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The keywords of this dream: Imali


Fear of being swallowed up by tasks and work. Pay attention to your animalistic aggressions.

Folklore: A warning that an enemy is arriving.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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Strained relationships with women or towards the feminine in oneself. Desire for, or fear of, female aggressiveness.

For women: a desire for more strength and independence from the masculine.

The dream image of the Amazon always includes the Horse, because Amazons were considered “wild horse women.” The unity between rider and horse is the image of the unity of the feminine and the animalistic.

Implied is a delicate balance between controlling one’s own “wildness” and still “living to the full,” as well as embracing the joy of “wild passion” and “urges.”

Astrology: The astrological sign of Sagittarius.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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Bird Woman

A creature of myth, symbolic of excitement and temptation, the anima in her heavenly and at the same time animalistic role threatening and destroying. Also a symbol of the wise woman (for instance, night owl) and a symbol of death.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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Aggression (“sharp tongue”), chopping up. Often points to the animal side in humans. Vicious personality, social inhibition, in many ways related to the acceptance / rejection of one’s own “animalistic” side. Also, on another plane, reference to eating habits, with the ability to chew. See Eating, Teeth. Who is biting whom? Being bitten by an animal: contact with one’s own drive. See Animal, Vampire, Bite.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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Animalistic male instincts, as in Buck and Bull.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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Buck / Ram

Well known symbol for earthbound vitality, lechery.

The buck and the rooster have been allegorical since the Middle Ages for male—but also witchlike— horniness and carnal lust, the animalistic and the wild; but this symbol also stands for stupidity.

The task is to make the buck into a gardener, which means to allow growth and development and to give him human qualities.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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Bull (wild)

The bull / steer and Tiger are always personifications of drives and urges. Running after a bull in a dream means you are in conflict with your drives. You must always confront the bull or the tiger in your dream, because both have something important to say.

The bull is a symbol of masculine (originally feminine) strengths, fertility, and potency. Also indicates that animalistic urges have been mastered. See Buffalo, Buck.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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The fear of the animalistic. Also, “claw” implies grabbing. It can represent the dreamer’s own wild and greedy grabbing for a world that he is either “dreaming” about or is actually living. Is the animal threatening you with its claw?

However, the claw could just as easily be a “healthy” sign if you are very timid. It might, however, suggest that you need to control your greed instead of living it out.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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The animalistic.

A symbol of instincts to be used and guided by conscience.

The dog may also appear as a guard to protect property and defend against attack. He may symbolize a true friend.

The dog is the closest creature that humans come to call “brother.” It may also represent part of the dreamer—for instance, the shadow.

The dog as a pet almost always points to our instinct or loss of instinct, particularly when it is a trained dog, which in this case does not imply cultivation, but rather the destruction of instincts.

The dog is also one who needs to inspect its environment, who looks for and finds information. In the Tarot the two images of “the Fool” and “the Dog” always appear together.

A vicious dog means envy and unscrupulousness. According to Jung, the dog is the undertaker who buries the Corpse.

The dog with its instincts is seen as aiding the process of dying and resurrection (like Anubis in ancient Egyptian mythology). According to Greek mythology, the dog from hell, Cerberus, stands on the border between life and death.

Also may point to fear of rejection—”dog” as an unattractive female.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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Physical and emotional strength and energies. You are feeding the animal side in you.

Nourishment for body and soul.

The kind of food you see is urgently needed for your soul.

For instance, dreaming about Meat refers to drives and animalistic needs. Chocolate, on the other hand, or other sweets suggest being more open to love.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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Physical urges and emotional energies that have not yet been developed and are in need of differentiation. It could also mean encountering the massive and devouring energies of the unconscious, particularly physical urges and emotions.

The devouring mother or woman; the devouring unconscious, animalistic but also comic.

According to Jung, the monster, the evil, that wants to swallow you up.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia

Marksman / Hunter

In mythology, the marksman / hunter is often depicted as a centaur, the wild rider. Today he would be seen as the cowboy in Western movies. In antiquity, the feminine equivalent was the Amazon. Human enthusiasm and concentration is part of the dream image that is integrated with the intensity of the animalistic “fire.” The hunter craves a goal, which can refer to nostalgia and wanderlust; however, the goal is always also “he himself.” See Arrow, Goal.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


“Every woman at some time dreams about a predator.” So it has been said in the past, but the same holds true for every man. Points to sexual feelings, animalistic ones that could be enjoyed or that you are trying to repress.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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Ancient symbol for innocence and purity.

The unicorn places its horn in the lap of the virgin; it cant be caught in any other way.

It is able to remove poison and its effects; it loves happiness. It may also be a sign of flight into an irrational fairy-tale world. Today, the unicorn also means hope of the removal of all differences, as well as fear of contradictions. Innocence and sexual urges are also connected to the image of the unicorn, and the dreamer is posing the question: How do I see my desires without feeling guilty? It is a question about the “purified animalistic self.” According to Jung, the symbol of self.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia

Fabulous Beasts

such as Griffins, Unicorns, Minolaurs

1- In dream imagery, in order to draw the dreamer’s attention to certain qualities, animals may be shown as having characteristics belonging to other creatures. Archctypally, there arc many combinations which arc possible and which will give unlimited potential to the creative abilities within the dreamer (see Archetypes).

The dreamer is being shown that there is Freedom from conventional principles.

2- Given the freedom to crcate, the mind can produce both the fantastic and the grotesque. Such fabulous beasts are the result of trying to reconcile these two polarities.

3- Fearsome and terrifying powers of nature arc represented in this interpretation.

The dreamer should be aware of his own ‘animalistic’ power and whether he can control it.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Monkey (ape)

(see Animals)

Anthropologically, a less evolved state. Slipping backward into more animalistic tendencies.

Darwinian: An ancestral dream in which the monkey, ape, or gorilla symbolizes your ancient roots.

Foolish behavior (acting like a “monkey’s uncle”).

The mischievous and playful aspects of self (e.g., “monkey shines”).

Being deceived by flattery or amusing actions that hide other motivations.

Sagacious justice. Four apes attended the judgment hall of Osiris, and apes were also sacred to Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom.

Prudent speech, accurate vision, and good listening skills (the three monkeys who represent seeing, hearing, and saying no to evil).

Hindu: Bravery and swift action, being associated with the god of wind.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


(see Animals, Fables)

Depicted as having the head of a man and the lower body of a goat, this creature represents the untamed nature within, especially procreative instincts.

Animalistic impulses and humankind s greater connection to the animal kingdom.

Biblically: An emblem of destruction and barrenness (Is 13:21), probably due to the connection between this image and various frolicsome pagan deities, including Faunus and Pan.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


An alternative cage dream, in which parts of your personality- are displayed to others. What faces are you showing the world? For example, are you growling at even-one like a bear, or perhaps being overly playful like a monkey}

Parts of yourself that you keep firmly under lock and key, especially the animalistic urges and instincts. Look to the animal symbols given sein for more insight.

A zookeeper reflects aggression. Something restrains you from truly being yourself. Alternatively, if you are the zookeeper, consider what or whom you’re trying to control unfairly.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


Vision: Buying or selling leather: you are firmly grounded in reality and have a clear mind. Making something out of leather: a secret wish will come true, because you have worked hard for it.

Depth Psychology: Leather is a symbol of your determination and patience. But since it is an animal product, it also indicates your more “animalistic instincts,” urges, appetites, and the like. See Cow, Pig.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Vision: The monkey is a symbol of an embarrassing encounter. Or you may be worried about your bad habits.

If the monkey is playing with you and making faces, you are surrounded by superficial and insonct-driven people, or you may be examining your own “animalistic tendencies.” Several monkeys: your enemies don’t want to show their “real faces.” If a monkey is climbing, your chances for romance will improve.

Depth Psychology: The monkey is considered our animalistic shadow, a distorted image of ourselves. We are afraid of the ‘lecherous monkey” in us, because it is only looking for physical gratification. Sometimes the monkey may be a warning against false, manipulative friends.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


See High Tide and Low Tide. Tiger, Tigress

Vision: In women’s dreams, this beautiful animal is always a symbol of the longing for powerful erotic sexuality, but at the same time fear (if you are fearful in the dream) of such an experience. This is similar to dreams about a lion. Dreaming about a tiger: be very careful, somebody is sneaking up, waiting for an opportunity to “pounce” on you. Being pursued by a tiger, watch out: a vengeful person is waiting to get even with you. See Animals, Lion, Predator.

Depth Psychology: The tiger is the symbol of urges that are beyond your control. This overdeveloped “animalistic drive’’ is potentially dangerous, unless you can rein it in.

The tigress is a symbol of aggressive sexuality in a woman—the tiger of male sexual drives, aggression, and sexual potency.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


To dream of breasts signifies your primordial desires to be nourished and tended to. This dream represents a maternal quality of nurturing, and a reliance on the mother. Breasts also signify arousal and pure animalistic desires. Witnessing bare breasts may also represent a loss of privacy.

For women, this dream may be indicative of a concern about becoming a mother.

For girls, they may be concerned about becoming a woman.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis

Fabulous Beasts

(Such as centaurs, griffins, minotaurs and unicorns) fearsome and terrifying powers of nature were often previously represented as fabulous creatures. In addition, they were given animalistic qualities. Learning to control these qualities within ourselves is a large part of the spiritual development which can take place through dreams.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


To dream about leather-clad motorcycle riders refers to toughness, ruggedness and affairs with the opposite sex. This dream also refers to your instinctual and animalistic nature.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


To dream that you are watching a bullfight, symbolizes the struggle between your animalistic desire and your spiritual side.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


A dream featuring fur represents prosperity and good luck in money matters.

The dream may also be symbolic of your animalistic and instinctual nature.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


Perhaps you are recalling in your dream either an actual visit to a slaughterhouse or a photograph of a slaughterhouse. In that case, it may be that what you saw on your visit or in the photograph (or read in the caption) has preyed on your mind ever since. In any case, to get at the meaning that is pertinent to you, it may be necessary to relive the dream to note your emotional reaction. Generally there are the following possibilities:

(1) Raw animal flesh may signify ‘raw3 emotions or instinctive drives.

(2) Carcasses obviously mean death.

(3) If your reaction is one of disgust, it may be that you are expressing revulsion at the practice of killing animals in order to eat them. Perhaps your dream is pushing you towards vegetarianism.

Equally, however, it may be that what you find disgusting is raw animality - that is, your own raw nature bereft of its skin, the thin (or thick) veneer formed by social-moral-cultural deposits - in which case we are back at (1) above.

(4) If the dream centres on the killing of animals, is it you who are doing the killing? If so, the animals probably represent aspects of your own animal nature (sexuality, pre-eminently); and your unconscious may be warning you against repressing or suppressing some natural urge.

(5) Possibly the dream may be suggesting to you that you ought to forsake all fleshly pursuits in favour of‘higher’ spiritual pursuits. (This remark should not be taken to imply that spirituality can be pursued only by abandoning sexual and other sensual pleasures; heightened sensuality is fairly typical among mystics, and in some Indian and Oriental mystic-meditative traditions the spiritual is sought in and through the physical.)

(6) Animals were at one time - and in some parts of the world still are - slaughtered as a religious sacrifice. See Sacrifice.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) If the boar in vour dream strikes you as ferocious, perhaps it represents some part of you that is struggling for recognition, some buried instinct or desire that is defying your attempts to kill it. Perhaps its defiance is justified: perhaps you need precisely that part of you that now appears so wild and threatening.

It is threatening only because it is

threatened! Talk to it, and listen to it; then it may reveal itself as a valuable aide in your quest for happiness or fuller self-realization.

(2) If you associate fertility with the boar, the symbolism may be straightforwardly sexual. On the other hand, the fertility in question may be of a more metaphorical kind: the giving of life to those repressed parts of yourself that frighten you. (Yes, ferocity symbolism may coexist with sexual or fertility symbolism, just as in real life aggression is often mixed in with our sexuality’.) These hidden repressed things may be desires or instinctive drives associated in your life with some traumatic experience.

(3) It may be the animality of the boar that strikes you. The animality’ probably refers to the primitiveness or social unacceptableness of some repressed and buried part of your psyche (see also Animal). Animality’ symbolism, ferocity symbolism and fertility symbolism may all combine in the boar image. That which frightens you by its animality’ may be precisely what you need if you are to get rid of an inner conflict and find peace or fulfilment.

(4) If you associate evil with the boar image, the evilness may be in the eye of the beholder. In other words, if the boar has sexual overtones for you, its evilness may represent your own (irrational, repressed) feelings of abhorrence, disgust, fear or guilt about sex.

If so, you might want to dig into your past to discover the roots of those feelings. Ask the unconscious to assist you in the search, and pay special attention to your dreams over the next week or two.

(5) The boar may represent an aggression that you have not come to terms with in yourself. Aggressiveness may be a good thing - if tamed and properly employed.

If it is Svild’, however, it can seriously damage vour relationships with other people. And, strangely enough, aggressiveness is frequendv directed against oneself: in fact, sadism usually has its roots in masochism. So do take notice of vour dreams, to discover the sources of any aggression you encounter in yourself. Have a dialogue with the boar and find out w hat he wants. Sometimes aggressiveness may be traced back to an Oedipal conflict. In the case of a male, the infant desire for mother and accompanying jealousy tow ards father mav give rise to guilt-feelings which in turn may generate a compulsion to punish oneself The masochistic desire to hurt oneself may then spill over into sadistic desires to hurt other people, particularly those close to us. All this may occur at an unconscious level, so that it is onlv by taking a look at our unconscious (in dreams) that wre can unravel the thread of cause and effect.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) In a woman’s dream the animus may appear as a bull (for animus)-(6)).

(2) The bull may refer to your masculinity (whether you are a man or a woman).

If you are a woman, it may refer to the opposite sex - perhaps expressing your (unconscious) feelings about men in general or a particular man.

(3) Animality’ may be symbolized. A man may experience his own sexuality as something bestial, getting in the way of his ‘higher5 pursuits; an object of disgust or fear.

Similarly, a woman may, consciously or unconsciously, see male sexuality as nasty and brutish; the same may apply to other aspects of masculinity - for example, the fighting, competitive aspect.

If a woman dreams of being chased by a bull, the meaning may be that she is afraid of sexual relations with men. The bull may represent the woman’s father - in which case she may need to dissolve her father fixation. In any case, the woman would need to assert her femininity, not repress it: her own confident femininity has power to tame wild male lust and transform it into tender sensual adoration.

(4) The taming or tethering of a bull may signify the harmonious integration of your animality, especially your sexuality, or the whole of the hidden, unconscious part of your psyche. See also section (8) below.

(5) The sacrifice of a bull may signify a victory (achieved or needed) of spirituality over animality. Sacrifice is the relinquishing or transforming of something in order to attain something more desirable. But the mere killing of a bull might signify the repression of emotion or instinct, or of your masculinity.

(6) Is it the proverbial bull in a china shop: the accident-prone blunderer, the person who never seems to have any luck and for whom everything goes wrong?

If so, the image may be seen as a warning that you need to change your self-image - which may entail changing your job or even your domestic situation.

It is no good thinking of making a living as a concert pianist if you have fingers missing. Take an honest look at yourself and build your career and your life on your strong points, not your weak ones. Give up your fantasies and take a good look at reality. Pay special attention to your dreams: they may now begin to reveal to

you your real strengths - buried talents, perhaps, that need to be dug up from your unconscious. (On persona)

Resist putting the blame for your ‘bad luck’ on someone or something else. Perhaps what we call ‘bad luck’ is actually brought about, not by chance, but by our innermost attitude towards life, which in turn is generated by a negative attitude towards ourselves.

(7) The bull may symbolize fertility (as in mythology). Your unconscious has the power to bring about new life if you allow it to penetrate your conscious mind.

(8) The bull may represent the self (in the Jungian sense), your true nature. Yes, those depths of the psyche that are despised or feared by the conscious ego may eventually be seen - by dint of constant self-exploration - as your true self.

(There are links here with (4) above. There is a famous series of Zen Buddhist drawings depicting the finding, tethering and taming of an ox, representing the search for one’s true nature and its discovery and realization through wrestling with and controlling one’s wild and stubborn egoistic self.)... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


YVhat is in the cage - whether person or animal or bird - almost certainly represents yourself or some part of yourself.

(1) The cage may symbolize the (felt) restrictions of your present life situation. But the restrictions may be self-imposed, albeit by means of unconscious processes - for example, internal prohibitions arising out of irrational guilt-feelings.

(2) Some part of you may be crying out for liberation. (For repression and suppression) Wild and dangerous animals are kept in cages.

It is likely, therefore, that what is caged in your dream is a part of you that frightens or disgusts you by its animality. Refusal to accept that you belong to the animal kingdom may result in your living in your head entirely, with the body - primitive energies and drives - locked out of consciousness. But a disembodied head, cut off from Nature’s vital energy and Nature’s wisdom, can only lead to trouble. Particularly in the West, where for two centuries even religion has rejected Nature (the feminine side of God), we desperately need to get closer to Nature, not remove ourselves even further from it.

(3) On the other hand, a bird in a cage may represent frustrated spiritual aspirations. Perhaps you are spending too much time and energy in work that brings you only money. Any contradiction between

(2) and (3) is only apparent. You can’t climb - even to spiritual heights - without your body, without the primal energy and wisdom of your unconscious. To attain the ‘higher’, first go ‘deeper’. The liberation - uncaging - of our deeper psychic contents so that they become pan of our conscious equipment will enable us to transcend the limitations of our past and present.


CANDI h... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


In the traditional circumcision ceremony a boy was transformed into a proper human being by having his animality symbolically removed. In a dream, circumcision may mean you need to progress from a stage of development where unconscious emotion holds sway to one where consciousness is strong enough to control the unconscious drives.

NB Controlling unconscious drives does not mean repressing and neglecting them; it means giving them an appropriate place in your conscious life. See also Initiation.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) A horse - particularly a stallion - may be a symbol of sexuality. Mounting a horse may symbolize the sexual act.

(2) A horse may symbolize animality; instinctive dynamism that may ‘carry you away.

(3) A galloping horse, because it appears hardly to touch the ground, may symbolize ecstasy; or a need not to get bogged down in sensuality / material ambitions; being in ‘the world5 but not of it.

(4) Is the horse blinkered? Are you too set in your ways? Open your eyes to new possibilities, wider horizons.

(5) A tethered horse may mean that something at the instinctual level needs to be given more freedom to express itself; or that you need to liberate yourself from guilt-feelings or anvthing else that is stopping you enjoying what life is offering you.

(6) Horse(s) may symbolize emotion(s).

If the horses are rampaging, either your emotions are threatening riot if you do not seriously attend to their requests or you are allowing your emotions to rule you. Tightly reined or tethered horses probablv mean your emotions are tex) much repressed.

(7) The horse may symbolize your unconscious or your whole psyche. In myths and folktales, horses sometimes speak.

If the horse in vour dream speaks, it is either the voice of your unconscious, or some part of it, or the voice of vour true self, your inner centre.

(8) If the horse is threatening, look into your unconscious to see what is threatening you there. Is it the whole (idea of the) unconscious that frightens you; or your sexuality, or some (other) repressed desire? Threat is dissolved when fear is dissolved by love that can embrace even horrific things.

(9) If a horse or horses are pulling you in a carriage, they are your emotions. Are you in control or are they?

(10) Black horses are associated with funerals. What part of you is dead or dying? Should it be allowed to die? Or what should be dead in you - for example, something from the past that prevents you from living freely in the present?

(11) A horse’s hoof may symbolize fertility or sexuality. Fertility is, psychologically speaking, the power to expand as a person.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) A pig may symbolize instinctual life, sexuality (seen as brutish and disgusting), lust, greed, bestiality.

(2) Killing a pig may symbolize an urge to overcome your ‘animal’ nature in order to attain spiritual dignity. Needless to say, this can be destructive. Not the annihilation but the ‘taming5 of your animality, and allowing it proper expression in your conscious life, will provide a firm base for further personal development.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) If you are being sacrificed in the dream, there are at least three possibilities.

The dream may be drawing your attention to a martyr complex, habitual and compulsive self-punishment, self-denial or self-denigration. Such negative conditioning can be got rid of only by reconditioning, by making positive affirmations every day: for example, ‘I love myself dearly5, ‘I accept myself totally5, ‘I have a unique value5, and ‘I desen e all the good things life offers me.5

Your unconscious may be telling you it is time to let the old you die, to make way for the new and truer you. The self-image you have accepted and conformed to in the past is probably too lopsided and needs to be supplemented by utilizing capacities or qualities that have till now lain dormant; or it may have led you completely astray from your true self, in which case it needs to be removed altogether.

Perhaps the dream is expressing a feeling that you are being abused or undervalued by other people.

(2) Arc you doing the sacrificing? If so, what is being sacrificed will usually represent some aspect of vour personality - desire, ambition, habit, prejudice - that you have given up or are being urged (by your unconscious) to give up. (If an animal is being slain, it will probably symbolize an instinctual impulse or emotion.) This is one of many cases where you have to decide whether a dream is descriptive or prescriptive: showing what you have done (and asking you to stop doing it), or showing what you ought to do. You should have no difficulty in

knowing whether you have done what the dream depicts.

If you have, the dream is asking you not to do it.

If you have not done it, the dream is asking you to do it, for the sake of personal fulfilment.

It is important to remember that sacrifice is meant to be creative: it is the giving up of something in order to achieve and enjoy something better. And if you think ‘better’ has nothing to do with enjoyment but means simply what duty requires, then you need to remember that making a sacrifice either resentfully or merely for duty’s sake is bound to be destructive in its effects both on you and on those you are in relationship with.

It is also important to remember that ‘To everything there is a season... a time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast aways (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 6). There comes to us all a time for transcending animality (e.g. making sex a vehicle for love and adoration) but to attempt such things before the proper time can only breed resentment and end in disaster. Your dreams will tell you the time!

(3) Is your act of sacrifice a violent one? If so, it would suggest that some (partly unconscious) mechanism of self-punishment is at work in you and you urgently need to ask yourself why you feel guilty. Almost certainly the cause will lie in early childhood and will be an entirely innocent desire.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


The generic beast of the dream world is expressing the more animalistic aspect of the human condition. Since a specific Earth-dwelling animal will carry with it the meaning associated with its very nature, the beast as an archetype connects with the shadow side of this—the irrational, aggressive, and instinctive elements of who we are that we disown or prefer weren’t so. Remember the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, as these two opposing archetypes must be integrated in order to find balance and true happiness.

It is very important to honor the beast within you in order to find your own true humanity.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams

Negative Symbols In Dreams

Dream symbols can have both positive and negative associations, but some dream symbols do tend to have more negative associations than positive and these include:

Acid: This suggests a corrosive, negative influence in your life.

Adder: There may be a situation in which another person cannot be trusted.

Atom bomb: Fear that someone else might destroy your happiness.

Avalanche: A destructive force in your life.

Bad: If you feel bad in your dream, this suggests that something is off balance in your waking life and that your environment is not positive for you.

Barbed wire: Hurtful remarks are preventing you moving forward.

Bed wetting: Anxieties over lack of control in your life.

Behind: To be behind someone in your dream suggests that you feel inferior to them.

Bite: Being bitten or biting someone is a symbol of aggression or hostility.

Boar: Lust and gluttony.

Brutality: The darker, more animalistic side of your nature.

Burglar: Violation of personal space.

Chain: Restriction.

Choke: Inability to express yourself.

Crooked line: Insincerity.

Devil: Personification of the evil side of yourself.

Dirty: Not at ease with your body, or lack of trust in someone or something.

Drowning: Feeling overwhelmed.

Earthquake: Emotional upheaval.

Empty and failure: Lack of energy and enthusiasm.

Falling: Lack of confidence.

Gall: Feelings of bitterness.

Hole: A difficult or tricky situation; can also suggest emptiness.

Hood: Deceit.

Ice: Frozen emotions.

Immobility: Feeling stuck.

Leak: Losing energy.

Leper: Feeling inferior or unworthy.

Maggots: Impurities that can eat away at you; fears of death and illness.

Mantis: Something devious within your life.

Marsh: Feeling held back or bogged down.

Mist: Emotional confusion.

Noose: Fear of being trapped.

Obscenity: lower aspects of the self.

Parasites: Someone is attempting to live off your energy.

Poverty: Feelin g deprived of the ability to satisfy your basic needs.

Pus: Something which is festering and has gone bad in your life.

Sadism: Desire to cause harm to yourself or others.

Scar: Old hurts that have not been dealt with.

Sick: Bad feelings you need to get rid of.

Tar: Emotions have become contaminated.

Torture: Trying to come to terms with a great hurt.

Traitor: An aspect of yourself that is letting you down.

Trespassing: Intruding on someone else’s personal space; lack of healthy boundaries.

Unemployment: Not making the best use of your talents.

Vampire: Fear of the unknown and negative energy. War: Conflict.

Winter: Time in your life which is unfruitful. Wound: Hurt feelings or emotions.

X: An error or something of which you need to take notice.

Yawn: Boredom, but also a warning against aggression or abuse.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Fabulous And Fabled Settings

On occasion your dream may select a fabulous and fabled place to add weight to its message. For example, if you dream of visiting the legendary place of Atlantis or the sacred realm of Avalon, this suggests a yearning for spiritual fulfillment in waking life. To dream of the pyramids is neither uncommon nor surprising, given that their symbolism goes to the core of humanity’s search for understanding of its place within the universe. A dream featuring the Great Pyramid of Khufu suggests the ability to overcome obstacles, because its geometry symbolizes an ancient mystery. Mazes may also appear in dreams; their meaning is dependent on whether or not you found your way or got lost.

The classic symbolism of Theseus (you the dreamer) in the labyrinth (the entanglements of your real life) guided by the spiritual thread (your intuition) to slay the Minotaur (your debased animalistic side) may filter into your dream.

If you find your way out of the maze, this suggests the end of a mystery or the resolution of a dilemma in waking life. See also BUILDINGS.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Carl Jung On Dreams

Jung studied under the tutelage of Sigmund Freud. Their differing views on dreams and dream interpretations led to a permanent rift that led them to go their separate ways.

Like Freud, Jung believed in the existence of the unconscious. However, he didn’t see the unconscious as animalistic, instinctual, and sexual; he saw it as

more spiritual. Dreams were a way of communicating and acquainting ourselves with the unconscious. Dreams were not attempts to conceal our true feelings from the waking mind, but rather they were a window to our unconscious. They served to guide the waking self to achieve

wholeness. Dreams offered a solution to a problem we are facing in our waking life.

Jung viewed the ego as one’s sense of self and how we portray ourselves to the world. Part of Jung’s theory was that all things can be viewed as paired opposites (i.e. good/evil, male/female, or love/hate). And thus working in opposition to the ego, is the “counter-ego” or what he referred to as the shadow. The shadow represents rejected aspects of yourself that you do not wish to acknowledge. It is considered an aspect of yourself which is somewhat more primitive, uncultured, and awkward.”

He said, “Dreams are the main source of all of our knowledge about symbolism.” This means that the messages you receive from your dreams are expressed symbolically and must be interpreted to find their true meanings.

Jung says that rarely do the symbols in dreams have just one meaning. And when interpreting the messages in your dreams, he suggests going with your first hunch, relying on your intuitive abilities, before applying morerational methods of dream interpretation.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating dream theorists might be Edgar Cayce. Today, we would call him a psychic. When he was alive, he was a fascinating individual who, it appeared, could speak with the dead, make predictions about the future, and provide insight into areas where the normal person couldn’t go.... Dreampedia