The meaning of the symbols of introducing and frinds seen in a dream.

Introducing with frinds

What does the symbols of introducing and frinds mean in a dream?

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1- Because a canal is a man-made structure, a dream about a canal usually indicates that we arc inclined to be rigid insofar as the control of our emotions is concerned. We may be introducing too much structure into our lives at the expense of our creativity.

2- We need to structure our knowledge of ourselves to create a workable system.

3- Structure, definition, rigid belief.... canal dream meaning

Call To Prayers

(Azan; Muezzin) Hearing the call to prayers in a dream denotes the pilgrimage season or announces its holy months. It also may indicate backbiting, a theft, announcing a major move or blowing the trumpets of war, or it could denote rank and honor or obeyed commands of the one seeing the dream, or perhaps announcing a wife for an unmarried man, and it could mean telling the truth. Hearing the call to prayers in a language other than the Arabic in which it was revealed in a dream means lies and backbiting.

If one sees a woman calling to prayers, standing on the top of a minaret in a dream, it means innovation and trials.

If children give the call to prayers in a dream, it means that people filled with ignorance will rule the land. This is particularly true when the call is made outside the proper time.

If a suitable person sees himself adequately calling to prayers in a dream, it means that he will be appointed to govern a land which is as vast as his voice can reach in the dream.

If one does not fit the conditions of ruling, then it means that his enemies will increase in number. Ifhe is a merchant, it means that his business will grow. Hearing the call to prayers in a dream also may represent invocations, supplications and good prayers. Ifone sees himselfcalling to prayers from inside a well in a dream, it means that he will call people from another land to walk the path of God Almighty, to follow the jurisprudence He made obligatory upon humanity, and to adopt the divine laws as their way of life and religion.

If calling from inside a well is done from within a Muslim country in the dream, it means that he is a spy or an innovator who is introducing changes to God’s laws.

If one sees himselfcalling to prayers from the top of the Scared House ofKa’aba in a dream, it means that he is an innovator.

If he calls to prayers while laying down in his bed in a dream, it means that his wife is backbiting and slandering the neighbors.

If he makes the call at the door of a king in a dream, it means that he will testify to the truth in a court of justice.

If one’s call is made while travelling in a caravan or in a marketplace in a dream, it means that he will expose a band of thieves.

If he makes the call to prayers from inside a ruin in a dream, it means that such a place will be rebuilt and people will live in it.

If one sees himself calling to prayer from inside a bathhouse or while under the shower in a dream, it means that he will suffer from a fever.

If he sees himself calling and no one is answering his call in a dream, it means that he belongs to the company of unjust people.

If he calls with a beautiful voice and the people hearken to his call in the dream, it means that he is seeking the approval of people in authority.

If he sees himself calling to prayer while being naked, it represents his recklessness and contempt about his own religion. Calling to prayer standing on a pile of trash in a dream means calling a stupid person to makepeace but to no avail. Hearing the call to prayers given inside a marketplace means the death of one of the merchants.... call to prayers dream meaning

Physical Paralysis

Paralysis in a dream means corruption in one’s religious life, or introducing innovations to one’s religion and suffering the consequences of playing with God’s words.

(Also see Paralysis; Physical fitness)... physical paralysis dream meaning


Aggression; the desire to suckle the breast hidden un- der aggression—this applies to women as equally as men.

The following example shows another aspect of bite: I had to get a large spider into a small dwelling. At one point it was like trying to get the spider into a narrow necked bottle, the spider was unwilling, and bit my finger. I was worried the bite might be poisonous, but it seemed all right’ (Alan P).

The large spider, small dwelling and finger refer to sexual inter­course. Alan feels fear of introducing his finger into the bottle because he might be bitten. So here the bite refers to the injection of fearful emotions, unwillingness, into his sexual impulse.

The spider often refers to the mother, and in fact Alan’s mother made him fearful of sex. So the bite is clearly to do with feeling attacked by anxieties or one’s urges. ... bite dream meaning

Opponent / Oppose

An opponent in dreams, from a spiritual perspective, is that part of us that is not co-operating in the grand scheme of things and is, therefore, introducing an element of negativity.

It is also, as we become more aware, negative elements, which we may be required to confront and overcome, or at worst understand, before there can be progress.... opponent / oppose dream meaning


A vaccine protects from certain diseases by introducing a small and manageable amount of the infectious agent into the system, creating an immune response that is ultimately protective. In this way, the sensibility being expressed by a vaccine connects to moving toward something in order to build up an ability to tolerate it. In a dream, this symbol suggests that your fears would be best conquered by facing them a little at a time.... vaccine dream meaning

Religious Imagery

1- Dreams have a way of introducing or rather reintroducing us to truths which we have long known to be.

If spirituality is taken to be an inner truth, and religion as that which links us back to source, then it must be the case that religious imagery partly assists in that function of recognition. Using images that cannot be interpreted successfully in any other way reinforces the idea of spirituality being something separate in us. Because the images are so specific they may be startling.

2- When the individual, through deliberate or spontaneous neglect, denies himself access to the store of religious imagery in waking life, dreams will often react to this lack and try to compensate by jolting the dreamer back into an awareness of his inner spirit. In today’s society it is very easy to fasten on the hypocritical aspects of religion and to acccpt that hypocrisy.

It is also easy to make the assumption that the outward forms of religion often deny the existence of a true inner reality. This rejection can be valid, since it is not until the individual accepts responsibility for his own existence that true spirituality emerges.

If spirituality the inner truth that we all hold is neglected, it will not go away: it will simply reappear in its negative and terrifying form. In waking life the closest image we have to that is the Devil (see Devil), or the more vengeful Indian gods. Our own personalised demons can be more frightening than those.

3- If we are prepared to accept that each truth will have its own personal slant, and that we must get back to the basic truth, all dreams can be interpreted from a spiritual point of view. This is especially true of religious imagery. Most interpretations have had to be stated in general terms and are given here only as guidelines. When the reader can throw away the book and say that the interpretations are not valid, then he will have taken on personal responsibility.

Angel In spiritual terms the angel symbolises pure being and freedom from earthly matters.

Angels tend to be androgynous, and arc not recognised either as male or female. There is a hierarchy of angels; 1) Angels (the realm closest to the physical), 2) Cherubim and 3) Seraphim. As more people are seeking spirituality; there are those who have become more aware of the angel form, particularly in dreams.

It is vital that the dreamer is able to differentiate between the personalised aspect of the Higher Self, and the angelic form, since they arc similar but different. Dark angels are reputed to be those angelic beings who have not yet totally rejected the ego or earthly passions. When this image appears in a dream, we are being alerted to a spiritual transgression, which often has already happened. Warning angels usually symbolise what should not be clone. Buddha (also see individual entry) The figure of Buddha appearing in dreams highlights the necessity to be aware of the Qualities of Being which Buddha taught. It links us to the power of renunciation and of suffering, but in the sense that experience of suffering is valid. Ceremony/Ritual (also see individual entries) Ceremony and ritual are all part of the heightening of awareness which occurs on the path to spirituality. In dream ceremony the images are even more vivid.

Christ appearing in dreams epitomises the recognition of the ability to reconcile the physical and the spiritual, God and Man. He personifies Perfect Man, a state to which we all aspire. Appearing on the cross he signifies redemption through suffering. We do not need to be crucified physically to suffer.

The ideal Christ is that part of ourselves which is prepared to take on our portion of the sufferings in the world by- working within the world.

The anarchic Christ is the part of us whose love and lust for life permit us to break through all known barriers.

The Cosmic Christ is the part that is prepared to take on Cosmic Responsibility that is, to be connected with the Universal Truth. While these aspects have been spoken of in Christian terms, obviously they- are also present in all religious figures. Church, chapel, temple (also see Church Buildings) We all are aware of our need for sanctuary from the batterings of the everyday world. Within the church we / are free to form a relationship with our own personal God. In dreams we may also have the realisation that our body is our temple. Church or Religious Music These sounds, dedicated to the perception of God that one has. are sacred sounds and are a way of expanding the spirit. Crucifixion images in a dream link with the human being’s need to sacrifice himself through passion and through pain. Devil (also see individual entry) In dreams the Devil represents temptation. This often arises from the repressed sexual drives which demand attention. It may also signify the Shadow (see Introduction). Ghosts (also see individual entry) Independent forces within, which arc separate from the individual’s will. It will depend on the dreamer’s belief as to whether lie accepts the appearance of ghosts as psychological or spiritual apparitions. Gods/Goddesses (also see individual entries) We are each given the opportunity to make real our fullest potential. In doing so, we must undertake an exploration and possibly a confrontation of our perception of gods and goddesses.

Hell is a state of being where nothing is ever as it seems and could be thought of as continually existing in a state of negative illusion. Reputedly it is a state of Spiritual Agony where one’s worst dreams are fulfilled. Heaven is a state of being where the energy is of such a high frequency that there is no suffering. In dreams it appears when the individual is transmuting his awareness into dimensions other than the physical.

It is reputedly a placc where bliss exists.

It is also known as Nirvana and Samadhi. Holy Communion The belief that Christ’s body was transmuted into heavenly food symbolised by the Last Supper appears in dreams as the intake of spiritual food. Holy Communion represents a sacred sharing. Icon (also see individual entry) An icon is a representation of a religious figure or concept. It can, through usage, become revered as a holy object in its own right. Incense (also see individual entry) Incense is an offering to the gods and a physical form of prayer through perfume and smoke. Initiation takes place when some barrier is transcended to enable us to have access to other ways of being.

Mary, the Mother of God/Virgin Mother flic symbolism of Mary, both as the maiden and as the mother, is a potent one. She epitomises all that is woman, and all that is holy Moses often appears in dreams as the holy figure who will lead us out of difficulty.

Old and New Testaments or all religious books A resource and a repository for knowledge is available in dream imagary this will often appear as books. Priest/Prophet A conflict between the present and the future.

A Religious Service is the act of worship which is used to bring people together.

It is recognised in dreams, perhaps as an act of integration of the whole self, and as an illustration that the whole is greater than the parts. Third Eye This is the developed clairvoyant perceptiveness that comes with spiritual development.

It is the Third Eye of Buddha and symbolises unity and balance. In no case does it represent a physical quality, though it is thought to link with the pineal gland.... religious imagery dream meaning

Radiation / Radiation Sickness

To dream about radiation, or to see others become sick from radiation in your dream, suggests that you need to get rid of something in your life that is causing you much sickness, stress or negativity. This dream may also signal a part of yourself that needs to be healed, either physically or mentally. Perhaps you are indulging in too much self-pity, and need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. However, if you dreamed that you became sick from radiation, this is a warning that you are introducing something into your life that is harmful to your well-being. This may be feelings of bitterness, jealousy or other bad feelings that are consuming you. Or, it could symbolize a person you have started to spend time with, who is very bad for you.... radiation / radiation sickness dream meaning

Circular Movement

(1) If in the dream you are moving round a central object, this may mean you are becoming aware - or are being asked to become aware - of your true self. Plotinus, a third-century mystic and philosopher, wrote: The soul will therefore move around the centre, that is, around the principle from which she proceeds; and, tending towards it, she will attach herself to it, as indeed all souls should do.’ The centre, for Plotinus, is both self and God, but names do not matter; the main thing is to envisage the centre as holding the secret of your ‘destiny5 - your personal ground-plan.

(2) Going round in circles (without a centre) means not achieving anything. The important thing is to ask yourself why. The answer is almost certainly that you have been ‘barking up the wrong tree5, and the reason for this is almost certainly that your self-image is not an accurate one and needs correction or amplification.

(3) The circle may be a Vicious circle5, signifying that you are (or feel) trapped in a situation that can only get worse. However, this is not true; you can always break the seemingly inevitable chain of cause and effect by introducing a new cause, a new source of energy - derived from the unconscious.... circular movement dream meaning


(1) A man’s dream of a woman may simply express sexual desire (but see (4) below). Recurring pornographic dream-encounters may mean the dreamer’s feelings - including his moral feelings - are still at a primitive level of development.

(2) The woman may be, or represent your mother, in which case you need to pay attention to the way you react to her in the dream, or what she says.

If the woman has a negative ‘feel’, remember that loosening strong emotional ties to your mother may be a precondition for establishing your own identity.

(3) For a man, a woman may represent your anima, the (unconscious) feminine side of your personality. In this case the woman may be either friendly or threatening, which means that your anima is either introducing you to the hitherto neglected parts of yourself, or trying to lead you astray from your true ‘destiny5. The threatening anima may be represented by a femme fatale, an alluring but dangerous siren.

(4) If the woman in a man’s dream is a real-life acquaintance and the dream-encounter is erotic, the significance may be as in (1) above; or the woman may be a projection of your repressed anima, in which case the message is probably that what you ought to be relating to in real life is your own anima, not the woman.

See also Wise Old Man / Woman.... woman dream meaning


The idea of someone introducing something into your personal space or consciousness (such as animosity, criticism, or their own belief).

Direct or quick action (such as to correct a problem).

A particular health care experience, or receiving assistance in general.

Receiving a beneficial injection (with your permission) could represent strengthening or improving yourself, or protecting yourself from a future threat.

An injection against your will could be an indicator of a Toxic Dream, or it could represent a feeling or fear of someone forcing their opinions or expectations onto you, or “injecting” themselves into your life or consciousness somehow.

Consider the context and purpose of the injection, and your feelings about it.

See also: Vaccine; IV; Invading; Invaded, Being; Vein; Blood; Doctor; Sharp... injection dream meaning

The Anima And The Animus

A part of our persona is the role of male or female we must play. For most people, that gender role is determined by their physical sex. But Jung, like Freud and Adler and others, felt that we are all really bisexual in nature. When we begin our lives in the womb, we have undifferentiated sex organs that only gradually become male or female, under the influence of hormones. Likewise, when we begin our social lives as infants, we are neither male nor female in the social sense until society molds us into men or women.

In all societies, the expectations placed on men and women differ, but in our society today, we have many remnants of traditional expectations. Women are still expected to be homemakers and nurturers; men are still expected to be strong breadwinners. But Jung felt these expectations meant that we had developed only half of our potential.

The anima is the unconscious female aspect present in the collective unconscious of men, and the animus is the unconscious male aspect present in the collective unconscious of women. The function of the anima / animus is to help the dreamer establish a good working relationship with his or her male / female counterpart. This is an important step in the development of the personality.

The anima or animus is the archetype through which you communicate with the collective unconscious generally, and it is important to get into touch with it. It is also the archetype that some researchers believe guides our choice of partner. We are, as suggested by an ancient Greek myth popularized by Plato in the Symposium, always looking for our other half—the half that the Gods took from us—in members of the opposite sex. When we fall in love at first sight, then we have found someone that ‘fills’ our anima or animus archetype particularly well!

If someone of the opposite sex played a leading role in your dreams or aroused feelings of deep yearning, attraction and fascination, then your dreaming self has witnessed the appearance of the anima / animus, the opposite of your conscious personality. This is why if you are an indecisive, shy man your animus may take the form of a party-loving woman who is resolute—or if you are a cautious, rational female your anima may take the form of a spontaneous, passionate man. The anima / animus may be either positive or negative and both can be symbolized by people you know or don’t know in waking life, as well as mythical, symbolic, and legendary characters, or by objects that somehow represent the masculine or feminine to you.

Typically, the anima is personified as a single figure image; for example, a young girl, a witch, or an earth mother. It is likely to be associated with deep emotionality and the force of life itself. The animus may be a plurality of figures, for example a band of robbers or a council passing judgment, although it is also often personified as a wise old man. It is likely to be presented as logical, rationalistic, and judgmental.

By introducing the anima / animus, your unconscious is urging you to seek balance and compensate for those attitudes or behaviors that dominate your thinking and being in waking life. Heeding the promptings of your anima / animus can help you become a more content and rounded personality, and perhaps strengthen your relationships with the opposite sex... the anima and the animus dream meaning


lucky numbers: 16-27-34-40-44-45

being told a: a tremendous burden you may not want.

whispered in ear: public dignity to be bestowed on you.

betraying a: divine punishment on your malicious gossip, results wil be the same.

children keeping, from parents: a prompt engagement of friendly inquiry is required.

couples, each other: diligence without truth cannot equal love.

communicating a: don’t expect your own secrets to be kept.

friends telling you a: intrigue among people you trust is stil intrigue.

having a: everyone knows the secret you think you are hiding.

among themselves: introducing friends al ows them to unite against you.

telling a: if of another, your secrets are not safe either. ... secrets dream meaning