Gunshot Dream Meanings

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Gunshots in dreams indicate that you must remain alert. You have to be cautious because unforeseen circumstances can alter your current life.

If in the dream you enjoy shooting, you will have good luck. If, however, you are frightened, the dream portend difficulties. Shooting up at the stars is, universally, an advantageous and promising dream.

Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke

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Guns are generally tied in with arguments and disagreements: small guns (such as handguns) are for small arguments; large guns for big arguments.

If you hear a gunshot, an argument involving you will soon develop.

If you shoot a gun, you will be the cause of the argument.

If someone shoots a gun at you (regardless of whether they hit you or miss), it means you will be badly hurt by a coming argument.

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Research the type of wound, i.E.

A cut, bruise, burn, gunshot, etc., And anatomical location... wound dream meaning


The presence or action of someone else.



Chaos or stress.

Anger or other feelings.

When ongoing noise stops, the silence can represent the completion of a phase, or the end of whatever the noise represents (activity, intention, persistence, etc.).

A specific noise (such as a bell ringing or gunshot) can signify an important event or symbol in the dream.

For more clues, consider the type of noise, how you felt about it, and its context.

See also the specific type of sound.

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Universal Landscape: Sacrifice of a way of being or thinking that no longer serves you.

Dreaming Lens: Were you witness to an execution? Were you the one being executed? Were you the executioner? What was the method of the kill? Was the execution thorough and completed successfully? Was there fear present?

Personal Focus: Death is always an indicator of the rebirth that inevitably follows. As we execute our undesirables, death by execution adds the elements of purpose or intent. Often, the undesirable qualities within ourselves are what we hold on to the most. The execution of a Character Aspect in a dream indicates that a moment of reckoning has come. A particular way of being in the world as represented by the character being executed is no longer necessary. If it is you who is being executed, then your whole sense of identity is being confronted with drastic change. If you are the executioner, then your ego mind is getting ready for some dynamic housecleaning. If neither of these scenarios is the case, consider what you know about the person being executed. It is in the Character Aspect that they embody where you will find what is currently up for transformation.

Death by gunshot might indicate that the force of change is rapid and deeply penetrating. Hanging might indicate a change in the area of how you communicate since hanging impacts the neck, throat, and voice. Electrocution points to a more organic and neurological alteration of thoughts, as the brain is an electrically run organ. When someone is burned to death, a total transmutation is implied by virtue of bringing the physical body back to the carbon-based material that makes it up. Death by lethal injection or poison may connect to the toxic effect of some life experience or individual surrounding you at the time of the dream.

Whatever your feelings around a dream execution, never forget that as we grow and mature, we must discard old ways of being that no longer serve us. This allows us to take up new paths and fresh ways of being. This ongoing process keeps us in a sort of psychic balance, much as balancing of the scales implies justice in the image of an execution.... executions dream meaning