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To see yourself as immune to some kind of sickness that affects others indicates that you have a great deal of security and confidence in yourself. it is a favorable moment to face daily problems of all sizes.

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Immune System

Defense or self-defense.

A feeling or fear of (physical, emotional, or mental) invasion, attack, or compromise.

A response to a real or imagined threat.

A combative environment somewhere in your life (or in a movie, the media, or a video game).

Your own inner mental or emotional conflict.

A real or imagined situation that triggers self-righteousness or againstness.

A feeling or fear of something you perceive as “foreign” or different.

An actual or imagined immune system battle against an infection or something else.

See also: Allergy; Inflammation; Infection; Invaded, Being; Attacked, Being; Attacking; Lymph; Body Part... The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


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