Invincible Barrier | Dream Meaning

The keywords of this dream: Invincible Barrier

4 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


1. Severely limiting obstacles, often in life or circumstances.

2. Feelings of territory or a need or desire for boundaries, usually protective.

3. Possible emotional block, usually for protective reasons. ... barrier dream meaning

Barrier (railroad Or Border Crossing)

Vision: Looking at a barrier: many obstacles are ahead.

If something is stopping you, think about what it might be and make sure that you’re on the right path.

If the barrier is open: obstacles are in your way and they could turn into a serious problem.

If the barrier is down: problems can easily be overcome.... barrier (railroad or border crossing) dream meaning

Barrier, Obstacle

Vision: Dreaming about a barrier of any kind that is stopping you: unconscious scruples or inhibitions are keeping you from finishing a ccrtain projcct.

It is not that others are keeping you from it; you yourself are responsible for the situation! However, jumping a barrier means that you will overcome hurdles in real life. Standing in front a very tall barrier: a hint that you need to reexamine your plans—you’ve been too optimistic and idealistic; or you overestimated the situation. See Wood.

Depth Psychology: A barrier stands for inhibitions or hurdles that vou need to get over soon. Or are you protecting yourself against impending changes and/or people?... barrier, obstacle dream meaning

Sound Barrier

To dream of breaking the sound barrier is a good omen. You are achieving positive changes in your life, including emotional growth and self-expression.... sound barrier dream meaning