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Dreaming about groundnut is a sign of trying to uncover hidden truth. In order to eat a peanut, you have to crack the shell to get the nut out.

If you dream of cracking the shell in this way, this signifies that you have a great desire to learn the truth about a situation and will go to any lengths to find out what information might be hidden.

On the other hand, if you dream about eating shelled peanuts out of a jar, this indicates that you want to know the truth without having to work for it, and you might be satisfied with less than the total truth.

Do you see nuts scattered on the floor in your own house in a dream? This means that love and harmony in the family awaits you. For a man, such a dream prophesies major acquisitions, and not in vain, but necessary ones, the interpreter pleases.

Harvesting groundnut in a dream is a sign of profit, but not an easy one. And if you see in a dream how you dig up peanuts and peel them from the shell, this is a symbol of the fact that you will spend a lot of effort, nerves and energy doing the work, but you will receive huge dividends for this.

Eating peanuts without beer in a dream is a sign of excellent health, the Eastern interpreter predicts. But, if you want to know why you dream of eating salted peanuts with beer in the company of friends, then refer to the explanations of the Gypsy interpreter. According to his version, such a dream prophesies a decision in an urgent matter.

If you dreamed about sweet peanuts, remember what exactly the kernel was "shrouded" in in a dream for the correct interpretation. Here is how the dream books explain why such visions appears in a dream:

  • Groundnut covered with sugar - means a successful resolution of a problematic issue;
  • Groundnut with chocolate - joy and fun in the company of close people or relatives;
  • In colored glaze - promises new interesting acquaintances that will bring you benefits;
  • Groundnut with honey - good health and excellent well-being, for sick people - predicts recovery.

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