The meaning of the symbols of holes, skin seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of holes and skin mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Holes Skin


The condition of the skin represents one’s inner spirit; research anything pronounced... skin dream meaning


Indicates a spiritual deficiency... skinny dream meaning


Insensitive... thick-skin dream meaning


Too sensitive... thin-skin dream meaning

Wrinkled Skin

Scars of time and wisdom, if found in righteousness; see “age”... wrinkled skin dream meaning


1. One’s sense that he/she has no protection against the psychological onslaughts of others.

2. Yet to develop, young. ... skinless dream meaning

Brown Skin

(Tan) Brown skin in a dream represents mixed ancestry.

(Also see Colors)... brown skin dream meaning

Cracking Of The Skin

(See Face)... cracking of the skin dream meaning

Dealer In Hide And Skin

A wealthy man who earns his wealth through pure and lawful means.... dealer in hide and skin dream meaning

Dry Skin

Suffering from dry skin condition in a dream means having spent one’s money in ways that do not please God Almighty, borrowing money from people, losing it and failure to repay one’s debts. Consequently, one will justly suffer from a forthcoming punishment.

(Also see Skin inflammation)... dry skin dream meaning

Limb Of The Goat Skinned

If a limb of the goat is seen as skinned then that person towards whom the limb is linked will die.... limb of the goat skinned dream meaning

Shedding One’s Skin

(See Skin inflammation)... shedding one’s skin dream meaning

Skin Inflammation

(Thinning; Shedding one’s skin) If one sees his skin thinned or inflamed between his legs in a dream, it means that he will marry a rich woman who will give him her wealth.

If one sees himself shedding his skin or skinning himself in a dream, it means money he will part with, and ifhe is sick, it means his death.

(Also see Dry skin; Skin)... skin inflammation dream meaning

Skinning A Sheep

In the above case if he sees himself as skinning the animal it means he will rob him of his wealth. He will enter into some dispute with him. Finally, he will separate from him.... skinning a sheep dream meaning

Skinning An Animal

(Peel) In a dream, skinning an animal represents an unjust ruler, a tyrant, an oppressor, a policeman who takes people’s money and disappears, or a policeman who can be bribed.... skinning an animal dream meaning

Slaughtered And Skinned Goat Entering The House

If a person sees a slaughtered and skinned goat entering his house or any other place it means someone will die in that place.... slaughtered and skinned goat entering the house dream meaning

The Flesh, Skin And Bones Of A Crocodile

These symbolises wealth belonging to a person’s enemy. Acquiring any of these means he will acquire assets from his enemy.... the flesh, skin and bones of a crocodile dream meaning

The Meat, Skin And Limbs Of A Tiger

These are riches a person will acquire from some powerful enemy.... the meat, skin and limbs of a tiger dream meaning

The Skin

It presents a man’s estates after he dies.... the skin dream meaning

The Skin And Flesh Of A Mule

They represent a person’s wealth whose quantity equals the quantity of the skin and flesh seen in the dream.... the skin and flesh of a mule dream meaning

The Skin Etc. Of Game

The skin, milk, fat etc. of game symbolise wealth and booty for a person if he sees himself as acquiring any of them.

And Allah Ta’ala knows best.... the skin etc. of game dream meaning

The Skin Of The Lion

It symbolises the estates and inheritance of some brave, dignified and powerful person.... the skin of the lion dream meaning

Shell / Skin

Superficial and tough, but something soft is hidden underneath the toughness.

See Person.... shell / skin dream meaning

Skin Rash

Emotional tension, repressed urges, and aggression.

The external and internal states are out of balance.

The boundaries to the outside world are not intact.... skin rash dream meaning

Being Skinny

Vision: Seeing a skinny man: chanccs arc not good for your dreams coming true. You are emaciated: your actions have made you unpopular; bad times and possible health problems may be ahead.

Depth Psychology: Seeing yourself emaciated: be prepared for losses. Seeing others emaciated: chances for success are improving.

See Losing Weight.... being skinny dream meaning

Skinny Dipping

To dream that you are skinny dipping (swimming naked) suggests that you are anxious about being “found out”. You’re nervous that others will find out about your activities and expose you for having bad judgement. This is especially true if you were skinny dipping in a public place.

If you dream that you are discovered skinny dipping and you try to cover up, you are feeling vulnerable in some situation.... skinny dipping dream meaning

Digging Holes

Looking into self. ... digging holes dream meaning

Skinny Mountain Peak

Narrow focus toward Oversoul.... skinny mountain peak dream meaning

Tall, Skinny Et

Alter leader.... tall, skinny et dream meaning


1. Fruit;

2. Wages (fruit of your labour);

3. Watch your step (Banana peel);

Inherent characteristics

1. Bananas, target the size and strength of the male sexual organ. It’s true!

2. Bananas are full of potassium which is a salt which is a preserver of life. Colossians 4:6 Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Mark 9:50 KJV Salt is good but if the salt have lost his saltiness, wherewith will ye season it? Deut. 1:25; Prov. 31:16, 31; Ps. 73:2.... bananas/skin dream meaning

Wine Skins

1. The church; the body of Christ; the harlot church.... wine skins dream meaning