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To dream of coming into the possession of your income, denotes that you may deceive some one and cause trouble to your family and friends.

To dream that some of your family inherits an income, predicts success for you.

For a woman to dream of losing her income, signifies disappointments in life.

To dream that your income is insufficient to support you, denotes trouble to relatives or friends.

To dream of a portion of your income remaining, signifies that you will be very successful for a short time, but you may expect more than you receive. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Chicken Feed

A small or insufficient amount of money... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited


İnsufficient amounts; see “food”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited


A state of insufficient spiritual nourishment; see “food”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited


An insufficient amount; see “food”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited


İnsufficient, minute power... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Used to subsidize that which is lacking, i.E. Cornstarch is a monetary replacement for insufficient funds... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited


(Insufficient; Scarce) Having little of something after having abundance of it in a dream represents unlawful earnings, or money earned from usury, or it could denote heavy financial obligations, or liabilities. However, having little of something in a dream also could signify having plenty of it.

(Also see Famine)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


See Monster / Mythological Creature, Bat. Guilt feelings, and the sense of being sucked dry. These dreams often appear during depression.

The vampire image points to insufficient boundaries toward the world of shadows.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia

Ram - Computer Memory

Insufficient RAM in your personal computer in a dream may signal that you have forgotten something important. It may reflect absentmindedness or forgetful- ness.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream


To dream of a baby represents virtue, comfort, and starting over. Babies embody all aspects of your personality and character that are untainted and chaste.

If you find a baby in your dream, this indicates that you possess the ability to discover suppressed attributes and talents within yourself.

If you dream that you forgot you had a baby, then it implies your desire to conceal aspects of your life that you believe others will perceive as inadequate or insufficient.

If you dream that you are on your way to the hospital to have a baby, then it represents your need for comfort and nurturing. You rely on others to help you achieve your goals. It’s also possible that you want to avoid an obligation.

If you are pregnant, then this dream may represent your fears of not receiving adequate care when you are ready to give birth.

To dream of crying babies foretells of misfortunes, possible sicknesses, and hardships to come.

A bright, clean baby indicates that your life will be blessed with close relationships.

If a woman dreams she is nursing a baby this can indicate that someone very close to her will betray her confidence.

If your baby is sick with a fever in the dream, then this implies emotional distress.

To dream about a starving baby suggests that you are reliant on other people. You are lacking some aspect that must be satisfied urgently.

To see a dead baby in your dream indicates that some attribute or feature that you possess no longer exists.

To dream of an extremely small baby indicates that you are hesitant to allow others to see your true feelings and emotions. You don’t want them to know that you need assistance, and so you tackle a problem independently.

To dream that you are dipping a baby in and out of water implies that you wish that you didn’t have to face such burdening obligations. It reverts your subconscious back to the warm and tender time spent in the womb before birth. This dream may be representative of your desire to seek for a place of solace and relief.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis


To dream that you are in school indicates that you sill harbor unsettled feelings and emotions about your youth. You may feel insufficient and unable to perform a task to the best of your ability. You may be experiencing some sort of divine revelation.

If you are still in school and you dream about school, then this can simply be a reflection of your experiences. In addition, a dream that takes place in school may represent morals that you have been taught throughout your life. *See Teacher... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis


A dream of opposite import.

If it was comfortably large, it indicates a period of preoccupation with financial problems; but if it was low or insufficient in your dream, you can expect an increase or a relief from some financial burden.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams

Air-sea Rescue

(see also Sea) (1) The sea may represent your mother.

If you need to assert your independence from your mother, therefore, the dream may mean that rescue is at hand - rescue from the possessive psychological grip of your mother. See also Mother.

(2) The sea may represent the feminine in genera]. In this case your dream may be drawing your attention to (the need for) some remedy for an imbalance in your psyche caused, for example, by insufficient assertiveness. See also Woman; and see pages 46-49 on anima / animus.

(3) The sea may be a symbol of the unconscious. In this case, the aircraft in the dream may symbolize reason rescuing you from a hitherto uncontrolled sea of emotions - uncontrolled because unrecognized and repressed.

NB To be ‘rescued from the unconscious’ means only to put an end to a situation in which vour life is being determined and shaped by forces outside vour control (a situation symbolized bv drowning). It does not mean that the unconscious is itself a negative, harmful thing. On the contrary, it is vour unconscious that is telling vou - in the dream - that something has gone wrong in your life and what you must do to put vour house in order.

(4) For Jung the first stage of the individuation process is the establishing of the person’s individual ego-identity, and this involves a struggle of consciousness to lift itself out of the all-encompassing darkness of unconscious existence. See also Drowning.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) If the body is your own and clothed, it almost certainly represents your ego, your conscious self.

(2) If it is yours and unclothed, the meaning will usually be determined either by the context, that is, the situation in the dream; by what, if anything, you are doing with your body; or by what, in the dream, you are feeling. For example, if you are exposing your private parts to members of the opposite sex, this may signify a desire for sexual relationships; or, if you feel embarrassed at being ‘on view’, it may signify a fear of the other sex.

If there are no sexual connotations, nudity may represent (a feeling of) vulnerability. See also Nudity.

(3) If it is someone clse’s body, the chances are that it represents some (hidden) part of yourself.

If the body is of the opposite sex from you, it may represent vour soul, your anima or animus (see Brother / Sister, sections (4)-(6)).

harbouring (unconscious) hostile feelings towards someone, or that you are anxious about death. See also Dead / Death.

(5) For parts of the body see particular entries: for example, Abdomen, Head. Generally speaking, the lower half of the trunk symbolizes sexuality, instincts or the unconscious. The chest may symbolize emotions; but female breasts may also represent sexuality or motherhood, or mother. The head may represent intellect, rational - as disdnet from intuitive - thinking.

If only one of these parts of the body appears in a dream, the meaning may be either that you need to give much more attention and much more scope to that part and the functions associated with it, or that you are currently giving attention and scope exclusively to that part, at the expense of other parts of your psyche. For example, if the head appears on its own, the meaning may be that you are too exclusively intellectual and are giving insufficient expression to your deep needs, feelings or instincts.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


To see fruit in your dream most often points to the nourishing and beneficial effects of using your talents to help others. To see green fruit in your dream denotes your hastiness and impatience, whilst to see ripe red fruit denotes lust and sexuality. To see a fruit basket signifies help given or received. To see or eat rotting or bitter fruit suggests that you are missing opportunities for personal growth and pleasure. To dream that you buy or sell fruit signifies personal satisfaction but it may also imply much business but insufficient financial reward. A fruit cocktail constitutes a multitude of benefits but a fruitcake may suggest a lack of logic and reason. See also VEGETABLES AND FRUIT.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


In dreams, shops suggest what you want or think you need in waking life.

If you are in a shop you know, then you are aware of what you want from life, but if it is an unfamiliar shop, then you need to open your mind to new possibilities.

Shops and stores are places of interaction, whether this is the exchange of money and goods, or the communication between the salesperson and the shopper. In dreams, they therefore represent things you desire in life and the manner in which you go about getting these things. A supermarket, for instance, suggests a wide range of choices, a village store represents the essential things in life, whilst a store or website selling a range of odds and ends—such as an antiques store, an auction site on the Internet or even a car-boot sale—suggests the small details of everyday life that are often overlooked. Your dream may be urging you to pay attention to these.

If your dream was quite mundane and you saw yourself doing your weekly grocery shop, then your dreaming mind may simply have been processing a memory or reminding you that you need to go shopping. Alternatively, such a dream may be suggesting that you are taking good care of your basic emotional needs. If, however, you had a dream in which you could not decide what to buy, this may be referring to some kind of confusion or indecision in waking life.

If someone you know in your dream transformed into a sales assistant, your dreaming mind may have been commenting on the emotional cost of your relationship with them.

Bear in mind, too, that whilst stores, supermarkets and shopping malls are places of opportunity and choice, they also threaten potential exclusion and humiliation if you do not possess the necessary funds; your feelings about going on your dream shopping trip should indicate whether or not you are feeling empowered or denied in your waking life.

If you dream that a shop is closed or that you have insufficient money, this may indicate that you feel the things you want from life are unattainable. Your dream may be telling you to lower your expectations and set more realistic goals. Finally, if your idea of heaven is to go on an exclusive shopping trip and spend loads of cash in luxury stores, then a dream of having a day doing just that may be simple wish-fulfillment.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia