What does it mean to see an grandfather clock in a dream?

Grandfather Clock Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

Grandfather Clock

A grandfather clock nckmg in the hallway may point to traditional patriarchal influences. It may reflect a passage of time. It may also suggest that you look back into your history to discover the paternal legacy and the generic influences that relate to your relationship with male authority.

A grandfather clock in your dream can also mention that you are dnven or dominated by patriarchal values, which may be constnctive and outdated.

Ariadne's Book of Dream | Ariadne Green

Grandfather Clock

To dream of a grandfather clock means you can improve your life by taking action, instead of just waiting and hoping things turn out okay.

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To dream that you see a clock, denotes danger from a foe.

To hear one strike, you will receive unpleasant news.

The death of some friend is implied. ... clock dream meaning

Alarm Clock

(Timepiece) Seeing an alarm clock in a dream means exposing ills, richness of a poor person, or fulfilling a promise.

(Also see Clock)... alarm clock dream meaning


To become a grandfather in a dream means longevity or earning respect. Seeing one’s grandfather in a dream also means enjoying a happy life.

A grandfather in one’s house in a dream represents one’s own father. Therefore, any interpretation relative to one’s father should apply here. Ifone’s grandfather dies in a dream, it means loss of one’s determination and will.

(Also see Father)... grandfather dream meaning

Grandfather, Grandmother

Vision: If you are talking to either one: you have made a wise decision, and a specific project is going to be successful.

If both your grandparents are deceased: expect to get help in a certain matter, or you have decided to live a more prudent life.

Depth Psychology: Grandparents represent the wisdom that is available to you.

If you use good judgment in the things you do, everything will turn out all right.... grandfather, grandmother dream meaning


Regression... counter-clockwise dream meaning

Cuckoo Clock

The cuckoo bird insinuates the timing is of no common sense... cuckoo clock dream meaning

Clock, Watch

The restrictions we place upon ourself; our sense of duty and timing; realisation of urgency or having ‘lots of time’. Ticking clock: might be the hean. Big clock: one’s life, how much time one has left. Clock watching: tension; being bored or lacking satisfaction; feelings about ageing. See time of day. ... clock, watch dream meaning

Pointer, Hand Of A Clock

Depth Psychology: The hands of a clock are interesting because of the numbers at which they point. See Clock and the chapter “Numbers in Dreams.”... pointer, hand of a clock dream meaning

Tower, Tower Clock

Symbol: A tower is an artificial axis between heaven and earth. Vision: Standing on top of a tower: a good position is within reach.

A collapsing tower: your hopes will be dashed. Hearing the clock in the tower ring: time to make an important decision.

If a woman is looking at a high tower (phallic symbol), it might be expressing her positive attitude toward male sexuality.

Dreaming of being locked up in a tower: she is troubled about male sexuality. See Clock, Pillar.... tower, tower clock dream meaning

Time Clock

See Clock.... time clock dream meaning


(see also Anticlockwise, Left, Right / Left, Spiral)

Moving clockwise means going to the right, which symbolizes consciousness; intellect; spirituality; masculinity.

CLOUD(S)... clockwise dream meaning

Hands (of A Clock)

Seeing the hands of a clock in detail or hearing the sound they make almost always produces a feeling of distress. The dreamer is obsessed with the passage of time. Perhaps you lack enough time to finish a job; or you feel guilty about having wasted precious hours on superfluous things. (See CLOCK)... hands (of a clock) dream meaning

Watch / Clock

If a timepiece appeared in your dream, it is important to remember how you felt during and after the dream as it will suggest the way in which you allocate time in your life. Were the hands moving slowly or quickly? Was the timepiece telling you to speed up or slow down? The type of clock or watch is also important. Was it old-fashioned or modern? Dreams of clocks or watches can also suggest that you rely too heavily on clock time instead of enjoying and experiencing life as it happens.

If your dreaming mind zoomed in on a watch or clock, this could also be a reminder to make the most of your time and not to waste it.

If you keep checking a clock or a watch in your dream, this suggests anxiety and worry about some future event.

If you don’t feel this to be the case, your unconscious may have conjured this panic-stricken theme to urge you to prepare better for a future event or opportunity that may soon present itself in waking life. For example, have you done enough study to pass your driving theory test? Alternatively, your dream may have indicated frustration and regret at your inability in the past to make the most of an opportunity when it was presented to you.

If you dreamed that a watch or clock slowed down, this could reflect your feeling that events are moving slowly in your waking life or that time is dragging. Alternatively, the symbol of a watch may indicate your ticking heart, so if the clock stops or slows down, this may suggest either an emotional standstill or problems with your cardiovascular system. According to ancient dream-lore and superstition, when a clock stops, somebody will die but your dream will almost certainly have a different meaning. In the symbolic language of dreams, clocks and watches reflect your emotional state and a stopped clock or a clock that is broken may indicate emotional blockages or standstills, and a clock whose hands race out of control may indicate feelings run amok.

If you dreamed of a stopwatch, this highlights your sense of feeling pressured or working against the clock.

If you are a woman dreaming of ticking clocks, such a dream may indicate your biological clock. Dreams that focus on timepieces may also have been measuring the passage of your lifespan and the ticking clock could simply be a reminder that the seconds of your life are ticking away and there is still much for you to do. Watching the clock in your dreams suggests that you need to make time work for you. A clock tower combines this with a phallic form to offer an image of courage and determination. Evoking great occasions, the chimes of a clock tower may relate to a momentous personal or national event, such as a marriage or a coronation.... watch / clock dream meaning


Universal Landscape: Your relationship to the flow and pace of life.

Dreaming Lens: What type of time piece were you dreaming of? Was it working? Was the time accurate and, if not, was it fast or slow? If it was a clock, how public was it? What were your feelings around what the time was? What were your feelings around the accuracy or inaccuracy of the time?

Personal Focus: Time is a creation of the human mind as a way to systematically measure the passing of moments. Its primary purpose connects to the ability to create agreement in a diverse society. Early humans relied on the repetitive cycles of the Sun, Moon, and seasons to invent the agrarian societies that led to the birth of civilization. As civilization expanded, it became necessary to expand this concept in order to accommodate the complexity required for larger communities to function effectively.

From sundials to watches and clocks, timepieces are the tools by which the measurement of moments becomes accessible to all. They are symbolic of the effectiveness with which someone monitors the pace of their movement through their day-to-day lives. Additionally, timepieces are the screens onto which people project their emotional relationship to time, whether that is anxiety connected to feeling it is moving too fast or depression stimulated by a sense that it is moving too slowly.

Your personal relationship to time must be factored into your interpretation. Consider whether you are operating on one of the extremes: always late, always early, or compulsively prompt. Another important factor is the feelings that come up for you around time, from complacency to anxiety. The more prominent issues of time integrity factor into your waking life, the more rigorous you should be when creating your interpretation.

The type of timepiece will offer different shades of perspective in the meaning and correlates with size and proximity. A watch connects to the very personal and is reflective of you, the dreamer. A house clock expands this view to a more complex sense of self that reflects your role within the dynamic of your family and/or your most intimate associates. An institutional clock would point you toward considering time issues that relate to the specific location: A school clock connects to feelings around knowledge and learning. A workplace clock could be expressing issues about productivity, effectiveness, or remuneration. A public clock in a town or city expands this view to a more collective and social level.

A timepiece that has stopped may be expressing a wish for more available time to relieve pressures around productivity. Inaccuracy in a timepiece, fast or slow, may be pointing to a lack of awareness of time and its impact on your life. The more ominous the feelings around the timepiece in your dream, the more likely your unconscious is expressing that something is out of balance in your relationship to time, its passing, and all that comes with it.... timepieces/clocks/watches dream meaning