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Dreams of a condom symbolize that you are taking sexual responsibility and that you are owning and managing your power.

A condom also symbolizes protection. Perhaps you are dealing with a fear of intimacy, or of impregnating someone else with your energy. Maybe you are resistant to starting something you don’t feel prepared to finish. This dream also represents your ability to be lucid in a situation where it is tempting to be unconscious. See Birth Control.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


(1) Lightning may be a sexual symbol. Compare the mythological image of the sky-god impregnating the earth-goddess with a flash of lightning. On the other hand, lightning striking the earth may represent consciousness penetrating the unconscious - in which case your dream is probably urging you to explore the hidden parts of yourself.

(2) It may symbolize a ‘flash’ of insight or inspiration.

(3) It may symbolize punishment: ‘the wrath of the gods’.

If so, you may have a guilt-complex that needs sorting out. However, not all guilt-feelings are neurotic; your dream may be telling you you have done something wrong.

If lightning strikes you, or something that may symbolize you (e.g. a house), the dream message may be either that you need to demolish your current self-image in favour of one that corresponds more closely to your true self or that your current lifestyle or pattern of behaviour is threatening your true self.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols