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Self-empowerment or self-protection (or a desire for it).

The experience of your “true” state of being, without limiting beliefs or self-judgments.

Being invincible against harmful people can represent: not letting others’ judgments or negativity “get to you” in real life; a feeling or fear of too many demands on you (or on your time, energy, autonomy, privacy, etc.) See also: Powers; Superhero

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(Distinguished) In a dream, a horn means strength and invincibility. Having a horn in a dream means conquering one’s enemy.

If one sees a ruler having two horns in a dream, it means that such a ruler will control interests throughout the East and the West. Ahorn in a dream also represents a relative from whom one can draw benefits.

If one grows two animal horns in a dream, it means that he will die from grief and coercion.

A horn in a dream also represents a century, years, weapons, money, children, or the reason behind one’s pride or his distinguished look.

(Also see Trumpet)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


(see Herbs, Oak)

Invincibility. Teutonic warriors carried mistletoe into battle as protective amulets.

Setting aside bad feelings out of respect for a common belief or need. In Scandinavian regions, warring groups who met underneath this plant put away their ireapons for the day.

Among Druids, a plant that heals all wounds and protects the bearer. What is it in your life that needs healing}

Romantic advances.

A favored holiday tradition is to kiss anyone caught beneath the mistletoe.

A dream key to unlocking a specific door in your life.

The German philosopher and theologian Albertus Magnus recommended this plant as a magical key that could open anv locked door, including doors to the hidden realms of the earth.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


Special powers or superpowers can represent having or desiring: Power.





Freedom or autonomy.

The experience of your “true” potential state of being (such as living without limiting beliefs or self-judgments).

For more clues, consider the type of power.

For example, the power of invisibility could represent a desire to know or understand, or to “disappear from” a responsibility.

Invincibility against harm can represent your ability to not let other people’s judgments or negativity influences “get to you” in real life.

Someone else having special powers can represent a feeling or fear of them having power over you, harming, or manipulating you.

See also: Witch; Disappearing; Future; Paranormal; Healer; Hypnosis; Invincibility; Muscle; Superhero... The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


An issue of safety (physical, emotional, mental, financial, etc.).

Protection against a real or perceived threat or undesired situation (such as invasion of your personal boundaries, abandonment, etc.).

A desire to feel safe, protected, or reassured somehow in your life, or someone or something that helps you feel that way.

Stability, or a desire for it (people and things you can count on, rules that don’t change, financial security, etc.).

Consider the context, motivations, and your feelings about the security.

See also: Police; Safe or Vault; Privacy; Protected, Being; Protecting; Armor or Shield; Lock; Invincibility; Fort... The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary



Hidden or unknown.

“Other worldly” or detached from reality.

A desire to escape reality or take a break.

The environment of your inner life at the time of the dream (for example, clear water might represent mental clarity, or murky water might represent confusion).

Acting or thriving outside your comfort zone (since water is outside of a human’s usual air-based environment).

Being able to breath underwater can represent: an ability to thrive in a challenging environment; a feeling of invincibility, power, uniqueness, or specialness (or a desire for such).

Panicking underwater can represent a feeling or fear of overwhelm, losing control, or mental or emotional smothering.

See also: Swimming; Diving; Water; Water, Body of; Flood; Drowning... The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


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