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Dreaming Of Vessels, Vases, Utensils, Mirror, Scissors Etc.

Vessels symbolise servants and lads while stove, hearths, grates, cauldrons, lamps, table-cloths etc. symbolise grief, sorrow and anxiety which will be felt by the head of the household if the Arabic masculine equivalent is used for any of the above words. But it it is used as a feminine such as qidr, qifah, maa’idah, musarrajah and qas’ah, then they symbolise a person’s wife.. As for the word sufrah though feminine, it symbolises the husband all the same.

(Qidr : Cauldron, Cooking Pot; Qifah : large basket; Maa’idah : table-cloth; Musrrajah : lamp; Qas’ah trough)

Whatever is made from copper or lead such as cups, saucers, plates, trays kettles etc. they all symbolise a person’s servants and lads.... dreaming of vessels, vases, utensils, mirror, scissors etc. dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Revealing disassociation in order to avoid confrontation for whatever reason... hiding dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Hiding Place

A symbol of the unconscious. Repression and flight from problem situations. Need and desire to find and to be found.

Folklore: Bad news.... hiding place dream meaning

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Knife (scissors)

Alternative phallic symbol, with its sheath being feminine, similar to a sword.

Cutting something out, or away, as one cuts the proverbial apron strings to discover independence.

Brutally harsh words that carry a sharp edge upon delivery.

Placed openly on a table: Peaceful intentions. This was a common practice in the Middle Ages, akin to how we shake hands today.

Pointed toward you: Enmity or threats coming from others, directed specifically at you.... knife (scissors) dream meaning

The Language of Dreams


To dream of scissors is an unlucky omen; wives will be jealous and distrustful of their husbands, and sweethearts will quarrel and nag each other into crimination and recrimination. Dulness will overcast business horizons.

To dream that you have your scissors sharpened, denotes that you will work to do that which will be repulsive to your feelings.

To break them, there will be quarrels, and probable separations for you.

To lose them, you will seek to escape from unpleasant tasks.... scissors dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Scissors Descending From The Sky

It denotes shortness of life for the person.... scissors descending from the sky dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation