able to establish physical and mental needs to bring balance to our lives.
    Modern science says that we spend between 25 percent and 50 percent of our sleeping time in the dream state. We have an average of six dream periods every night and each dream lasts anywhere up to forty minutes. Apparently if we didn’t have these dreams we would go crazy Most of them are from our unconscious mind, trying to get a message across to us for our own well-being. Who is to say they are wrong? That may be exactly what our unconscious mind is—proddings from the spirits.

    The point is that if we are being given these messages for our own well-being, it would behoove us to try to understand them, to listen to the spirits.

    The uncon¬scious, or the spirits, employ symbols with which we are familiar. They present the message using objects that per¬tain to our everyday life, the better that we may under¬stand what is being communicated. Sigmund Freud believed that the unconscious mind contains repressed material—wishes, thoughts, experi-ences—that the individual will not accept into the con¬scious mind. These things are therefore repressed and often disguised. Carl Jung called this repressed material the “Personal Unconscious.” He believed that there was also the “Collective Unconscious,” which contained elements from racial memories and experiences. Discover how to:

    • Recognize your dream cycles, Increase your ability to remember your dreams, Keep and use a dream diary, Notice your waking dreams, Uncover hidden messages in your dreams, Focus your dreams to solve problems or make decisions, Form a dream support group.

    Dream Interpretation & an A to Z dictionary of symbols and their meanings helps you make sense of your dreams and harness them to increase your creativity, solve problems, find life purpose, and obtain accurate personal guidance.

    A to Z Dream Dictionary and Dream Interpretation will help you become an expert dream interpreter. ... dream meaning and symbol dream meaning


    To dream of a multitude of unrelated figures is a forerunner to the discovery of some previously hidden rivalry or opposition; however, you will be better able to combat it in the open.

    A dream of a woman’s or man’s figure indicates a period of pleasant diversions.

    See also Numbers, Accounts, etc.... figures dream meaning


    New opportunities are predicted in a dream of filing papers in a filing cabinet, but to look for papers you cannot find indicates an awkward business misunderstanding.

    A closed filing cabinet signifies a legal entanglement which could be with the tax man, so be sure to keep your records straight... filing dream meaning

    Filling Station

    See Gas Station.... filling station dream meaning


    See Foreign.... finland dream meaning


    To dream of a narrow bay between mountains is a promise of a contented life in a happy home.... fiord dream meaning

    Dream Meanings

    Dream interpretation requires vast knowledge, clear perception, and sensi­tivity. Such knowledge must be based on the fundamentals of one’s religion, inner spiritual values, moral and cultural traditions.

    The beginner in this field must know that there are two types of dreams: one type that comes from God Almighty, and the second type comes from satan. What is good comes from God Almighty, which is a type of revelation that comes to a righteous person and carries either glad tidings, or warnings. Such dreams also cause one’s heart to reflect upon his actions and to beware of heedlessness.

    The Islamic Dream Interpretation, keys to interpreting your dreams successfully.

    Islamic Dream Meanings

    On the other hand, they could be a reprimand for an ignoble act one is pondering, or an act one may mistakenly thinks that it is the correct thing to do, or a new friendship that could lead him to hell-fire, or a clarification concerning his treatment of his family and friends and about his business dealings, or they may bring spiritual guidance, etcetera.

    This is the type of dream which is referred to in God’s Prophet’s sayings: “Atrue dream representsone offorty-six branches of a prophecy.” Both religious and irreligious people may see a true dream that could come true.

    The second type of dream connotes deception, cunningness, contriving, jealousy, or a scare, causes pain, depicts any type of eavesdropping, engaging in mundane conversa­tion, the call of one’s mind and desires, or imagination, or occur after eating a heavy late meal or even going to bed hungry, etcetera.

    This type of dream comes from satan. God’s Prophet (uwbp) has said: ‘As time draws nearer to the con­clusion of this world,dreams will become confused.

    The most true of dreams are those ofa truthful person. Thus, if one sees a dream that he dislikes, he should tell no one about it, and he should immediately leave his bed and perform his prayers.” He also said: “The best of ropes is steadfastness to one’s religious life.”

    Interpreting dreams is a process of analyzing the nature of things and their opposing possibilities, connecting their roots, and assembling the fragments of one’s thoughts to better understand his or her real condition.

    In a dream, one may see things that may connote equilibrium or the opposite, while his passive and inert participation urges him to examine the elements and to awaken his consciousness. Sometimes, the elements themselves may be opaque or unclear. In this case, if one recognizes a person in the dream, perhaps the name of that person, or his trade, or his look, or the meaningofthe individual letters of his name, or their combined numerological value, etcetera, mayprovide a clue to the meaning of one’s dream. The foundation of all Islamic knowledge is revelation contained in the Qur’aan and the Sunnah.

    Since good dreams are also a form of revelation from Allaah, any legitimate attempt to interpret the symbolism of dreams should rely primarily on the symbolism found in the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

    A dream interpreter must listen to the complete story, and its minute details. He also must investigate and find acceptable religious references for each element in the dream.

    If the does not fully understand the dream, or if he is unable to find such references, then it is better for him to refrain from making up an interpretation.

    In that case, he will be giving a religious ruling, though dreams relate to psychology. Indeed, it will be a sin to tell a false interpretation, while one will be rewarded if he remains silent when he does not know the answer. Imam Ibn Sirin was the most renowned master in this science, and he often refrained from interpreting someone’s dream. Perhaps, he would interpret only one out of every forty dreams when askedto do so. Of three out of four such dreams, he used to say: “I do not know the meaning of this dream.”

    The dream interpreter must investigate the dream and establish its acceptable religious references.

    It is related that Imam Ibn Sirin used to spend a good part of the day questioning the person about himself, his life, type of work, living condition, and surrounding circumstance, for a dream interpreter is not a prophet and cannot tell about the future.

    This dictionary for Islamic dream interpretation contains over 6000 indexed entries.... dream meanings dream meaning

    Dream Sources

    All e dream interpretations, Dreams contains over 50.000 indexed entries, 32 different sources the meaning of your dream.

    This dictionary of Christian Dreams, China interpretation of dreams, India interpretation of dreams contains over 44.500 indexed entries and this dictionary of islamic Dreams contains over 5.500 indexed entries.

    Also, Psychological / emotional perspective, Material aspects and Gives gender - specific, interpreted of Dream Analysis and Interpretation.

    Understand the meaning of your dreams. Great dictionary of dream interpretations.... dream sources dream meaning


    To dream of seeing a dog, cat, or other animal having a fit is an indication that you may encounter frustrations in your career (or avocation) due to hidden opposition.

    It would be wise to consider a change of position or approach.

    If your dream involved a person having a fit, see Convulsion.... fit dream meaning


    See Drink.... fizz dream meaning


    Whether your dream concerned paint flakes, snowflakes, cereal flakes, or any other kind of flakes, it is a warning that you will have to use more than ordinary diplomacy to escape an embarrassing entanglement.... flakes dream meaning


    A dream of being flatulent in the presence of other people is a warning against allowing your energy to be directed into the wrong channel; however, if the flatulence was suffered by someone else, an unexpected trip is forecast.... flatulence dream meaning

    What Does It Mean When You Have A Recurring Dream?

    Recurrent dream themes often start at a young age, but can begin at any time, and persist for the rest of one’s life.

    The theme of missing an exam, to take one example, commonly begins during college years, when the stress of performing well may be more intense than ever before. However, this theme may then carry forward as a recurring dream for many years, even as one moves on to a career.

    The “missing the exam” dream may reappear the night before an important job interview or an evaluation at work.

    The circumstances may change, but the same feelings of stress, and the desire to perform well, can trigger the relevant recurrent dream. Theorists suggest that these themes may be considered “scripts” (Spoormaker, 2008) or perhaps “complexes” (Freud 1950); as soon as your dream touches any aspect of the theme, the full script unfolds in completion. Dream theorists generally agree that recurring dreams are connected to unresolved problems in the life of the dreamer. In a previous post I discussed the idea that dreams often portray a Central Image, a powerful dream image that contextualizes a certain emotion or conflict for the dreamer.

    The Tidal Wave dream is an example of a Central Image that represents overwhelming emotions such as helplessness and fear.

    The Tidal Wave dream is a common dream to experience following trauma or abuse, and often becomes a recurrent theme that reflects a person’s struggling with integrating and accepting the trauma. Resolution of this theme over time is a good sign that the trauma has been confronted and adaptively integrated in the psyche. Empirical research has also supported findings that resolution of a recurrent dream is associated with improved well-being (Zadra, 1996). This is one way that keeping track of your dreams can be extremely informative and helpful in a therapeutic, or even self-help, process.

    Many people have the same or a similar dream many times, over either a short period of time or their lifetime. Recurring dreams usually mean there is something in your life you’ve not acknowledged that is causing stress of some sort.

    The dream repeats because you have not corrected the problem. Another theory is that people who experience recurring dreams have some sort of trauma in their past they are trying to deal with. In this case, the dreams tend to lessen with time. Nightmares are dreams that are so distressing they usually wake us up, at least partially. Nightmares can occur at any age but are seen in children with the most frequency. Nightmares usually cause strong feelings of fear, sadness or anxiety. Their causes are varied. Some medications cause nightmares (or cause them if you discontinue the medication abruptly). Traumatic events also cause nightmares. Treatment for recurring nightmares usually starts with interpreting what is going on in the dream and comparing that with what is happening in the person’s life. Then, the person undergoes counseling to address the problems that are presumably causing the nightmare. Some sleep centers offer nightmare therapy and counseling. Another method of treating nightmares is through lucid dreaming. Through lucid dreaming, the dreamer can confront his or her attacker and, in some cases, end the nightmares.... what does it mean when you have a recurring dream? dream meaning


    To dream of noticing a flaw in something supposed to be perfect is a warning that you could be suffering the consequences of someone else’s mistake or misdeed; if someone else pointed out the flaw, the dream is a warning to steer clear of controversial subjects or serious clashes could develop with friends and/or associates.... flaws dream meaning


    You will soon be faced with a decision regarding a change of residence if you dreamed of one of these downbeat hostels.... flophouse dream meaning


    The meaning of this dream depends cm your domestic status; if you are married or involved, it presages a serious rift; if you are uncommitted, it prediets a serious new romance.... florist dream meaning


    See Water, River, Flood, etc.... flow dream meaning


    A dream of a seren- dipitous achievement is a forecast of an unexpected increase in income or a small inheritance.... fluke dream meaning


    See Light.... footlights dream meaning


    If your dream involved smoothing someone’s forehead, it signifies a happy love affair.

    A wrinkled forehead featured in a dream is an omen of contrary; you will soon have nothing to worry you.... forts dream meaning


    Whether you forgave or were forgiven, this dream promises an extended period of comfort and peace of mind.... forgive dream meaning


    If your dream featured strength of character (as opposed to physical bravery), it is a sign that yours will soon be put to the test See also Bravery.... fortitude dream meaning

    Falls Ahead

    Don’t borrow, lend, or invest for a period of three months and be very careful in whom you confide.

    See also Hair, Beard, and Razor.... falls ahead dream meaning


    What you feel in a dream, and the feeling tone of particular items or the environment in a dream are extremely important.

    (1) Feelings in dreams are not symbolic: they represent nothing but themselves. They are feelings you really do have, even if you have shut them out of your consciousness.

    (2) Feelings and moods in dreams are more often negative than positive: grey rather than sunny, violent rather than peaceful. This is because dreams express feelings you have repressed out of fear. Dreams have a therapeutic purpose, and that is why they bring to your attention those parts of you that are painful.

    (3) Occasionally, however, a dream may express a beautiful positive feeling: glorious erotic fulfilment; blissful oneness with life; love, even for people who have hurt you. Such a dream may usually be understood as indicating the direction in which you should be moving.... feelings dream meaning

    Female / Feminine

    see Woman... female / feminine dream meaning


    Something within you is coming up to the boil.... fermenting dream meaning


    (see also Fire)

    This may symbolize libido: some consuming emotion.... flattie dream meaning


    (= Fleeing)

    If in a dream you are running away from something or someone, this means you are frightened of and trying to get away from something in real life. It may be something outside you or something inside you.

    If it is outside you, look within yourself to find a perspective that will dissolve the fear: even fear of death will dissolve if you experience the immortal life within you; fear of‘failure’ can exist only as long as you consider‘success’ important.

    If the frightening thing is within you, look it in the face; get to know it and what it wants; and give it a proper place in your life. For FIight(=Flying), see Flying.... flight dream meaning


    see Enemy... foe dream meaning

    Fort / Fortress

    (see also Mandalas)

    A fort or fortress may be a symbol of your self, your total psyche, wholeness.... fort / fortress dream meaning

    Friend / Companion

    (1) If in your dream you have a friend or companion of the same sex as vourself, he or she may svmbolize your alter ego or shadow, which consists of those aspects of your personality that vou have so far neglected or repressed. (Even in real life we may project on to other people some of the contents of our own unconscious - repressed sadism, for instance, or an inferiority complex.)

    The conscious ego, says Jung, cannot safely explore the deeper regions of the psyche without the shadow. In other words, there is little chance of re-rooting oneself in the true centre of one’s being without first acknowledging that there are aspects of one’s personality other than those that one has allowed into one’s conscious life. (On shadow).

    (2) If the friend / companion in the dream is of the opposite sex, he or she may represent the animus / anima. The anima is the feminine side of a male psyche, the animus the masculine side of a female psyche. Acknowledgement of this contrasexual element in the psyche, and its assistance in tackling life’s tasks, are essential for personal wholeness (for anima / animus, see Brother / Sistcr, section (4)).... friend / companion dream meaning

    Frost / Frozen

    see Cold, Ice... frost / frozen dream meaning


    (1) A two-faced figure may symbolize the ambivalence of something or someone, yourself or part of yourself. For example, what is in your unconscious (and seen perhaps only in dreams) may at first seem evil but, on further acquaintance, prove to be life-enhancing.

    (2) It may of course, if the person is a real-life acquaintance, mean that he or she is insincere and not to be trusted.

    u... two-faced dream meaning

    Breast Feed

    Feeding emotional support to yourself or others. Protect your own energy and watch that you give to others only what you can afford to give away. See Nursing.... breast feed dream meaning

    Garment Factory

    Place for creating new roles.... garment factory dream meaning

    Golden Fleece

    Initiation; spiritual message, divine protection.... golden fleece dream meaning


    Generally these represent richness. The state, the material, and the colors of the fabrics signal the relationship between the dreamer and material goods.

    If a loom appears it indicates that you have at your disposition the means necessary to obtain economic benefits.... fabrics dream meaning

    Façade (building)

    If the house is a reflection of the soul, the façade represents the image we project and the way we relate to people around. A façade in good condition is an indication that you are satisfied with your relationships. Likewise, if in ruins it indicates that your external image is poor and does not satisfy you.

    If the façade does not match the interior of the house, the dream indicates a mismatch between what you are and what you project.... façade (building) dream meaning


    To see them putting out a fire is a negative sign because it portends a bad end for your projects; but, on the contrary, if they show up when the fire has been suppressed already, then it is clear that all your troubles are over and a beneficial period is starting.

    When a woman dreams of a wounded firefighter, chances are that her partner will have a misfortune.... firefighters dream meaning


    Some people are very strict with themselves, so they tend to dream of flagellation. This represents their reproaches against themselves. Through flogging you punish yourself for what your “internal judge” considers wrongdoing. Moreover, this mechanism also diverts attention from any other pain or uncertainty you may have. In short, the dream reveals that there is a negative aspect you should change in your life.... flagellation dream meaning

    Flight (escape)

    Fleeing signals a desire to evade, if the dreamer herself is the one escaping.

    It is possible that, in real life, you are carrying a really heavy responsibility or do not feel capable of solving a particular problem. In addition, if the dreamer witnesses someone else’s flight, the dream reflects a tricky situation: the protagonist knows of a secret truth and fears the consequences that may entail its disclosure.... flight (escape) dream meaning


    It not only represents an actual sexual problem but also reflects a sense of fear, failure, or disappointment that do not have to be related to sexuality. The set of elements of the oneiric scene will provide important clues as to what is creating such unfortunate sensation.... frigidity dream meaning

    Fruit Salad

    As a mix of different fruits, fruit salad expresses the arrival of a variety of events or people in your life. This will be positive or negative depending on the context in which the dream occurs. As each fruit has its interpretation, you should pay attention to the types of fruit that make up the salad. (See FRUIT) ... fruit salad dream meaning

    Getting Fat

    Although apparently this dream has negative connotations, dreaming of getting disproportionately fat can mean that you feel strong enough to undertake major projects. Dreams of this type may also reflect a misdirected intimate impulse or an attraction or repulsion unconsciously accepted. On the other hand, it can also reflect the dreamer’s fear of gaining weight.... getting fat dream meaning

    Aluminum Foil

    We use aluminum foil to wrap a perishable item and preserve it, so a dream with this object in it relates to that which you may be keeping wrapped up inside your consciousness. This may or may not be of value to you; wrapping something precious will keep it preserved for a longer period of time, while keeping something under wraps may indicate that some idea or feeling may be better off if it were unwrapped. Aluminum foil is also used to increase heat around food for efficiency in the cooking process. In this way, it represents the enhancement of your ability to take in nurturance and sustenance and engage in self-care.... aluminum foil dream meaning

    Dream Within A Dream

    There are levels of consciousness that exist in the dream state that you can wake up to and still be asleep. This happens in waking life as well, but is less noticeable, like when you suddenly realize you were not paying attention to something that was happening and you snap into awareness. When this happens in a dream, it is an indication that you are waking up to higher levels of your own conscious awareness.... dream within a dream dream meaning


    Any alteration to the face is akin to exerting some measure of control over the mask we show to the world. When this alteration is reflected as surgical in nature, the resulting change is manipulated and inorganic. Plastic surgery is usually chosen in an effort to appear more attractive, desirable, or acceptable than one already feels. Ask yourself how authentic you are being in your interactions with others. This dream could point to something out of balance with how you feel and what you project.... facelift dream meaning


    This symbol represents the coalescing of ideas or the various thoughts that are pertinent to one particular organized principle of different thoughts.

    A file in a dream indicates that previous efforts around a particular idea have been collected and are being stored for future use.

    The other elements of the dream will help you understand what area of your life is being focused on in this concentrated way.... files dream meaning

    Family Members

    All people in a dream represent aspects of your own personality. This is also true of family members, although such dreams may also be reflecting your waking-life relationships as well. Your first relationships in life are with the individuals who make up your family of origin, and all the relationships you have for the rest of your life are reflections of these original dynamics. When interpreting a dream that involves a family member, consider the qualities of that person first and the relationship you have to the person second. Each person in your family lives inside you as an aspect of your personality based on these qualities. Parents relate more to a sense of personal authority. Siblings connect with different choices or behaviors in your waking life. When a family member appears in a dream, ask yourself what quality the person embodies that might be called for in some situation or circumstance in your waking life at the time of the dream.... family members dream meaning

    Flash Mob

    A relatively new phenomenon, the flash mob is a moment of creative genius that arises out of chaos.

    It is a symbol of the ability of random thoughts to suddenly coalesce into a single magnificent idea, direction, or creative project. In life, such an event requires an enormous amount of preparation and teamwork to execute in a successful manner. Consider each person in the flash mob in your dream as an individual thought or idea that lives inside your own consciousness. When these random tangents of thought are brought together into alignment with an idea or project that you would like to manifest, amazing things can be accomplished through cooperation and organization.... flash mob dream meaning


    A dream that involves anything to do with floors or flooring symbolizes considerations of feeling supported.

    The floor is the symbolic foundation of our identity. Buildings in dreams represent our different perceptions of consciousness. Houses, especially, connect to our sense of self. As such, the floor represents the foundation on which we stand as individuals.

    The quality and integrity of the floor in your dream informs how grounded you currently feel.

    A solid floor with structural integrity points to solidity of identity. Any type of damage or erosion indicates that there is change afoot.... floors dream meaning

    Hidden Figure

    The hidden figure in a dream always relates to a quality, character aspect, or skill set that has not yet revealed itself to you. Often a specter of fear, the hidden figure should be considered a positive element or a needed ingredient that you have yet to embrace.... hidden figure dream meaning

    Peacock Feather

    The beautiful plumage of the male peacock contains some of the most startling colors in the natural kingdom and has long been associated with royalty and therefore great abundance.

    A peacock feather is considered a powerful totem of good fortune and prosperity.... peacock feather dream meaning


    Fans are used to “cool off,” a common metaphor for calming down after being in a highly emotional state. Fans can also have the opposite effect, however, by increasing the power of a raging fire (by feeding it with oxygen)—the source of such expressions as “fanning the flames.” Old-fashioned folding fans can symbolize both women and the phases of the moon. Finally, electric fans can represent danger because of their blades and their potential for causing electrocution.... fans dream meaning

    Fante Kenkey

    Any dream with food involved is connecting to the principles of sustenance, self-care, and nurturance.

    (Also see food)

    (Also see Eating and Nourishment)... fante kenkey dream meaning

    Fish / Fishing

    Large bodies of water often symbolize the unconscious, so any sea creature can represent a message from the unconscious or “diving” into the unconscious. Completely at home in the ocean, fish are the best-equipped creatures for exploring its depths, and are thus positive symbols for anyone engaged in therapy or self transformation.

    The activity of fishing can indicate a quest, particularly for nourishment, and it can indicate an exploration of the unconscious. Fish can also be sexual symbols and, because of their association with Christianity, can be Christ symbols.... fish / fishing dream meaning

    Garden Flowers

    In general, cultivated flowers symbolize how we can influence and control our development, whilst wild flowers and weeds symbolize spontaneity and how nature’s abundance comes in all shapes and varieties.

    If you were planting flowers in rows in a garden or see formally arranged flowers in a flower bed, this could be suggesting that your life is a little too organized and lacking in spontaneity. Although it could also indicate that your personal life needs putting in order, in general flowers appearing in a dream garden suggest that your life lacks vibrancy and you are too preoccupied with the practical business of earning a living.

    A dream of an inviting, flower-filled garden scene may be encouraging your waking self to relax.

    If you dreamed that you were lounging lazily in a garden surrounded by flower-filled borders, your unconscious may have been mirroring your sense of satisfaction with your waking life but also may have been encouraging you to take the time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

    If the flowers in the garden are dead, wilting or attacked by a worm or grub, this conveys a message of regret and danger.

    If flowers are strewn across your garden, your house or even yourself, this suggests that your life contains a great deal of pleasure and fulfillment.

    If you were watering or feeding the flowers in the garden or anywhere else in your dream, this suggests that you need to work on a relationship. Did you dream that your garden suddenly became parched and you were rushing to find water to feed the flowers? If this was the case, perhaps a dream like this is implying that you need to pay more attention to those around you, as your close personal relationships— symbolized by the drought-stricken flowers—are in urgent need of nourishment and rejuvenation.

    Zodiac signs and flowers

    Zodiac Sign Dates Flower
    AQUARIUS 20 Jan.-18 Feb. Daffodil and Primrose
    PISCES 19 Feb.-20 Mar. Freesia and Cineraria
    ARIES 21 Mar.-20 Apr. Tulip and Calceolaria
    TAURUS 21 Apr.-20 May Iris and Hydrangea
    GEMINI 21 May-20 Jun. Alstromeria and Geranium
    CANCER 21 Jun.-21 Jul. Rose and Gloxinia
    LEO 22 Jul.-21 Aug. Carnation and Begonia
    VIRGO 22 Aug.-22 Sep. Gladiolus and Chrysanthemum
    LIBRA 23 Sep.-22 Oct. Dahlia and Cyclamen
    SCORPIO 23 Oct.-21 Nov. Gerbera and African Violet
    SAGITTARIUS 22 Nov.-20 Dec. Anemone and Azalea
    CAPRICORN 21 Dec.-19 Jan. Chrysanthemum and Poinsettia
    ... garden flowers dream meaning

    Dream It With Flowers

    In Victorian America and Europe, flowers were attributed with specific meanings by young men and women who used them during courtship to send messages to each other, whether in a forthright manner or by more clandestine means. Straightforward romantic or poetic thoughts were conveyed by the presentation of a single bloom, whilst lengthier messages were communicated by larger arrangements.

    Love and happiness were not the only feelings expressed by these floral epistles. Infidelity, jealousy, disdain and rejection were also expressed by a suitably chosen bloom. Whilst a simple flower may have been sent to a young lady to propose marriage, another seemingly innocuous blossom may have been sent in response, telling the gentleman caller to ‘get lost’. The color of the flower was extremely significant; to cite a few examples, red usually meant love, yellow indicated friendship, lavender suggested enchantment, and orange fascination.

    As far as dream interpretation goes, the list of meanings is seemingly endless, as nearly every flower has been attributed with a specific meaning at some point in time. In Victorian times, the range of available flowers was limited, and so certain flowers had specific meanings; today, with so many flower choices, there are no rules—it’s the sentiment and personal association that gives the flower meaning to you in a dream. For those interested in the historic or generally accepted meanings of flowers, the list below has been compiled from a variety of different sources, including the American Society of Florists.

    Historic and generally accepted meanings of flowers Acacia: Concealed love, chaste love

    Agapanthis: Secret love

    Alstroemeria: Aspiration

    Amaryllis: Pride, drama

    Ambrosia: Your love is returned

    Anemone: Sincerity, fragility

    Apple blossom: Promises

    Arbutus: Thee only do ı love

    Aster: Symbol of love, daintiness, contentment

    Azalea: Take care of yourself for me, abundance, symbol of womanhood (china)

    Baby’s breath: Festivity

    Bachelor’s button: Anticipation

    Begonia: Deep thoughts

    Bells of Ireland: Good luck

    Bittersweet: Truth

    Black-eyed Susan: Encouragement

    Bluebell: Humility

    Cactus: Endurance

    Caladium: Great joy, delight

    Camellia (general): Graciousness, good-luck gift for a man

    Camellia (pink): Passionate longing

    Camellia (red): A flame in the heart

    Camellia (white): Admiration

    Carnation (general): Fascination, women, love

    Carnation (pink): Gratitude, ı’ll never forget you

    Carnation (purple): Caprice, whimsy

    Carnation (red): Passion, drama, admiration

    Carnation (solid color): Affirmation

    Carnation (striped): Refusal, sorry ı can’t be with you, wish ı could be with you

    Carnation (white): Sweetness and loveliness, innocence, pure love, remembrance, woman’s good-luck gift

    Carnation (yellow): Cheerful for all occasions (except in matters of the heart, when it means rejection)

    Cattail: Peace, prosperity

    Chrysanthemum (general): Cheerfulness, rest

    Chrysanthemum (bronze): Excitement

    Chrysanthemum (red): Sharing

    Chrysanthemum (white): Truth

    Chrysanthemum (yellow): Slighted love, secret admirer

    Cosmos: Peace

    Crocus: Foresight, cheerfulness, gladness

    Cyclamen: Resignation, good-bye

    Daffodil: Chivalry, respect, regard, unrequited love

    Daisy: Innocence, loyalty, loveliness, purity

    Dandelion: Faithfulness, happiness

    Delphinium: Boldness

    Fern: Magic, fascination, confidence, shelter

    Fir: Time

    Flax: Domestic symbol

    Forget-me-not: True love, good memories

    Forsythia: Anticipation

    Freesia: Full of spirit, trust

    Gardenia: Joy

    Geranium: Comfort

    Ginger: Pride

    Gladioli: Sincerity, strength of character, flower of the gladiators

    Gloxinia: Love at first sight

    Heather (lavender): Admiration, solitude

    Heather (white): Protection, wishes will come true

    Holly: Defense, domestic happiness

    Honeysuckle: Happiness

    Hyacinth (general): Sincerity

    Hyacinth (blue): Constancy

    Hyacinth (purple): Sorrow

    Hyacinth (red/pink): Play

    Hyacinth (white): Loveliness

    Hyacinth (yellow): Jealousy

    Hydrangea: Perseverance

    Iris: Inspiration

    Ivy: Wedded love, fidelity, friendship, affection

    Jasmine: Grace and elegance

    Jonquil: Desire for affection returned

    Larkspur: Beautiful spirit

    Lavender: Distrust

    Lily (calla): Regal beauty

    Lily (day): Enthusiasm, emblem for mother (china)

    Lily (Eucharis): Charms

    Lily (tiger): Wealth, pride

    Lily (white): Virginity, purity, majesty

    Lily (yellow): I’m walking on air

    Lily of the valley: Sweetness, return to happiness, humility

    Magnolia: Nobility

    Marigold: Jealousy

    Monkshood: Beware, a deadly foe is near

    Moss: Maternal love, charity

    Myrtle: Love, emblem of marriage

    Narcissus: Egotism

    Nasturtium: Conquest, victory in battle

    Oleander: Caution

    Orange blossom: Innocence, eternal love, marriage and fruitfulness

    Orange mock: Deceit

    Orchid (general): Love, beauty, refinement, symbol for many children (china)

    Orchid (Cattleya): Mature charm

    Palm leaves: Victory, success

    Passion flower: Burning passion

    Peony: Healing, happy life, happy marriage

    Petunia: Resentment, anger

    Pine: Hope, pity

    Poppy (general): Eternal sleep, consolation, imagination

    Poppy (red): Pleasure

    Poppy (white): Consolation

    Poppy (yellow): Wealth, success

    Primrose: Longing

    Primrose (evening): Inconstancy

    Queen Anne’s lace: Delicate femininity

    Ranunculus: Radiance

    Rhododendron: Beware

    Rose (bridal): Happiness, love

    Rose (dark crimson): Mourning

    Rose (Hibiscus): Delicate beauty

    Rose (leaf): You may hope

    Rose (pink): Friendship

    Rose (red): Love, ı love you

    Rose (tea): I’ll remember always

    Rose (thornless): Love at first sight

    Rose (white): Innocence and purity

    Rose (white and red mixed): Unity, flower emblem of england

    Rose (yellow): Decrease of love, jealousy

    Rosebud (general): Beauty and youth

    Rosebud (moss): Confessions of love

    Rosebud (red): Pure and lovely

    Rosebud (white): Girlhood

    Roses (bouquet of mature blooms): Gratitude

    Roses (single full bloom): I love you, ı still love you

    Smilax: Loveliness

    Snapdragon: Presumption

    Spider flower: Run away with me

    Star of Bethlehem: Hope

    Statice: Success

    Stephanotis: Happiness in marriage, desire to travel

    Stock: Bonds of affection, you’ll always be beautiful to me

    Sunflower: Pride, sunshine, adoration

    Sweetpea: Shyness, thank you for a lovely time

    Tulip (general): Love, flower emblem of holland

    Tulip (pink): Caring

    Tulip (purple): Royalty

    Tulip (red): Declaration of love

    Tulip (variegated): Beautiful eyes

    Tulip (white): Forgiveness

    Tulip (yellow): Passionate longing

    Violet (general): Modesty, faithfulness

    Violet (blue): Watchfulness, faithfulness, ı’ll always be true

    Violet (white): Adventure, risk taking

    Viscaria: Celebration

    Wisteria: Welcome, steadfast

    Zinnia (magenta): Lasting affection, thoughts of friends

    Zinnia (mixed): Thinking (or in memory) of an absent friend

    Zinnia (scarlet): Constancy

    Zinnia (white): Goodness

    Zinnia (yellow): Daily remembrance ... dream it with flowers dream meaning

    Letters In Dream

    The Letter A

    First letter of the alphabet. The corresponding letter of the Greek alphabet is alpha. Alpha and omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet, symbolize the beginning and the end and, in the New Testament, Christ. In musical notation, the letter is the symbol of a note in the scale. The symbol can also refer to a blood group, a vitamin, the months August and April, or any word, place, sound or name represented by the letter ‘a’. In education, a grade of A typically represents the highest score that students can achieve.

    The Letter B

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘b’. The second in a series. Something shaped like the letter B. The second best or second highest in quality or rank. A mark of‘B’ on a term paper. A written or printed mark representing this note. A string, key, or pipe tuned to the pitch of this tone. One of the four major blood groups in the ABO system. The symbol for the chemical Boron.

    The Letter C

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘c’. The third in a series. Something shaped like the letter‘c’. The third best or third highest in quality or rank; a mark of C on a term paper. The first tone in the scale of C major or the third tone in the relative minor scale.

    Symbol for the element carbon and the Roman numeral 100. A circled‘c’ represents copyright or ownership.

    The Letter D

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘d’. The fourth in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘d’. The lowest passing grade given to a student in a school or college. A string, key, or pipe tuned to the pitch of this note. In Roman numerals, the number 500.

    The Letter E

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘e’. The fifth in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘e’. In education, a grade that indicates a ‘fail’. A string, key, or pipe tuned to the pitch of this note. The hypothesized traditional source of those narrative portions of the Pentateuch in which God is referred to as Elohim, so therefore a word of great power. In weather forecasting and geography, E stands for east, one of the four cardinal directions.

    The Letter F

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘f’. The sixth in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘f’. In education, a grade that indicates a ‘fail’. A string, key, or pipe tuned to the pitch of this note. In chemistry, F is the symbol of the element fluorine.

    The Letter G

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘g’. The seventh in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘g’. A string, key, or pipe tuned to the pitch of this note. In physics, G stands for the gravitational constant, the force that brings you back to earth.

    The Letter H

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘h’. The eighth in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘h’. In chemistry, H is the symbol for the element hydrogen.

    The Letter I

    Any name, word, place or sound represented by the letter‘i’. The ninth in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘i’. A symbol for the self, the person you are.

    The Letter J

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘j’. Symbol of January, June and July or the Jack in a deck of cards. The tenth in a series. Something shaped like the letter‘j’. The hypothesized traditional source of those portions of the Pentateuch in which God is referred to with the Tetragrammaton rather than as Elohim, therefore a letter of power.

    The Letter K

    Any name, word, place or sound represented by the letter‘k’. The 11th in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘k’. In chemistry, K is the symbol for the element potassium. In law, K is a symbol for contract and in baseball for a strikeout.

    The Letter L

    Any name, word, place or sound presented by the letter‘l’. The 12th in a series. Something shaped like a‘k’. In the movie Men In Black, agent‘L’ (as in ‘elle’, French for‘she’) is the lead female character.

    The Letter M

    Any name, word, place, or sound represented by the letter‘m’. The 13th in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘m’. In information systems, M is often used as the abbreviation for the male sex in personal data records. In calendars, M is often an abbreviation for Monday, or for the months March or May. In French, and some English works by French authors, M. is an abbreviation for Monsieur.

    The Letter N

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘n’. The 14th in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘n’. In weather forecasting and geography, N stands for north, one of the four cardinal directions. In calendars, N is often an abbreviation for the month November. In chemistry, N is the symbol for nitrogen.

    The Letter O

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘o’. The 15th in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘o’. One of the four major blood groups in the ABO system. Zero or nothing. In chemistry, O is the symbol of the element oxygen, essential for life.

    The Letter P

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘p’. Symbol for the smallest unit of the British currency, the penny. The 16th in a series. Something shaped like the letter‘p’. In chess, P is a symbol for the pawn. In chemistry, P is the symbol for phosphorus, something that spontaneously combusts at room temperature.

    The Letter Q

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘q’. The 17th in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘q’. A hypothetical lost manuscript, consisting largely of sayings of Jesus, that is believed to have been the source of passages in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. In chess, Q is a symbol for the queen. It is also the symbol for a question, as in

    The Letter R

    Any word, name, place, or sound represented by the letter‘r’. The 18th in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘r’. In film, R is a rating given by film classification boards meaning‘restricted’. R is sometimes used as a symbol for river.

    The Letter S

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘s’. Symbol of the snake. The 19th in a series. Something shaped like the letter‘s’. In chemistry, S is the symbol of the element sulfur. In weather forecasting and geography, S stands for south, one of the four cardinal directions.

    The Letter T

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘t’. The 20th in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘t’. In calendars, T is often an abbreviation for Tuesday or Thursday. In propositional logic, T is the symbol for true.

    The Letter U

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘u’. The 21st in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘u’. A grade that indicates an unsatisfactory status. In communication, U is an abbreviation for the word‘you’ in SMS or instant messaging.

    The Letter V

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘v’. The 22nd in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘v’. V is for Victory. In computing, V is an operation on a semaphore, used for process synchronization. In grammar, v is an abbreviation for verb or action.

    The Letter W

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘w’. The 23rd in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘w’. In weather forecasting and geography, W stands for west, one of the four cardinal directions.

    The Letter X

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘x’. The 24th in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘x’. A mark inscribed to represent the signature of someone who is unable to sign their name. An unknown or unnamed factor, thing or person. To delete, cancel, or obliterate with a series of Xs. Often used with the word‘out’. In films, X used to be the rating given to films suitable for an adult-only audience. A symbol for Christ, as in Xmas. In genetics, X denotes the X chromosome and XX denotes female in the XY sex-determination system

    The Letter Y

    Any name, word, place or sound represented by the letter‘y’. The 25th in a series. Something shaped like the letter ‘y’. In genetics, Y denotes the Y or male chromosome and XY denotes male in the XY sex- determination system. In Internet slang,‘why’ is commonly denoted by Y due to the similarity in pronunciation.

    The Letter Z

    Any word, name, place or sound represented by the letter‘z’. The 26th or last place in a series. Something shaped like the letter‘z’. In cartoons, multiple Zs are slang for sleep. In mathematics, z denotes a complex variable.

    ... letters in dream dream meaning

    Dreams That Foretell Accidents

    A number of well-recorded dreams have appeared to foretell accidents and some researchers believe that accidents in dreams are a warning. Research, however, does not support the idea that dreams predict impending disaster. See also DISASTERS.

    The story of the SS Titanic is well known. On 14 April 1912, the Titanic struck an iceberg and sunk in the North Atlantic, carrying with her more than 1500 lives. The lack of sufficient lifeboats has often been blamed as the leading cause of fatalities; experts will tell you, however, that there were hundreds of causes leading to the accident, including everything from faulty construction of watertight compartments to a failure to pay attention to numerous warnings of icebergs in the area. What is important here, however, is the huge number of accident dreams that foretold this disaster.

    Immediately after the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic, there were at least two dozen reports of people who cancelled their trip because of precognitive dreams they had about the sinking. No one knows how many had the same warning and ignored it, going to a death they could have avoided. There is one businessman that had the same precognitive dream of the Titanic sinking three times and chose to ignore the warning. He still intended to make the trip, until a sudden turn in business forced him to cancel.... dreams that foretell accidents dream meaning

    Farting Or Burping In Public

    To dream that you accidentally fart or burp in public, suggests that you are being passive-aggressive. You need to express your feelings in a more direct manner.... farting or burping in public dream meaning

    Varieties Of Flying Dream

    Another way of interpreting flying dreams is that they symbolize your strong mind and will. You feel invincible and nobody can tell you what you cannot do and accomplish. Undoubtedly these dreams leave you with a great sense of freedom.... varieties of flying dream dream meaning

    Major Religions And Dream Interpretation

    Buddhism and dreams
    The principle aim of Buddhism is to achieve liberation from the things that bind consciousness to what Buddhists see as the illusory concepts of the self and the world. This principle or goal is called liberation or Nirvana, and it is sometimes associated with the obliteration of a sense of self or ego. This is not the death of the self but an untangling of the self from the illusions that emotions and thoughts create. Dreams are therefore thought to depict the illusions of the everyday experience of life in that they express a person’s fears, hopes and opinions.

    Christianity and dreams
    According to traditional Christianity, the purpose of dreams is to improve communication with God; this can be shown by the constant references in the Bible to communication through the medium of dreams between man and God, man and the angels, and between man and his higher self. The moral standards of the dreamer may be reflected in the clarity and degree of quality of their dreams.

    Hinduism and dreams
    Hindu dream interpretation puts great importance on individual dream images, and relates them to gods and demons. This belief that dream symbols may be universal as well as individual is similar to the more modern ideas put forward by Carl Jung in his theory of the ’collective unconscious’.

    Islam and dreams
    Dreams, according to Muslim scholars, are of three types. The first of these are sound dreams that are indicative of glad tidings. These can include premonitions of the future. A second type of dream is said to be evil and the result of Satanic whisperings or inspirations. A third type of dream can be termed as ’idle dreams’, and they are the result of eating unpalatable foods, the over-exercise of one’s imaginations, or experiences in life which might also be reflected in one’s dreams.

    Judaism and dreams
    Dreams have long been considered a legitimate form of divine revelation in Jewish mysticism and throughout Jewish history—from Hagar, Joseph and King Solomon to Sigmund Freud and beyond— Jews have honored their dreams and searched for their deeper meanings. Judaism takes dreams very seriously. In the Bible, we read of the dreams of the great people of Israel: Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and many of the prophets. Judaism is of the opinion that all prophecy, except for the prophecy of Moses, was transmitted to the prophets when they were in a dreamlike, almost catatonic, trance. The Talmud places heavy emphasis on the interpretation of the dream as the key to its fulfillment.

    If a seemingly bad or frightening dream is interpreted positively, no ill effects from that dream will ever actually occur.

    Other traditions and dreams
    Oriental traditions concerning dreams are comparative and philosophical; the dreamer’s state of mind is thought to be of more importance than the predictive power of the dreams themselves.

    Ancient Chinese philosophy holds that the soul is separated from the body whilst dreaming and that several levels of consciousness exist; the dreamer’s horoscope, time of year, and the individual’s physical condition are all taken into consideration when interpreting dreams.... major religions and dream interpretation dream meaning

    Do Animals Dream?

    It seems that they do, although we can’t know for sure. All we can measure is whether or not they have REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is more or less associated with dreams. All mammals have REM sleep, and that increases the likelihood that they do dream.

    Because REM sleep is recognizable in mammals and birds, but not in snakes and other reptiles, scientists think that most warm- blooded animals dream. Studies have monitored the sleep of goats, sheep, cats, dogs, rats, mice, monkeys and apes, and all had dream periods and symptoms; all except the spiny anteater, which seems to be a dream-free mammal.

    Watch a sleeping dog or cat sometime, and you can tell if it is dreaming of running after something. Its eyes twitch, sometimes it moves its paws—something could be happening in its dreams.... do animals dream? dream meaning

    The Feminine And Masculine Principles

    The feminine principle is embodied in the archetype of the great mother: the complete woman within whom the primary qualities of femininity manifest in harmony. Whether you are a man or a woman, take note of the female figures in your dreams—be they a person, animal, quality or object—as they carry a message from your unconscious.

    If the selfless, loving mother figure appears in your dream, ask yourself if you need to develop motherly qualities within yourself.

    If the dark side of motherhood appears—dominating, criticizing and devouring—ask yourself if you or someone you know has a damaging, suppressing effect on you or someone else.

    If the romantic, innocent princess figure appears in your dreams ask yourself if you need to rediscover your optimism.

    If the seductress appears, ask yourself if you are being warned against selfishness and immaturity.

    If you dream of a wise woman or a witch, ask yourself if you are working with integrity or if you are alienating others with your selfishness.

    The masculine principle is typically represented as the wise old man or father and suggests so-called masculine qualities of strength, authority and virility.

    If any of the masculine archetypes appear in your dream ask yourself if it is highlighting an aspect of yourself that you need to take a closer look at.

    If a father figure appears in your dreams he may simply be a role model of authority with compassion but if the ogre appears he may represent a threat of some kind to your authority. A dream that features a young, idealistic prince may be encouraging you to recapture some of your youthful optimism, while dreaming of a wastrel may be a warning that it is time to act with maturity and take on responsibility.

    If a warrior appears in your dreams, this could suggest the need to take decisive action in waking life, be it to promote your aims or to make a decision.

    If you dream of the high priest or his counterpart, the black magician, you need to question your motives or those of the person you feel they might represent: are they altruistic and wise, or selfish and misdirected? See also FAMILY; PEOPLE.... the feminine and masculine principles dream meaning

    Fairy Tales And Symbolism

    The symbolism in fairy tales speaks to adults as well as children, and deals with childlessness, sexual maturation, remarriage, jealousy across the generations, sibling rivalry, incest, murderous rage, inheritance issues and other timeless problems.

    If you find yourself transported to the scene of a well-known fairy tale, the following tips may help with the interpretation. First of all, consider what common fairy tale motif your dream scene is depicting. For example, it could be:

    Courtship tale
    A strong theme in many fairy tales is the idea that love and goodness triumph. In the animal bridegroom tale, the girl protagonist marries some kind of beast, who is transformed by love in the course of the story into a (usually handsome) prince. In your waking life, do you feel you deserve the reward of love and security for your efforts? Do you believe love can conquer all? Or is your dream urging you to reconcile your masculine and feminine attitudes in waking life?

    Good and bad choice
    Most fairy tales involve a moment when the protagonist is faced with a choice. These include: helpless people or creatures to be kind or beastly to; opportunities to tell the truth or lie, or cheat or be honest; a choice to stand up for your principles or betray the innocent and submit to tyranny.

    If someone’s inside and outside are at odds, typically by the end of the tale the two are reconciled (as in the Beast’s transformation in ‘Beauty and the Beast’). Notice the elemental justice of this fairy tale motif and see whether you can relate any of its themes to your waking life.

    Magical gift
    A mirror that allows one to see one’s heart’s desire (or one’s loved ones); a table that sets itself with food and dishes; a stick that beats one’s enemies; a goose that lays golden eggs; a pouch that replenishes itself with gold. Consider the symbolism of these motifs. To what gift or hidden quality is your dream referring?

    Magical Helper
    These would include: an old crone, a talking frog, a fairy godmother, a swan to convey one across a river, a bird that carries one in his claws. Also, and not always in a helping role, one might encounter magical creatures such as witches, ogres, fairies, mermaids, unicorns, trolls, gnomes and dragons. Consider the symbolism of any helpers, or non-helpers, that appear in your dream; they represent psychological energy or strength that you either possess or need to find. What qualities do they represent, and how will they help or hinder you?

    The ‘Rule of Three’
    Many fairy tales, as well as many dreams, seem to obey what might be called the ‘rule of three’. They may contain three characters (’Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, ‘The Three Little Pigs’, The Three Billy Goats Gruff); three wishes; three tasks that a prince (or princess) must do to win his (or her) true love; three times for a request or saying to be repeated (I’ll huff, and I’ll puff…’).

    If you find yourself in a story in which three is significant, see NUMBERS.

    Trial or test to win one’s love
    Going ‘east of the sun and west of the moon’ and bringing back a treasure; learning the answer to a riddle; spinning straw into gold (and guessing Rumpelstiltskin’s name); breaking through the 100- year-old forest to find the sleeping princess. Can you relate such tests to your waking life? What trials and tribulations do you need to overcome?

    Remember that these stories have been told and retold for centuries because they have resonated with their hearers and expressed something important to their audiences. So if scenes from a specific fairy tale appear in your dream, consider the symbolism of the fairy tale motif, and see how the story and the lessons it teaches apply to your waking life.

    If a specific character appears in your dream out of context from his, her or its fairy tale, for example Cinderella wandering the streets of New York on her own, Sleeping Beauty buying a house or Puss in Boots accompanying you on a train journey, consider what aspect of yourself or your life the character represents. So if you find yourself having lunch with Rapunzel in your dreams, think about the symbolism of her hair, which was cut off to punish the girl for her indiscretion. Is there something you feel guilty about in waking life or should feel guilty about? Or do you feel imprisoned in an ivory tower and long for freedom of expression?

    Finally, don’t forget that, above all, fairy tales encourage you to believe in possibilities and the hidden ‘magic’ that can be discovered in the most unexpected places.... fairy tales and symbolism dream meaning

    Flying High

    Liberation from something that troubles you. Nevertheless, flying high has its perils. The ancient Greek myth of Icarus warns against flying too high. Your dream may show that you are being overambitious.... flying high dream meaning

    Flying Low

    Native Americans, Tibetan Buddhists and others claim that all people have a light body that can leave the physical body during sleep. The light body can travel great distances and communicate with angels. To dream of flying may indicate the need or desire to develop the mystical side of your nature. Alternatively, it could be a warning to keep your feet firmly on the ground.... flying low dream meaning

    Ferret / Ermine

    Suggestive of inquisitiveness—the ability to ferret or find out things—as well of selfish actions that can injure another person’s feelings. (The ermine was traditionally linked with virgin saints and thus purity.)... ferret / ermine dream meaning

    Clarinet / Flute / Recorder

    Wind instruments express extremes of emotion and excitement. Because of their shape, wind instruments are sometimes associated with masculine virility, but can also represent anxiety. The flute expresses the sound of the spirit and, as such, it can be a symbol of both joy and sorrow. A musical pipe suggests connection with the rhythm of life.... clarinet / flute / recorder dream meaning

    Flock Of Birds

    A group of birds can often symbolize yourself and the people in your life. Are the birds flying in the same direction? If they are, this can suggest harmony; if they are not, confusion may be indicated. Are the birds huddled together? If they are, do you prefer to surround yourself with people similar to you, as in ‘birds of a feather?’ A flock of birds can also represent your need to be part of a group that you identify with and admire; but is the flock celebrating or stifling your individuality? If the birds are in a tree, the branches of the tree may represent your family life, and the leaves and birds your thoughts.

    If the birds are fighting, this suggests disagreements about viewpoints, or differing opinions, in waking life.

    If a bird is attacking you, it may represent an attack on your ideas and opinions, such as being criticized by a parent; another interpretation is it symbolizes a fear of others, or of going beyond your boundaries.... flock of birds dream meaning

    Fostering And Adoption

    Dreams of fostering and adoption suggest a new approach to life, or taking on the responsibility of someone, or something, that needs your care and help to grow.

    If you fostered or adopted a baby in your dream, did you welcome the child into your home with love and gratitude? If you are thinking about adopting or fostering, your dream could reflect your feelings about this, but if this isn’t in your plans, the dream may be showing you how satisfying it can be to offer love and guidance to someone who needs your care. Do you need to find an outlet for your urge to love and nurture selflessly in waking life? This doesn’t have to be a child, but perhaps a partner, a pet, a friend, a project or a charity.

    If you dreamed of fostering or adopting someone you know in waking life, perhaps you long to lavish attention on that particular person.... fostering and adoption dream meaning

    Dummy / Feeding-bottle / Nappy / Pacifier / Rattle

    If you are pregnant, any baby-related items that appear in dreamland may be reflections of your current preoccupation with all things baby.

    If you are not pregnant or thinking about starting a family, baby-related items in dreams link in with the birth theme of new beginnings and possibilities. They can also represent your desire to be supported, loved and protected.

    If you dream of a baby sitter or nanny, this may be a warning or a comment on your own security and ability to handle things by yourself.... dummy / feeding-bottle / nappy / pacifier / rattle dream meaning

    Feet / Toes

    If you see your own feet in your dream, your unconscious may be advising you to keep your feet firmly on the ground, as feet symbolize your foundation, stability and sense of understanding. Such a dream signifies your need to be more practical and sensible. Alternatively, it represents mobility, independence and freedom. Perhaps you are reconsidering the direction of your life and your dream is advising you to move forward one step at a time. Slow-walking or lazy feet may reveal uncertainty, whereas feet marching powerfully link to feelings of confidence and purpose. Thereafter, the strength and determination of your dream feet may indicate how you are approaching a certain task.

    For a Christian, dreaming of washing feet is a sign of forgiveness, but it can also mean that you are keeping a safe distance from a current problem and will return to it when you feel better able to tackle it. In India, to dream of the feet may symbolize divine qualities in the dreamer, since the feet are considered the holiest part of the body. Consider also the pun of putting your foot in your mouth or putting your foot in it.

    If you are walking barefoot in your dream, you have your feet firmly placed on the ground in waking life. Loss of a foot or feet in a dream indicates feelings of helplessness in waking life. To see toes in your dream represents the minor details of life and how you deal with them.

    If your toenails are growing in your dream, this symbolizes an extension of your understanding in a particular matter.

    If your toe is hurt, perhaps you are feeling anxious about moving forward with someone.

    If someone is kissing your toe, they may be trying to reassure you in waking life.... feet / toes dream meaning


    Contains what is needed to put a fire (anger, passion) out.... firehouse dream meaning

    Funeral Parlor

    Something dead needs to be laid to rest or reviewed. ‘It’s your funeral.’... funeral parlor dream meaning


    Given their associations with fertility and growth, dreams about the birth of a baby or animal, or of tending gardens and vegetation are associated with new beginnings and positive change for the dreamer. Dreams that involve other new beginning such as new jobs, new houses and new relationships are also symbolic of aspects of life change. To understand the meaning of the dream— and what particular change it is pointing to—you need to pay attention to how you feel in the dream, as well as noting any details within in.... fertility dream meaning

    Dream Change In Art

    The subject of dreams and change has often been portrayed in art and culture. For example, in his classic novella Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka used this notion of change when Gregor Samsa awakes to find himself transformed into an insect. Surrealist artists, in particular Salvador Dali, used images of dream change to inform their work. For example, Dali’s ‘Metamorphosis of Narcissus’ is based on the myth of Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection.... dream change in art dream meaning

    Finger / Thumb

    According to Freud, fingers and thumbs are prime examples of phallic symbols. They can, however, also represent physical and mental dexterity or quickness, as well as their opposite: clumsiness and ignorance, as expressed in the saying ‘being all thumbs’. In some cases, fingers may be expressive of your feelings, and many of the idioms involving fingers—the finger of scorn, the accusing finger, the finger of suspicion—suggest problems with self-image and trust.

    If a finger is pointing at you in your dream, you could feel guilty about something you have done. Alternatively, the dream could be pointing you in a new direction.

    Fingers can also denote partnership, especially if the wedding finger is highlighted.

    If your fingers are injured or cut off, perhaps you feel anxious about your ability to accomplish some demanding task or perform in some waking situation. Consider what aspect of yourself the dream is pointing out.

    If the dream focuses on your finger-nails, this suggests that you enjoy being surrounded by grace, beauty, glamor and art.

    If your finger-nails are dirty, you may be disappointing your family in some way.

    If your finger-nails break, you may be trying to avoid some situation or trying to get out of a responsibility.

    Dreaming of a thumb suggests awareness of how powerful you are, depending on whether the thumb is pointing upwards (positive) or downwards (negative). The latter was used as a death signal by the ancient Romans in gladiatorial games. According to ancient dream oracles, an extra finger suggests that you will receive an inheritance.... finger / thumb dream meaning

    Dream Houses

    The front of the house and activities outside the house represent your persona, the face you show to the world, whereas whatever is inside the house reveals your inner life.

    If the house is being attacked or burgled, this suggests criticism or social pressure from others.

    If the house is burning or falling down, this represents leaving old attitudes behind.

    If the house feels cramped and dark, there is a feeling of restriction in waking life, whilst structural faults suggest broken relationships or illness.

    If work or repairs are being carried out on the house, perhaps certain relationships are breaking down or health matters need to be attended to.

    An impressive big house in dreams suggests that we are conscious of our potential.

    If the house is small, the dreamer is perhaps seeking security and freedom from responsibility.

    If you were living in a bungalow in your dream, there may be a suggestion that you are living too much on one level, both practically and emotionally.

    If there are unfamiliar rooms in a well-known house, this represents unexplored potential.

    If other people are in the house, they suggest different aspects of yourself you may feel threatened by, or other people you are involved with, or about to be involved with, in waking life. Going into or out of the house suggests that we may need to decide whether we need to be more introverted or extroverted.

    If you go into another person’s house, this suggests that you are getting involved with that person, perhaps being a part of their life.

    If you see a loved one move into someone else’s house in your dream, this may be your fear of their infidelity, but it may also reveal a growing distance in your relationship. Planning or altering a house, or building an annexe may refer to a change in your lifestyle or approach to life.

    Rows of houses represent other people. According to dream lore, country houses suggest tranquility; building a house, a growth in confidence; a new house, a busy social life; an empty house or moving house, financial worries; a big house, good fortune, and a small house, misfortune.

    If you are buying a house in your dreams this may relate to making a decision to change in waking life, or wanting to make some kind of change. Buying a house involves decision making and this points to the importance of clarifying what it is that you want in waking life.

    If the house in your dream is an igloo, this is a symbol of security and completeness and, because it is warm on the inside and cold on the outside, it points to differences between what you feel on the inside and you do and say on the outside. In general dreaming about a flat or apartment has the same meaning as dreaming about a house, but the interpretation depends on whether or not you have lived in an apartment or flat before.

    If you did, were you living alone in the flat or did you share, and what was this like? This will influence the feelings associated with the image in your dream.... dream houses dream meaning

    Forest / Woodland

    Forests are dark and mysterious. They symbolize the unknown and the unconscious. This archetype appears in many myths—characters get lost in the wood or forest, only to discover great treasure or wisdom, as well as great dangers. Dreams about woodland and forests often have a lot to do with feeling lost and being unable to find the right path or direction. See also TREES AND PLANTS.... forest / woodland dream meaning

    Furnace / Forge

    The furnace is a powerful symbol of creativity as all the fire’s energy is devoted to one specific task.

    If you are using fire to forge something, such as a tool, your dream may be hinting that you should use your creativity and passion more in waking life. Have you developed a burning interest in something or someone recently and isn’t it time to pour your energy into making it a reality?... furnace / forge dream meaning

    Furniture Items

    Specific furniture items can indicate the attitudes, beliefs and notions with which you furnish your mind and selfimage; you might be, for example, an antique fancier or a lover of novelty. The purpose to which they are put may also be sending you a message; if you dream of a chair or sofa do you need to take it easy? If you focused on a light bulb, are you in need of illumination? If you have excess furniture in your dream, is your lifestyle overcrowded?... furniture items dream meaning

    Rearranging Furniture

    A dream in which you are moving furniture around, or trying to make it fit into a small place, may be a reflection on the way you are trying to cope with your present circumstances in waking life. Are you managing to fit everything in? If a chair is placed upon a table in your dream, this can suggest a new relationship with someone of the opposite sex.... rearranging furniture dream meaning

    Abandonment / Fear / Loss Of Control

    Dream images connected to feelings of abandonment, fear and loss of control all have some form of conflict as their theme. For example, dreams about missing a bus, train or airplane all point to some kind of tension in the dreamer about failing to achieve a goal. Dreams about being abandoned or left alone by a group of loved ones suggest feelings of anxiety about being left out, or being different from the crowd. Anxiously searching for the right road or path could point to fears about losing your identity.

    If you are happily wandering alone in your dream, this may suggest a feeling that the source of your problems lies outside yourself. Dreams about anchors and lifeboats also tell of the fight for survival in daily life.

    If you dream of being lost in dense vegetation, towering trees or tall reeds, you may feel that your progress is being thwarted by obstacles. As in the tale of ‘Hansel and Gretel’, this dream may evoke longing for the comfort and warmth of home.... abandonment / fear / loss of control dream meaning

    Drowning / Crawling / Falling

    Drowning in deep water suggests floundering in the depths of the unconscious. As with dreams of pursuit or being chased, this dream alerts you to areas of your unconscious that are creating conflict and need to be examined with care.

    Falling and jumping in an attempt to escape from hostile pursuers in a dream is a desperate escape mechanism and suggests that you might have more success if you turn at the last minute to face your enemies, having found the strength to confront them. Dreams in which you are trying to run from something or someone but find you cannot—perhaps because your feet are weighed down or stuck in the mud—can be interpreted in much the same way.

    Crawling through a narrow space, tunnel or small enclosure, or trying to squeeze through a tiny corridor or hall points to your creative energies struggling to find expression; these are, however, also common-place dreams expressing anxiety about a challenging and imminent event such as a review at work, an examination or even the birth of a new baby. Being chased, not knowing who or what is out there in the darkness, or vainly trying to push through the crowds in a busy bar, street or department store also suggest that certain repressed aspects of your personality, or unexamined aspects of the self, demand to be dealt with. To be trapped in a dream signifies that you feel you are trapped by outside circumstances. To be aware of trapping something or someone is to try to hold onto them, and if you trap a butterfly or animal, you are trying to capture your inner self. Feeling trapped in dreams also suggests an inability to break free from old patterns of thought and behavior without outside help. See also NEGATIVE EMOTIONS.... drowning / crawling / falling dream meaning

    Forbidden Desires

    Desires that are forbidden in waking life can be repressed by our unconscious, and when this happens, a conflict ensues between the conscious mind and the unconscious drives that are striving for expression. According to Freud and other dream analysts, we can use our dreams to safely explore this conflict and allow forbidden desires a mode of expression. For example, you may have a dream in which your sister falls ill if you have had an argument with her in waking life; if you are attracted to someone who is married, you may have a dream about having an affair with them.

    Dreams can also express the conflict between what you ought to do and what you want to do so; for example, you may have a dream where you tell your boss exactly what you think of them. Other conflicts can center on thinking versus feeling, or rationalization versus intuition, and your dreams can be used to develop and resolve this conflict (see ARCHETYPES). For example, if you are a scientist you may have a dream that you fall passionately in love with a stranger. Your unconscious is urging you to develop the intuitive, impulsive, unexplored and underdeveloped aspect of your nature.... forbidden desires dream meaning

    Fabrics And Fastenings

    The texture and feel of your dream clothes can be important.

    If the fabric is irritating or uncomfortable, this may suggest that a part of your waking life is also uncomfortable; for example, a person, a place or a job. Leather, silk and chiffon are all regarded as sensual fabrics because they titillate the senses with their feel and aroma; as a result, they may have sexual connotations in a dream. They are also prized fabrics and their inclusion in dreams may reflect a dual longing in the dreamer to be perceived as a cut above the rest and to enjoy a luxurious life.

    Man-made fabrics like nylon, polyester or plastic in the dream world point out that someone’s appearance or persona (maybe your own) is false or limited. These fabrics can also be itchy, so if they cause you problems in your dream world, can you draw a parallel with someone, or something, irritating you in waking life? Or is your itchiness self-inflicted by your choice of clothes when other options are available?

    Freudians, of course, see fur as a symbol for pubic hair and dreams in which you are enveloped in soft fur indicate a desire to return to the comfort and security of the womb.

    If you are wearing ermine, this is a symbol of moral purity and probity—ermine traditionally lines the robes of royalty and judges. Wearing ermine in your dream may therefore suggest a longing for childhood innocence, or delusions of grandeur.

    Tartan is, for most people, associated with the kilt and traditional Scottish male dress so when it appears in a dream it may evoke images of robust virility. For Jungians, a woman dreaming of a man wearing a kilt may represent the animus, the masculine aspects of the female psyche, from which the dreamer may draw inspiration and power.

    If you ripped off buttons on your blouse and shirt in your dream, then perhaps you have been too buttoned-up in waking life, to the extent that your unconscious is urging you to relax and reveal the real you. Dreams about loosening your belt or necktie may also suggest a release from pressures in waking life. By contrast, if you tightened your belt, laces, sash or ribbon, your unconscious may be urging you to economize or tighten up in some way.

    If your dream homed in on a zipper, do you long to have more energy or thrills in your life, or should you keep your thoughts to yourself as if to zip it up? Releasing buttons or a zip may refer to a need for relaxation or a desire to develop an easier relationship with another person. On the other hand, if your zipper got stuck and you couldn’t move it in your dream however hard you tugged at it, do you feel trapped by responsibility and routine, and long for release?... fabrics and fastenings dream meaning

    Flood / Drought / Famine / Tsunami

    Flood dreams are frightening, but they also suggest a release of energy or pent- up frustration that needs to be set free before progress can be made. To be in the middle of a flood indicates that you are being overwhelmed by these feelings, whilst watching a flood suggests you are watching yourself.

    If you are not good at expressing yourself verbally, dreaming of a flood may help you come to terms with your anxieties and insecurities.

    If you dream of being drowned, it suggests you are in danger of being overwhelmed by emotions you cannot handle or that you are fearful of allowing your emotions free expression. Drowning may also indicate an inability to handle stress and a feeling that you have no control. The natural disasters of flooding, tsunami and drought indicate great hardship for the dreamer, but they also offer hope. For example, if you dream that you are immersed in rising water or that your house is flooded, this indicates the emergence of a personal crisis. However, if adequate precautions are put in place, or you heed warning signs of impending disaster, it is possible to avert or overcome the disaster. Similarly, a dream in which you endure a drought portends misfortune, and scant reward for your effort, but the dreamer can take comfort that this difficult time will pass, leaving you wiser and better prepared for any future crises with which life may surprise you.

    Tidal waves or tsunamis often represent a cascade of emotion or impending change in your life. It is not unusual for someone struggling with a tough situation, such as the loss of a job, illness in the family and so on, to dream of being threatened by a tidal wave. A tidal wave in this instance depicts the emotional devastation that occurs when situations change in unexpected, or unwanted, ways. Whether the wave represents emotion, change, or something or someone else, to you the implication is that you are in the thick of it now and you have little to gain by running away or denying it. Your best approach is to ride the wave, accept that you feel overwhelmed for a while, but know that this isn’t permanent as the storm will run its course and you’ll emerge wiser and stronger.

    Famine and drought dreams can also indicate that you are emotionally drained in waking life.

    If you are hungry in your dream, your needs or demands, physically, emotionally and mentally are not being met.Starvation dreams also indicate that something within yourself is not being given due attention; aspects of yourself are being impoverished and ignored. Perhaps your partner is draining you and you are feeling exhausted.

    If scenes of poverty feature in your dream, this often indicates feelings of being inadequate, or negative emotions depriving you of your well-being. On the other hand, dreams about starvation and poverty may be hinting at your humanitarian qualities, and could be suggesting that you could do more for charity.... flood / drought / famine / tsunami dream meaning

    Diving / Drowning / Floating / Swimming

    Dreams of diving, floating and swimming usually hint at your current emotional state or the need to tap into the resources of your unconscious mind.

    If you are diving into water in your dream, this represents trying to find parts of yourself that have been repressed.

    Dreams in which you are floating in warm water safely and calmly are amongst the most comforting and secure you can have. They may reflect a longing to be able to coast effortlessly through life, letting worries wash over you. But if you felt uneasy, such dreams may be mirroring your concern that you lack direction and power in waking life, and are just treading water as opportunities fly past you.

    If you have a dream in which you are swimming calmly and happily through calm waters, this suggests a positive attitude to your waking life, as things are going well, or ‘swimmingly’, for you, and you feel in your element, be it at school, work or home. If, however, you dream that you are struggling against a current, it suggests inner conflict and the force of opinion against you in the waking world. In your dream, did you swim with the tide or continue with your struggle? If you found yourself out of your depth when you went swimming, this may mirror a sense of being out of your emotional depth. Drowning suggests that your emotions are overwhelming and engulfing you.

    If a lifeboat appears, you believe your unconscious can throw you an emotional lifeline.

    Where water is contained in a space, such as a bath or swimming pool, it signifies controlled emotion and restraint. A dream shower or bath in which you wash yourself may refer to a need to cleanse your emotions of negative influences, whilst a Jacuzzi may have sexual connotations. Being in a swimming pool may remind you of the importance of relaxation. A surreal underwater scene, in which you meet and interact with family and friends, may suggest that you have been too busy to take the time to connect emotionally with loved ones. It might be wise to slow down and devote more quality time to them in the real world.... diving / drowning / floating / swimming dream meaning

    Food For Thought

    The following foods have specific symbolic meanings but remember that whatever you eat in a dream is likely to correspond with your food preferences in waking life first and foremost; so, for example, if you hate mustard but find that it tastes good in a dream, this may refer to a difficult experience that is good for you. The interpretation would differ if you loved mustard perhaps suggesting a period of overindulgence. See also VEGETABLES AND FRUIT for the symbolic significance of vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.... food for thought dream meaning

    Hunting / Fishing

    Dreams of hunting relate to the killing of innocence or the search for something important. Surrounding dreamscape details and the type of animal you are hunting will clarify the meaning. Fishing suggests an exploration of your unconscious. See also REPTILES, FISH AND AMPHIBIANS.... hunting / fishing dream meaning

    Features Of Handwriting In Dreams

    Professional graphologists can recognize several hundred handwriting features which they believe reveal aspects of a person’s character.

    Here are some basic handwriting features that may help you interpret the message hidden in the handwriting in your dream:... features of handwriting in dreams dream meaning

    Waterfall / Fountain / Spring / Rapids / Well

    Dreams of a waterfall or rapids may be referring to birth, especially ones in which you are swept along in a warm stream of water through a tunnel and emerge into a pool or lagoon, as it is thought that we all carry the memory of birth in our unconscious. On the other hand, the dancing waters may be reflecting your sense of happiness and exuberance in waking life. A dream of a fountain (suggests womanhood) or a hosepipe (suggests manhood) may have a sexual connotation.

    If the jet was weak, then it may suggest that sexual desire is not matched by emotional commitment (or the other way round) A steady flow of water is probably symbolic of confidence in waking life.

    In dreamland, springs can represent a source of untapped creativity and they can also hint at wisdom, because another name for spring is fount, suggesting ‘fount of all knowledge’. Wells in dreams can hint at emotional rebirth or good fortune, as wishing wells have been credited with wish- fulfillment for centuries. So if you dreamed of drawing water from a well, what is it that you long for? Because wells are sources of water, it could be that your waking life has become emotionally dry and that you are thirsting for a revival of feeling.... waterfall / fountain / spring / rapids / well dream meaning

    The Element Of Fire

    Fire is often considered the most fearsome and powerful of the four elements because it not only devours, causing pain and destruction, it also purifies, cleanses and illuminates.

    In dreams, fire is a potent symbol of the passion of strong emotion and burning love, as well as of new beginnings. It has many different and conflicting meanings, and interpretation is sometimes difficult. Standing in, or being in, flames can therefore suggest the burning out of old attitudes or experiences to make way for the new; but such a dream could also represent your fears of a new phase in life, your own personal suffering for your beliefs, or that you are consumed by destructive emotions, such as passion or envy. Sometimes interpretation is easier; for example, if a house is burning down or there is a forest fire, this suggests you are consumed by passion. The exact interpretation will depend on whether the fire is being controlled or not.

    If fire figures in your dream, consider whether your emotions have got out of control. Are you being a hot head? Is your passion burning?

    A controlled dream fire can also symbolize security. The fireplace or hearth is the heart of the home and the center of warmth, and to dream of it may show that you feel comfortable with yourself. Freud said that fire was a symbol of the libido and passion, and to dream of poking a fire represented sexual arousal. Jung, on the other hand, said that fire suggested intuition and psychological transformation. Just as the alchemists used fire to transform base metal into gold, so fire is a symbol for personal growth. It destroys the past but lights the way for the future. It is the eternal flame in the temple of the soul and from the fire the phoenix of hope arises. Baptism by fire signifies a new awareness of spiritual power and transformation. Sometimes fire can be a warning of illness. It is also associated with the astrological signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

    If a fire is put out by water, this suggests physical energy being restrained by the cooler processes of thought.... the element of fire dream meaning

    Firework / Explosion / Inferno

    If you watched a fantastic firework display in your dream, are you feeling particularly good about yourself right now? Has there been a personal triumph? Or should you interpret the dream sexually, as fireworks are symbols of sexual climax in the movies. On the other hand, fireworks may denote explosions of furious rage and any dream explosion may reflect pent-up fury or frustration that is building up in waking life. Is there something in waking life that is making you tense and angry? Dreams in which you watch helplessly as a raging inferno destroys your home may be warnings from your unconscious to fit a smoke alarm in your home or office, but they may also have highlighted your current overheated emotional stage. It is important to ask yourself who or what is provoking your rage and whether the full force of your anger is about to be unleashed in waking life. And what would the results of the explosion be— devastation that all you have worked for has gone up in smoke, or liberation that you have burned your bridges and can arise energized from the ashes?

    To dream of a fireman represents selfcontrol and your ability to deal with your energies, burning desires or emotional emergencies in the waking world. To dream that you caused a fire may be a warning from your unconscious that you are playing with fire and may be in danger of getting your fingers burned if you go ahead with a certain project or get involved with a certain person.

    If you find yourself on fire, your passions may be consuming you and you may feel hopeless and trapped in waking life. If, however, you managed to put a fire out, this shows that you are asserting control over the fire raging within you.

    If someone else started a fire, your unconscious may have been telling you to watch that person carefully in waking life or to carry out some simple safety checks.... firework / explosion / inferno dream meaning

    Frustrating Task

    The frustration of everyday chores at home and work can sometimes translate into images of impossible tasks in dreams, such as building an enormous house of cards or painting a wall with a toothbrush. In some cases, humiliating and pointless dream tasks are conjured up by your dreaming mind to teach you a lesson in humility. See also PUZZLES.... frustrating task dream meaning

    Flirting / Flattery

    In dreams, flirting could suggest ostentatious behavior in waking life that could have disastrous consequences, or it could suggest the need for diversion in waking life. Flattery is an equally ambiguous symbol suggesting wisdom if you see through the flattery, and gullibility if you do not.... flirting / flattery dream meaning

    Lighting A Fire

    If you dreamed of lighting a fire, what sort of fire was it and who else was there? Kindling a fire represents a summoning of energy, so the context of the fire in your dream should always be taken into consideration. Where are you focusing your energy? If the fire spreads out of control in your dream, this may indicate that your emotions are in danger of running out of control too.

    If you succeed in controlling the blaze, this suggests you are in control of your waking life. Also pay attention to what was being burned in your dream and what the fire was feeding on, as the other symbols in the dream may help with your interpretation. For example, if you were burning your clothes, is it time to brighten up your image?

    A fire burning in a domestic hearth is likely to point to your private life, whilst a bonfire or beacon has more public significance as a symbol of communication. Lighting a stove to cook a meal for family and friends suggests concern for your loved ones, and lighting a candle for a meal or curling up in front of a log cabin’s roaring fire may suggest sexual heat.... lighting a fire dream meaning

    Tending A Fire

    In dreams in which you are tending a fire, try to remember how much attention it needed from you; did it burn vigorously or did you have to fan it, stoke and feed it fuel to keep it alight? If you had to keep it alight, perhaps some passion or desire in your waking life is flickering or waning, and you need to take action to energize it; or have the demands of your working life forced you to neglect your real passions, be they people or interests. Remember lighting fire dreams represent the birth of creative energy, so how you tend and control the fire is significant.

    If you are conscious of the flame of the fire, this suggests an awareness of your own strength and energy.

    If you are aware of the heat of the fire, you are aware of someone else’s strong feelings.... tending a fire dream meaning

    Dish / Drink / Food / Glass

    In dreams, a dish usually represents food that needs to be eaten now, and thus represents ideas or projects that should be tackled immediately. Jungians often see a drinking glass or wineglass as a symbol of the mythical Holy Grail, offering the dreamer spiritual sustenance. For Freudians, to dream of drinking from a glass expresses sexual desire, as like other receptacles, the glass symbolizes the female genitals. A broken drinking glass can represent loss of virginity. Food and drink are everyday items that regularly feature in dreams. In general, they are regarded as positive signs, but there are so many possible interpretations when food or drink—or eating and drinking—feature in a dream that a whole chapter has been devoted to the subject later on. See FOOD AND DRINK.... dish / drink / food / glass dream meaning

    Factory / Office / Processing Plant

    To dream of these types of building, filled with people slaving away on computers, production lines or machines, might be a reflection of the obsessive worker part of your personality and any anxieties that you may feel about being a workaholic. The conditions in the factory, office or plant will symbolize the health of your creative drive.

    If the conditions are hideous like those in a sweatshop, are you working in a highly paid job that discourages your spirit? If the factory is high-tech or manic, consider how it reflects your love of the work you do. See also SCHOOL AND WORK.... factory / office / processing plant dream meaning


    We all have aspirations and desires, and we may learn to stifle and even forget them because they seem impossible. Our dreaming mind, however, does not forget. The most typical dreams that are wish-fulfillment are ones that reflect our hopes in an obvious way. For example, if you are feeling tired and run down you may dream of being on a beach in Hawaii.

    If you are attracted to someone in real life, you may dream about making love to them.

    If you are apprehensive about retiring or getting older, you may dream of being a teenager or baby again.

    If you are having financial troubles, you may dream of being surrounded by piles of cash or winning the lottery.

    If you long to get married, you may dream of your wedding day or honeymoon.

    If your fantasy is sexual variety, you may dream about visiting a prostitute or gigolo.

    If you have your sights set on a promotion, you may dream of being the boss.

    If you long to make your mark on the world, you may dream of becoming prime minister.

    If you want to be famous, you may dream of yourself on the red carpet, writing a best-seller or singing before an audience of thousands of screaming fans.

    If you dream of buying something you want or need in waking life, this is simple wishfulfillment but the dream is reminding you that satisfying your desires may cost you.

    If you were buying food in your dream, you may be trying to buy someone’s affection in waking life.... wish-fulfillment dream meaning

    Hand And Foot Injury

    Hands can symbolize the whole pattern of your life and a dream of an injured or disabled hand may refer to some inability to perform a task in waking life, a task which may or may not be physical. Dreams about your feet tend to refer to your general progress, so dreaming of lameness, for example, may signify an inability to move forward.... hand and foot injury dream meaning

    Jason And The Golden Fleece

    Jason’s voyage to find the Golden Fleece can be interpreted by Jungians in the following way. Jason, the archetypal hero, must slay the dragon guarding the fleece; the dragon represents those dark impulses of his that he has to overcome if he is to attain the spiritual purity symbolized by the fleece. Unfortunately, Jason only defeats the dragon with a magic sleeping potion, leaving his dormant impulses undefeated.... jason and the golden fleece dream meaning

    Death Of A Family Member Or Partner

    A close family member has died and the remaining family are attending the funeral. Everyone, including you, is crying. Such dreams can be very unnerving because you may worry that something is going to happen to a family member but, contrary to your fears, dreams of death are often a reflection of change, rather than death. Changes that bring some era to a close or cause shifts in family roles, such as going to college, getting married or starting a family, are likely to trigger death dreams. Think of these dreams as a rite of passage. Your relationship with the person in your dream has not died but it will be different, because something is different in your life. Another explanation of the dream death of a family member or spouse, is to consider what aspect of yourself that person represents and what you may be rejecting or repressing.

    For example, to dream of your mother dying could represent the death of your own motherly nature. Perhaps you should try to be more caring and maternal, or perhaps something or someone should be nurtured instead of ignored. Alternatively, you may be expressing hidden feelings for that person. Do you secretly resent or wish to be independent of him or her? Such dreams may also represent a positive or negative change in your relationship or attitude toward that particular person. Yet another interpretation suggests that dreams of being prostrate with grief at your father’s or mother’s funeral can be an emotional dress rehearsal staged by your unconscious to prepare you for the devastation you may feel when your parent really does die. Such dreams tend to be more common in women, especially concerning the death of a partner, as statistically women live longer than men.

    Dreaming of a relative or partner who is dead in waking life is, not surprisingly, quite common. After all, that person may have played a big part in your life, and their influence and memories are still very much alive in you. It is not unusual to have disturbing dreams for some period after the death of a loved one; it is equally common not to be able to dream about the husband or wife at all, or to see the partner in the distance but be unable to get any nearer. Such dreams of dead people are expressive of attempts by your dreaming mind to help you make the transition from external reality to internal memories, or to deal with feelings, guilt or anger in connection with the person who died. See also SPIRITS AND GHOSTS.... death of a family member or partner dream meaning

    Orphaned / Adopted / Fostered

    If you dream of being an orphaned, adopted or fostered child, this usually suggests that your relationships with members of your family in waking life have created some sense of loss and rejection in you. Dreaming of having lost your parents or being rejected by your parents so you become an orphan, adopted or fostered child may denote that you feel you didn’t get their unconditional love and attention, and that you have to find your own way in the world without their support. Alternatively you may feel as if you are an outsider in the relationship to your family. Perhaps you have been excluded or perhaps you have little in common with them. Do you consider yourself rejected or at odds with the rest of your family? Whatever the reason, your dream may be suggesting to you that you need to create a surrogate family to get the support you need; this may be with your friends or your partner, and they will be able to help you feel loved, secure and accepted for who you are.

    Another explanation of such dreams is that it is time for you to be more independent and self-reliant by moving away from your parents. When life forces you into permanently or temporarily losing your parents, either by death or by other circumstances such as foreign travel, you may experience dreams of being orphaned. The dream might not refer to your relationship with your family at all, but might be telling you that you are feeling abandoned, unloved, rejected and misunderstood by your partner, friends or colleagues in waking life.

    If this is the case, the dream connects to feelings of belonging or not belonging in waking life.

    If you are looking after an orphan in your dream, you are attempting to heal that part of you that feels unloved.... orphaned / adopted / fostered dream meaning

    Flying / Swimming / Dancing

    Have you had that feeling of zooming through the air, feeling free and unhindered? Flying is one of the most popular dreams because such images can inspire the dreamer, lifting them to spiritual heights or filling them with creative notions. Pleasurable swimming may mean exploring your unconscious depths, whilst dreams of dancing may be a metaphor for creativity, joy and freedom.... flying / swimming / dancing dream meaning

    The Future

    Dreams of the future could indicate wish-fulfillment if a scenario you have been daydreaming about played itself out in your dreams.

    If your dream of the future involves a disaster, tragedy or accident, this may be anxiety related but it could also be possible that your unconscious has signaled that you need to take extra care to protect your health and safety.

    If you dreamed of visiting a clairvoyant, are you eager to know the outcome of a situation in the real world? See also Precognitive dreams entries in ACCIDENTS, ACTION AND ADVENTURES and DISASTERS.... the future dream meaning

    Fog / Mist

    Fog and mist are dreamland symbols of confusion, or of an inability to make progress and see the way ahead. They also suggest lack of clarity and that emotions are clouding your judgment and making you feel uncertain.

    If the fog lifts in your dream, this is a positive sign.

    If you sense that the light is about to break through, this suggests a state of expectation rather than confusion.... fog / mist dream meaning

    Most Common Dream Images

    One very important thing to keep in mind is to interpret symbols within the context of the dream they appear in, rather than piece by piece which would leave too much room for error. There are thousands of symbols, and it depends upon the context of one’s own personal dream as to what they all mean for him/her.

    Look at it this way...a dream is like a puzzle, and although there are several pieces that are quickly pieced together because they are so obvious, the puzzle isn’t complete until all the pieces are placed together bit by bit. Then you have the complete picture...until then, you’ll only have disjointed images that don’t add up to anything coherent, and you’ll still be confused.

    So please remember that and try not to piecemeal a needs to be fully interpreted or it will most likely be totally wrong.

    Let’s look at some of the more common dream images and what they could mean.

    Teeth Falling Out
    This is probably the most prevalent dream image that people report. It is disturbing to them because it affects vanity and personal appearance – but only in the dream! a dream about one’s teeth falling out usually symbolizes that the dreamer is having a challenge getting their voice heard, or feelings acknowledged.

    This may be referring to their conversations with a particular person such as their significant other, boss, or friend; or can be generalized for people who are shy, to include almost everyone they come in contact with.

    The dreamer needs to brush up on conversational skills, believe in the value of their own opinion, and learn how to be less intimidated by aggressive people, and become more assertive and make their voice heard. Once they do that, this dream (which is a common recurring dream) should evolve & show improvement...or disappear altogether.

    Another theory is that dreams about your teeth reflect your anxiety about your appearance and how others perceive you. Sadly, we live in a world where good looks are valued highly and your teeth play an important role in conveying that image. Teeth are used in the game of flirtations, whether it is a dazzling and gleaming smile or affectionate necking. These dreams may stem from a fear of your sexual impotence or the consequences of getting old. Teeth are an important feature of our attractiveness and presentation to others. Everybody worries about how they appear to others. Caring about our appearance is natural and healthy.

    There are cultural interpretations of this type of dream as well. A scriptural interpretation for bad or falling teeth indicate that you are putting your faith, trust, and beliefs in what man thinks rather than in the word of God. The bible says that God speaks once, yea twice in a dream or a vision in order to hide pride from us, to keep us back from the pit, to open our ears (spiritually) and to instruct and correct us.

    In the Greek culture, when you dream about loose, rotten, or missing teeth, it indicates that a family member or close friend is very sick or even near death.

    According to the Chinese, there is a saying that your teeth will fall out if you are telling lies.

    It has also been said that if you dream of your teeth falling out, then it symbolizes money. This is based on the old tooth fairy story. If you lose a tooth and leave it under the pillow, a tooth fairy would bring you money.

    Dreams about flying usually represent freedom from the physical body, as we experience in sleep while dreaming where we don’t use our physical bodies but instead use our mental & spiritual bodies to experience our dreams. It’s one of the first things people attempt to do when they gain control of their dreams and start lucid dreaming.

    Everybody seems to have a natural inclination to want to fly, unless that is changed by a fear of flying due to a frightening incident in their waking lives. Flying = freedom; either a desire for freedom, an “escape” from restraints in your physical life (like a mini-vacation for the mind) or any number of possibilities.

    Tie it in with the context of your dream...what were you doing in your dream besides flying? How did it make you feel? Also, the type of flying here is the person flying on their own without an airplane or any aircraft at all. That would be a different symbol dealing with spiritual awareness, among other things.

    Flying dreams fall under a category of dreams where you become aware that you are dreaming, known as lucid dreaming. Many dreamers have described the ability to fly in their dreams as an exhilarating, joyful, and liberating experience.

    If you are flying with ease and enjoying the scene and landscape below, then it suggests that you are on top of a situation. You have risen above something. It may also mean that you have gained a different perspective on things. Flying dreams and the ability to control your flight is representative of your own personal sense of power.

    Having difficulties staying in flight indicates a lack of power in controlling your own circumstances. You may be struggling to stay aloft and stay on course. Things like power lines, trees, or mountains may further obstruct your flight. These barriers represent a particular obstacle or person who is standing in your way in your waking life. You need to identify who or what is hindering you from moving forward.

    If you are feeling fear when you are flying or that you feel that you are flying too high then it suggests that you are afraid of challenges and of success.

    In reality, we do not have the ability to fly. Thus such dreams may represent that which is beyond our physical limitations. In your mind, you can be anybody and do anything. Another way of interpreting flying dreams is that these dreams symbolize your strong mind and will. You feel undefeatable and nobody can tell you what you cannot do and accomplish. Undoubtedly these dreams leave you a great sense of freedom.

    Being Caught In A Tornado
    This symbol points to emotional turmoil, as in a “whirlwind of emotions”; and/or rapid or sudden changes in your life. It is a sign to “get a grip” on what is possibly spinning out of control & deal more effectively with your emotions. Meditation and finding some private “think time” for yourself would be a good idea.

    Being Naked
    Dreaming that you are completely or partially naked is very common. Nudity symbolizes a variety of things depending on your real life situation.

    Becoming mortified at the realization that you are walking around naked in public is often a reflection of your vulnerability or shamefulness. You may be hiding something and are afraid that others can nevertheless see right through you. Metaphorically clothes are a means of concealment. With clothes, you can hide your identity or be someone else. But without them, everything is hanging out for all to see. You are left without any defenses.

    The dream may telling you that you are trying to be something that you really are not. Or that you are fearful of being ridiculed and disgraced. If you are in a new relationship, you may have some fears or apprehension in revealing your true feelings.

    Nudity also symbolizes being caught off guard.

    Finding yourself naked at work or in a classroom, suggests that you are unprepared for a project at work or school. You may be uninformed in making a well-formed decision. With all eyes on you, you have this fear of having some deed brought to public attention. You fear that people will see through your true self and you will be exposed as a fraud or a phony.

    Many times, when you realize that you are naked in your dream, no one else seems to notice. Everyone else in the dream is going about their business without giving a second look at your nakedness. This implies that your fears are unfounded; no one will notice except you. You may be magnifying the situation and making an issue of nothing. On the other hand, such dreams may mean your desire (or failure) to get noticed.

    For a small percentage of you, dreaming that you are proud of your nakedness and show no embarrassment or shame, then it symbolizes your unrestricted freedom. You have nothing to hide and are proud of who you are. The dream is about a new sense of honesty, openness, and a carefree nature.

    Being Chased
    Chase dreams often stem from feelings of anxiety in your walking life. The way we respond to anxiety and pressure in real life is typically manifested as a chase dream. Running is an instinctive response to physical threats in our environment.

    Often in these dream scenarios, you are being pursued by some attacker, who wants to hurt or possibly kill you. You are running away, hiding, or trying to outwit your pursuer.

    Chase dreams may represent your way of coping with fears, stress or various situations in your waking life. Instead of confronting the situation, you are running away and avoiding it. Ask yourself who is the one chasing you and you may gain some understanding and insight on the source of your fears and pressure.

    The pursuer or attacker who is chasing you in your dream may also represent a part of yourself. Your own feelings of anger, jealousy, fear, and possibly love, can assume the appearance of threatening figure. You may be projecting these feelings onto the unknown chaser.

    Next time you have a chase dream, turn around and confront your pursuer. Ask them why they are chasin you.

    One may be consumed by their own anger, jealousy, love, or self-destructive behavior. For example, you may be drinking too much or exhibiting open hostility toward others around you. You may subconsciously be threatened by these actions which have been jeopardizing your relationships and/or career. Your dreams are a way of calling attention to these self-destructive actions.

    A more direct analysis of chase dreams is the fear of being attacked. Such dreams are more common among women than men, who may feel physically vulnerable in the urban environment. These dreams are inspired by fears of violence and sexual assault in which we are so over-exposed from the media. The violence that the media portrays magnifies our fears and how at risk we all are.

    Falling dreams are another theme that is quite common in the world of dreams. As we said earlier, contrary to a popular myth, you will not actually die if you do not wake up before your hit the ground during a fall.

    As with most common dream themes, falling is an indication of insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties. You are feeling overwhelmed and out of control in some situation in your waking life.

    This may reflect the way you feel in your relationship or in your work environment. You have lost your foothold and can not hang on or keep up with the hustle and bustle of daily life. When you fall, there is nothing that you can hold on to. You more or less are forced toward this downward motion without any control. This loss of control may parallel a waking situation in your life.

    Falling dreams also often reflect a sense of failure or inferiority in some circumstance or situation. It may be the fear of failing in your job/school, loss of status, or failure in love. You feel shameful and lack a sense of pride. You are unable to keep up with the status quo or that you don’t measure up.

    According to Freudian theory, dreams of falling indicate that you are contemplating giving into a sexual urge or impulse. You may be lacking indiscretion.

    Falling dreams typically occur during the first stage of sleep. Dreams in this stage are often accompanied by muscle spasms of the arms, legs, and the whole body. These sudden contractions, also known as myclonic jerks. Sometimes when we have these falling dreams, we feel our whole body jerk or twitch and we awaken from this jerk. It is thought that this jerking action is part of an arousal mechanism that allows the sleeper to awaken and become quickly alert and responsive to possible threats in the environment.

    According to biblical interpretations, dreams about falling have a negative overtone and suggest that man is acting and walking according to his own way of thinking and not those of the Lord.

    Taking An Exam or Test
    To dream that you are taking an exam indicates that you are being put to the test or being scrutinized in some way. Such dreams highlight your feelings of being anxious and agitated. You may find that you cannot answer any of the questions on the test or that the test is in some foreign language.

    Is time running out and you find that you can not complete the exam in the allowed time? Or are you late to the exam? Does your pencil keep breaking during the exam? Such factors contribute to you failing this test.

    These dreams usually have to do with your self- esteem and confidence or your lack of. You are worried that you are not making the grade and measuring up to other people’s expectations of you. You may also experience the fear of not being accepted, not being prepared, or not being good enough. You feel nervous, insecure and tend to believe the worst about yourself.

    These dreams also suggest that you may feel unprepared for a challenge. Rarely, are these dreams about the content of the test, but rather the process and how you are feeling during the exam taking process. Generally, you feel distressed and frustrated. These feelings may parallel how you are feeling in a particular challenge or situation in your waking like.

    Dreams of this nature are also an indication that you are being judged and this dream is a signal for you to examine an aspect of yourself that you may have been neglecting and need to pay attention to. You may harbor some guilt because of your neglect in preparation for a school exam, meeting, business project, or some challenge. Most of the time people who have such dreams are unlikely to fail a test in real life. This dream goes back to their fear and own anxiety that they may not meet other’s standards of them. They are afraid to let others down.

    Now let’s look at some specific symbols that appear in dreams and what they might mean.... most common dream images dream meaning

    Dream Types

    “I can never decide whether my dreams are a result of my thoughts, or my thoughts the result of my dreams. It is very queer. But my dreams make conclusions for me. They decide things finally. I dream a decision.”
    D. H. Lawrence

    Just as there are different types of music—classical, rock, jazz—there are different kinds of dreams. Although different types of dream can blend and merge, modern dream researchers tend to break dream types into the following categories:

    These can exaggerate certain situations or life attitudes in order to point them out sharply for the dreamer. For example, someone who is very shy may dream that they have become invisible.

    ANTICIPATING DREAMSThese are dreams that may alert us to possible outcomes in situations in our waking life; for example, passing or failing an exam.

    Such dreams evoke extremely emotional reactions, when the unconscious is urging us to relieve pent-up feelings we may feel unable to express in waking life. For example, you may find yourself bursting into tears on a packed commuter train in your dreams, or you might punch your irritating neighbor or tell your boss exactly what you think of him or her.

    In these types of dreams, the unconscious places the dreaming self in a totally different situation to the one we find ourselves in waking life. For example, if your day has been filled with unhappiness and stress due to the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship, you may dream of yourself spending a carefree, happy day by the seaside. Your unconscious may also give you personality traits that you haven’t expressed in waking life. For example, if you hate being the center of attention you may dream about being a celebrity. Such dreams are thought to provide necessary balance and may also be suggesting to you that you try incorporating some of the characteristics that your dream underlined in your waking life.

    Also known as factual dreams, daily processing dreams are dreams in which you go over and over things that happened during the day, especially those that were repetitive or forced you to concentrate for long periods; dreaming about a long journey or a tough work assignment, for example. These kinds of dreams don’t tend to be laden with meaning, and most dream theorists think of them as bits and pieces of information your brain is processing.

    Dreaming about your childhood may reflect a childhood dynamic which hasn’t been worked out yet and requires a resolution.

    It is thought that many reported sightings of ghosts are caused by false awakening, which occurs when you are actually asleep but are convinced in your dream state that you are awake. This is the kind of vivid dream in which you wake up convinced that what happened in your dream really happened.

    This is when you set your conscious mind on experiencing a particular kind of dream. For example, you may incubate a dream of a loved one by concentrating on visualizing your loved one’s face before you sleep, or you may ask for a dream to answer your problems immediately before going to sleep. The theory is that your unconscious responds to the suggestion.

    Many great works of art, music, literature have allegedly been inspired by dreams, when the unconscious brings a creative idea to the fore. For example, English poet and artist William Blake said that his work was inspired by the visions in his dreams. One night in 1816, Mary Shelley, her husband and a group of friends were challenged to write a ghost story. That night Mary Shelley dreamed of a creature that would later become the monster created by Dr Frankenstein in her yet-to-be-written novel.

    These occur when you become aware that you are dreaming when you are dreaming. It takes time and practice to stop yourself waking up, but it is possible to learn how to become a lucid dreamer and control the course of your dreams.

    When two people dream the same dream. Such dreams can be spontaneous or incubated, when two people who are close decide on a dream location together and imagine themselves meeting up before going to sleep.

    Dreams that terrify us or cause distress in some way by waking us up before the situation has resolved. Nightmares occur during REM sleep and typically arise when a person is feeling anxious or helpless in waking life. Once the dreamer has recognized what is triggering this kind of dream, and worked through any unresolved fears and anxieties, nightmares tend to cease.

    These are similar to nightmares, but because they occur in deep sleep (stage four) we rarely remember what terrified us, although we may be left with a lingering feeling of unexplained dread.

    Also known as astral travel or projection, out-of-body experiences are thought to occur at times of physical and emotional trauma. Researchers tend to dismiss the idea but those that experience such dreams say that their mind, consciousness or spirit leaves their body and travels through time and space.

    If you dream of being in a historical setting some believe this is evidence of past-life recall, although most dream theorists dismiss the existence of past-life or far-memory dreams, or genetic dreams when you assume the identity of an ancestor.

    These dreams reflect the state of your body, so, for example, if you have an upset stomach, you may dream that you are being violently sick. These dreams may highlight the progress of serious physical conditions or in some cases predict the onset of them.

    Most dream researchers dismiss these dreams but precognitive dreams are thought to predict real-life events of which the dreamer has no conscious awareness. These dreams tend to happen to people with psychic abilities. They are extremely rare but there have been many instances when people claim to have dreamt of things before they happened. For example, many people reported dreaming about 9/11 before it occurred. Other people tell of cancelling trains or flights because of a foreboding dream. There are also reports of people who dreamt the winning numbers of the lottery.

    These occur when you have gone to bed mulling over a problem and found the answer in your dreams. This could be because your unconscious has already solved the dream and sleeping on it gives your unconscious a chance to express itself. Many famous inventions were allegedly prompted by a dream. For example, Scottish engineer and inventor of the steam engine James Watt (1736- 1819) dreamed of molten metal falling from the sky in the shape of balls. This dream gave him the idea for drop cooling and ball-bearings. The model of the atom, the M9 analogue computer, the isolation of insulin in the treatment of diabetes, and, as we have seen, the sewing machine, were also ideas that sprung from inspiration in dreams.

    These are dreams that bring things we would rather not think about to our attention. They make us face an aspect of ourselves or our life that might be hindering our progress. They are often about our fears, anxieties, resentment, guilt and insecurities. For example, if you dream of yourself running around and around on the wheel of a cage unable to stop, this could suggest that in your waking life you are taking on too much and not giving yourself enough time to relax.

    Dreams that reoccur typically happen when the dreamer is worried about a situation that isn’t resolving itself in waking life. When the trigger in waking life is dealt with the dreams usually end. Recurring dreams can also occur when a person is suffering from some kind of phobia or trauma that has been repressed or not resolved. If this is the case the unconscious is urging the dreamer to consciously receive and acknowledge the issue and deal with it.

    In dreams, sex can reflect the archetypal pattern which underlies the waking sex life or may represent a hoped-for reunion with another part of ourselves into a whole.

    This is the kind of dream when someone you know appears in your dream in acute distress and you later learn that that person was experiencing a real-life crisis at the time, such as extreme unhappiness, an accident or even death. It is thought that telepathic dreams are a meeting of minds between two people who are close to each other emotionally.

    These are processing dreams that involve your senses. For example, if your mobile rings or a picture falls to the ground while you are asleep, the sound may be incorporated into your dream but appear as something else, such as a police siren or a broken window. The smell of flowers in your room may also become a garden scene in your dreams.

    These are the kind of dreams in which we quite literally live the dream; we might win the lottery, date a celebrity, ooze charisma or simply go on a long holiday. In these kinds of dreams our unconscious is trying to compensate for disappointment or dissatisfaction with our current circumstances in waking life.... dream types dream meaning

    Jung’s First Dream

    Jung himself apparently went through a difficult separation from his mother in early childhood that had repercussions for his social health later in life. Jung’s mother was said to have experienced a depressive illness at this time, which resulted in a separation of several months from Jung when he was three years old. In her absence, Jung was cared for by his aunt but he was troubled by the separation and his anxiety is reflected in the lack of maternal protectiveness in a dream he recalled from this period and published in his autobiographical Memories, Dreams, Reflections. As well as his relationship to his mother, this dream—which occurred when Jung was just three or four years old—reveals much about his family, culture and life, as well as about his relationship with his mother and father.

    ‘In the dream I was in this meadow. Suddenly I discovered a dark, rectangular, stone-lined hole in the ground. I had never seen it before. I ran forward curiously and peered down into it. Then I saw a stone stairway leading down. Hesitantly and fearfully, I descended. At the bottom was a doorway with a round arch, closed off by a green curtain. It was a big, heavy curtain of worked stuff like brocade, and it looked very sumptuous. Curious to see what might be hidden behind, I pushed it aside. I saw before me in the dim light a rectangular chamber about thirty feet long. The ceiling was arched and of hewn stone. The floor was laid with flagstones, and in the center a red carpet ran from the entrance to a low platform. On this platform stood a wonderfully rich golden throne. I am not certain, but perhaps a red cushion lay on the seat. It was a magnificent throne, a real king’s throne in a fairy tale. Something was standing on it which I thought at first was a tree trunk twelve to fifteen feet high and about one and a half to two feet thick. It was a huge thing, reaching almost to the ceiling. But it was of a curious composition: it was made of skin and naked flesh, and on top there was something like a rounded head with no face and no hair. On the very top of the head was a single eye, gazing motionlessly upward.

    It was fairly light in the room, although there were no windows and no apparent source of light. Above the head, however, was an aura of brightness. The thing did not move, yet I had the feeling that it might at any moment crawl off the throne like a worm and creep toward me. I was paralyzed with terror. At that moment I heard from outside and above me my mother’s voice. She called out, “Yes, just look at him.

    That is the man-eater!” That intensified my terror still more, and I awoke sweating and scared to death…

    Later in his life Jung wrote the following about his reaction to this childhood dream. ‘From then on I always felt mistrustful when the word “love” was spoken. The feeling I associated with “woman” was for a long time of innate unreliability. Father on the other hand meant reliability and powerlessness.’... jung’s first dream dream meaning

    Ancestors / Extended Family

    Dreams that feature your ancestors in some way indicate the web of cultural and family influences from which your personality has arisen.

    If a particular ancestor is highlighted, then you need to explore your personal associations with that person. For example, your great-aunt could have been renowned for her psychic abilities, so a dream about her might represent that intuitive tendency in you. Family scenes in your dream may represent feelings of security and unity, or a desire for this in your waking life. The appearance of your whole family together in a dream can indicate that you are yearning for the security and togetherness of childhood and home. On the other hand, if you dream that you see your family but are not present among them or are ignored by them, perhaps you feel emotionally distant from them at present. The appearance or mention of your family name in dreamland calls attention to your heritage or family situation.

    If family planning is a feature of your dream, this suggests the need to take responsibility for your future. A family room suggests congeniality. Members of the extended family (such as cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews) usually appear in a dream as an aspect of yourself relevant to the person you dreamed about. For example, if your cousin is shy in waking life, his appearance in a dream may refer to the inhibited part of yourself.

    To dream of a family tree may indicate your true spiritual heritage, providing you with a record of your origins and your place in the overall scheme of things; alternatively, if you believe in reincarnation, particularly genetic reincarnation, it may represent your own past lives.

    If you are finding it difficult to analyze the meaning of your dream, it may be that your unconscious has cast a feminine or masculine archetype in the role of the relation. To determine if this is the case, ask yourself if your dream uncle has more in common with the archetypal wise old man than your father’s brother, or if your dream niece has more in common with the archetypal amazon or huntress.... ancestors / extended family dream meaning

    Be A Dream Explorer

    From time immemorial, people have used dreams in ways that benefited their waking lives. The more you learn to interact with your dream world, the more you integrate your total personality. Truly, this is a realm of magic and mystery, but one well worth exploring. Those who go fearlessly into the caverns of the night can return with untold treasure—and, intrepid explorers all, discover new territory in the vast, as-yet-unexplored continent of the human mind.... be a dream explorer dream meaning

    Why Do We Dream? Physiology Of Dreams

    “Everything serious comes to us at night.”

    What happens when we sleep?

    Why do we sleep? The answer is not as simple as it seems. We sleep so that our body can rest, we think at first. However, science has not been able to prove concretely that sleep is necessary for physical recuperation of the body. Experiments performed on rats have proven that when deprived of sleep, these animals die.

    But human nature is not as simple as that of rats. Everyone knows people who barely sleep. The most extreme case, published in some scientific magazines, is that of a man who claims not to have slept since contracting a serious illness. In a similar vein, some individuals with a highly developed spirituality are able to remain conscious all night. We’re not referring to a student during exam time drinking coffee or taking stimulants to stay awake more than twenty-four hours straight. We’re talking about people who can achieve advanced levels of relaxation through deep meditation.

    It is known that anxiety and lack of concentration increase considerably after a night or two without sleep. One theory related to sleep affirms that we sleep to conserve energy. However, another suggests that we rest to conserve our food stores, since when we lose consciousness, we repress the hunger mechanism.

    How much do we sleep?

    Sleep at different ages

    In the course of his life, a person has, on average, 300,000 dreams. As we age, both the time we spend sleeping and the time we spend dreaming decrease gradually.

    Newborns sleep almost all day, alternating hours of sleep with short spells of wakefulness. By one year of age, they sleep fewer sessions but for longer in total: they have cycles of 90 minutes of sleep followed by another 90 minutes of waking time. Gradually, the child will sleep more at night and less during the day. By 9 years of age, most need between 9 and 12 hours of sleep a day.

    The average for an adult is between 7 and 8.5 hours. But after age 70, we return to the sleep phases of childhood and sleep fewer hours continuously.

    There are arguments that even claim we have slept since ancient times in order to appear a less tasty snack for nocturnal predators (when we sleep, our body looks like a corpse).

    There are theories to suit everyone, but we shouldn’t forget the fundamental: for almost all of us, sleeping is a relaxing and pleasant experience that lasts between six and eight hours each night, an experience that is utterly necessary to “recharge the batteries” of our bodies.

    It’s no coincidence that we choose nighttime to sleep. In the darkness our vision is reduced, the world becomes strange, and as a result, our imagination runs wild. Our minds remain occupied with images (that is, dreams). At night, our eyes don’t work, but we have a need to create images. If for some reason we are deprived of sleep, the following nights our dream production increases, since we spend more time in the REM phase (the period of sleep when oneiric thoughts are most active). Therefore it seems evident that we need dreams to live.

    Some ancient civilizations believed that dreaming served, more than anything, to be able to dream. They were convinced that oneiric activity wasn’t the result of sleeping, but rather the reason for it. Some scientists, however, don’t share the theories of our ancestors when it comes to the reason behind our dreams.

    There is a scientific school of thought that asserts that oneiric thoughts are simply a neurophysiological activity that comes with sleep. According to this theory, when we sleep we generate spontaneous signals that stimulate the sensory channels in the mind. The brain transforms these signals into visual im