What does it mean to see an homosexual in a dream?

Homosexual Dream Meaning: From 7 Different Sources


A spirit of perversion, Lev. 18:22-23

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To dream of being homosexual when you are straight in your waking life means that you’re in harmony with yourself. It’s a sign of self-acceptance.

To dream of being homosexual indicates feelings of uneasiness. It connotes doubt and worries towards your relationships with the opposite sex.

If you’re actually homosexual then your true nature is expressing itself through the dream.

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If you dream that you are gay (but you are not in your waking life), or hanging out with a group of gay people, it is symbolic of self-love and self-acceptance. You are becoming comfortable with your sexuality and femininity.

If in your dream you hate the idea of homosexuality, then it represents your fears and rejection of parts of your own femininity and sexuality.

If you are gay in real life, then the dream is simply a reflection of your own self.

If you dream that your real-life boyfriend or husband is gay, you could be feeling rejected by him in real life, either because he is physically cold or you sense he is keeping some of his emotions secret from you. Your subconscious mind might be telling you that he’s keeping a secret from you in some way. Or, you could just be feeling insecure about the strength and nature of the relationship. Communication is key to finding out what’s really going on.

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1. Need or desire to become more in touch with self.

2. Attraction to member of the same sex—usually emotionally, sometimes physically.

3. Anxieties regarding own sexuality (if afraid).

4. Prosperity.

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If you dream of being homosexual or that someone else is, this is about processing your relationship with your sexuality, your same sex parent, or exploring the realm of homosexuality. Depending upon the emotional context, this dream could represent -love and adoration, or fear/defensiveness/disdain of the opposite sex. Because we all contain masculine and feminine energy, regardless of our sex, this could represent an imbalance of an aspect of your nature, unresolved issues with your opposite sex parent, or the freedom and -love to explore beyond the boundaries of society’s parameters. Consider the feeling tone of this dream.

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Assuming that the dreamer is heterosexual, dreams of this nature suggest feelings of basic insecurity in relations with the opposite sex, and, perhaps, professional psychological advice would be beneficial.

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Masculine part of self; merger of masculine qualities within the self.

If making love with particular individual, may be merger within self of attributes associated with other person. Attitudes toward own sexuality. See Sexual Intercourse.

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Figuratively, a course of action without ability to conceive a new beginning; of no connotation with “sensual”; see “baby”... homosexuality dream meaning