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If one acts irrationally in a dream, it means that he will act with disgrace, stupidity or shamelessness in real life. Being irrational in a dream and intentionally using violent or insulting words, and acting deliberately in an evil way means despair of God’s mercy. It also means refuting or opposing something.

It is also interpreted to mean attending to one’s prayers without the ritual ablution. Irrationality in a dream also may mean insolent behavior, or ill speaking ofpeoples, honor or chastity.

(Also see Insanity; Mental derangement)

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Irrationality | Dream Interpretation

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(See Irrationality)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


(See Insanity; Irrationality; Mental derangement)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


(Craziness; Excitement; Madman; Mental derangement) In a dream, insanity or any of the above conditions represent prosperity, merit and prestige. Insanity in a dream also indicates desiring the world, festivities, or social fun for one who seeks such connections.

If one acts irrationally as a consequence of something that affected his life in a dream, it denotes profits he earns from usury. Seeing oneself extremely happy and excited in a dream means entering paradise. In general, insanity represents profits equal to the degree of one’s irrational behavior in his dream. How mad is he in his dream may indicate how rich he will become. However, such profits will be spent in sinful ways and in the company of an evil companion. Insanity in a dream also can be interpreted as receiving an inheritance.

The madness of one’s son in a dream represents the father’s benefits.

The madness of a woman in a dream represents a good harvest for that year. Insanity in a dream is also interpreted as being madly in love. It also could signify suffering from harsh beating, or perhaps it could mean offering good deeds without anticipating any reward.

(Also see Irrationality; Mental derangement; Mental hospital)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Atom Bomb

also see .\uclear Explosion

1- Where anxiety regarding the external world is experienced, the dreamer may need to be aware that the end of a particular way of life is imminent in an especially dramatic fashion. Often there is a sense of an explosion of destructive energy before everything must be rebuilt.

2- There is a fear of irrationality and of power which could be used wrongly.

An atom bomb is a deliberately engineered explosion designed to be destructive.

The dreamer may feel that someone else may destroy and nullify his carefully constructed life.

3- We have become aware of the uncontrollable forces of life and the unconscious.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Atom Bomb

Psychological / emotional perspective: There is a fear of irrationality and of power that could be used wrongly.

An atom bomb is a deliberately engineered explosion designed to be destructive. We may feel that someone else may destroy and nullify our carefully constructed life.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


Studies have verified that some individuals have premonitory dreams, many of them about disasters or accidents; despite this fact, our oneiric activity is often an expression of our fears and secret anxieties. Therefore, dreams that portray accidents must not necessarily be taken literally because they tend to highlight a conflict in which we are immersed. So, if you are victim of an accident maybe there is something in real life that is not going well or you are taking too much risk. Sometimes it is necessary to review your existence and try to avoid making mistakes. When it is a car or train accident, the incident indicates that your judgments are precipitated, which may portend future arguments. But if you dream of a plane crash, the unconscious is transmitting a clear symbol of irrationality (the dreamer refuses to see reality as it is).

If you are driving at high speed, maybe the dream is telling you to take everything more calmly and to avoid rushing. When the accident victim is someone else, you must find the answer in your feelings. Perhaps, the envy or hatred you feel for that person can only find an outlet in your dreams. In the case of a home accident, the conflict is not far from the everyday environment of the person. Lastly, disasters caused by natural elements, such as fire or water (fires, floods, earthquakes), are usually related to a fact that has recently impacted us.

It is recommended to be cautious for twenty-four hours following this dream. According to some oneiric traditions, accidents in the sea represent matters of love. On land, they symbolize business problems. Witnessing an accident denotes cowardice; helping the injured, betrayal of a friend. According to gypsy tradition, this dream is a warning so the accident can be prevented.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


A symbolic figure incarnated by the mermaid. The myth of sirens is one of the oldest, as already in ancient Greece there existed stories about them. They represent the feminine side of the mind and evidence the mystery that surrounds the human psyche. Sirens bring secret wisdom from the depths of the subconscious (the sea).

If a man has this dream, he may be afraid of his femininity or of his dark thoughts. For a woman it manifest the doubts about the nature of her own sex. Further, thanks to the seduction that a siren’s song exercises over masculine energy, it represent the temptations or passionate desires.

Dreaming of the siren’s song foretells possible deceit in love.

Mythology offers many figures that are part human, part animal. The major part includes the conscious mind; the minor part, the primitivism and irrationality that the conscience needs. Originally, these symbols were conceived to demonstrate that human nature and animals are inseparable.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


To see raw meat in your dream refers to solid basics and highly nourishing elements. To see cooked meat in your dream may suggest that you will see others obtain the object for which you have been striving. To dream that you are eating meat signifies that you are getting to the heart of the matter. Consider also whether you have been chewing over a meaty or substantial piece of information in your waking life.

If beef figured in your dream, are you in a stew, or troubled by something? Alternatively, if you carved the meat, even though you may be a vegetarian, could you be yearning to savor the sins of the flesh?

And if you relished the taste of a dream curry, do you long to spice up your life?

Meat and potatoes in your dream suggest a preference for the basics or bare essentials of an issue. Meatballs indicate irrationality or the times when you lose your reason. A meat loaf represents the combining of basic ideas or elements. A meat packing house illustrates the quality of the fundamental concepts or basic ideas that you have digested. Recall the condition of the factory; was it clean, or were there rodents and bugs? Consider also the type of meat you eat.

If you are eating dream beef this may warn you against the ready acceptance of new (raw) ideas. Chicken points to a lack of faith or confidence in oneself.

If you are eating lamb, do you long for spiritual sustenance? To dream that you are eating ham signifies over-emotionalism, dramatics and theatrics.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia