Gunpowder Dream Meanings

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Gunpowder Dream Meaning: From 4 Different Sources

Vision: Seeing gunpowder is a warning: stop whatever you are doing or have planned to do right away. Handling gunpowder: you are about to get involved in an adventure that is inherently dangerous.

See Cannon, Shooting.

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary
Author: Garuda

There is a plot developing to overthrow you; to cast you out of an important position you hold.

The plotters are people you had thought to be your friends.

See also Powder Flask.

Dream Source: Gypsy Dream Dictionary
Author: Raymond Buckland

To a man, this dream means a speedy change of residence; to a girl, a wedding with a soldier
Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book
Author: Internet Archive - Anonymous

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Powder Flask

Go cautiously, there is some danger should you make the wrong move.

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Whether you saw it, heard it, or used it, any type of gun featured in your dream forecasts an injustice, either to you or to someone in your close circle, which you will have to fight hard to overcome.

To dream of loading a gun is a strong caution against giving way to temper.

A dream of gunpowder indicates a sudden change of occupation for a man; for a woman, it means an unexpected change of residence.... guns dream meaning


If you dreamed of spilling powder, it suggests that you are in a state of mental turmoil due to conflicting advice concerning a pending decision; get away by yourself and give your instincts a chance to work it out.

Gunpowder in a dream predicts a lucky escape from danger.

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lucky numbers: 20-26-33-35-43-46

buying a: be wary of whose face you see during target practice.

double-barreled: worries and conflicts to come through bad management decisions.

fired, hearing a: financial problems need to be sorted out before they snowbal .

firing a: your physical fitness and mental energy make it an auspicious time to start a project.

handling gunpowder: your adventure is inherently explosive.

having: should mend your ways before they explode on you.

having a: signifies your present problems incessantly on the verge of dishonor.

hunting with a: are putting off profound decisions in favor of life or death.

loaded, a: unfortunate feeling that violence is your only defense.

machine, a: feel weak and drained of strength.

man dreaming of gunpowder: your recent cantankerous behavior.

woman: are nervous and restless and wil divorce your husband.

young girl: fear of sexual activity if she marries a soldier.

merchant, a: wil dissolve a corporation.

others firing a: wil feel invalided for some time.

receiving a, as a gift: keep your impulses under control.

revolver, firing a: ful of bril iant ideas.

rifle with a bayonet: mistakes need patching up to prevent separation of partners.

shooting a person with a: can put that unpleasant episode behind you for good.

an enemy with a: a lawsuit wil end a harmful relationship.

yourself: can stand alone against any attacks.

shot by a, being: a serious il ness of the heart threatens.

traveling with a: fear of violence.

trigger against the enemy, pulling: wil be greatly criticized.

married woman: dishonor in love affairs.

teenagers: are pushing your actions beyond your ability to be responsive. ... gun dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-18-25-31-32-51

coming down: wil be condemned for carelessness.

going up the: support from your superior in your advancement.

marble: wil be forced to do something against your wil .

one step at a time: moderation and perseverance succeed.

steppingstone, walking on a in bare feet: sudden love affairs push into everything.

stepping towards something: defining your goal is only the first step.

STICK 03-15-16-36-40-52

hitting relatives with a: good hopes wil be dominated by a woman.

leaning on a, with branches broken off: wil discover a thief.

pressing gunpowder into a gun with a: wil enjoy better days.

using a truncheon: warning of thieves coming to col ect money. ... steps dream meaning