The meaning of the symbols of industrial seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of industrial mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Industrial


Peaceful, industrial cultivator of life... latham dream meaning


The symbolic meaning of a sink relates to its capacity both to draw water to you and to take the waste water away. In this way, a sink is ultimately a reflection of civilized living.

The fact that it is a structure that helps move water connects it with the world of feelings and emotions. Consider the type of sink and the state that it is in; both should be utilized in your interpretation.

A bathroom sink relates to matters of intimacy and privacy.

A kitchen sink connects to how well you are engaged in self-care. An industrial sink has more to do with your social experience.... sink dream meaning


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being built higher: whatever you deny gains strength in your denial.

constructed: wil enjoy an industrial gain if you persuade others to your point of view.

torn down: conclude your affairs before laying new foundations.

building a: are prone to being very stingy and locked in rigid roles and fears.

climbing a: wil overcome financial obstacles.

with a ladder: rise above pointless arguments to joy.

falling down: a serious comment on the fabric of your life.

from a: assert your independence from your mate.

having a, in front of own house: troublesome, pointless arguments need compromises.

jumping over a: wil realize own ambitions if you don’t change jobs in mid-project.

moat surrounding a: if you can believe it, you can be it.

stone, a: don’t say “yes” when you mean “no.”

being blocked by: step back, is this the direction you want?

climbing over: despite obstacles, you know what to do.

standing on top of a: have raised your station in life.

wainscot, of sheets of oak: exercise caution in business.

attaching a: your financial accounts must be audited

walking on top of a: negotiate a settlement by helping both sides.

woman dreaming of: your happy marriage is potential y adverse to your health. ... wall dream meaning

Influential People In World History

Certain key figures in human history have had such an impact on world history that your unconscious may have stored the information—perhaps from school or college days, or even from a documentary or media report—and then drawn upon that knowledge to create an image that can encourage, teach or inspire you in dreamland. The list below contains some of the world’s most influential figures and gives keywords to trigger personal associations. Please note that the list is by no means comprehensive or definitive; if the influential person in your dreams isn’t listed here or in this chapter and you want to find associations that have meaning and relevance to you, it might be worthwhile reading their biography or autobiography, or investigating their life story and significance to world history.

Alexander the Great: Conqueror, empire building, warrior archetype.

Aristotle: Influential greek philosopher, the importance of asking questions and challenging conventional thought.

Bell, Alexander Graham: Inventor of telephone, communication, networking .

Bonaparte, Napoleon: French emperor, tactician, warrior archetype, exile.

Columbus, Christopher: Explorer, led europe to the americas, new territories to discover, new potential.

Confucius: The founder of confucianism, wise old man archetype.

Copernicus, Nicolas: Priest, astronomer, taught heliocentricity, the world revolves around the sun.

Daguerre, Louis: Pioneer of photography, vision, impressions, image change.

Darwin, Charles: Biologist, formulated theory of evolution, survival of the fittest.

Descartes, René: Rationalist philosopher and mathematician, logic, reason, ı think therefore ı am.

Edison, Thomas: Inventor of light bulb, illumination, insight.

Einstein, Albert: Physicist, theory of relativity, greatness achieved by power of the mind.

Fermi, Enrico: Father of atomic bomb, ultimate weapon of destruction, the last resort.

Fleming, Alexander: Penicillin, advances in bacteriology, immunology and chemotherapy, strengthening your defenses.

Ford, Henry: Industrialist, revolutionized mass production, the repetition of the production line.

Galilei, Galileo: Catholic astronomer, accurately described heliocentric solar system, visionary, conflict of authority with freedom of thought.

Gutenberg, Johann: Developed movable type, printed bibles, communication, the printed word.

Machiavelli, Niccolò: Author of the prince, archetype of the manipulator.

Marconi, Guglielmo: Inventor of the radio, communication, words, reaching a large audience.

Marx, Karl: Social philosopher, marxist communism, class struggle.

Michelangelo: Painter; sculptor, architect, diversity, energy, talent.

Moses: God’s messenger, leader of people out of slavery.

Muhammad: Prophet of ıslam, founder of major world religion, military and political leader, pure ideals, indomitable will.

Newton, Isaac: Physicist, theory of universal gravitation, laws of motion, universe working like clockwork.

St Paul: Proselytizer of christianity, dogma, tradition, rules and regulations.

Plato: Greek philosopher, intellectual focus on spiritual concepts rather than physical elements of life.

Shakespeare, William: Playwright, understanding of complete range of human emotions, stupendous output.

Voltaire: Writer and philosopher, crusade against tyranny and bigotry, the importance of tolerance.

Washington, George: First president of the united states of america, the basic rights of the individual, david versus goliath.

Watt, James: Developer of steam engine, new possibilities, travel.

William the Conqueror: First king of modern england, beginning a new project, invasion.

Wright, Orville and Wilbur: Inventors of airplane, longing to escape, fly away or reach new heights... influential people in world history dream meaning