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A serious disturbance in marital relations or a broken love affair is indicated in a dream of being interrupted while working or speaking.

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This dream is related to some type of frustration or deception that you suffer in real life. You must analyze the context and elements that appear in the dream to interpret it correctly.

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Dreams of an interruption reflect the way you handle distractions. Perhaps you are venting your frustration at the circumstances in your life that vie for your attention. See ADD.

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The keywords of this dream: Interruption

The Interruption

In this dream, you are making love and somebody, perhaps your boss or your friend or someone you don’t know, interrupts you and speaks to you as if you are not in the middle of sex and you have a conversation. This kind of dream suggests that there are outside forces intruding on your relationship and spoiling moments of passion or intimacy. These forces could be anything from financial worries to pressures at work or the demands of young children. Such a dream could also suggest sexual inhibitions or insecurities.... The Element Encyclopedia


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